three on thursday

double triplets!
windows fascinate me
these lower ones are amazing 
makes me wonder
how tall the ceilings are

vive la difference!

I am not sure 
how the art in the photo above
 relates to the thoughts rambled on about in this post.  
There are two art galleries neighboring the spa 
I get my massages 
this was in the window this last time 
I've been trying to think how to use it 
to title it 
should it be here 
among disjointed thoughts

 as I type its nearing 9 p.m. 
 Jack throws a hissy, literally, fit nightly at 9 
because I once gave them kibble at 9 
Toonman is asleep in bed 
curled up under comforters 
one cotton one down
 its flickin' freezing in the bedroom 
before he could find a way
 to seal off the in window AC 
he got sick.  
Its bloody cold in there.  

No tea tonight, 
I am on a not diet 
because who am I kidding 
I dont need a diet 
if I win the lottery 
I can buy all new jeans in 
larger sizes.  
No tea. 
Because I put sugar 
heaping teaspoons of sugar 
in my tea.  
Coffee is drunk black unsweetened.  

The DVR is recording two programs
And I am enjoying the quiet
the hiss of the radiators
this brownstone has radiators 
ours has a lovely hiss 
with a sporadic sizzle sound 
not quite bubbles but steam vapor.  

Now its Rose's turn.   

I was looking at my desktop 
the little white packet 
Morning Glory Seeds
 in a neat hand 
sits next to the 
iPad Camera Connection Kit 
arrived last week;
 the iPad cover will be here on April 15
  April 22 this year of Steve Jobs brilliance I will get delivery of my actual

Maybe I will make some tea learn to drink it straight. 

toonsday - citizen with cane

monologue monday

Its Monday.  
Since starting this monologue I am no longer dreading Mondays.  
I lie.  
I still wish the weekend was longer.  
Especially this past weekend because it was a good one.

It was a relatively quiet week at the office, 
the bosses were all on vacation, 
a yearly event all us not bosses look forward to 
it means we can come in/go home pretty much as we please.  
It pleased me to leave at 4 p.m. on Friday.  
Of course this confused the cats who think when I get home its dinnertime.  
After all our real dinner times 
Toonman and I watched a movie. 
a British comedy, 
with Bill Nighly, Emily Blunt and Harry Potter's Rupert Grint.  
A funny farce, get it at NetFlix.

was a very cold and windy day, typical March weather.  
After beautifiying™ , 
I dropped off the dry cleaning, picked up a few things we needed and headed home
Toonman was up for a walk. 

We headed out walking north on Riverside Drive
 after the incline 
(small, very small hill) 
between 83-84th Sts 
we crossed to the park side 
and had a sit 
on one of the benches 
in the sunshine.  

I snapped a few photos

the trees are budding!

Walking back 
I took a page from my friend Kate's 
took a 
'the back of my husband'

He really only uses the cane when he's outdoors walking.  
He's walking just fine now.
We walked 12 blocks
his new personal best!

there was more beautifiying™
and another movie!
Tony Scott's
Denzel Washington
Chris Pine
Its a very predictable movie, 
the outcome is fairly obvious 
it was still fun, at times edge of the seat exciting

Less exciting was the basketball
Toonman watched before and after the movie.
Sorry Kansas lost,  Annie!

And a shout out to the self proclaimed 
that emailed me.  
Thank you so much for your kind words
I havent ever been up to The Pool in Central Park
but I think next weekend if its nice I will head up there.

Thank you all
 for your comments, I love them
 If you don’t have your e-mail enabled,
I won’t be able to respond. 
If you have a blog, 
go to your 
Dashboard>Edit Profile>Show My E-Mail Address. 
if you prefer, 
just leave your e-mail address at the end of your comment.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend
What did you do, see any movies? Read any books?

waiting patiently

on Monday 
I said that 
caught my eye?  
drew me in 
so I saw the menu at
Fish Tail?

Well this is it!  
Please try to contain your reaction, 
I dont want 
anyone falling 
off their chairs 
getting hurt.

foodie friday

@Fish Tail by David Burke
chili oil, basil and lemon

Oh my so good
and the dipping sauce?


Ma Nature?,
 its spring. 
You remember spring,
 the season where it doesnt snow, 
the season when the temps gradually rise
 the season where showers happen mostly in April 
May can have flowers?  
That season.

This morning as I listened to the weather report 
seeing footage of suburban snow 
I looked out the window 
urban snow on the parked cars.  
Streets wet with slush.  

I was foolish enough to believe spring was actually here this past weekend 
packing away all my boots.  
All of them neatly boxed. 

 Good thing I put the Hunter box on the top.

Trudging up the hill I stopped to record the snow for you, dear reader, 

 it was all slush 
wet tree limbs

And this very sad sight. 

 Poor tulips, you tried.

