whiney wednesday

Okay my whine of today is about Pitney Bowes online shipping program called SendSuite.

This new software is almost identical to the one we had before which by the way was NOT broken ... anyway ... TPTB (The Powers That Be) announced SendSuite's installation effective Monday, April 28th.

There was no link to it on our intranet (internal computer network)on Monday ... the link didnt show up until Tuesday and it didnt work properly.

In addition to having to go through 5 screens (links you click on) FIVE SCREENS to get to the ACTUAL connection when you got there your log in didnt work. Didn't work.

Those of us who work for IMPORTANT PEOPLE get one on one help (not that all of us need it) ... we had private instruction (which NOT all of us needed) and we had people hopping to help ... not that they did.

After much ado, MANY emails back and forth TPTB imported my address book into the new software program.

They entered it twice ... TWICE!

The names were entered FIRST name FIRST ... so if you are looking for Joe Smith, you look under J ... under J!


This did not please me.

I dont look people up by their first name ... nor I suspect do 99.99% of the NORMAL people in this world ... a fact I repeatedly expressed and not in the most lady-like of ways.

Manny, the Pitney Bowes rep, came to personally help me understand that this is how it is ... and while he concedes with snake oil salesman charm that this is a design flaw ... a design flaw .. there is nothing that can be done ... nothing that can be done.

I used my meanest mean girl attitude and said fuck at least as many times as Colin Firth said penis on The Daily Show ... to his credit Manny never flinched once nor did he reply in like manner. He APOLOGIZED.

I dont want no stinkin' apologies.

I want an address book with the contacts listed LAST Name, FIRST name.

Oh. There's more.

And in place of "title" they have a field labeled Description .. DESCRIPTION?

ALL my contacts have the word NONE listed in the description field.

Manny has no idea why.

I am sure its just a design flaw.

A design flaw ... Holy Bob!

o is for ...

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Okay here's a memory jogger for those of a, ahem, certain age .. O is for OLLIE!
Who remembers the wonderful Kukla, he's the one with the bulbous nose, Fran, who isnt in this photo but was the lovely lady who interacted with the puppets Bur Tillstrom created .. and last but certainly never least the gentle dragon Ollie with his snaggle tooth?

Kukla, Fran & Ollie were from Chicago and I purchased this button when I was there last summer ... here's a link if you'd like to reminise or find out who/what you missed by not growing up in the 50's

awkward thanks

Over the last few months I have been the honored recipient of awards and reviews.

I have snatched the "plaques" from the gifter's blog and run over here to slap them up on my sidebar without more than a thanks a lot ... left on their comment thingie.

How rude.

Today I decided to rectify that, to say thank you to those who were so nice to give me pretty plaques and say nice things about me and my bloggie.

If you all look to your right and scroll down a ways you'll see a Sunday Sidebar Review that was given to me by Anita.

Interestingly enough (well to me anyway) she awarded it to me as I was redecorating the sidebar so if you click on the badge you'll see the older version of my now newly spiffed up sidebar.

Anita is from Kansas, her interests are ecological but that doesn't define her. Her love of God and her family do. In addition to that she is an amazing photographer, a good writer and she likes me .. I have no idea why since I am a godless heathen New Yawker.

Because I am semi-anal I put my plaques up newest first, the next plaque is from Carolyn. Yesterday he said a lot of really nice things about me and others on her blog. That is what guilted reminded me to do this long overdue post of thanks.

She is very sneaky. She puts up fun labels on her blog like the Verbose Blogger label; if you snatch it, she makes you do penance by participating in a clever MEME. In addition to that she's a very good writer, a funny, interesting nice person.

Some of the other awards are from Cath (The Girl Who Was Beautiful Inside award), Jackie (Girl Power Blog award), Giggle (Who's Awesome? award).

Here comes the awkward confession.

I can't remember who gave me the other awards that I so proudly put up for all to see.

