NaBloPoMo ... dont you love internet abbrevs?  
It stands for National Blog Posting Month.  
Every month they pick a theme which you are supposed to post about.  
You also get a nifty badge to put on your sidebar.  
I dont always stick to their theme 
but for March the theme is 
In A Word.  
This fits my new style of being wordful/wordy most of the time 
I decided to use it at least in today's post.  
Of course being the rebel I am, 
I am doing this on the last day of February 
 not the first day of March 
(we'll get to what's happening with Toonsday later in post).

To choose a word to inspire or challenge NaBloPoMo 
offers both 
I opted for One Word
the random word it gave me was 

Interestingly this is a significant word for me. 
I actually have a collection of keychains, key rings. 

Not that I actually collect them myself.  
Its a collection other people: 
friends, family, 
business associates 
have given me over the years.

But it might have started with this one
Can you read it?  
It says: 
Its not an easy job being a princess but somebody's got to do it.  
My dad gave me that.  
I was his princess.  
I used it for many many many years until the actual ring broke off 
I was afraid to use it for fear I would lose it.  
Losing it would have been horrible.

This is the one I use now
Hearts are another thing I collect.

There wont be a new Toon tomorrow 
Toonman is back in hospital.
A small easily fixable complication 
from having two surgeries in under a week
He says not to worry, he'll be back with
new Toons soon.

*disclaimer: again all photos in this post were taken with my iPhone so they're not all that great .. sorry.

sunday stuff, a winner and a pass-along!

Toonman picked #14 .. 
Laura Peach!!!!!  
Come on down!  
You win
  send me your mailing address and the book will be on its way.

Tthe delightful Snappy Di had a giveaway
 a fabulous jacket and I won it
the Ronson Company's Large
 is not large enough for my humongous shoulders and long arms 
head over to Di's to see what it looks like, its way too small for me to even pose in it
so I am now going to pay it forward
 leave me a comment and I'll have Toonman choose a # between 1 and the total # of comments.

A painted car and some odd canvases parked along Broadway a Sundaya few weeks ago

waiting patiently

Sorry dog people.  
I've not had much free out and about time recently 
so there's no new dog photo this week
Just a shot of two frienenemies: 
Jack and Rose.  
Dont they look angelic?  
Trust me, at least once a day
 there's a lot of hissing growling and running/hiding that happens.  
At that moment they were curled up on the love seat 
waiting for the Big Cat 
(Thats how they think of Toonman, as the top cat in the pride. How do I know this?  I just do)
 that's his blue robe.

foodie friday #26

Earlier this month I had a birthday.  
Toonman was between appearances at/in hospital 
sent The Lad off to get him a cake mix, eggs and frosting.  
Then they baked me a cake.  
It was delicious.  
And that plate?  
Its one of plates my mom collected and kept in the breakfront.  
I use it every day, 
I am not sure she'd approve 
because its delicate 
I dont understand having something pretty 
just for display, it needs to have functionality.
I think I made that word up.  
I made up a new web word, internet slang, abbreviation ... whatever
Made Me Smile 
Its for those not really 
Try it, I think you'll find it very useful.


I really don't know much about Pioneer Woman 
except that she is a multi faceted blogger with a following so large its past counting.  
I also happen to have in my possession a copy of her book 

Unfortunately, I can only send it to a resident of the US or Canada
so leave a comment 
telling me why you want the book.
be sure your email is attached to your comment.

I'll be using a very high tech method of picking a winner.  
I'll ask Toonman to pick a number between 1 and whatever the total number of comments is.

EDITED TO ADD:  Anyone who lives outside the US and/or Canada and has someone in the US and/or Canada to send it "in care of" should let me know.  We can absolutely do that!

we got rhythm

As you can see from his thank you toon, Toonman is home.

B's taxi service picked us up around noon 
it snowed overnight into the morning
 the sun was shining 
 we were finally headed home.  
Thanks, Mayor Mike for getting the sandspreaders out early this time

When we got home Jack hung back but Rose was front and center. 
all the photos in this post were shot with my iPhone 
I didnt have my camera.  
I am never without my camera.  
I didnt take a purse so I didnt have my camera.  
I had schlepped all his clothes up before B came to get us 
so Toonman could get dressed 
B wouldnt have to double park for however long.  
Dont you love it when a plan comes together?

Rose was thrilled to have her Big Cat home.  
Jack hung back at first but they were snuggling on the couch this afternoon

This woman, 
Peggy O'Mally 
has been so wonderful.  