And by you?  What's the weather like?

monday monologue or the good, the bad and the shopping

First off,
 I am a lot behind this morning due to the rain,
the unbelievable slowness of this computer.  
Whining will be intermittent, this will be verbose, 
so go get a cup or glass of whatever
depending on your time zone

Weekend was lovely, really lovely.  
The rain predicted for Saturday didnt arrive 
but neither did the warm temps promised 

After beautifiying™ 
I picked up a few things Toonman needed and headed home.  
After lunch we took a walk.  
We walked, slowly, up 4 blocks on the park side of Riverside Drive 
then back down on the opposite side.  
Eight blocks.  
A very big deal a month after two major surgeries.  
We spent the rest of the day being lazy, watched a movie
 - Morning Glory - 
its not a fabulous movie but it was fun, entertaining
I snorted once, laughed out loud twice.  
Harrison Ford is still hot, Diane Keaton is still Diane Keaton
Rachel McAdams is charming, 
does anyone else think she looks like Jennifer Garner?  

I wanted to go up to the roof after sunset to get a shot of the fantastic moon. 

this photo stolen from this guy

But I fell asleep! 
On the couch. 
waking in the middle of whatever we were watching
I went to bed.  
Totally forgetting a once in 18 years experience was happening 

When did I remember?  
Sunday morning.  

After moaning and whining 
I headed out for more beautification™ 
a trip to the Eastside 


Well last weekend I got a pair of very inexpensive, well fitting jeans.  
putting them on Thursday 
I discovered the inventory control thingie was still attached!

You'd think I would have felt it when I tried them on.  
the check out  had been a little chaotic 
had I not looked at my receipt I would have overpaid
 because the sales ditz charged me for someone else's items!  

On the way to Bloomingdale's 
Blondie and I walked across 62nd Street
just shy of Lexington 
I spied this

Okay, that's not what I saw first 
apparently I forgot to upload -  or maybe I just wanted you to wait to see - what I saw.  
Nevertheless, we looked at the menu.  
It was very yummy, so in we went.

We shared those mussels.  
I had a salad, Blondie had fish tacos.  
So good.  
All of it.  
with full tummies we headed to Bloomingdales 
 inventory thingie removed from my pants, apology accepted.  

We visited a Prada purse Blondie covets, then did a little shopping
there was 15% off everything.  
Oh my did I ever misbehave!

The black pants are Vince cargo pants, very nice fit.  
The blue is the pair that had the inventory thingie removed,  
its a French company I cant remember the name of .. what a surprise. 
I remembered 
(with help from Google)
Comptoir des Cotonniers! 

Remember when we could remember things?  

This pretty thin cotton top by Tahari has a very subtle animal print
then I really was bad.  
Blondie, its all her fault, wanted to look at shoes
uh oh

Are these not the cutest summer flats evah?  
Navy, beige, with red trim.  

To make up for making me spend money like a drunken sailer, 
Blondie paid for the cab back across town.  
When I got home Toonman told me he'd been out for a walk:
10 blocks!  
I am so proud of him.  
I nag, I whine, I continually annoy him with my never ending questions and reminders. 
 I do it because I hate him, you know.  
I am a nag but I am also a praiser.  
When he does good he deserves to get told so.  
And 10 blocks on his own with just the little FLIP and his cane
he took the FLIP so he could record his walk 
to show me he did 10 blocks.  
Interesting that a videographer/editor like him took a lot of footage of the inside of his coat pocket.  
He now knows where the off button is.

Oh and the moon?  
It never came out on Sunday nite, 
I know because I went up to the roof 
3 times to check.

So, what did you do this weekend?

Thanks for taking the time to wade through all the verbosity 
for leaving comments they are appreciated!

have you seen what's new?

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When last I showed you this
I didnt realize that under those arches
in the 
dark shadowy recess

were these lovely
Minton Tiles  
reproduced and sold
The Dairy gift shop
the purchase price
is also a
to the
Central Park Conservatory

I'm using mine
for my mug

waiting patiently

The Boathouse in Central Park
its a lovely restaurant on the lake
its got the closest bathrooms
Bethesda Fountain!

foodie friday

inside that box is
this delicious

If you are a Manhattanite and crave sweets, 
keep eye out for the 
Wafles and Dinges 

three on thursday

Looks like its going to be down to the wire
a photo finish perhaps?
Seems as if the yellow pedicab has the advantage of being empty
it looks as if the red one is about to win the race!

There was no race, nope.

Just some tourists with a lot of $$ 
to hire a pedicabs to peddle around the park
its the new way to see the park 
 the old way: horse and carriage

monday monologue

Monday monologue or how I spent the weekend.

Friday morning I was anticipating Friday evening not just because it was the end of the week, the beginning of the weekend but because I was going to have my much anticipated Christmas/Hanukkah/Birthday/Valentine's Day gift from Toonman .. an iPad .. the NEW iPad .. I'd held out for it vs the 'old' iPad and it was finally here.

