water tower

 that iPhone photo
 the dirty windshield
 of the rental car
 i90 aka kennedy expressway
 (expressway being a joke surely since every time i drove it i sat in traffic for frictin' ever)
 just before
 the exit for my friend's place in chicago

 it was
 water tower
 i saw
 while in chicago
(even tho they have a place called water tower place just saying)

 i did get another one 
 we were in galena
 i will share
 another time

 i have
 the world's 
worst cold

 i was
 so sick

how sick was i?

so sick
 i took
 tuesday off 
slept til 10 
 being awake 
most of the night
sore nose

 i wonder
 if the flu shot
 i got last week
 made this cold worse
 i wasn't 
 any cold symptoms 
 i got the shot
it was
 a few days
my return from chicago
we all know 

these guys still need a home ...

Best Friends Animal Society
Hurricane Sandy survivors seek forever homes
One year later, people in communities devastated by Hurricane Sandy are continuing to rebuild their lives. And so are animals impacted by the storm. Four dogs and one cat—three of them rescued by Best Friends during the hurricane—have been waiting for new homes for too long. So their friends at Best Friends—New York are reaching out to Best Friends members.
Can you help?
Tank’s whole body wags with joy when a friendly person comes near. This sweet, adorable American Staffordshire-mix adores attention, walks and car rides. He’s not good with many small dogs, but can be fine with larger canine companions. Tank was pulled from a NYC shelter in the nick of time just a few months after the hurricane. Tan with white markings, his soulful eyes are set off by a stripe down the middle of his face. He’s three years old, healthy, neutered, and up-to-date on shots.
Theory loves cuddling on the couch and taking walks. This beautiful, velvet soft, brindle pit bull terrier is three years old, healthy, neutered, up-to-date on shots, and housetrained. It takes him some time to trust new people, but then he’ll be your friend for life! He’d be happiest with a person or couple who believe in positive reinforcement. And he’d be fine living with another calm dog and/or a dog-savvy cat.
Tootsie is a cute, playful shepherd-mix who loves to run and play fetch. She’ll make a great companion for an active person or family who want to take her along on walks, runs or outings. Tootsie is two or three years old, about 30 lbs., healthy, spayed and up-to-date on shots. She isn’t good with other animals, so would prefer to be your only pampered princess.
Zeus is an exquisite grey pit bull who turns heads wherever he goes. This sweet, big boy enjoys going on hikes and jogs with you. He’s also a smart, eager-to-learn student, who loves one-on-one interaction. After being abandoned, he needs a patient, confident person who can teach him to trust again. Zeus is about four years old, healthy, neutered and up-to-date on his shots.  He’d be happiest as an only pet.  
Tina is an affectionate cat who is looking for an empty lap to warm. She gets along well with other kitties and adores people. Tina was pulled from a shelter during the hurricane, and has suffered severe eye infections that left her visually-impaired. But that doesn’t prevent her from getting around or using the litter box, just like any other cat. Tina is about five years old, healthy, spayed and up-to-date on shots.
If you or someone you know can offer any of these deserving pets a good home, please contact Tammy attammyh@bestfriends.org. She’d be thrilled to hear from you and delighted to set up a “meet and greet” with the pet of your choice. You can also help spread the word by printing out and posting this message or forwarding this email to your animal-loving friends and family. 
Thank you for anything you can do to help Tank, Theory, Tootsie, Zeus and Tina. Together, we can Save Them All™. 

weekend blather

 i told
 you all about
 the banksy

 after that
 it all pretty much pales
 i did have a full weekend
 a sore throat
made me sound
 at times
 like a frog had taken up residence

  after my most wonderful massage
 i met my sister
 as i told you
 we walked down amsterdam to 73rd
 checked the brunch menus
two newish places 

 we both order the eggs florentine

a variation on eggs benedict
 the english muffins
 were barely toasted
 the home fries 
were cold
 the coffee
 was excellent
 they served 
hot steamed milk on the side 
in a coffee cup
 no spoon was offered
 it was nearly impossible
 to pour the milk
 into the coffee
 without spilling

 when we asked for a spoon
 we pointed out 
the cold potatoes
 to the manager's credit 
he immediately offered us replacements 
we were half way through
 so we declined
 thanking him

 a short time later
 he brought us a hot platter of potatoes
 we taste them

 they were great
 by then
 we were full
 he also only charged us
 for one brunch 
we thanked him 
we'd be back
 we will

 it was quite busy 
i suspect the kitchen was overwhelmed.

we walked uptown
 i had to stop at irving farms
 to get toonman's decaf coffee
 i buy a pound of beans every week or so
 they grind them for our coffeemaker

we walked over to the new place
 i am liking for take out
 birdbath bakery
 a division of city bakery

 the pumpkin veggie burger is amazing 
the kale salad with hazel nuts has a very light dressing 
 the sweet potatoes with pineapple is not sweet its perfectly slightly tart

the coffee
 does not 
 to irving farms 
 the pastry
the baker's muffin
 the vegan bran muffin
 far superior
 the balthazar baked goods 

i got some photos
 i was on the eastside
 my favorite 
boutique windows
lisa perry
 featured fun sweaters

on madison
 a sales associate
 for the manager to arrive 
with the keys

i got
 a fabulous color block draped hooded coat 
vince online 
on sale
 for 25% off

 this week
 my mani/pedi is
 essie's wicked

in honor 

its so cool

last sunday
 as i was walking to irving farms for some coffee
 there was a huge crowd
 across the street

 being a blasé new yorker
 i didn't bother to cross over 
to see what was happening 
 did i ask anyone
 in irving farms

 i pretty much forgot about it

 on saturday
 i had a massage appointment 
on the eastside
 by a brunch date
 with my sister
 back on the westside

 we texted one another 
to meet 
on the corner
amsterdam and 79th

 i was daydreaming
 i guess
i forgot
 to ring
 the amsterdam bus stop 
the next stop
 i could walk back
 its only one block
i stand up 
heading into position
 to exit 
when he stops for the traffic light
 i look over 
to my right
 out the window 

there are people standing

 this time
 i pay attention
 on the wall

 its a banksy!