That will teach me to thank someone in the moment!

I suspect if I had thought this through I would never have started this post.

So now I am backing slowly away from the computer hoping that I haven't seriously hurt anyone's feelings or permanently estranged any of you but being a Verbose Blogger before I do I want to say something from my heart:

Thank you all for your friendship: THAT is one thing I know from whence it comes, dont need a plaque to pin up to remind me.

as the lens turned

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What's odd about this shot you ask?

Well I'll tell you.

At a friend's wedding a year ago October the photographer here was literally in my face ... now I may be photogenic but his flash was making me dizzy so when he turned the camera towards me while I was having dinner I put down my fork, picked up my camera and turned my lens on him!

When we saw the slide show he set up later in the evening there were more photos of me than there were of the bride!


Boy, you steal something and then the person you stole it from insists you do a MEME .. I admitted, even labeled the damn thing, I stole the Verbose Storyteller/Blogger patch off Carolyn's site I guess now I have to pay up .. here goes.. oh yeah .. here are the rules:

I tag anyone who has my Verbose Storyteller's Logo posted on their blog. Be sure to let me know if you post this so I can read it!

Remember: one word answers only.

1. Where is your mobile phone? Desktop
2. Your significant other? Hot
3. Your hair? Straight
4. Your mother? Dead
5. Your father? Dead
6. Your favorite thing? Photography
7. Your dream last night? Bizarre
8. Your favorite drink? Water
9. Your dream/goal? Success
10. The room you’re in? Livingroom
11. Your ex? Not
12. Your fear? Failure
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Here
14. Where were you last night? Here
15. What you’re not? Blonde
16. Muffins? Blueberry
17. One of your wish list items? Camera
18. Where you grew up? NYC
19. The last thing you did? Blogged
20. What are you wearing? Jeans
21. Your TV? Off
22. Your pets? Bedroom
23. Your computer? On
24. Your life? Great
25. Your mood? Upbeat
26. Missing someone? Yes
27. Your car? None
28. Something you’re not wearing? Mascara
29. Favorite Store? Barney's
30. Your summer? Hot
31. Like someone? Yes
32. Your favorite color? Black
33. When is the last time you laughed? Now
34. Last time you cried? Yesterday

Let me say, in more then one word, that was hard but fun .. go on.. try it

stupid saturday

On the way home while walking carefully down the subway stairs yesterday I missed a step and sort of jumped down the last 2 to avoid falling .. as I landed oh so not gracefully I did stumble but managed not to fall.

When I got home I decided to take 1 and a half muscle relaxers,the very same ones that seemed not to offer any relief when my back was really bad.

Well 1 and a half sure made me sleepy this time.

At 9:30 after watching The Daily Show (on DVR), sort of re-watching AMC on SoapNet because 45% of it was pre-empted for press coverage of the verdict on a trial not by jury but by judge for 3 cops who fired 50 rounds of ammo at unarmed 20 somethings who were in their car after celebrating at a bachelor party 18 months ago .. oh did I mention the groom to be was killed? That two others so riddled with bullets they almost died? And did I mention they were black? And by the way 2 of the 3 cops were black?


Yet there was Al Sharpton leading the lynch mob ... remember Tawanna Brawley, Al? I want someone to say that to him every time he incites.

But I digress.

I could barely keep my eyes open. Jon had Colin Firth on. They said penis about a hundred times but I could barely stay awake so at 9:30 I went to bed. I went to sleep.

My back is still achy even though I slept well and had some very odd dreams .. chiro at 9 .. massage at 10 .. then rest of my beautification which is really necessary because ...

Last nite in one of those self destructive moments of stupidity I tried to remove the eye lash extensions.

.. I dont know why ..

It was a moment of stupidity.

If I knew why it would not be stupid, it would be just silly or dumb.

Anyway now I have hardly any lashes and those I have are stumpy.. sparse

Insert self disgusted sigh

Someone tell me lashes grow back ..


