walking the dog

one thing
 for sure
you own a dog 
 live in the city
 no matter 
 the weather
 the dog 

snow monsters

i was in the flatiron area last night 
crossing the street
 i spied 

made of marble 
there are 12 of them
 they are standing
 slushy snow
left over
the non blizzard of juno
 earlier this week

 you can read
artist peter regli's snow monsters

5:55 AM

we woke
a blizzard

my office was closed
 i could pretend it was saturday
sleep til at least 7

 got up at 5ish 

 cats do not understand snow days 

they expect to be fed
 a week day
 the regular time

 they'll let us sleep past 5 on weekends
shut the bedroom door 
cover our heads 
with pillows 
 the caterwauling 


i got up tuesday morning
 intent on feeding them
followed by
 return to bed
sleep til at least 7 

while they ate 
i looked out the window
 the street 
was silent 
was empty

 it was quite lovely

plowing created mini snowbanks

 all that fresh snow

 tucked my pjs into my boots
 zipped up the coat 
wrapped the scarf tight
pulled the hood up over my head 
grabbed the iphone


walked toward the park
just a few long strides
sinking into soft powder
i stopped 
 this photo

 admired my foot prints

 scooted back into the house

but now i was wide awake

5:55 AM

a non event and some water towers

we have had a non blizzard 

 it got named

 if you search/type
 any social media site
 you'll see lots of snow photos

here's one
 i took 
 our street getting shoveled

since its 
a photo
a week or so ago

yes, i've posted 
 this view

water towers
 as well as 
lady liberty 
ellis island
a tanker being escorted out of the harbor

a life of its own

i have a facebook page
 i really 
very often

 i find
 if i do stop by
 i am sucked into the vortex
 liking or commenting
 all the
 'what's on your mind'
i have missed since i last stopped by 

that said
 i do share my blog on Facebook
 something called networked blogs 

i also post photos there after travel adventures
  an occasional
 hey look at this photo

i began to share
 my daily world trade center photos 
a series
 i also share via instagram

 sometime ago
 i uploaded an old photo
 it was taken in the early 1980s 
by a professional photographer
 at the wedding of my then boss 

i think
 i must have uploaded it as a profile photo
 tho i really can't remember

this past weekend 
i got an email from Facebook
advising me
 someone had commented on a photo
 i clicked over
 to see 
was getting such a nice comment 

in an effort
 to figure out 
i uploaded it
 i checked the comments
 the photo 

 one of them
 from me to a friend
you dont think i look pregnant

 i really wish
 i remembered
i posted it 
what spurred me to share it 
(according to the tags i added it to an album labeled 'family' on wednesday, december 24, 2008 at 8:25 PM) 

since it resurfaced 
 due to an instagram friend Liliana Kiraz 
looking through my photos 
(which are set to be seen by friends only) 
i sleuthed this out
 by looking to see 
the first new 'like' was from

 after that  'like'
it took on a life of its own
 58 new likes and 57 comments
 (i think that includes the original 3 or 4)

 its sort of fun 
sort of embarrassing
 to have
 so many comments
 about my hair
how i look 

they're all positive reactions
 i should be struttin'
 in a way 
i am 
i am
 sort of 
what happened to all that hair 
maybe i need to get a perm 
maybe i need to gain some weight
i do recall 
being a lot heavier back then
the loose top
 i wasn't pregnant

 that top
 which i still have 
was a favorite of mine 
my mother bought it for me
 during one our mall shopping adventures 

when my parenta lived in florida 
we used to go shopping
 buy each other things
 it was funny even then
 instead of buying ourselves things
 we bought them for each other

here's the photo
  i have turned off the comments
 i am not comfortable blowing my own horn

dogs on the street

friday morning
i was on my way to the dentist
 nothing major 
just this year's first cleaning
 i was crossing columbus circle
 when i saw those two women
 their dogs

 i would bet 
they were on their way to the park 
 its just across the street
 from where they are standing

