dogs on the street

friday morning
i was on my way to the dentist
 nothing major 
just this year's first cleaning
 i was crossing columbus circle
 when i saw those two women
 their dogs

 i would bet 
they were on their way to the park 
 its just across the street
 from where they are standing

 it was cold out 
not horribly cold 
glove scarf weather
 for sure

 that atmospheric
courtesy of con ed
con ed 


  1. I think the dogs were just happy to be out and about with their humans! Cool photo!

  2. Pretty fantastic shot Daryl. I love all the winter action, the cold, greyish light, the bare tree reflections, and also love the steam. Well done. :D

  3. There's often steam coming out of the street there. To me, it's part of what is classic NYC.

  4. Very dynamic photo. The runner dude kind of adds a little pop.


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