last water tower of '14

 is the last wednesday
 the last water tower
 water tank

 technically speaking
 this is or should be
 water tower wednesday 


 i think
there might have been
 i didnt post a water tower
post at all

 there was
 i was in amsterdam


 i took this one
 on the way
 to the subway

 i spotted it
 i would walk over to get a better shot 


 i will just snap it as i see it 

it is

its new year's eve
have a happy new year!

last weekend of 2014

 hard to believe
screeching to its end

 it was a busy year
 weather wise it was a mild year 
not so much at its start 
 as winter approaches again
 its bearable
 no snow this october
 in fact 
dare i voice it 
no snow
 here in the city 
so far
the rain seems more plentiful than in the past
 if you can live with it 
so can i

 i went to amsterdam
 a city
 i had long wished to visit
 it was as wonderful as i imagined 
how nice to fulfill a dream
to be disappointed
 when reality doesn't meet expectations

 my office move 
was pretty easy 
settling in less so

 tighter downtown
 making deliveries
 harder to get

 i can't tell you
 how many
 fedex packages
 how many 
ups packages
 i have had to chase down

 i could
 i won't 

we adopted a third cat
 a little girl 
we named annie 
orphan annie who was also a red head 
(as a friend said totally seriously: until she was black
 - that is a reference 
to the new movie 
an adorable black actress playing annie 
so relax

you'll be happy to hear the boyz 
have decided to like her
 she them
when she doesn't like harry

 silly girl 

our health
 has been good
 knock wood

 toonman's videos and toons still amuse

 i am ending
 through my eyes
 i just can't find the time or energy
 to take enough photos 
i like
 well enough
two blogs

to satisfy 
your insatiable need for blather
 more of you 
who dont comment
 at least
 click on the page
 do so
 on days
 i go on and on

 speaking of photos
 i went to midtown on saturday
 with my friend donna
 we hadn't spent a long afternoon together in quite a while 
we went to return a gift i got from bergdorf's
 to have lunch at fred's in barneys 

after we left bergdorf's 
i looked at the wonderful holiday trim 
 tiffany's facade
reached for my phone
 only to discover 
i had left it home

 i borrowed donna's phone snapped a few pix 

when we got to barney's
 i managed this quick snap
 base luhrmann extravaganza
 that are the barney's facade/windows 
no way
 i could get closer
 there's always
 even at night 
a crowd blocking the view

we managed to get a table for lunch
 even tho we didnt have a reservation 
 we'd talked forever 
finished our salads
 we did a little shopping
 we both bought hats 
checked out the 60% off sales 
then headed home

after a light dinner toonman and i watched
a very enjoyable
magic in the moonlight
colin firth is so very swoon worthy
emma stone a delight

the other evening
 i honestly
 we watched
 the imitation game
truly excellent

truly over 

button nose

so sweet
 so cute
not in focus
 the entire photo was fuzzy

 one day
 i will learn
 when i am using the iPhone
 does not compensate
 in any way

 he was waiting outside a coffee shop on the upper eastside 
i was on my way to my monthly massage 
there you have it

oh what a lovely day

our friends
 a yearly get together
christmas day

 some years 
 a buffet serve yourself
 sit in the living room

 other years
 we sit at the dining room table
the living room
 more talk
gift opening
 the desserts get set out

 no matter 
 we do it
 we have a wonderful time

 the food exceptional
 the wine plentiful
 the company delightful

 this year 
 raising glasses of champagne
 having noshes
 waiting for everyone to arrive
 we sat at the table 
for dinner 
 for long 

all of us
 moving around
 to chat
 just the person
across the table
 the conversation 
never ceased

 it was a really lovely day

water tower repeat

 we dont
 celebrate christmas

 not in the real sense
 we do exchange gifts
 my sister on christmas day
 go to
almost annual christmas day party with friends
 lots of food drink presents happen 

we celebrate 
 sort of looking in
 the non religious part

 its christmas eve day
 who aren't out buying 
 last minute gifts
 either a party or a midnight mass

 here's a rerun 
 my very first hdr edit 
water towers 
 columbus avenue

 i thought the red and green seemed apropos 

weekend blather

its another sunday afternoon
 the weekend 
 so quickly

 it feels
 should be saturday
its not

 i did get a lot done
 i beautified on saturday and sunday
 hair one day nails the other 