Last nite Toonman had what now know was an anxiety attack.  
He got so worried something was wrong that he couldnt sleep even with Xanax 
he was wheezing and whistling all night.  
Peggy said call her if we needed and we needed.  
She got an chest x-ray (clear!) and had radiology call her to come read it there.  
She told him that she wanted him to relax, that everything was okay, not to worry .. 
she banned him from sitting at the computer, 
she wants him sitting with his legs up 
or taking walks outside at least twice a day.  
While I went to get more perscriptions filled, he took a nap.  

Then we watched The Kings Speech.  
Such a fabulous film.  
Just brilliant.  
And freaky.  
Derek Jacobi years ago starred in I, Claudius and he ages over the series.  
Well, in The King's Speech Jacobi plays the Archbishop
looks exactly the way he did as an old man in I, Claudius 
except now they didnt need to age him.  
He's aged. 
Real life aged 
looking the way the character he played when he was younger was aged.  
Is that not freaky?  
And Colin Firth I just love him. 
 I think I have given up George Clooney for Colin Firth.  

Toonman is asleep,
 its been a long day, 
he did a lot of walking.  
He was amazed at how weak he feels, how slowly his body is insisting he go.  

Not to get sloppy here,
segue to:
eye candy
this is the hot French nephrologist ... 
no Chanti or fava bean jokes!

toonsday - coming back

lions, horses and pink elephants!

Some days life feels surreal
Oh my.

I had a lovely morning of beautification™ followed by a visit to the GreenFlea.  
The  SpicesAndTease Man was back last week 
my new gotta-have-it tea itch for Rooibus Frappachino needed scratching.  
Did you think I'd just buy what I went for?
this evening's gibberish is aided by Coconut Dream 
a green tea that is sooooo good.  
I also bought a taste of Spicy Rooibus.
Are you sensing a the addiction is to red or green tea?   
You are so attentive.  
I dont like black tea ... too tanic.

The horrible wind of Saturday was gone but it was cold.  
I TAXI!! up to hospital late 
 as an apology I stop for a chocolate milk shake for him,
 a chipotle chicken breast on freshly baked focaccia
a salad on the side for moi 
 I was forgiven for being so late. 
 My sister stopped by and Toonman napped 
Joseph stopped by and they discussed the films 
Toonman had been watching on his new DVD player 
we admired the view from the 10th floor. 
 looking northeast
 we dont know what that red/yellow sign/building is
anyone know?

That's the Throgs Neck Bridge
 looking southeast 
that's the Triboro Bridge 

We are SO hoping to wave goodbye to this view 
go home tomorrow
we wont know til tomorrow if he's got rhythm!

I think I'll go wild and brew another cup or two

What did you do today?


Friday felt like Saturday, I guess because I left the office early to go console Toonman who had not been given the green light to leave hospital.  For a man who could also claim the nick of Tuneman, his heart was totally out of rhythm (a word I have learned to spell only this week).

It took 2 trips to Amsterdam at 114th to accomplish said consolation .. the first from my office to the apartment to get a warmer coat: people February is a fickle month and the leather jacket that I wore to the office was now not warm enough.  The cats were thrilled, they got kibble as a bribe so as not to attack me when I get home hours past their usual dinnertime.

Took the M104 from the apartment to hospital, with a brief stop at University Hardware to return the broken teapot.  We discussed how bored he was, how he really wanted to go home, how his numbers (he insists this irregularity is a number thing .. I have no idea) need to 'be right'.  Maybe if he had a DVD player and some movies to watch ... and his bathrobe .. and well maybe pizza...


Home to get the bathrobe, the DVDs and because I am SO smart I pocketed his headphones.  Then I trekked to PC Richards where for a pittance I bought a Panasonic DVD player which had no headphones .. told you I was smart .. then TAXI!!!  back to hospital.    We ended up having pizza from Strokos an overpriced but good deli/pizza place across from the hospital.

When I got home around 9 pm there was a pile of boxes, shipping envelopes and bills waiting for me:

The replacement for the FLIP my sister got us for Channukamas arrived.  The. Battery. Was. Dead.  I said that at least 10 times to the Nepalese person on the phone at Cisco before she agreed to replace the whole deal and not charge me to ship it.  Either way.

A FLIP battery charger I ordered .. self explanatory, no?

A new Uncommon case for my soon to be iPhone 4 ... AT& T you are so stupid, I want to re-sign for 2 yrs so why do you make me wait til the exact day the contract ends?????  Huh? Why?

