monday monologue

First it was Angry Birds,

 the countless hours I spent
 sitting with ToonMan in hospital 
many were spent killing pigs.  

Then it was Words with Friends

 at one point I was playing 4 games with one friend 
she sort of cyber slapped me
 into one game at a time 
with her

When life calmed down
I found the Nook app

began reading using my iPad

Look at my list of Good Reading
see how its grown

Next I found Scrabble 
another friend has repeatedly beat me

I discovered the app for

 I know
everyone else in the universe 
has been loving NetFlix forevah
 ToonMan gets DVDs AND watches downloaded films on his iMac.

I've developed a jones for the BBC's excellent series. 
The Brits do it right and they say 
fuck and shit
just sayin' 
it blew me away the first time 
I heard a character say fuck

What am I watching?  
(no one sings or dances or is on an island or in a jungle) 
its about the people who survive a Pandemic
 ToonMan compares these sort of shows to The Stand 
(I worship Stephen King and The Stand) 
I compared it to the defunct TV series Jericho 
without the exploding bombs. 

In any case I am hooked.
I am also watching 
Starz is about to launch their own series called Torchwood - Miracle Day.  
I've discovered Glee, 
no, we haven't watched it but I am sort of liking it
my old Aaron Sorkin fav Sports Night
Netflix rocks.
Wait this isnt a post about NetFlix
(no one has compensated me for kvelling about these apps, games or programs)

Putting that all aside 
(ok, I did let GrandmaJ murder me at Words)
I did get outside this weekend. 

after I got beautified™ 
ToonMan and I walked through the park down to 72nd St
over to our vet's office to
donate the left over IV meds, flushes etc.  
Seemed a sin to toss out good meds that could be used to help sick animals.

the annual Broadway Malls Memorial Day Street Fair
stretched from 76 Street to 96th Street

lots of people

 lots of vendors

lots of food

lots of food

lots of people

didnt I mention
lots of people?

a new 

 after the block after block
 of the same kiosks/booths 
of the same stuff 
there was the Author's Corner.  
The only name I recognized 
was Eli Wallach 
 he wasnt there when I walked by

It was hot and crowded and I was schlepping treats for ToonMan so not a lot of photos
just a lot of words
but then that's what Monday Monologue is all about

 this weekend is about honoring 
all those who serve 
have served
keeping us safe

Thank you to all of them
to all their families


This could be taken in many ways
in fact
I am likely spending today in this way
Broadway Mall's Annual Memorial Day Street Fair
It's on!

waiting patiently - Scout and his iconic pal

That's Scout 
posing for me
with his doll likeness/icon

He owns Stephanie 
she in turn owns a fabulous shop called 

Stephanie send me this info about the doll:

"The artist, Cindi Miller Herlemanknowing how popular Scout has been at the store, 
made this likeness of him that I now sell.
It comes with a story all about him as follows:  

'My name is Scout, but my friends call me Mush, Boo, Scout Scout, Scouty, and Skitz.  
Some say I am the lickiest dog ever!  
I am a King Charles Spaniel – an original design in the Wee Ones Collection.  
My favorite foods are ice cubes, coffee cups, and sticks.  
When I’m not working at Stoopher & Boots,
 you can find me playing with my friends at the Bull Moose Dog Run 
chasing my brother, Lucky, around the house. 
 If you adopt me, I promise to be a good and loyal dog.'"

Cindi can also make an impressionist version of anyone else’s pet.
Stephanie  just need photos and some info on the animal.
Cost is only $30.

I was in no way compensated for this post,
I just love Stoopher and Boots
Stephanie and of course Scout!

dig in!

its a long weekend
the 'unofficial' start of summer
what better way to get started
a summer plant sale

three on thursday

West 78th Street
 is by far 
one of the prettiest blocks 
on the UWS 
(Upper Westside).  

I've featured its 
prettily painted townhouses before 
 this time 
I am focusing 
(not so well, poor little PointandShoot is having zoom focus issues) 
on the decorations.  

This house in particular with its many
 - in sets of THREE - 
planters and window boxes
 is one of my favorites.

monday monologue - unraptured

The weekend is over.  
I assume you'all survived the non-event:
The Rapture

it always sounded sort of porn-ish to moi.  

Anyway it was a non-event. 

 I beautified™ 
a gloriously divine deep tissue massage
Saturday morning 
at Exhale 
 the sound system that pipes soothing music into the dimly lit massage studios was kaput.  
One wondered
 if it was a foreshadowing of the end of the world 
but no one there seemed to be aware


I headed back to the Westside for my weekly hair appointment, 
the salon was abuzz with chatter
 would it or wouldnt it

Concensus was not

When I got home ToonMan was deep into a computer game 
he didnt appreciate my 'are we walking or not?' query 
so I decided to head out to Apple to get screen protectors for both my iPad and iPhone 

Apple was out of them but these people were recommended.  
Price was right.  

When I got home 
ToonMan asked if I wanted to take a walk down to the 79th Street Boat Basin.  
I did.

We took the wrong route 
had to walk through the restaurant/bar, 
in the rotunda
the music and chatter were deafening.   

When we made it to the waterfront 
the sky looked 

very end of days

 So we walked a bit faster, 
with fewer stops for photo ops
I dropped my Point&Shoot 
- again - 
this time I think the zoom got damaged

 I am not a happy camper
I love my Olympus Stylus 9000
it fits in my pocket and/or purse 
goes with me everywhere. 