Don't tell me. I dont want to know if they don't.

friday afternoon giddy

Husband called to tell me that the poster I ordered from the MTA arrived AND that there's a package from 'a Harrison' (thank you Mona!).

I said: Didnt my wire come from Apple?

He said: No.

I said: But they said it would come on the 24th .. that was yesterday.

He said: Maybe you need to check it online

I said: I am going to do that now.

And I did. On the Apple website it shows the wire is being shipped DHL (I will never get it now!) and it will arrive on the 28th (their email advising shipment said the 24th!)... and right now its in Hong Kong.

So I call Husband to tell him.

I say: Its in Hong Kong. I bet they are having Tibetians carry it over the Himalayas


I say: Hey! That's funny ... after all Hong Kong is near China

He says: I thought you said geography was your best subject.

I know he was smiling.

sky watch friday

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n is for newspapers

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These newspapers were laying around the table on our friend's deck. Can you see why I took this photo?

hint: Look at the newspaper page that says 'join the literary guild' .. over on the right corner is a little dragonfly!

there's a full moon


I started my day busing across town to the far eastside to have my yearly GYN check up.

I rode the bus from Riverside Drive to York Avenue literally from the furthest point west to the furthest point east on the island of Manhattan.

I got off the bus and walked to 425 E. 67 St and thought the building looked different to me.

So I looked at my iPhone contact list and realized my doctor's office is at 245 E. 67St. A long 3 block walk. By the way, the weather person said it was in the 60's so I dressed for it.

Its not.

I was COLD.

After my appointment, yes, thanks, everything is fine, I bus downtown, then across town to my office.

I wasnt here 10 minutes when the phone rang.

Security was calling VP Finance to inform him he had a visitor/guest .. Oh and by the way, the security guard asks, what's his extension?

I hesitate for a moment to ponder that because the call came in on HIS extension. I tell the guard the extension and say please send Mr. W up to the SIXTH floor.

I tell VP Finance (whose assistant is off somewhere) that his guest is on the way up and I go back to catching up on emails.

Top of the email list is one from the Architect Person.

Here's what she wrote:

"I am following up the details for fabricating your cork board. Can I come by quickly to talk about it?"

I reply:

"All I want is simple plain ordinary corkboard .. I spoke to someone right after we moved, he made notations and said it was no problem. Cork .. plain cork.

If you want to come talk about it I’ll be here but I don’t see what we need to talk about .. its CORK .."

She then emails:

"Ok it’s CORK, got it…

Here is what I’d like to propose, color will be a light to medium tone, cork texture will be as smooth as possible, in other words you’ll see no “chunks of cork” and I’d like it to be frameless, so that it will just be a long run of uninterrupted cork. However, if we must frame it, I’ll try to minimize to as few sections as possible. Is this okay?

As you know giving someone what they want when it involves aesthetics is never quite that simple."

I reply:
"To me cork is cork is cork .. I don’t care what color it is or if it has seams or a frame .. I just want it ASAP .. for me it really is that simple."

She emails:
"Okay, thank you. Sketch will be done today and issued for production, I will give you an ETA as soon as I know it"

I am glad this is email because if it was in person I would have had to kill her.

I met with someone 3 weeks ago who measured and assured me the CORK board would be installed by the time I got back from vacation.

Of course he lied.

As I am thinking about this the Furniture Guy, who I spoke with yesterday about getting a 20x15 AND NO LARGER than 20x15 table for a scanner, walks in pushing a cart which he says is for the scanner.

At that moment the guest/visitor to see the VP Finance arrives.

It seems he was sent to the 17th floor (sounds just like 6th floor doesnt it?) where he was asked if he was a Summer Intern (HUH?) before being redirected to our offices on the 6th floor.


I tell Furniture Guy to leave the cart.

I call the VP Security.

I will spare you that conversation but I will tell you that at least 4 times in what turns into a 15 minute conversation VP Security reiterates 'it sounds to me like'..