 it was cold out 
not horribly cold 
glove scarf weather
 for sure

 that atmospheric
courtesy of con ed
con ed 

nothing much

we were supposed
switch doctors 

i made an appointment a month ago

last night 
we went to our appointments
 she's leaving the practice in 3 weeks
so we cancelled
 walked home
 had dinner
 watched some excellent television

 suddenly it was 9 o'clock
 i am yawning
 i am realizing
 i didnt do a blog post

 what the @#!*

 the photo library i go 

i took this the other morning

 i kinda like it 

the other day

two workmen appeared
schlepping a long rectangular box
in it was 
 tack board 
(i asked for cork board)

 they are installing
between the top of my desk
(really a long wood shelf)

they must move the shelves up
 4 inches

 'they are too low'

 the tack board
 24 includes tall/high

the space
counter top and shelves
20 inches

i know this because
it was measured
three times

they said
the shelves were installed at the wrong height

i said
 the shelves were up 
when the space below them was measured

here's what we can do
they said
we can take the tack board to the shop and cut it to fit
we can raise the shelves up 4 inches now

 I opted
 raising the shelves

it seemed
 to be 
the easiest way to go

its another of the stupid interior architectural designs of this office 

thank goodness
 the interior architects

wednesday not so wordless

this past saturday 
 truly frigid

 the sunshine
 led one to believe
 it wasn't as cold
 as it felt
 sort of

 the morning
 when i headed to the eastside
my monthly massage and facial indulgence
 horribly cold
 when i walked to the crosstown bus
return to the westside
 it felt 
warm enough
 not to put on my gloves

 i had several stops to make
 pick up
 drop off 

this photo was taken
 just before
 i realized
 it was still glove wearing weather

there were stops
the eye man looking at new frames for my specs 
 zabars for the weekly nosh replenish
 the dry cleaners to drop off dirty and car hair covered clothes

a very busy afternoon

 in the evening
 we watched some television

 we record almost everything we watch
 then view it on playback
 so we can fast forward commercials
 person of interest 
the return of episodes
 the new syfy network version of 12 monkeys 
another time travel delight 

did you ever notice
 just about all
 time travel stories 
involve watches 
i hadn't til recently
it seems as if they do 

 the complete opposite

 it was warm enough for the precipitation
 to be sleety rain vs snow 

dangerous walking conditions
 i was extremely cautious
 i fell 3 times in 2014 
i have
 no intention

westside wendy

December 22, 1947 - January 19, 2013

miss me

when i come to the end of the road and the sun has set for me
I want no rites in a gloom-filled room
why cry for a soul set free?

miss me a little
not too long 
not with your head bowed low

remember the love we once shared
miss me
let me go

for this is a journey that we all must take
and each must go alone
its all a part of the master plan
a step on the road to home

when you are lonely and sick of heart
go to the friends we know
bury your sorrows in doing good deeds

miss me
let me go

goodbye wendy 
you are much loved
you will be much missed
author unknown 


these aren't the best photos
 they are 
the only ones i could find
 our wonderful vet's dog

 the inspiration for the toby project
neuters and spays dogs and cats for free

 no pun intended
 its the pet project
 our fabulous vet
dr andy kaplan

toby died at the end of december 

i learned of it earlier this week

 he was a great dog 
he will be much missed 

stepping up

life here at the edelsteins
 has been expensive
 since the first of the year

 our miele vacuum died
 may it rest in peace

 my parents got it for us
 we know
 its more than 15 years old
 we think
 it was a gift
we moved
 one bedroom apartment 
we currently live in 

neither of us
 can remember 
how long
 we've been living 


 i opted for another miele
 toonman said
 he hoped
 this one
as long as 
dead one

 me too

 we also bought a new airport extreme

 whats that
 some of you are wondering

 its the apple modem
a home wifi network

 the one we had
several  years old
 runs slower 
puts out less of a signal

 for a while now
 even after time-warner cleaned the 'packs' out of our modem
 the signal 
has been iffy

 added a wireless printer to the mix 

 i want faster

 i am going to install it tonight
 i even read the instructions 
 hair pulling
 should be at a minimum