And there was the pretty Catherine Malandrino blouse I ordered in a MEDIUM is a size SIX a medium?  I think not.  But that's what was sent .. I dont think I was ever a size 6 .. my shoulders are WIDE .. BROAD, they dont fit into a 6 and frankly neither does the rest of me.  Re-packed and posted back.  There's more but seriously whose still reading ...

 Saturday felt .. well not like Saturday but not like Sunday.

I wanted so badly to sleep in, to be able to just sleep.  Maybe all day.  A silly thing to want to do when there are two cats outside the bedroom door at 5:30 crying loudly and you need to get moving so some beautification™ can happen before I head to hospital .. he called me twice this morning: first to ask me the name of the pain med he takes then to tell me he found a pen and paper so please give him my mobile #.   Turned out John who blow dries my hair for me had a family emergency so I rescheduled my 10:30 appt to 3 pm.   I also treated myself to a fabulous Michael Stars dolman sleeve black t-shirt, a leopard print scarf (see BlueRidgeGal Di, I told you I am addicted) and this cool multi-strand necklace.  I'll model them for you another day, promise.

TAXI!!! back to hospital with not only beautified™ hair but also Mexican food - the best guacamole in Neueva York -  from The Great Burrito and a chocolate shake from EJs.

I beat him at Scrabble.

He napped.

His rhythm is finally settling down.

The great cardio-thorasic surgeon Dr. S stopped by, the man is painfully shy.  I dont think he can look at you and speak at the same time.  He told me he's just a plumber.  I thought later I should have asked if he'd bend over .. yes, I did and I am not sure if I had thought of it then if I would have filtered ... and then this gorgeous Frenchman, er, nephrologist came by in blue eyes, the whitest teeth I've ever seen, a blue oxford shirt and jeans ...  his just the right amount of gel black hair was cut a la McDreamy  I am not sure that my kidneys dont need a doctor ... ahem where was I ...

can anyone read these leaves?

This evening's verbal diahrrea was brought to you by Asian Pear Green tea from Teagschwendner .. a veddy high brow tea shoppe that recently opened on Broadway.

And what have you done this weekend?  Dish!

waiting patiently

caption this
that was the first thing I thought when I saw him
so let's go with that 

caption it 

foodie friday freethinking

I was reading AsthmaGirl's blog post about her day, laid out in I forget time segments 
from there 
I mentally segued into what I would post tonite 
I realized I was setting up my posts at night, 
something I did when Toonman was home, 
how I was spending my evenings in a way I was enjoying, 
a guilty admission because I miss him 
 its nice to be alone with my blueberry rooibus tea 
you must get some from Rishi you will love it
 it is so yum.  

this post was to start off with me telling you about the tea pot I bought that is broken
how it needs to be returned 
as soon as I sat down to write
 I forgot
 sad but true 
so I winged it 
instead of going back, deleting and pretending 
I knew what the flyingfig I was talking about.   
I also did a riff on how I could take a photo of the teapot, 
not the broken one, 
the old one 
but its not pretty 
nor is my cup 
and yet 
here they are 
anyway ... 

Tonite Toonman was transfered from the CCU 
to the chichi 10th floor 
Cardiac Park View Suites
I swear the room, except for the extra plug thingies, is like a hotel room.
I could have spent the night 
I really wanted to be
 with the cats 

my sky

a whole 
lot o'styles 

Created by Dot, perfected by Tom, now hosted by Klaus and the Skywatch Team, of Wren, Sylvia, Fishing Guy and Sandy at the Sky Command Center!

more words

I never intended when I announced I'd be changing things up that I would be talking almost entirely about my husband's health issues.  I promise once he's home I can and will blather about things entirely me because lets face it, its really always about me.

I could have called this post what a difference a day makes but I didnt because then if I used it again it would be redundant .. which I usually already am? ... are?  In this case I can tell you its true.

On Monday morning Toonman had open heart surgery and when they finally let me see him I was stunned.  I thought I past being stunned about a month into this saga but no one told me he'd be on a ventilator.

I expected all the tubes and wires and even the yellow 'shower cap' but not the ventilator.

That totally stunned me.  I couldnt think.  I couldnt think what to think.  I listened to the nurse practioner explain Toonman's condition but heard gibberish.  When she was done I said I dont understand anything you said I've been sitting in the waiting room from 11 til 2  I only went to the bathroom once really fast but no one came to talk to me.   She called the surgeon, he came back and explained, I didnt understand him either but I did grasp that anything other the heart is 'out of his box' and you know I immediately flashed on 'aha so you inspired the expression think out of the box' but of course I didnt say it, I didnt even rue, yes I actually sad rue, it til I was writing this .. now I am sorry I didnt.  Oh well.

