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You may have heard about BlogFest?

It took place this past weekend in Mathews, Virginia.

An extremely hot, humid, wonderful place with no cell phone reception (unless you use Verizon) except on Bud's Beach on Gywnn's Island facing Hills Bay.

ChesapeakeBayWoman (CBW), Big Hair Envy, NoeNoe Girl, and Ann Marie (Re) of Hill Billy Gothic were our hostesses.

A fabulous packet of information was put together by ChesapeakeBayDaughter, (thank you for that) ... we went on boat rides on the Bay, ate shrimp boils, grilled burgers, franks, spectacular pasta salad, lots and lots and lots of wine .. some not so hot scallops at Seabreeze ... and an amazing chocolate bread pudding (if you didnt get to have some, pray The White Dog still serves it next year).

I will never think of karaoke the same way after this weekend, some women sure can swing a mic and some blog-husbands are very brave.

There was a trip to Gywnn's Island to hear about its history from Mathews Mark's fiesty mama Miss Pooky; a ride over to see Big Hair Envy's family cemetery, incredible old house and barns where her hot, um, handsome, charming, yeah, charming nephew showed us around and joined us for lunch, followed by an impromptu cornfield stop/photo op at an old house where we were NOT trespassing since CBW knows the absentee owners.

An afternoon shopping, eating and photo taking at the Courthouse (Mathews speak for downtown) followed by a late afternoon at Bud's Beach and a cook out.

Most of us met for the first time last July and kept the Blister (Blog+Sister=Blister) thing going so it might have been a little overwhelming for the two newbies (Jamie and Tracey) but all that laughing, hugging, mugging and silliness didnt keep them from joining in.

Wander the blogsphere (save time, check out the blogs on my sidebar) and you'll get to see/hear about this amazing weekend from the others who were there.

all I'm sayin' is
what happens in the cornfield, stays in the cornfield.


  1. Great pictures. Sounds like it was an awesome trip!

  2. Fabulous recap, Daryl! I'm still struggling to put it all into some sort of order:/

  3. *snort* Makes me wonder what happens in the cornfields of Mathews, VA!

  4. Gosh...it all sounds like so much FUN....whether you were IN the cornfield or OUT! LOL!

  5. Nothing like a blogfest (beachfest) with cameras at the ready in the land of lovers. Looks like you had way too much fun!

    But thanks for sharing!

  6. Sounds like a fun time and I enjoyed your photographs from the trip.

  7. It sounds like you all had a wonderful time. The photos are beautiful. I'm glad you had the chance to go, to meet other bloggers and have a lot of laughs.

  8. I will live vicariously through reading your blogs and the other Blisters! Sounds as though you all had a blast!

  9. That cornfield stop was one of the highlights for me. That and Kate's karaoke gyrations will keep me smiling for a long time.

  10. Ha, skinny dipping in a what??
    streeking in a cornfield? way to much fun!!

  11. And a fab time was had by all. I'l still trying to picture our very own fashionista in a cornfield etc. :) Thanks for the recap and all the photos. Blogging is the best.

  12. wow! you did karaoke too?
    sounds like you had a blast!

  13. I laughed a lot while reading this post; about the hot, no, charming nephew, the 'blister' (I guess I am one, too), the cornfield....ha, ha.

  14. Sounds like you had a heck of a good time!

  15. Sounds super fun. It's all about community.

  16. This is great. Must have missed it. Hey, where are your post dates?

  17. Yes indeedy! I like the photo of the packet CBW put together and I, too, appreciated her doing that. Not sure she got enough props for the effort.

    LOVE the cornfield!

  18. "all I'm sayin' is
    what happens in the cornfield, stays in the cornfield."

    Can you really be certain about that? The corn has ears, you know...


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