 i got the 'new' iphone 6

 i am writing this before getting it activated
 lets hope
 goes smoothly
 i don't lose anything

 crossing fingers

stepping up out of the past

foggy rainy but lovely

i don't think
 needs many words

 has that ever stopped me before


taken from my office window

foggy rainy 

up up and away

i love sci fi
 i cut my teeth on robert heinlein

 i remember going to see 2001 a space odyssey
 i remember being stoned
 so stoned
 it made some sort of sense
 i remember the very heady discussions after

 i also remember
 looking back 
years later 
 what the fuck was that all about anyway

 i read
 i didnt really
 i skimmed them

 it got some not so good reviews
 lots of
 what a mishmash it was

we watched it monday night
 i was not stoned
 i loved it
 it was so good
 it was edge of my seat/
couch good
 at one point
 i jumped 
annie who was sitting on my lap 
 annie is now a frequent lap sitter in the evenings
 such a sweetie


 i reacted
 didnt see that coming

 tho there was one scene i did see coming

 i reacted
annie jumped off my lap

 i really liked the movie

 i suspect 
the naysayers
 never read heinlein 
not that interstellar is his 
based on anything of his
 it just reminded me of his books 
 the past through tomorrow
time enough for love

did i say i loved it
 i did

 another one thats long
 but really didnt feel long 

 here's a water tower for all of you 
even you anti sci fi peeps

some of this, some of that

another weekend
 flown by

 i was pretty active
 who is a sloth
 when it comes to cold winter days

 i got to leave the office early-ish on friday
the office did not leave me
 emails abound
 there's a big meeting on monday
 you know the expression
 crap flows downhill

 last week 
i got
 do this
 do that 

 in turn
similar emails 
 our hong kong office

 everything is in place 
of course
 the weather
so there is always the chance 
no one will show 

thats ok with me

 friday night
 i was so tired
 i went to sleep at pretty much my normal bedtime
 i slept til after 9AM

got my act together
 had my hair appointment
did some erranding
 a trip down to battery park city 
to a friend's new pet supply/grooming store 

my darling friend 
gave me directions
 i sort of followed

 rector street
 has lousy signage
 i got lost 

trust me 
wandering around
 with one glove off
 so phone usage is possible
 is extremely unpleasant 
 polar vortex

it was boody cold out

 i am so thankful
 my new uber warm canada goose
 its big hood

when i got home 
toonman and i settled in for a movie
 we watched
a movie 
wasn't keen on

 its almost 3 hours
 he whined

 i said
 look its 4 something
 we need to feed the animals at 5 something 
 we can take a break
 it will only be 2 something hours 

 he grudgingly agreed

 it was superb 
we both loved it
what a great film
 the acting is perfection
 that it was shot over a 12 year period
 flowed seamlessly
 is a credit
the writer/director and the editor 

highly recommend 
 if you havent seen it 

 of course
 all football all day 

 for me
 a trip to verizon
 to inquire about switching providers

i did

 they will give me
for the same monthly fee 

i was going to do this last year 
but was too lazy 

now hoping they dont disappoint more than at&t

 i got home
 was going to sit down write a post 
i remembered 
i hadn't gotten anything to take for lunch 
so back out i went

the company cafeteria is due to open in about 2 weeks 
its fend for yourself 

i have been schlepping 

when i am done writing 
we can watch another movie 
i would like to see 

we'll see

i took that photo
(i think the lens must be dirty)
rector street
 my gps
 must have been confused 
 it said
 i was in brooklyn!

