outside irving farms

how sad does that face look? 
 i kneel down
 so i can get a shot
 at their level
 eye to eye
i was carrying stuff 
couldnt kneel
 i might have toppled over
 i am a klutz 

can you read the sign he appears to be reading?
 it says
 'we love your pets but unfortunately they are not permitted inside of our store' 
i think
 he was hoping
 it didnt mean 

have a seat

charlotte woodson birmingham alabama

i dont know
 go about writing a post

 there's no hoyles
 for blog post writing
 i dont think

 i go into iphoto
 browse the over 16,000 photos
 for inspiration
 i start
photo stream
 move to albums
 to see
 what there is 
to see

 i wonder
 i have some of these photos

 there is no muse leaping out
 me me write about me

 last night
 when i went album diving
 i saw this
 remembered the afternoon in birmingham
 how hot it was
 how virginia
 do know her blogs?
 click here and here
 into charlotte woodson
 both to see the wonderful antiques
 to cool off in the air conditioning

 so i am remembering everything
 what the shop is called

 i thought i would avoid it
 tell you
 when i saw those chairs
 i immediately thought
 not enough for the twelve chairs

 i could admit
 i thought it was the ten chairs
 when i googled to get a link
 i couldnt

 toonman saved the day

 then i uploaded the photo
 i had labeled it
 charlotte woodson

 i have a post

happy friday

i leave on tuesday
 am i excited?

 are you serious?

to quote chicago

does anybody

i do

pretty new watch
of my sister
who felt
i would need 
to know 
what time 

apologies for any ear worms
i seem to have both
 that song
mashed up in my brain

carry on!

water tower

a bright crisp saturday afternoon
 looking down
 broadway or maybe it was amsterdam
 i am lucky
 i can remember
 where i am now
 as for
 where i was then
 i dont even remember when when was

  do you have memory issues?

i know
 once upon a time
 i never wrote anything down
 i had such an amazing memory

 if i dont do
 whatever it is 
i was thinking of doing
 right at that moment 
chances are
 i will forget

 lets not even discuss 
the number of times
 i have got up
 from somewhere 
to go get or do something
 walked to do it
 had no idea 
 i was going

 i exaggerate

 i call it 

 as in
 some times i remember
 some times i don't 

good times

 and jack
 made new friends
 this weekend

 we never did get out to take photos
 many photos were taken of the felines

 i am that bad a housekeeper
 fear not
 since this was taken
 toonman vacuumed

 a really nice day was spent talking
 going out to a late lunch early dinner
for the guys
 on the center of the universe
 (our big screen tv)
 lisa showed me
 doesnt have to make me cry

 all the edelsteins
are looking forward
 to time
 the gordons

and your weekend
 was it what you expected?

playing with texture

i have been playing
 not so hot
 iphone photo

 i downloaded
 'skies laundry day' texture

do you know nancy and her beautiful blog?
click here

 pic monkey
 to introduce
 the texture
 the photo

 you are looking

do you play with textures?
 i have become

 a straight out of the camera gal
 i am attempting
 to see
 what textures
 less than passing grade photos 

on the whole
 i am pleased
 just stop
go back
 to posting
 real photos

 he's a video editor
 who has
 an editors eye 
everything in focus
 no bokeh
 no texture
 no 'spider web-y' effects 

i promise my paris photos will be pure
i promise to tell you all about my saturday with lisa gordon tomorrow

here comes the weekend

so what are you up to this weekend?  
lets get a coffee 
sit down 

i am expecting
 lisa gordon
do you know her wonderful blog?
click here
 we have no real plans
i think if the weather is nice 
some wandering
 central or riverside park

your turn
tell me all about it 

stand away from the closing doors

you know
 all about
 the wifi
 the waiting
 where to stand
 do you know
 about the doors?

