sign posts - the finale

Sign Posts wraps up its run this weekend with a guest entry ..  Mojo saw this and snapped it for me .. here's what he said

I was behind this guy on I-40 on the way home from Chapel Hill yesterday and the first thing I thought was "I think that's illegal isn't it?"  The second thing I thought was "I bet Daryl would love this for 'Sign posts'". And since by happy coincidence my camera bag happened to be on the seat beside me I dug out the trusty Canon and snapped a couple of frames.  Note: No, I do not recommend or endorse shooting photos while driving 70 mph on the interstate.  Don't try this at home, I am a professional!

waiting, patiently meets Summer Stock Photo

This week
Waiting, Patiently
 moves to Sunday
meets up
Summer Stock Photos
outside Grom a hip popular gelato shop at its 2165 Broadway location

Hop over to Robin's place to see the other Summer Stock Sunday participants and I'll see you tomorrow!


I put all the names of  the people who left comments on both blogs last Monday whether 300 was mentioned or not... you know why? Because I can.  Ha! So I put all the names into a numbered list, cut them into strips, folded each 3X and put them in my favorite bowl.

ToonMan was asked to pick 3.


Winners were notified by email and will be getting their prize: a mani/pedi at Polished Beauty Bar,  as soon as we can get a date that works for everyone.  

Stay tuned ... when it happens, photos will be taken and blogged!

sign posts

Sign Posts moves to Saturday this week
and next

these tourists 
were waiting in the hot hot hot sun
 for the light to change 
at the corner of 48th & Fifth
for their tour to continue

foodie friday

Welcome to a new foto feature .. foodie friday!
 Kicking off this series 
insanely luscious Tuna Burger 
that slab of tuna steak cooked as you like it
is topped with TWO onion rings
comes with sea salted fries
I washed it down with a big glass of ice water

my sky

Looking up 
as you enter the Times Square Subway station
to the right 
 the Reuters Building 
it always reminds me of a ship on end.

For more skies, visit hosts/hostesses Sandy Carlson, Louise, Sylvia, Klaus, Wren, & Fishing Guy at the Sky Command Center!

thursday in the hood

is a boutique
on West 77th Street

sorry .... glitch

My new blog, Through My Eyes, moved, click here

words lots of words

You may have heard about BlogFest?

It took place this past weekend in Mathews, Virginia.

An extremely hot, humid, wonderful place with no cell phone reception (unless you use Verizon) except on Bud's Beach on Gywnn's Island facing Hills Bay.

ChesapeakeBayWoman (CBW), Big Hair Envy, NoeNoe Girl, and Ann Marie (Re) of Hill Billy Gothic were our hostesses.

A fabulous packet of information was put together by ChesapeakeBayDaughter, (thank you for that) ... we went on boat rides on the Bay, ate shrimp boils, grilled burgers, franks, spectacular pasta salad, lots and lots and lots of wine .. some not so hot scallops at Seabreeze ... and an amazing chocolate bread pudding (if you didnt get to have some, pray The White Dog still serves it next year).

I will never think of karaoke the same way after this weekend, some women sure can swing a mic and some blog-husbands are very brave.

There was a trip to Gywnn's Island to hear about its history from Mathews Mark's fiesty mama Miss Pooky; a ride over to see Big Hair Envy's family cemetery, incredible old house and barns where her hot, um, handsome, charming, yeah, charming nephew showed us around and joined us for lunch, followed by an impromptu cornfield stop/photo op at an old house where we were NOT trespassing since CBW knows the absentee owners.

An afternoon shopping, eating and photo taking at the Courthouse (Mathews speak for downtown) followed by a late afternoon at Bud's Beach and a cook out.

Most of us met for the first time last July and kept the Blister (Blog+Sister=Blister) thing going so it might have been a little overwhelming for the two newbies (Jamie and Tracey) but all that laughing, hugging, mugging and silliness didnt keep them from joining in.