dressed for the weather

little hairless pup
 very stylishly attired
all the better
stay nice and warm
polar vortex 

colder than cold

thursday morning
well past dawning

 cold caused
 subway and rail 

  top to toe 

 all manner of clothing
them from freezing

 hoods over hats
 hats pulled low
over brows 

 wrapped around necks 
over noses
 boots covered toeses

 no one walked 

 the max

i climbed the subway stairs
 out of the cold 
the colder 
i looked up 

look at that 

 what a sight
 bright as bright
 could be
 the moon

babeeeee its cold outside

i have been walking
 the office
 the chambers/west broadway
 subway station

a long day in the office
 the frigid air
 feels good 

i take the local
i dont have as far to walk
 when i get uptown

tuesday evening
 i opted to take the express 
so i could stop
 on the way home 
to pick up
 a few things for dinner 

i even took a few photos

the snow fall
 we had during the day
 was mostly cleared 
the lights on the trellis
 as i waited for the traffic light to change
 got me
pull off my gloves
 dig out my phone 
snap a few shots

makes me laugh

if you follow me on instagram
 you know
 i do a daily feature
using the instaweather app

 the app has stock photos
 to use
 if you choose 

 i dont
 i look
 a photo
 every morning

 it might be a reflection
the weather
 that catches my eye 

on my way to polished
 for my weekly beautification
 i was looking for something
 that would work
 the weird weather 
we're having

 how so 
you wonder

 snow yesterday afternoon
 heavy rain last night
 temps in the mid 40s
 when i went out sunday around 10ish

 in the end
this a photo 
the people crossing sign
 at the intersection
west end and 79th

 i love people crossing signs
 they make me laugh

 if you are a driver in nyc 
you know
 there's gonna be people crossing
 not just with the light
 not just at the intersection

 i find it equally funny 
those signs
 every intersection

 now of course
 i might
 have to go google
why some and not others 

any quesses?

busy busy

well it sort of snowed here saturday
 just as i got to bloomingdales 
it started to spit wet flakes

i met my friend cheryl
 i love shopping with cheryl
 she's good at finding stuff
 for instance
 bloomingdales directory
 is not alphabetical 
you'd think 
it would make it easier 
for shoppers
 the items were listed
 by name
 by floor
 she figured out coats were on 5

we went
 all the while
 catching each other up
 on what gossip 
what stuff 
 since we last spent an afternoon together

 both of us digress
 so we have to keep
 each other 
 finish the story

 we looked around the 5th floor 
lots of coats
 i was interested
 something warm
 something down
 a michelin man puffer look
 i am not 20
 i want warm 
not cute
 i want cover my tush length 
i want pockets
 i want a hood
 i want a zipper and buttons

 i do not necessarily want fur trim

 i really wanted canada goose

 its already cruise clothing time in department stores
 winter coats are over
 not a lot of choices 
not every style 
in every size 
in every color

 i sort of wanted

 i ended up
 a canada goose in black with a hood zipper and buttons pockets cover my tush length

the best part?
i had a gift card
a return of a gift
 i got last christmas
turns out
 the coat
 with tax
 came to
the exact
 to the penny
the gift card 

before all this
 i got a hair cut

a long over do cut

at least 4 inches lopped off

no more flat witchy hair
 it feels good
 thank you again yi for making me look so nice

 after the hair cut 
after bloomingdales 
cheryl and i went to eric kayser for brunch

 i have to be honest
 it wasn't as good this time as it was last

 my eggs were not cooked enough or hot enough
 back they went 
when the waiter returned
 they were hot well cooked 
i commented that microwaves are a good thing
 of course 
by then
 the toast was cold

 the coffee was good

 i think
 i can move on from eric kayser 
at least for brunches 

dogs walking

i took this a few weeks ago
 i dont remember when 
i can go look 

it was
november 23 at 10 something in the morning
when i took this shot

 i can remember
a little help from iPhoto

 of course
 i didnt have the big camera
 of course
 i wish i had
 of course
 there's a zoom on the iPhone camera
 of course
 i didnt use it 



 its not all that great a zoom
 things dont get focused nicely

 if i want to soften a shot
 i will do it myself 
as i did with this

 played a bit with 'glow' from topaz labs 

i hope they reply quickly to my technical question
 since apple upped the iOS ante to 10.10.1 
 iPhoto to v9.6 
the topaz labs editor
 isn't working 
 an external editor 

 what that means is 
i have to export a photo
 to open it in
 enhance or alter

 i am a lot lazy 
 i dont do a lot of editing 
 looked like fun

 it won't import into photoFXlab
topaz hasn't updated the photoFXlab
 to fix the compatibility issues