 every subway car has 3 double doors

 you can hear
 the conductors
over the pa system
 as they instruct:

 stand away from the closing door
use all available doors to exit

 some subway cars
 to have
 door issues

 that must
 over and over and over
 they are all closed
 we can get on our way

 the door issues
 everyone must exit the train
 so it can be returned to the yard for repair

 when the happens
 the crowds on the platform
 are huge
 when the next train arrives
 a lot of people
 those waiting
 push in

 its like sardines
 ever see 
those photos
 the tokyo subways
 the men on the platform
 people into the cars?
  its like that

  the other morning
 there was a 3 minute wait 
for the subway
 the last car
 where i always ride
 was crowded
 it was barely 7 a.m.
 we got to 72nd street 
the doors
 people exited
 the doors closed
 the doors opened
 the doors closed
 the doors opened
 the doors closed

 a lot 
 new yorkers
the sounds 
the subtle clues

 sure enough
 the conductor informed us
 there were problems with the doors
 our patience was asked
 an express pulled in across the platform
 people leapt to their feet
 stood at the doors
 did not open

 the express
 a second or two
 it closed its doors
 left the station

we remained
inside the cars
 doors closed
 in a non moving train

 there was grumbling
 there was a lot of watch checking
everyone settled back down
it seemed to take forever
it was just another minute
 the conductor 

 due to difficulties with the doors

loud groans 

 we'll be going express to times square


 we weren't being turned out
 the platform
 to wait
 for another local or express

 i think
 that by then
were backing up
 along the route

getting us
 to times square
 would make up
 the lost time
get the trains back on schedule

 no really
 there is a schedule
 go ahead laugh 
but there is

water tower

i am
 pretty sure
 i posted this before
 from a different angle

 its across
 ditch plains
 83rd street
 it sits atop a building on amsterdam avenue

 someone i read
who blogs
was asking about music

 i replied
 i have eclectic taste
 music and movies

 for instance
 i loved
 towering inferno
 escape from new york
 john carter of mars

 for a really
 not so well
 it had a lot of 
 in fact
 during the first 30 minutes
 toonman and i played
 isnt that ....?

 as the credits rolled
 toonman said
 if i had been watching it alone
 i wouldnt have finished it'

 i said
 i liked it

 he said something like
in that voice
 that means
 god you have questionable taste

 but you know what?
 i have always
 'b' movies 

i grew up
 to the movies
 on saturday afternoon
 i watched

so scary
 i would
 race up
 the stairs
 to our apartment
 movie creature
 i'd seen
 escaped from the movie
 was after me

 john carter
 wasnt scary
 it was fun
 if you want escapist fun
 a really good cast
 you ask
 is in this?

 well lets see
 dominic west
willem dafoe
 bryan cranston
 ciaran hinds
 james purefoy
 thomas hayden church
 polly walker

get it from netflix

neither netfix or the producers of john carter have compensated me for this glowing review


i apologize 
sitting here thinking
what to post about
 i realized
 i have done nothing
  the various ailments

 it is

 no more 

did my regular beautification™ 
sunday morning
 washing drying my hair
 what a mess

 i was holding off 
getting a hair cut
 if it was longer-ish
 i could ponytail it
 in paris
 it got rained on

 its not long enough-ish
 it looks awful

 that it looked
 'brushed too much' 

 a hair cut
 will be happening
 before the trip

 i knew you were concerned
now you dont have to give
another thought 

 is an ongoing
 mental event 
narrowing down
 the options
is the top priority
 i am packing
rolling case
 that will fit
 in the overhead compartment

 also pointed out
 'you dont have to worry about what you wear, you can wash things out' 

 thank you
 who never travels

 after beautification™
 my friend cheryl and i hopped a cab to bergdorfs
 to finish spending my credit

 i managed to find
 a sweet pair of patterned skinny jeans
two black
 can one possibly have too many black sweaters?
 is a open weave
 which reminded me
of the crocheted sweaters
 my mother used to make
 i can't remember
 what they were called 
what the pattern was called
 the other
 vee necked
 it could be worn as mini dress with leggings
 tho i probably won't

 i still have a small credit
 for a tube of pricy lippie

we decided
 we were hungry
 really amps up the need for fuel
 we opted for fred's at barney's
 the chic restaurant in bergdorf
 a leisurely lunch
 by a visit to barney's newly re-done shoe department
 for me
 it was a photo op
 not only could i not try on shoes
i didnt see any shoes
 i would want to try on or own

 look at these 

if studs
 your thing
 might like these

studs were the style for every designer 
i dont think
 i will be purchasing
 any new shoes this spring
will you??