you thought
 i was going to say
 hair today gone tomorrow 

ha ha 

the cold
didnt stop carolers
in front
 the church on 79th at broadway

 i bundled up
i walked down 
 near lincoln center
 to get a gift 
the next to last one on the list
 i fortified with jacques torres hot chocolate
 insult to injury
 ordering a pizza
 shared with toonman
  a late lunch early dinner

 it was good

 i sort of behaved
 eating only two slices vs the 4 i could have

 we watched
 the last two episodes of the newsroom
 earlier in the week
 a guy on the subway
 was holding forth to a friend
 in a very loud voice 

i dont understand
no one uses indoor voices
 on the subway
 do you really think 
what you have to say 
we all 
want to hear 
care to hear 

he was going on
 about having watched the last episode
 how the show
 have ended with the next to last
 the penultimate 
my word
 not his
 thats for sure 

not having seen it
 i wondered
 if he would be right

 he wasn't 

the ultimate episode
 looked back
 over the two seasons
 the show aired on hbo
 filling in gaps 
 we'd seen

 i think it tied things up quite nicely 
 i am prejudiced
 i really liked those people 
the new insights 
made me like them even more
 i wish the show hadn't ended 
it has 

maybe in a few years
 i will rewatch it on netflix 
the way i did 
sports night

my bff 
 sent us
 a sampler pack
olimila artesian evo balsamic dressings 

oh my good golly

 i tried
 the one
 vampire killer:
 sun dried tomato parmesan garlic evo

 sprinkled it on some romaine
 it was so good
 i wished
 i had more romaine
 here's a link to their site  

for all you foodies
 they're on youtube weekly

 we also got
 from our older daughter lisa
a big bucket of popcorn
sent from 
in dallas 

we're saving it 
for when we watch a movie later
 (since you're reading this on monday we've already eaten it) 

 i think food
 a fabulous holiday gift
all my cookie making friends
 i am waiting 

 the best part of the weekend
 annie sat on my lap for more than a nano second

 she is really a love 

she hops up
 toonman's desk
 head rubs and brushing

 here's a fun photo
 i took
 just because 

that's the christmas/hanukkah mouse
 our friend judy gave us a few years ago 
the snowman card is from our lisa 

another amsterdam dog

our second day
 we had lunch
 a fabulous restaurant
 da kas

da kas is located
frankendeal park
  a not very long tram ride
the apartment
 we were staying

for info on this unique restaurant

  just beyond the windows
 the table
 where we were dining
 was a pool

 that couple 
was walking
 their dog
 the park
 walk in the pool 

we all got out our cameras/iphones to get photos 

columbus contemplates the winter skies

 the dentist said
 it was an ulcer 
it will heal on its own
 get the f@#k outta here and have a happy holiday
 no charge

 i love my periodontist

 took this on the way to his office
 the light was so lovely

 next step
the holiday card making process
stuff the envelopes

 done for another year 

do you send cards
 are they specific
a holiday 
 new year 

do you make them
 do you buy them

 nosy blogger wants to know

whine without cheese

its 10:37 PM
i sit here
a bit frustrated
feeling a lot stupid 


 if only
 i would read the manuals
 when i get a new electronic gadget
 truth is
 i did
 at the manual
 i didnt 

 i almost cried
 i couldn't get the new printer
 print in a mode 
i set
 i gave up and did what the printer wanted 

after i printed all the holiday cards
 i decided to print a photo of toonman and me
took 3 tries
 i need to pay attention


i found the printer cleaning paper i couldn't find the other day

 where was it 
 it was with the printer paper

 of course

 i was looking for something 8x11
 its not

who cares

 i found it
i used it
in the process 
 the printer has setting adjustments 
for the different inks 


 i am so thick
i am tired
 have to go to the dentist tomorrow morning
 whatever the heck they are 
that keep happening to my gums
 i think
 its from all the not nice things i say during the day
 all that nasty
 leaves residue 
on my gums

 keep digits crossed
 its only something minor
 infection or root canal 

 thats it

 done whining 

done writing

weekend blather

lets see
what did i do
 i did a lot of nothing
aside from beautification
 total indulgence
both massage and facial
 i did nothing constructive 

i didnt even shop
 that is not true

 i did some online shopping
 i dealt with two really poorly constructed websites 
i dislike websites with bad search options
 hard to find links
  hidden from sight dropdown menus