As I hang up the phone, Boss #2 appears at my desk to ask me to come into his office.

He points out that the cart for the scanner is too large.

Didnt we discuss the size?

Yes and I told them 20x15 AND NO LARGER

Well, this is at least 24x16

I see that. I will call and get them to switch it.

Now I am done.

I pick up the phone and call The VP of This.

I know he will resolve all everything because, as he has pointed out to me many times before/during/after the move: That's his job.

After I dump all this on him, I go to get lunch.

When I return there are 3 messages on voice mail:

Message #1 .. VP Security called to say: Turns out the security guard in the lobby DID send the guest/visitor to the wrong floor

Message #2 .. VP of This called to say scanner cart will be replaced with one the proper size

Message #3 .. Furniture Guy called to see if the cart he dropped off was okay, let me know if its not.

YUP. Its a full moon.

odd shot monday san francisco style

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You can rent these little scooter cars near Fisherman's Wharf. They come with a built-in navagation system/tour. The little man with the flag made me laugh .. can you see the guy inside making some sort of repair to the scooter-car?

sunday whine

Yeah, its dusty because I haven't whined much, at least not here lately.

First .. no, not really first on my whine list but first because if I don't whine about it now I will forget it.

No, that doesn't make it something worth not whining about its just that my memory sucks .. and that may be due to soy or so I read on a wonderful post by Josie ... where was I? Oh .. my whine. Blogger (and Google) offered this neat new beta page element (I can't tell you how long it took me to think of whatthefcuk its called) to keep your blog roll on and to show when they were last updated.

I should have known last nite when The Pea Green Boat showed -54321 seconds that something was amiss.

I cant add the link for The Pea Green Boat because the flippin' blog roll is now totally not working NOT even SHOWING

In order to get to Josie's link I had to open Firefox, I use Safari, go to a comment Leslie made on one of my posts to get to her blog roll to get Josie's link!

When the blog roll element on my blog was still accessible aka visible tho lacking the times of update when I clicked on a link it took me to a non-templated version of the blog I clicked on. Let me tell you templates really make a difference .. digressing again, Daryl, anyway if you click on someone's blog and you dont see it the way it normally appears .. its not your eyes .. its a Blogger fart. Just click on the title and the template version appears. Who knew, someone did I am sure, that both of these versions exist simultaneously .. sort of like on LOST.

Needless to say, but say it I will .. when I am done whining I plan on adding everyone's URL to my bookmarks so that I am not reliant on stupid wonking Blogger OR Google .. I could whine about Google and the lack of real support they provide on their Google Groups but it makes me want to cry .. so I wont.. this time.

Secondly .. and this is truly pathetic but as long as I am whining .. I entered a photo contest where I am currently THIRD.

Do you know what?

I'll tell you what.

It has nothing to do with how good a photo it is .. really .. seriously .. its about how many friends you have and maybe how many computers they have because I promise you my photo is a lot better than the two ahead of me.

Sore loser? Damn right.

There was a third whine but see now that I've gone on and on and on and on about the Blog Roll thingie, element, Daryl, its called an ELEMENT .. I have forgotten what else I was going to whine about.
Lucky you.

Maybe if I remember I'll be back .. so dont go thinking you're so lucky after all.

*edited to say: Bless their hearts, Blogger has given me back my blog roll ..of course the time element isnt working AND I cant add anything to it .. but hey .. that's Blogger for you! AND Anita has honored me by Reviewing My Sidebar .. of course this morning its not working properly .. thank you Anita its an honor nonetheless! Oh BTW if you are using Firefox you wont see my blog roll at all ..

photo contest - entry

Photo Contest at writefromkaren.com

check out the other entries and then vote!

sky watch friday

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Central Park Lake in May reflects the sky like a mirror framed with a beautiful willow

holly go'lightly

Holly was nice enough to bring me along when she went to Scotland and took me to lunch one day as well, so I thought it would be fun to take her to San Francisco ..

