waiting, impatiently

THIS is actually Toby.
He owns Dr. Andy Kaplan
who, in turn, heads up City Vet Care
(where he cares for Gus & Rose)
And he is the heart of  The Toby Project

THIS is Griff, Toby's BFF
(thanks to ToonMan for pointing out my error)

my sky - happy thanksgiving

Snoopy and his pal Woodstock
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sunday in the park

Riverside Park
Talk about sitting on the fence.
This fellow was deciding should he or shouldnt he
hop down into that enclosed area
He did.

waiting, impatiently

These two handsome goldens were waiting to see their vet
back in September when our cat Gus was in for his annual visit.
Notice the red 'cast'?
He was there for a check up,
but he was scared
his BFF came along to help keep him calm.
Today we are at the vet with Gus
He's been limping and we're having his hip/leg checked
Keep good thoughts for our boy, 'k?!

dinner with friends

This past Monday after a workshop at the new Apple Store on Broadway at 68th Street I met Jeane of ARTIT and her BFF Lisa in from the Seattle area for a few days of museum visits, shopping and blog meet ups.

I love Jeane's art, a while back I sent her two small already painted on canvases and all my old oil paint. I don't paint any more and I knew she wanted to try painting in oil; she has done some fabulous stuff this is one piece she did back then AND she brought me a new painting.  I must take a photo of when its hung .. she used one of the old canvases I sent her.

We had drinks and dinner at a Nick & Toni's Cafe on West 67th St; after much laughter, good adult libations and some yummy food we walked uptown on Columbus Avenue passing Magnolia Bakery, if you don't know Magnolia, click here, they specialize in cupcakes.

What a coincidence ..

Jeane's favorite food? Cupcakes!

She got a red velvet and enjoyed every bite.

Then we did some window shopping at Intermix... good thing they werent open!

She's coming back to town this summer and I cannot wait.

wordless wednesday

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my sky

Silhouetted buildings and a glorious early morning sky
looking East on W. 80th St.

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thursday in the hood

The Gainsborough - 222 Central Park South
click here to learn more about it

new bookmark

I use postcards and photos as bookmarks ... currently I am reading Michael Connelly's Scarecrow, an excellent suspense novel, and I am now marking my place with this

It arrived yesterday in the mail from Erin over at The Good Life in Virginia ... you may have heard that OysterFest was held this past weekend in Urbanna.

I wasnt able to attend but some of the other Virginia BlogFest ladies (and gents) were; Erin hoped to meet up with them but didnt.   She is however considering joining in BlogFest '10 this summer.  WOOT!

wordless wednesday

drum roll .. and the winner is

Last week I offered to send these great cards The Good Flea made using those boisterous bovines Fred & Bessie to whoever won my Pay It Forward.

The names of all the comment leavers, except for Flea, were written on post its, folded up, put in my Mathews County, VA. hat and ToonMan picked the winner.

Picture Imperfect!

Email me (FashionistaNYC@gmail.com) with your mailing address I will send the cards out ASAP!


Remember, now you have to Pay It Forward ...

toonsday - tuna

sunday in the park

This week we're in
(spanning 42-43 Streets between Fifth & Sixth Avenues)
 looking at the detail on its fountain center piece

sign posts

Along the Upper Broadway malls 
there are benches with tags/signs 
denoting who paid for their up keep
(like the flowers that are donated/maintained by the shops along Broadway).  
I've long wondered 
who Diana and Doug are
if they still enjoy their 
sunny bench.

Edited to add Rob of Inukshuk EuroAdventure emailed me this link with the story behind this bench click here

what time is it?

Cooler temps and the falling leaves say its Pay It Forward time!
Here's how.
Leave me a comment and on Saturday I will print out your comments, fold them up, put them in a cap and let ToonMan pick the winner.

If you win, you must then pay it forward on your blog ... okay?
I have a a special prize for whoever wins .. what is it?

Well I am going to let my friends Fred & Bessie tell you

These fabulous cards made by The Good Flea ...

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wordless wednesday

this & that tuesday

Last week I was on my way home, walking down 80th Street.
It was late, it was getting dark and it was cold.
Midway down the street there was a barricade of saw horses blocking my path.
I would have gone around it, walked in the street but there was a car parked .. did I mention it was late, cold and dark?.

So I did what any annoyed New Yorker would have done.
I moved the saw horse and walked .. through fresh, not quite hardened, cement

Left my mark, so to speak

On Saturday afternoon
I took that and this
to show off my dainty size 10.5 imprint ..
but it is there for ..
well ..
til forever ..

And then there was this.
On Sunday after the NYC Marathon

This Marathon Man
celebrated completing the 26.5 mile run
with a cigar and his Blackberry

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toonsday - news?

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