 make it hard
someone to find something 
 you want them to shop 

on etsy
 i couldn't find the links under my account link
 for a link an email told me to use
 to end a dispute

 i had ordered a scarf
 the etsy seller 
made it seem 
as if 

they were shipping from the midwest
 not true
 they were actually shipping from china

 they did not answer numerous emails
 requesting shipping info
 i opened
 the etsy case and got paypal involved
 of which
 the actual delivery
 over a month 
the item was supposedly shipped from the midwest
 (maybe the midwest of china) 


 i also tried to buy something on the new york transit museum site 
i have a membership there 
the site did not recognize my membership number
 their help was closed for the weekend 
such a bad way to run a site


on sunday
 i bought a new printer
 i sure told a whopper 
about not shopping

 toonman needed a new printer 
all the printers
 i looked at were pricy
 none had back loading

 i was going to give him my printer 
getting the new one for myself 

thats what ended up happening
for more money
 than i planned
an epson not a canon 

none of the canon printers
 not even the priciest 
had back loading
 i need that for the cards i make

 the epson is compatible with my iMac OS
  has the back loading feature
got great reviews

so yeah i did some shopping
  also did some movie watching

  toonman said
 he had
 the perfect 

saturday afternoon movie for us
 was i game 

 we watched and thoroughly enjoyed
 guardians of the galaxy
 even tho we didnt see it in 3D
 didnt need to see it in 3D
 i am just saying 

 after dinner 
we watched
 an excellent jake gyllenhaal in a very creep role 
 i highly recommend it

  i finished
 the goldfinch
 what a amazing read
 what an incredibly involving story
 i think it would make a really good movie 

hanukkah is this week
 a friend
 sent me a photo
a very funny
called a

got me looking online
 other funny menorahs
 available for celebrating the festival of lights

in the end 
we'll use
 my mother's menorah

 as we do every year
she gave it to me
 when we got married
 a zillion years ago

that was my weekend

 how was yours?

almost the weekend

 it is the week end
 the end of the work week
 i think saturday is the weekend
 sunday is the beginning of the new week
 monday the beginning of the work week
 this week
 stick a fork in it
 is done

 whats new
 i am deeply loving
 the goldfinch
 i put off reading
 i was sure
 i would hate it 
oh contrar 
i thought if i left the y off it would seem correctly spelled
 if you've not read it 
you should
 its the opposite end
the genre spectrum
 the magician books 

my reading taste is 
 my music taste
 all over the place

i have almost completely decided to end my other blog 
i just dont have the energy
 more to the point
 i dont have the photos
 i do
 i have to go back and look for them

 for some reason
for me
 if a photo isn't new
 it doesn't feel sharable

 some days
 this blog 
will have lots of words
 some days none
 i dont know
its going to evolve again 
i guess

 i hope you'll still enjoy it 

i dont know if you have an iPhone
 if you noticed
 that there was an option 
to try 
the beta version
 photos in the iCloud

 i opted to try

it its nice to have all my photos in one place

 its a bit annoying
 to take a photo with my iPhone
not have it automatically
 saved in iPhoto
my computer

 if i delete a photo
 its gone
 irrevocably gone 
a recently deleted folder on the iPhone
 where photos are held for 30 days 
should you decided to get them back
 not delete them
 restore them

 to get a photo 
iCloud into iPhoto
 you must download it
 export it to the desktop
 import it to iPhoto
 whatever photo app you use

 i hope they ask for feedback 
 thats just too many steps

  i was going to share 
the pano shot
 i took from my office window
 i already shared it on Facebook
 now it seems redundant
here's a photo
 i took
 the other morning 

it was in the window
 of a shop along broadway
 the word 
 was created
 by setting steel wool on fire
 moving it 
while photographing it
 i think
 a long exposure mode
 i could be wrong about that part 
 i think it looks very cool

this and that

i did not
 turn on
 that stupid comment verification thing
 i have it set to only ask for verification
 on posts
 older than 10 days
 i don't know why its on

you can just ignore it and post your comment without it

finished The Magicians Trilogy 
 it was really wonderful
 i highly recommend it

still not fully in the holiday shopping mood
 i am really
 toonman and i
 each other
 this year

annie's got a new trick
she's learned
 she comes up on the coffee table 
presents herself 
to be indulged 
we're working on lap sitting next 