yes, it snowed again


 a dusting
 a shower
 for those
 who marched
 this year's
 st patrick's day parade

 it snowed
 on them
 the parade
 march 16
 march 17

 there's a half marathon
 i am not running

 i went for a massage 
over on the eastside
 on madison avenue
 it was a 9:45 appointment
 the buses
 were still running crosstown at that point
at 11:30 
when i left the spa
 totally relaxed
 the streets were all closed off 
the only way
 to get
 via 86th street
 i figured this would happen
 i would have walked uptown
 after my massage
 i stopped
 to get a glass of water
 the pre/post massage room
 very zen
 comfy chairs
 low tables
 a large table
water, tea, cups
 on its lower shelf
 two huge pieces

 i didnt notice
part of the wood
 sticking out

 it really hurt

my fipflop clad foot
 i had my glass of water
stopped at a boutique
a new
 new york 


 i got back
 to the westside 
popped into zabars
 walked home
 my foot really hurts

 upon inspection
 i found
 i can 
wiggle and bend
 my toes
 the middle toe
 swollen and turning colors

 i am still thinking
 its not broken
 i wouldnt be able to move it

 i refuse
 to believe
 it might be broken

 in 16 days
 i am going
 to be
 around paris
 i will not
 be dealing
 well i am not going to say it

 its just a bad bruise

 i hope i can wear shoes
 .. gah ... 

that photo
 is from
 the snow 
before this
 the photo has a green cast
 i thought it would be apropos for st patrick's day
 i am thinking
 a photo of my colorful toe 
would have sufficed

sharing with

Weekly Top Shot #74

rhoda and simon

isnt she adorable?
 is a bundle of energy
 truly is a good 'big brother' 
 her puppy antics

 she never stopped moving
 the entire time
 i was standing
 talking to her person
 she wanted
 to lick
 any part of me
 she could reach
 she rolled
 on the ground
 offering her tummy
 for a tickle
 all the while

 i gave him
 many ear scratches 
 lots of praise

dig we must - again

 on my other blog
 click here
there's a photo
of work in times square

taken back on february 19

 i ran out at lunchtime
a quick errand
 i almost never do
contraction workers

ya gotta do 
what ya gotta do 

here's what i saw


 i keep looking
 for jeffrey 
so far no luck

taking measure

i leave for the office
 very early
 we're early people
 my bosses and i

 new york is the city that never sleeps
 see that man bent over there?
 he's packing it in
 it was barely 7 a.m.
 his job
 was done for the day
 at this spot

 that empty street
 will be filled with people
the subway 

 its amazing
 how fast
 an empty street
 can fill

 if you follow me
 (as zipcode10024)
 you'd see
 how different
 it looks
 day to day
7 a.m.

 the other morning 
i had
 9 a.m. appointment 

the number
the street
 to increase

by the time
 i got back
 times square
the crowds

that man
 for some project or other
 would not 
have been able
 to stand there
a clear view
an accurate measurement

i bet
 he like me
 the empty early morning street

what time do you go to work?
is it crowded?