Meanwhile Toonman is scary looking, trust me yellow is not his color I wish I had taken a photo.  I am told he can hear me so I can talk to him but he cant answer me.  I tell him I love him and that I am right here.  Then Dr AG stops by to let me know the infection that caused the disc and valve deterioration seems to be responding to treatment.  Good news.   As is the fact that even tho they had to do the bypass in addition to the valve (I think the warranty expired for a totally new full body) replacement everything went perfectly.  If he didnt look like death warmed over I would have been happier.

I left because they were getting him settled monitoring all sorts of things and I was in the way plus he was asleep.  They told me to go home so I did.  I walked home.   Its a long but nice walk, the sun was shining the temperture was perfect, there were shop windows to look into in a neighborhood I dont often get to.

I called to check on him at about 6 pm, the nurse told me he was still on the respirator but he was awake and responding to commands;  immediately I thought: 'sit. stay. roll over'.  Actually they asked if he was in pain and he nodded.

Early Tuesday morning I called the CCU desk to ask how he was. He was off the ventilator, sitting up and having breakfast.  I was relieved.  I actually did some work before leaving for hospital to spend the afternoon and evening with him.  He was alert, chatty, relatively pain free -- did I mention chatty?  I am convinced he was on some drug where you can seemingly function without drooling or falling sleep and talk talk talk.

He got new toys.

A special teddy to hug when he coughs or needs to sneeze

And this clever instrument of torture, he says, where you have to inhale to get those balls up in the air ... Tooman can get the first ball in the air 3 times before he wants a nap.

For one day after a big surgery just under a week after another surgery, he's doing remarkably well and we both want to thank you all.  Foolery, he especially wants you to know how special your toon made him feel .. I say remember he's on drugs.

Wrapping up here .. to steal from my friend Suldog ..  Soon, with more better stuff.

wordless wednesday

toonsday - no toonz

Jack here
Him not here I miz Him
Him sez Jack you are in my way
I dont know what Him meanz
Him not here I miz Him
Him tell Her 
Him not do toon
what that meanz?
Her did
Her sez Jack can be here
Jack wantz Him 

i heart you all

keep a good thought
Toonman's heart surgery 
Valentine's Day
we think thats 

In lieu of monologue monday

Since the next few days are going to be crazy for me I an consolodating Sunday Stuff and Monologue Monday in this post ... see you on the other side!

And so ... Friday morning, after being home one night after successful spine surgery, Toonman told me he had a hernia ... how did he know?  He GOOGLED it .. yup sure enough ... 

I called our fabulous Dr TG who said 'meet me in the office at 8:30' ... after she confirmed it and expressed concern the intestine might be not getting enough or any blood she sent us off across the street to the ER. 

In record time we were triaged, put in a private ER Room (!), assessed by several doctors, Toonman got x-rayed, blood drawn, the hernia literally pushed back into place (ouch) and sent up to a room in under 2 hours.

I think the way to have that happen is to have the triage nurse take your vitals and find a BP of 98/67.

Toonman says 'wow, my BP hasnt ever been that GOOD' (and he was serious) as I watched the nurse enter EMERGENT into the computer I say '98 IS NOT A GOOD THING' and simultaneously he's put into a wheel chair, RACED into the private ER room where I tell the eager interns and residents all his doctors names and insist both the surgeon and the cardiologist be called STAT; then they were to page Dr Z and/or her partner Strep.   

The cardiologist, Dr L, ordered a beta blocker and things settled down while we waited on the blood work.  Within a 90 minutes he was on his way - with me schlepping his bagged clothes - up to the 10th floor were he had a window view 

and a very nice roommate - okay, so the TV was loud but not loud enough to drown out the constantly BEEPING monitor but I liked the guy's wife, she sort of reminded me of my mom.

But when Dr Z showed up an hour or so later she told us not to get comfy because we were headed uptown to St Luke's other division where the Cardio unit is and where Dr S, a cardio-thorasic surgeon, had his team waiting along with Dr L to put in a cardio cath and surgery would happen on Monday ... WHEW .. I guess his heart wasnt in on the  'team' decision to operate in the next 'few weeks'.

We were escorted, Toonman on a gurney wrapped up like a 'taco' (that's what the adorable EMT said) and me schlepping the bagged clothing AND his cane down to the street, into an ambulance; we rode uptown where the entire Cardio Cath team was waiting (if we'd arrived at the ambulance bay I am sure they'd have all been in the street a la Grey's Anatomy or ER but we arrived at the front door and this is Manhattan not Seattle or Chicago) up on the 3d floor.