i am not sure
 if you know this about me
 if i misplace something
 finding it
 consumes me

 i cannot simply 
'get over it' 
 'buy another' 
i have to find the lost whatever 
i also am one of the best people to ask for help if you lose/misplace something 
 i have to tell you
the blush brush

on saturday
 i cleaned the two blush brushes i own 
put them in the silverware drainer to dry

 in the early evening 
i checked
 one was dry 
one was still damp 
decided to put them in the bathroom

went into the place i keep it 
the other
 i stuck in .. well thats part of the problem
 i can't remember 
 i stuck it 
on sunday
 i put on some make up for the  photo shoot
for the book i told you about on sunday
 looked for the brush 
couldn't find it 

i searched everywhere 
even places it couldn't possibly be
 i had to go out 
 i asked toonman to look under the furniture
 he was sure one of the cats found it 
played with it
 it was somewhere
 under something

 the photo shoot 
was great fun 

this is one of the shots we did after we were done outdoors

nick who has a website/business at here took it
i digress 
after nick and eljay left
 i asked toonman
 if he had looked for the brush
 he said
 yes but it wasn't under the furniture 

i decided to look again
 i checked email 

while i was sitting at my desk 
harry was nosing my feet 
when i moved
 he moved
 he started poking around next to the air filtering thingie
 i thought 
he's found something and he's going to eat it
 i need to stop him 
i moved the air filter thing
 there was my brush

one of the cats
 find it 
 turned it into a toy

which one?
 i guess
 thats something 
i wont find out

harry turns lots of things into toys

weekend done

it was
 a wet 
very wet

i got my hair washed/blown dry 
 put my hood on
 flattened out all the lovely fullness

 i cleaned 
 my closet
 a month or two ago
 weeding out 
all the things 
i no longer wear

 made up
 a big bag 
to a shop
 second time around
 which sells your castoffs on consignment 
they look on line to determine the cost
 when it sells 
you get 40%
 if it doesn't sell in 3 months
 you take it back

 if what i brought them doesn't sell
 i will take it to housing works 
they take donations 
give you a tax deduction form

 win win

 i hopped the subway
 columbus circle
pick up a sweater
 i bought 
an online shop
 to save shipping 
i had it sent
their brick and mortar store

the uptown train

 these guys
wonderful music

 while i waited
 they played/sang 
'the christmas song'
 .. you know .. 
chestnuts roasting on an open fire
 it made the wait so pleasant
 i didnt mind
 being squished in
 a lot of wet people 
the short ride home 

after dinner 

take away from city bakery/bird bath bakery
chicken/corn/kale salad
gluten free pasta/arugala in a lemon dressing
kale/hazel nut/red onion salad

we settled in for the evening watching
i loved it
 the newsroom
 i really am not happy its going to end 
i really love aaron sorkin's writing
 i really love the characters 


 as gorgeous as 
 was not

 an instagram guy i know
 got a book deal
 for a book
 similar to the popular 
humans of new york

 i was the first of many who will be profiled in the book 
we had a photo shoot
in riverside park
on west end avenue
in our apartment 
 a lot of fun
 it was

these are the guys
the very clever idea

eljay's in the hat and flip-flops
 nick's in the yankee cap

 i hope will make them a lot of money

a busy fun filled weekend

queenheaven's dogs

these dogs
 spotted and snapped
an instagram friend
 who goes by the name

 she took this photo
 williamburg brooklyn
 people watching 
the metropolitan pool

i loved the shot so much
 i asked her
 if i might use it

 she said
 she told me about one of her dogs 

that's her
 her name

 she looks heavenly
 doesn't she
 what a face

i also want to tell you about a etsy shop i found
its called
oddball cat toys
the wonderful toys
 anne springer makes/sells

i bought the
cat kicker toy
a fuzzy 'fur' grey white yarn toy
doesn't look like much
oh boy
its got some amazing catnip in it
all 3 of our gingers are in love with it

dressed in holiday style

morning skies
 will be lighter 
when i leave for the office

 with the longer commute
 i leave a few minutes earlier
 i suspect
 i won't see 
the change
i get downtown

 right now
 the city
getting its holiday on

 the tree
 rockefeller center
wednesday night

 the tree
 lincoln center
on the upper westside
monday night

 businesses and hotels
 upper broadway
along their streets
with lights

 dressing their facades
 as well

 in a way
 my morning walk