sunday afternoon

as i write this
 i am enjoying the ac
 its back 
 temps in the 90s

 the weather 
 even saturday 
was perfection

 the clouds looked like a magritte painting
taken from the 8th floor of the whitney

lets start 
the beginning 

my friend mary was in town from cincy!

we had a glass of wine thursday evening to solidify
friday's itinerary
began with

a petit déjeuner at eric kayser 

a visit to new york historical society's 
hirschfeld exhibit 

crosstown to 
the met

we saw the china through the looking glass exhibit

i thought this was more interesting b/w

 lunch at e.a.t 
where i seem not to have taken any photos
 we split up

 i met toonman at the vet for harry's appt
he's fine

mary visited another friend
they enjoyed catching up

an hour later 
we were at
the whitney

this photo was so not in focus i decided to make it look artsy after all its an artsy place

another friend, amy, joined us
a walk around
a rest

off to dinner
two more friends
michele and mo

table for 5 
spring natural kitchen
lovely cocktails

lots of conversation 
a great way to wrap up the day/evening

slept til almost 10
got a hair cut
did no errands
after dinner
we watched
 the second best exotic marigold hotel 
 not as good as the first

another lovely sleep in
weekly mani/pedi


white dog

no idea
this dog's
name or breed is 
i do like his/her 
smile and fluffy white coat 

dont you?

its fridaycation

spending my next to last fridaycation
my friend mary

 she's in town for a few days
doing stuff

today is our day
 we're going to squeeze 
as much as
we can into it


its sunday afternoon
 i just got back from brunch

west 48th street/11th avenue
not a great view for a rooftop restaurant
 an excellent bunch
capping off
a very busy social butterfly of a weekend 

toonman and i cleaned the apartment
 he vacuums the floors 
i vacuum the furniture
the professionals arrived
steam cleaned the couch/love seat the arm chair and ottoman 

i am embarrassed to tell you
 its been 5 years
 we had them professionally cleaned

  considering there are
 3 cats
 2 humans
 living here over the last 5 years 
the dirt 
the oops-is 
added up

 i think 
they look almost like new

 if you ignore 
 annie inflicts

she just wont use the scratching posts
we have 3
 in fact 3 different types 
i kept hoping she'd find one she would use

a super busy day
at exhale spa
left me totally relaxed

i zipped back across to the westside
yi blow dried my hair 
forcing it to curl under
sadly my hair has a mind of its own
by midday it was curling up

the subways were insane
weekend construction complicated by signal issues
the westside trains all ran only to 14th
then the expresses went local
the locals went back uptown

i met my friends clint and larry at my office

 after the walk around
after a few photo ops

we headed over to lunch 
is on the corner of south end and albany
good food good drinks
i didnt take any photos 
we were too busy catching up

then we walked over to our friend's place
le pet spa
its on the corner of south end and rector
if you need a good pet supply and grooming place
this is it

on the way back from brunch sunday 
(today as i write this) 
i made melissa drive round the block
the block being 57-56 streets between 11th and west 
i could jump out of the car
 take a photo of this building

 its so odd

the summer is really winding down
next friday
 my next to last fridaycation
 i plan on filling it up 
til then 
you'll have to be satisfied
 water towers 
wordless photo posts


last fridaycation
 it was
 sunny and hot

 i spent the day 
wandering in the beautiful botanical gardens
camera in hand

 this friday
 as i write this 
supposed to be

 thats ok

 i have a lot of house things
i need to do or oversee

 the furniture is finally being cleaned
 i have been saying
 i will call and set an appointment for the cleaners to come in 
 i dont 

 i did

 check that off the to do list

 i have errands that need doing 
those will depend on the weather 

 its looking to be 
 less a photo op day
 more housekeeping day

 the rest of the weekend
 i will save
 for my weekend recappage

 till then!

water towers galore

the highline
i spied
5 water towers 

see it back there?
1 of the towers 
that was part 
water tank project 

weekend recappage

some weekends are better than others 
i said it

 this weekend 
was stellar

much as i dont love 
humidity or excessive heat 
i will take 
a sunny day
 a rainy one

 no weather complaints 

it was 
 friday afternoon
the new york botanical gardens

my favorite spot 
in the acres of beauty
 that comprise the gardens 
 the enid a. haunt conservatory 
the amazing lotus and water lily ponds

of course 
i shlepped the big camera
of course
 i was sorry i only had the 35mm lens
 if i had either of the larger lenses 
i could have gotten a fabulous shot of the many dragonflies

friday evening
 toonman and i went to the theatre
we havent been to a broadway show in 6 years
the last show we saw was spamalot

we braved 
the insanity 
 the crowds along broadway
 walking to the st james theatre

i swear 
there were so many people
 that the sidewalks were impassable
 you had to walk at the pace of tourists

 no one
 to 'get' 
stay to your right

 at 45th street 
we got separated 
when i couldn't see toonman in the crowd 
i momentarily panicked 
 i decided 
he knew where the theatre was
i cut through shubert alley to 44th
 picked up the tickets at the will call window 
then there he was
 looking for me 

very very crowded 
does not 
the streets in the theatre district 

oh what did we see?
we saw 
something rotten

which was
 the total
 of rotten

i beautified
i lazed
i did nothing

more beautification
more nothing

was your weekend busy?

a herd, sedge or siege

a group of cranes 
is called
a herd, sedge or siege
i suspect
 construction cranes

weekend recappage

get ready for lots of photos
are signed 

i was too lazy

i could not wait for the week to end
it was busy at the office
this coming week will make up for last week's insanity


our friend Carl 
told me 
about a 'mural' on the wall of one of the buildings
 that backs 'our' backyard 
so i went up to the roof to see what i could see


 there's this fabulous joy brown sculpture 
hanging on the wall of our rooftop

looking down

 we can peek into the backyards of our neighbors who actually have usable backyards

if we lean over the wall and look down there's the 'mural'

here's a better look

later in the day
 i finally met two IG photographers i have known for the last two years
we met at a little coffee shop on ninth avenue 
had something to eat 
then walked uptown on the highline

 i hadn't seen the two new sections 
if you havent 
you should

 what a great walk 
what great views

 the day was perfect 
 once again
meeting these two woman for the first time
 felt as if we'd been meeting spending time together forever 

there's something about social media 
that brings people together 
in a way that echos 'real life' friendships
 in all my years
 being involved with Facebook 
i have not ever met anyone i didnt like 
oh wait
 there was that horrific liar 
who ruined my patchwork quilt 
1 out of who knows how many
 is good odds

there was a wedding on the highline
the bride and her attendants wore turquoise kicks 
the groom and his groomsmen wore green 

we stopped for ice cream sandwiches from melt
red velvet cookie with cream cheese ice cream 
peanut butter cookie with banana ice cream
chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream

one of the benches is actually a see-saw
christine and amy demonstrate 

the highline now wraps around the hudson yards

hudson yards?
thats where the commuter trains to metro north are parked

we took jack to the vet for his yearly check up

he thought
 if he pretended to be a ostrich
 the vet wouldn't see him

 con edison finished digging


i beautified 
do you love the matte finish manicure?
its zoya's charisma
polished beauty bar
of course
spent the rest of the day 
going through my photos
blogging the weekend 

what did you do?

walking the dogs

one morning 
on my way 
 the subway 
i found myself 
this young woman and her two frisky pups

one step at a time

its another 
 for me 

no walking
the hellish heat
 the subway platform