 ... so... 

if you're an iMac user thinking of trying topaz labs
use it in a less than easy manner

 .. whine over .. 

enjoy the photo 

changing gears

spent the whole day 
the whole of new year's day
 my pjs 
being a total sloth

 what a nice lazy day

 i spent some time looking at photos from amsterdam
 i took a lot of photos
 some could have been taken anywhere
 toonman complained 
after my trip to paris
 that i didnt take photos of paris but of things 
he also pointed out 
that when i travel 
i never seem to take photos of the place i am staying

 i dont know why i dont
 i guess 
its because
 it really doesn't strike me
 a photo 
anyone but me 
would want to see 


he would like to see them

 memo to self 
next trip
 photos of where i stay
 will be taken

 as for
 the habit
taking photos
 that could have been taken

 thats not something
 i can change

 i dont look around
about taking pictures

 some how
 i seem
 just see something
my camera or phone

 like this
 i thought this wheel was ever so fascinating 

i even
 with it a bit 
used topaz labs bw effects 2
 fiddled around with the settings
 i saw something 
i felt i wanted to share  

its a new year

i can't believe
 i didnt write
 post yesterday
 for today
 new year's day

 slacking off already
 only one blog to maintain
no post

 last year
 sunny bright and cold
 i did some errands 
braved fairway
 got provisions
the long weekend ahead 

 a caramel brûlée latte at starbucks 
no whipped creme 
please thank you

 i know
 going for a 400 calorie drink
 skipping the whipped creme
what a wus

 at least
 i didnt get it 
soy or skim 

i know
 whats up
 people who order 
high calorie coffee drinks
healthy stuff 
soy or skim

 when i dont trust spell check
 i c/p the word into google
 who is nice enough to ask
 dont you mean
i did
 one 'a' but two 'i's' 

 isn't it nice to see
 staying up late 
over eating for over a week
 drinking some not very good champagne
thought to thought

a lot of football 
a lot of football

 i mostly played
 repetitive games 
where i tried to out think silly little colored blobs

 i am a candy crush freak
 is not easy but its true 

being stuck on level 109 
being clever enough
 make sure
 i start each turn
two of the same colored bombs
not getting
 all those damn jellies
making the right combos
running out of turns

 has anyone
in the history of this game 
won' the 'jackpot'
the daily booster wheel

 i doubt it

i drove myself mad with that
 some scrabble
 some words with friends

i have been getting the worst letters 
making the most pathetic words 

are the game gods agin me
 feels like they are


 after hours of nothing exciting 
we watched
 into the woods 
which i loved

 i didnt see the play
 i have to wonder about some of the casting
 i thought meryl streep was a fabulous witch
 i suspect bernadette peters played it a whole other way 
meryl is an amazing actress
 bernadette is a singer
 sondheim is a tricky lyricist

 emily blunt
(edited because i misnamed poor emily)
 was wonderful as the baker's wife
joanna gleason
 i wish i had seen her as the baker's wife 
 the movie is wonderful
 anna kendrick is charming and can sing really sing
 chris pine makes a terrific flawed prince charming
 did i say i loved it 
i loved it 

we went from that
watching the crazies in times square 
we switched
 ryan seacrest
carson daly
 who sat with three people i never saw before in my life
 making rude remarks 
dishing 'celebrities' 
 lasted less than one segment

 ended up
 turning off the sound 
sea crest
 til the ball dropped

 sipped a little more champagne
 kissed my man 
went to bed
 i think
 i was asleep by 12:15
(edited again because duh i was wake for the ball drop)
 pathetic but true 

 i am sitting here
 our traditional new year's day breakfast

toonman makes us
 a very yummy combo
eggs onions cheese potatoes 
lots of good coffee
 some onion rye 
i didnt think to get a baguette from eric kayser
 just now 
oh well

 happy new year