Here she is sharing a coffee with me at the airport

And she wanted me to watch The Animal Planet on the JetBlue TV

She doesnt snore!
but take her to a winery and she's all over the place!

m is for mural

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I took these shots of this mural in San Francisco last week ... they are on a building in the South Beach area, in what is now a combination of Chinatown & Strip Clubs just past the intersection of Broadway and Columbus (this always makes me smile because while they dont intersect we do have avenues named Broadway and Columbus here in NYC!)

This is especially for Crazy Cath! who is SO NOT crazy! This is the wallpaper on my office PC ..

san francisco

I am back, tho my back is still very wonky .. it does not like 5 hour plane rides or 90 minute cab rides. Can you believe, of course you can, that it took 90 minutes to drive into Manhattan from JFK on Sunday? My friend Kelly who left San Francisco a full 3 hours later than I did and then drove from O'Hare to her home outside of Chicago was home before I was? I got a text message from her saying she was home while I was still waiting for my luggage!

Whine whine whine.

Speaking of which .. one of the things we did out West was go to Napa. We toured the Moet Chandon winery. The tour was interesting, the tasting which followed was, I am told, devine. I didnt partake because I was on muscle relaxants and wanted to be able to stay awake for the rest of the tour stops.

But I should start at the beginning.

I flew out of JFK on JetBlue, say what you will but they are the best, when they screw up they apologize, own up to their 'bad' unlike American which cancelled over 1,000 flights without notice.

My friends Kelly and Lynn both checked on their American flights to San Fran on Tuesday evening and both were told they were 'on time'. Lynn was flying from Tyler, TX connecting in Dallas for another AA flight to San Francisco.

Kelly was flying AA from O'Hare direct. Shortly after Kelly got her 'on time' notice she got an email alert saying her flight was cancelled. Period. No option to re-schedule was offered. She called AA and was on hold for over an hour before she got another flight but not to SF .. to LAX where she would have to catch a shuttle to SF.

Lynn got no notice at all. She went to the airport and discovered her connecting flight from Dallas to SF was cancelled and again no one offered any alternatives or apologies. She ended up flying United to LAX where she got a United flight to San Deigo and then to SF.

Both of them arrived at SFO after 9 pm and to top it all off Kelly's luggage was lost!

So our vacation started off with my bad back and their bad travel adventure.

While they were trying to get to SF, I was out wandering the hills and parks. Interestingly so was the Olympic torch which was the focal point of the media as well as protesters, mounted police and 4 helicopters .. the joke it seems was on the citizens of SF the torch was to be run past Fisherman's Wharf
down to the Embarquedero however it ended up being hustled out the 'back door' and to the airport after a quick jog along Van Ness (where our hotel was!).

But we are nothing if not resilient so I lent Kelly fresh undies and a clean top as well as some make up and we headed off to tour Napa.

The jitney left from the Ferry Terminal Building

Napa is just lovely...

The vineyards were just budding and one of the wineries we visited gave us a picnic lunch .. the sunshine, the food and the company were perfect

On Friday we took a ferry to Sausilito where we wandered, shopped and enjoyed perfect weather and Kelly made a new friend .. he claims he's the last hippie!

On Saturday we wandered along Fisherman's Wharf after breakfast at The Buena Vista which claims to be the home of the first/original Irish coffee!

We rode the F line along the Embarquedero

Laughed at the sea lions at Pier 39

On Saturday evening we went to dinner

in North Beach where many many years ago I stayed while working production on a show at The Little Fox theatre, which sadly is no longer. BUT .. the apartment building I 'lived' in is still there .. While the skyline of the city has changed since I was last there, I was happy to see that the building that once (and may still) housed Francis Ford Coppola's offices was still there .. its the small green 'domed' building just to the front/right of the Transamerica Tower