four more months

edited to add:  For those of you who are NOT Americans ... I guess I need to explain .. the 'four more months' refers to the end of the  George W. Bush era of American politics .. "W" is how he is known to distinguish him from his father George H.W. Bush.


this is a scan from the NY Times ...
and this is one of mine, its more 'up close and personal'.

Just what this is I am still not sure ..  but its being called a pedestrian  - what? - mall? It runs from 42nd/Times Square down to the 30s I believe ending at Herald Square.  I am not sure I would feel relaxed sitting in the middle of traffic ... oh the green aisle with arrows?  It's for bicycles ... ahh ha.
This is the top of the Hamilton Fountain that I featured yesterday... just below

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thursdays in the hood

This week I am re-visiting a photo I posted over at Dot's blog: The World in Black & White ...

The Hamilton Fountain -- which as late as the 1920's was used as a horse trough -- was designed by the architects Warren & Wetmore. It was erected in 1905. The fountain has been maintained since 1986 by Brad Hurdado, a volunteer who adopted the fountain through the Riverside Park Fund. It bears the inscription: 'Bequeathed to New York City by Robert Ray Hamilton.'' Robert Ray Hamilton was (according to my research) a poor relation of Alexander Hamilton.

This is a close up of a carving, which was the spout water flowed from, just above the basin. For many summers someone, I guess it was Mr. Hurdado, kept the basin filled with water lilies. This summer it remained empty ...

edited to add

I found this photo of the Hamilton Fountain (on the internets) taken in 2001.
if i had taken it, the trashcan wouldnt be in it

mariachi ole!

head over to katney's kaboodle for more odd shots

i took this on the subway ...
those two men in the center on either side?
they're mariachi and they serenaded the passengers.

paintbox picture

I joined a new photo blog created by Tom Wigley aka OldWomTigley ..

I took this shot of a bench which sits on one of the Broadway Malls.
I tweaked it with Photoshop Elements 4 and this is the result.
Looking east from Riverside Drive.  Notice one side of the street has a modern look, that building dates back to the 50s and the other side has the older, gentler looking curved front .. its one of the reasons the street is landmark designated.

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thursdays in the hood

 We're taking a slight detour this Thursday to
Sixth Avenue and 41st Street, just a 2 block walk from the M104 stop on 42nd Street,
and the Bryant Park Carousel

creative photography #10

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And this is from Anita .. its a friendship award - I treasure it along with Anita's friendship

I have been lax in saying thank you ... and I do think one of these came with rules about posting a link and then passing it along ... here's the thing, its been so long that I dont recall the actual rules and so I am going to simply list those of you who I want to come pick these up .... and then I expect you will .. okay? Good.

I created this little cutie, have handed it off to several of you already and been tickled to see it appear on blogs far & wide as its been passed along making me very happy.

Dianne ... who when she isnt ranting is Just Plain Fun to read and when she is ranting .. man, she is definitely singing MY song ... and for that she gets the Must See award as well ..

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toonsday - husbandisms

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Dog's WHAT away?  

And who exactly is this Dog and what is it he/she needs to keep away?

These questions and more have been tickling the curiosity of the neighborhood residents of 80th Street between Broadway & Amsterdam.

I dont even live on that part of 80th St and this tickled me so I laughingly took this shot to share .. 

This sign is on the base of a little 'garden' of impatiens planted around a tree .. 

If I had to guess, I would guess it wants Dog to not pee or poop there ..  

Someone misplaced the ' 

So I guess only Dog knows what this really means.  

Another reason for wanting peace

This is The Aunt's great granddaughter .. her name is Alex and she's going to be 4 in March.

This past Thanksgiving when she and her parents visited we went to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons (or as Alex called them BIG LOONS) being inflated.  

We were allowed to get up close and personal because her daddy showed the nice policeman his Air Force ID ... 

Her daddy, an Air Force pilot, just returned from deployment to 'the Middle East'  .. thankfully,  safe and sound.

If, in addition to these pix of a cute kid and her brave dad, you need a reason to want this country to get out of the Middle East .. check out this new post Dianne wrote ... again, you'll thank me later
This is the sky over New Orleans a couple of Wednesdays ago when Hurricane Dolly was passing through the Gulf on the way to Texas
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thursdays in the hood

Seems I do a lot of looking up and not just at the sky. this is part of bas relief (what .. ) application (?) on an old building at the corner of 78th Street and Columbus Avenue. Not so long ago there were two restaurants in the building. In the basement and on the first floor ... now both are shuttered and it doesnt look as if they will be replaced anytime soon. Dont feel too sad because Columbus Avenue has more restaurants between 72 St and 86 St than any other avenue on the Upper Westside.

the mail person never rings

At least not at the office.

Brian, our mail person, comes by several times a day to pick up and deliver mail.

This morning he left mail on my desk.
I was in the midst of a conference call so I didnt even look at the pile he dropped off til well after he left OR there'd be a photo of Brian handing me

this envelope

See that Royal Mail postage stamp?

I saw it and thought Whaaaa?

Then I turned it over and saw

the Customs Declaration

... ooooh .. someone sent me something from across the big pond ..

Then I looked at the return address ... OOOOOOOOOH ... its from Wales! Its from Holls!

I carefully opened the package - why? - silly, because I knew I was going to have to take photos and blog about it.

Inside was this

Do you know Happy Bunny?

If not, you must go here but if you are too lazy or you have dial up here are a few fun snarks:

Funny, humorous but with a smidgen of snark. Just my cuppa!

And it had a note, written in her own hand on her own personal stationary, er, a page ripped from a spiral notebook ...

did you nick that from QoH?

I hope not.

I am so in love with Happy Bunny I am keeping him/her on my desk.


wordless wednesday

***for everyone who asked how I did this ... Go to Picasa's desktop application and upload two or more photos (hint: it works best if the two photos are of the same object/subject but with slightly different angles) then click on the Collage option and chose Multi Exposure .. voila .. the digital equivalent of a double exposure! I saw Dot do this on her blog and knew the rose photos I had would be perfect ... )

toonsday - husbandisms

* the real 'end' to this toon is that the iMac was saved ... its too long to explain but a friend who is a tech told Husband that Apple makes it REALLY hard to do what he did .... its all better now ... thankfully.