The EMTs literally rolled Toonman into the procedure room, I was escorted still schelpping to the a chair in the Cardio Cath recovery area.  I played Angry Birds Level 7-3 ... its the best distraction/time waster I know.   

In what seemed like no time, Dr L came to tell me it was done; the heart is undamaged except for the aortic valve and 'some' blockage in I forget where but not to worry Dr S will clean it out when he replaces the valve.  I got to see Toonman, still a little woozy from the drugs, kiss him and remind him that his heart belongs to me and he has to take care of it.   After a short wait for 'transport' which never showed up, two CC RNs rolled him (with me schlepping) into the elevator and to his room in the CCICU; his nurse is lovely, the place is so nice and quiet.  I sat with him for an hour,  I could see he was falling asleep, I kissed him many times goodnight and still schlepping his stuff I went down to the street to get a cab home.  

Uptown St Luke's is at 113th and Amsterdam the cab traffic uptown is not as good as on Tenth Avenue/59th St so I waited a bit for a cab, in warmer weather I would have walked home.   

When I got home I read all the truly wonderful emails, text messages (thank you CBW) and FB replies (thank you to all my friends) before eating a half box of chocolates (thank you again Faye), playing WORDS (thank you Annie) and then going to sleep.  

And now I to shower, have some lovely hot blueberry rooibus and then clean up this place, go get beautified™ and head up to visit my honey.

waiting patiently

One of the best 'new' shops on Amsterdam Avenue is Stoopher and Boots.  While Stephanie aka Stoopher specializes in kid clothes, toys, accessories she also has an eclectic collection of fabulous jewelry for adults as well as some really fun and interesting tschkas ... and yet the best part of visiting her shop is this:

this is Scout

Do you not want to kiss this nose?
(apologies for the not totally focused photos but I was snapping fast without a flash)

foodie friday#26

duck and mushroom/spinach crepe with salad
that's not oil/grease from the crepe
its over zealous salad dressing.
my favorite restaurant on the UWS!
UWS = Upper West Side

my sky

morning glory 
42nd Street

Created by Dot, perfected by Tom, now hosted by Klaus and the Skywatch Team, of Wren, Sylvia, Fishing Guy and Sandy at the Sky Command Center!

three thing thursday

This is where I tell you/share three (okay, I know I couldnt possibly just tell you three) things and you tell me/share three things or more ..

So lets begin.

We arrived at the Ambulatory Surgical floor at 6:15 ayem for Toonman's surgery.

A lot of forms were filled out

Info in the computer was updated

he got a smart looking gown to wear
with his new bracelets

white for ID, yellow for fall risk and pink for limb alert
the limb alert cracked me up .. 
its to make sure that BP cuff is not put on a limb with a PICC in it

the ride into the OR was done via Stryker

and everything turned out just fine

So now its your turn .. 

monologue monday

When we last left Toonman he was settling into his room.  Since then his surgery has been postponed and another surgery added.  He is a popular guy.   Its like Seattle Grace ... all the doctors want 'in' on his case.

Did I tell you about the weird roommates he had on his first incarceration stay on 9B?  There was the poor man with early Alzheimer's who made screaming/choking noises all and I do mean all the time.  His wife thought he was coughing .. no, seriously.  Then there were, separately, two elderly Hispanic gentlemen who alternately cried or called for the nurse all day long.  Lastly there was the biker who fractured his foot, he was only there for 2 days during which he walked back/forth to the bathroom many many times ... I wondered if he thought it was therapeutic exercise.

This time was different.  This time we met and adopted David.  David had pneumonia for the third time this winter but will soon be sent home to be lovingly cared for by his soon to be husband Fritz.  We love them both.  David's birthday was Friday and he had a small party to which he and Toonman wore hospital gowns but no tiaras.

Fritz brought cupcakes from Magnolia

and a lovely bottle of Prosecco.

 David and Toonman toasted with ginger ale

The best part is that on Saturday afternoon the "team" decided that Toonman could go home and come back in the day of his surgery!  So we packed up and headed back home, sadly David had to stay but we spoke to him on Sunday and he hopes to be home soon and visiting us.

What was left of the weekend was nice.  My friend D and I had manicures (I, of course, had a pedi as well), went shopping, to lunch and generally had a lovely day, I felt like Cinderella since I still had the laundry, vacuuming and household crap to do .. I had no idea how much work Toonman does between working with his clients and making Toons for me.  I am very spoiled.

And lastly .. happy birthday to me .. the gift I wanted most was Toonman well and home .. I'm getting half of it so I am very happy ...