Wander the blogsphere (save time, check out the blogs on my sidebar) and you'll get to see/hear about this amazing weekend from the others who were there.

all I'm sayin' is
what happens in the cornfield, stays in the cornfield.


Almost 3 years ago I started this blog as a place to share my photos, but I've told that story before so lets just get to the point ...

Right before I went to BlogFest 2010 with some of the most wonderful women (and a few good men/husbands) my 'follower' count hit 300.

Thank you all for following me through New York City on and off the M104, as well as to the various places I have gone - I know I am digressing again - what is the point you are thinking - well the point is this:


To celebrate hitting this incredibly mind frickin' (I promised someone I would try to cut back on using the F word) number, I am having a give away.

Show me the love, leave me a comment here AND on Through My Eyes that contains the word or number 300.

At the end of the week THREE lucky winners names will be pulled out of a hat and prizes will sent.

miscellaneous monday

a secret path
on my friend Marilynn's farm
Primm Springs, Tennessee

summer stock sunday/tell me a story

originally posted last July 29th
these sandals belong to some of the best female bloggers in the Blogsphere
who came together in Mathews, VA for  3.5 fantastic days of bonding, laughing,
eating, drinking, boating, swimming, photo taking and general fantasticness
I am as you read this on my way home from this year's BlogFest ...

That's the story for this photo.

Hop over to Robin's place to see the other Summer Stock Sunday participants and I'll see you tomorrow!

waiting, patiently

 Father's Day this past June
was a seriously hot day, 
I was on the way to brunch 
passed this young woman and her waiting patiently pup
trying to cool off

my sky

This was taken in January standing in Battery Park

For more skies, visit hosts/hostesses Sandy Carlson, Louise, Sylvia, Klaus, Wren, & Fishing Guy at the Sky Command Center!

thursday in the hood

Okay, not the normal 'hood.
 On the road today
Mathews, Virginia 
BlogFest 2010
 See you all on Monday!

(from this point through Sunday all posts have been 'posted ahead' so I wont be returning blog visits or replying to comments til I get home, thanks for understanding!)

wordless wednesday

you are invited

You are.  Invited, that is.

I debated 'warmly' or 'cordially' but we are all friends here so you know its both, needs no saying, I am moving on now.  Oh, no RSVPs necessary.

Actually I briefly, very briefly, considered moving on, leaving Out & About and starting something new because I have the staying power of a - searches for comparison, comes up emtpy - well, I get bored easily.

But there are things I couldnt not give you, like ToonMan's toons, his videos as Micky ... or those ever waiting dogs ... so I decided instead to create a new space.  A clean space where I can share what I see.  I call it Through My Eyes.  Clever, no? (Blogger is less clever, they insisted on

And so without any further self promotional agrandizing I give you

toonsday - Spy vs Spy ...

summer stock sunday/tell me a story

Another two-fer one ... Robin hosts Summer Stock Sundays,  to see the other summer shots click here.

And you know the drill .. tell me a story about the photo below, either here in the comment section or leave me a link to your story on your blog.

my sky

A superb sky
a water tower
the M104 bus stop sign
and last year's US Open flag

For more skies, visit hosts/hostesses Sandy Carlson, Louise, Sylvia, Klaus, Wren, & Fishing Guy at the Sky Command Center!

thursday in the hood

The new
 72nd Street Subway entrance 
Broadway and 72nd Street
You can catch
 the #1 local or the #2 and/or #3 express trains
on the 
Broadway IRT Line

waiting, patiently

this sweetie,
a bull terrier,
was indeed 
waiting patiently 
at the Green Market a 
Sunday not long ago
look at this face
is he not

Meeting Authorblog

in the midst of a very short visit to NYC 
DenMom aka AuthorBlog aka David McMahon 
found time to meet me (I snuck out of the office)
give me this hug
his lovely elder daughter Leanne 
took this with my little point & shoot
Meeting the McMahon clan was lovely 
but too short a visit, 
they were between touristy things 
the Circle Line short tour 
the Hop On Hop Office Double Decker Bus

sign posts

this is why 
on Broadway in the West 80s is