I get a small discount if I buy through our company connection (literally a link to Apple's website store) so I logged in, put all the things I wanted: iPad, camera connection, Apple Care extended warranty, red leather cover into my 'cart' and I saved it.  I decided to try and go to the Apple Store on Broadway on the way home and buy it there BUT if there was a long line, I'd go home and click on my 'cart' and buy it, it would arrive in 5-7 business days... at least that was the plan.


The line snaking around the block, up the next street looked to be at least a 3 hour wait, so I smugly walked on home ready to log on and click PURCHASE.   Except that when I did my 'cart' was empty and now the wait for shipping was 2-3 weeks .. 2-3 weeks.


So I did what any electronic nut would do I ranted at the computer, I whined, I cajoled but my 'cart' remained empty.

Saturday I went to Exhale Spa on Madison/77th Street where Ron worked out the 2.5 months of tension I'd accumulated since last I saw him.  90 minutes later muscles relaxed, neck, shoulder and lower back aches vanished and I felt 2.5 months younger.

Walked down to 66th Street to meet my pal Blondie at Match a cute but over priced bistro off Madison.  We ate, we talked, we drank, we discussed where to go and what we wanted to buy.  First a trip to Crate & Barrel for a teapot.  Nope.  I am in search of a specific size, a specific type of teapot.  Alas neither Crate & Barrel nor Bloomingdales nor Zabars seems to have one.  We also stopped at Bergdorf to oogle the jewelry, drool over the shoes and buy some of the base I use from Chantecaille.

At the Apple store on Fifth Avenue the line was much shorter but they were sold out, anyone waiting on/in the line was going to get a gift certificate which they could bring to the store at a 'later date' to redeem their iPad.  I decided I'd would just wait til mid to end of the coming week and go in person to either the 14th Street or Prince Street stores and buy one there.

On the way from Madison to Fifth 
I spied this

I wondered what sort of 
pretty red flowers
 they were so I moved in 
for a closer look


Little red glass flower shaped lights!

Park Avenue also seems dressed for spring .. 
this is the intersection at 57th Street
there are HUGE flowers at every intersection on Park Avenue
as far as the eye could see

Yikes .. even the creepy crawlies are huge

And these adorable 
lollipop-ish flowers 
on Park between 57th and 58th Sts

Sunday we woke when the outside door buzzer BUZZZZZZZED at 5:30 a.m.  okay, it was 6:30 a.m. but still it was a rude awakening.  Fresh Direct had delivered our order the day before.  The entire order was covered in the 48 oz of apple sauce that had broken in shipment/delivery.  Toonman had put it on the off white foot stool of the slipper chair because he didnt want to bend to lift it off the floor AND he was working with a client so it sat there a while ... so when I got home the stains had pretty well set in.  Sigh.  Fresh Direct was apologetic about the breakage and the mess promising a credit AND a redelivery of the apple sauce.  I never expected them at 5:30, er, 6:30 AY EM.

The rest of the day I spent beautifying I had my leopard Minx toes re-Minx'd in a flower power Peter Max pattern ... now if only it was warm enough to wear sandals!  

Oh yes the iPad search continues ...  this morning I logged onto Apple via the office connection and there's my 'cart' still loaded but now its a full month before it ships.  I've made sure its saved but I'll be schlepping down to one of the aforementioned Apple stores to see if I can snag one there.

Once again verbosity strikes, seriously I dont know how to not go on ...... thanks for visiting, I do really enjoy and appreciate your comments!

sunday stuff

what are they all there for?

entertaining, energetic and entrepreneurial 
young men


Hilary, thank you so much, Googled this video of their entire performance .. click here

waiting patiently

Last Saturday 
Central Park 
over at
Bethesda Fountain
this pup 
along with lots of other dogs and people
were all waiting 
wanna know what?
come back tomorrow to see

best friends

Bella is burning out

Please Help

About Best Friends’ Network

A dog in East Hanover, New Jersey is suffering from “kennel burnout” and needs help.

Her name is Bella, and she was tied to a dumpster along with her puppies in a heavy snowstorm, and abandoned. The people who found her nearly missed the puppies beside her because they were covered in snow! Bella was in terrible shape, but she was brought to the Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter, where all of her puppies were quickly adopted. Alas, it’s often harder for the grown-up mama dog to find a home, and Bella hasn’t been picked like her puppies were.

Now, she’s starting to spin in circles and show other signs of kennel burnout. She just can’t take it anymore. She’s even starting to get grumpy with people.

This girl needs to get into a foster home – and fast! Is there a dog-savvy foster or permanent home out there who can save the day?

Please contact Jennifer Gregory at

You can also help by posting Bella’s flyer around.


Old Glory 
flies proudly above 
Belvedere Castle in Central Park  
Last Saturday 
was a picture perfect day 
clouds parted
 blue skies embraced her 
she wafted
in the breeze

Created by Dot, perfected by Tom, now hosted by Klaus and the Skywatch Team, of Wren, Sylvia, Fishing Guy and Sandy at the Sky Command Center!