I am happy that life goes on 
 My friend Mary and her husband, Jay, 
were in town for the weekend 
staying at another friend of mine's apartment 
just upstairs from us  

Sunday morning we went to brunch at my favorite Recipe

Do these two not look like twins?

Add to the chill in the air, the not quite rain/mist
 a street fair
 The Amsterdam Avenue Festival.  
was represented by a pig roasting
for real 

roasted, then sliced and served

they were also grilling calamari.

After brunch the men headed back to our apartment
Mary and I went to
Stoopher and Boots 

where I snapped this baby hat with crabs on it and this fun crab shaped pillow

I took the shots for my pal 
who has a crab hat of her own

 she let me model it once

Arent you glad the world didnt end?
If it had, you'd have missed seeing me look like a goof

waiting patiently

So if you are
the world didn't commence to end

(or is it Myles?) 
who you may recall from another post
posed so prettily for me 
I took two snapshots

Isnt he adorable?

have you heard?

this photo was stolen from Google

The world is ending on May 21st.  
I understand 
the world's demise was predicted once before
 amazingly it was wrong.  


May 21st is not the end of the world
 lets get this straight 
I dont want any of you running 
hither and yon 

 May 21st is Judgment Day.
The true official last day of the world is 
October 21st.  


I was a little nervous 
I hadnt begun to repent 
now I have more time. 

I do wonder how accurate this is because the same source cites:  
the year 4990 BC - The flood of Noah’s day. 
All perished in a worldwide flood. 
Only Noah, his wife, and his 3 sons and their wives survived in the ark 
(6023 years from creation).  


What about those animals that boarded the Ark two by two?  

Maybe this is really a new show from JJ Abrams, 
he's prolific and has an amazing imagination 
Just check out his new series Alcatraz 
oh, sorry, don't mean to tease.

if this is for reals, well, 
you'll get to see an episode or two

I dont know when Fox begins its new fall season.

wash out

After a glorious week 
of near summer temperatures, 
 very few clouds
 in the sky
 we had 

 I got to head home early 
but it was so overcast, 
so its going to rain any sec,
 I decided to head home 
doing a little wandering.  

There are some 
Tom Otterness sculptures

(not this one, this was in front of the TimeWarner Ctr a few years ago)

 outside a hotel on West 42nd St 
that I am itching to snap
they'll be there next time I have time.

I headed to see John

Sam and Chris Salon 
 he did he usual magic 

See how important beautification™ is?!

Next it was home to grab ToonMan and the BIG camera

We'd Googled 
directions to the 
in Central Park

I was psyched.   

ToonMan and I 
would hop a bus
 (a concession to his continuing recovery) 
get some good shots

when I got home 
he was sitting at his iMac
 still not dressed
 he said something
he hated being a spoil sport 
the weather didnt look at all enticing

 I said 
I was used his being a wet blanket 
settled in to read

 I read a very good well written well plotted mystery 
13-1/2 by Nevada Barr 
who writes a mysteries set in the various National Parks and feature Ranger Anna Pigeon
 I had sort of grown bored with them.
 I am not sure how I discovered 
 its possible I read a book review 
tho I didnt remember it at all 
as I opened the e-Book on my iPad

 The afternoon and my disappointment melted away 
as the story unfolded  
I wont give much away by saying 
there are twists and turns that will surprise 
even the most clever reader
I was so sure 
I was right about whodunnit, 
I wasnt

I finished it in one sitting!    
Check it out here.

more rain 
there was sunshine 
Polished Beauty Bar 

my friend Autumn co-hosted 
along with 
Susan and Micki Nam of Polished 
a Stella and Dot jewelry party

that's Micki's husband Mark holding the door exiting party-goers.  

Polished is so popular with clients 
that they hold 
birthday or bridal shower or kiddie parties there 
Dot and Stella event 
followed a morning birthday party.

To be cheery 
what the humidity did to my hair 
to celebrate 
a new pair of JBrand red skinny leg jeans
 I got my tootsies 

waiting patiently

His name is Toby

How do I know?

Its on his leash

He is likely dreaming 
getting a hair cut
he can see better

How many times did your mom say 'get the hair out of your eyes'?

dumdedumdum dum

Its nice to be back, Blogger
you stole the words
that went with this post!

Something about looking for a photo
 to inspire me to write something
not verbose

three on thursday

I got these candle sticks 
for my sister 
so long ago
 I cant remember when

  There are 3 figures 
I told her 
 it was us

morning glory

Its going on three springs now
brought me a
HUGE sack

I bought a new window box
 to eliminate the bad mojo 
of dead morning glories past

they weren't ever really dead 
they just never sprouted  

I soaked seeds
I cut the appropriate 'slit' to enable
 - what's the right term? - 
a root to grow

At the proper time
when the seeds looked like 

(stolen from these people)

I planted


So in the end 
I bought plants at the Green Market 
that the squirrels ate


This past summer into fall 
I oohed
I aahed 
deborah kitt's morning glory photos

 She sent me seeds


For what?  

For Easter to be over

after Easter

I'm a believer!

monday monologue

Sunday was such a beautiful day 
after my mani/pedi stop at Polished

 I headed home to get ToonMan and the camera and off we went

Riverside Park was filled with people out enjoying the sunshine, 
warm temps 
each other.

Families picnicking

ToonMan dubbed the Promenade: 'the concourse'

It leads uptown to the Community Gardens

Awesome vineage on this tree caught ToonMan's eye

On the way home we spotted this little one 
(her parents were very close by) 
inspecting the dandilions

We came home to find this - I am so glad my camera was handy