water tower

another look
80th street
see the water tower there on the right?
 in the wee hours of the morning
 on the way to the office

 i have a very high pain threshold
 when i had a little ache
 in december
 that went away
 i ignored it
 tucked it away
 of course
 things got worse

 was done
 a bone graft
 was necessary
 it cost a lot

still hasnt 
reimbursed me
 this weekend
 is it 
tooth/oral things
happen on weekends
 when dentists arent in
 is it some sort of odd karma 

on sunday at brunch
 i noticed
the area 
 to the touch of the tongue

 i know
 dont put your tongue there and it wont tingle

 the odd feeling was gone
i am no fool
 this time
 i called the dentist
 he wasnt in
  i got an appointment for tuesday

 he asked me
 to describe
 what i felt

he understood 
it was

 the bone graft
the process
there is/are 
 little bits 
 he called it something i forget
 there were 
of these things
 took an x-ray


in janaury 
he removed
 a fractured root
 a root-canaled tooth 
under a bridge

 he thinks
 he should have taken more


 after i return from paris
 i will have more of this mess dealt with
 he promises
 it will be a lot less invasive


blood sweat no tears

i have o negative blood
 i am very popular
 the universal donor 
did you know
 on any given day
 over 44,000 blood donations
 are needed
 every 2 seconds
 in the u.s. 
 a blood transfusion
 thats a lot of blood
 any healthy individual
 can donate
 every 56 days
 the blood type 
 by hospitals
 type O

 i give whenever i can
 this past week 
i got a letter
 asking for platelets
 which it turns out
 is a slightly
 more involved
 taking over 3 hours
it includes
 your medical history
 having your temperature taken
 as well as
 a small finger prick of blood
 for confirming type

 you get to recline
 on a comfy 'bed' 
hooked up to a machine
 which does most of the work
 have to 
 squeeze a rubber ball
 to keep the pressure
 at level
 the machine likes

  i was fine
 til the 45 min mark
 my foot
 began to cramp
 i was given tums
 are high in calcium
 which apparently
 gets depleated
 during the process

 an aside here
 i had been told
 to eat foods
 high in calcium 
in the days
 prior to the donation
 i didnt take it seriously
 i should have

 it went smoothly
 except for that
after it was done
 i got a lot of snacks
 not to smoke
 to drink a lot of fluids
 a purple pressure arm band
 thank you's
 it was embarrassing 

that was my saturday

i beautified
brunched with my friend cheryl
made a short video for my late friend wendy's memorial

and you?
how did you pass the weekend??
are you adjusting to the new sunshine filled extra hour???

3 bags full

so i have a credit with rue la la
 do you know them?
 a shopping site

 i dont go there 
very often
 its too easy to get carried away
 the prices are really good

 i have a credit
 so on monday
 i go see whats on sale 
 i will find 
 i want

 what do i see?
 i paid full price for 
 the day before
several dollars less
 did i mention
 i have a credit?

  three totes on sale

no outside pockets

identical to the one i got at tumi

taxi cab yellow
 slightly larger
 all the same

 i bought the taxi cab yellow
 its a fun color
 i love
 that its larger
 i can return
 the other tote
 to tumi
 for a refund

 i think
 i will get 

i know everything

i do 
 i am not being modest
 i really am
 never wrong
 always know
 the answer
 its going to pay off

 have you heard about romio?

  oh romio
 where for art thou?
 romio is

 that was cheesy
 romio is not

  its a new site
 still working out its kinks
 q and a
 you go there
ask a question
 find an answer

 the answers
 are being provided
 by bloggers
 who have 'specialized' interests
 about everything
 where to find a graphic designer
 where to go to get those special/favorite shoes fixed
 where to find the best pizza 
in new york city

 i met with Dae
the other day

his card says he's 
 'social marketer'
he explained how romio works
why its a good forum for bloggers
how questions will be answered
unlike yelp its not about ratings and reviews
unlike ask you dont have to pay a pro to be in the know

 i know romio will be fun
 to be involved in
 we all know
 i know everything

you can 'follow' me there
 if that's your thing
you can just head over
ask a question
 any of the other 
you will get an answer
from a
neigborhood insider

i have not been compensated in any way by Romio for pimping them