 when i get off
 i walk back
take a photo
 just like everyone else 

its interesting
 to note
 that the owner of the building
 a commercial building
 a dws
 (designer shoe warehouse)
 the extremely pricey street art
 with a plexiglass 'shield'
 it will keep vandals and thieves away
 is the thought process

 trust me
wants to steal it 
they will 

if not resourceful

its so cool 
to have a
in the 'hood

jack chaps, dog detective

I met a celebrity 
 shopping on north wells street
 last saturday
 in chicago

 jack chaps and his person, marya lucas
 were shopping too 
 handing out little postcards
 facebook page

jack chaps, dog detective
 is about to launch
 his career
a case 

 was a delight
 no attitude
he jumped up
posed nicely
showing off
 his handsome bow tie 

good luck, jack
bark on!!!

of course ...

of course
 it will be
 by christmas
 the new year's eve fools
 to have
 to stand
 like sardines
 in the frigid cold
 to watch
 the ball drop
 dont they?

 that was
 sort of 
the conversation
 i had
 one of the female construction workers
 the times square remodel
 the other morning
 i stopped
 to take that photo

 to be open

  they're going
putting in
 golden overtime hours
 now and then
 from what i can see 
as i walk past
if they're going to live up to what's on the sign

 so the street
 be back
 to its normal width
 i dont think
 i would mind the mess
 so much

 ya know


it was bordering on cold
 last night
 i walked
 from the 72nd street subway
 not cold enough
 zip up 
my leather jacket

 the breeze
 strong enough
 to lift the ends of my scarf 
strong enough
 for me
 to momentarily
 zipping up

 see that photo
 i took it in chicago
 this past saturday
 had been blowing around
 little leaf demons

 i have
 a sand demon
 its called
 a sand devil

 its a weird looking thing

 were more 
 the sand demon devil

 of course
 as soon as
 i pulled the phone
 from my pocket
 took aim 

they all
the ground

 a lot prettier
 loose leaves
 here in nyc 
 believe me
 dont look 
 as photogenic
 along the sides of buildings
they don't
 they don't 
hang out 
 in the park

there's an ordinance 

all fallen leaves must remain within the boundaries of the parks

water tower

 by my friend
 in perth australia
 she and her husband
 aka the professor
 a month
 as part of
 this fabulous
to celebrate
 his 65 birthday

 she wrote me the other day:

''This is part of my view in our little apartment across from the University
in Perth.  Thought of you and took a pic.  The university sits on the water
and bike paths all around up and down the coast and inlet waters, etc.
We've got bikes and have already been out and about.''

its awesome 

back from the windy city and beyond!

 i woke
 without the aid
 either the alarm clock
the alarm i set on my iPhone

 arrived at jfk
 in plenty of time 
 my crack of dawn flight

 flight was uneventful
 we arrived on time
 i picked up the rental car
 settled into the traffic
 is the kennedy 'expressway'

 i believe the economy must be doing well
 as there 
no end
 to the construction

 caught up with my friend mags
 who looks fantastic

the fog and drizzle
did not stop us

we headed out to explore the neighborhood
have lunch
 a lot of wandering
in and out
 of the shops

 that evening
 we relaxed and ordered in
 we also were planned a leisurely wake up
wednesday morning
 by a 3 hour drive
it lies very west of chicago
 right across the mississippi river 
from iowa 

we had a lot of adventures
asking a state patrolman directions
a much needed bathroom break stop
 another stop for lunch

 we arrived
 late in the afternoon
 like all good shoppers
 we stopped in town
 to look around
 before heading to our hotel
 back out for a late dinner
a must-do if you ever get to galena

 we hit the road
 looking for some recommended photo ops
 we got lost 
ended up getting some amazing photos

 back to town for lots more shopping
 another visit to jamie's 
 dinner at
 back to the hotel to collapse

 mags had a bad reaction to something
was truly sick
 friday morning
 she slept in
i went to walmart for sickroom supplies
 then to the spa
 for a massage
 we packed up the car
took one small detour
 for another highly recommended photo op 
 back on the road
 to chicago 

when we got back
 mags went to bed 
i amused myself with my iPad apps 

 she was feeling better 
so we did a little retail therapy in old town
 which is very near her apartment

me with Gio and there's Mags in the background

 i got my weekly hair wash/blowout at her salon
 lunch at
 more shopping
 back for mags to nap 
we went to
 for dinner
 another really good inexpensive place to eat if you get to chicago

 i flew home sunday morning
 i get to go back to work today 
next week
 lucky me 
20 days of grand jury duty!!!!

oh yeah
 will be shared 
over at 

see ya

thats from another trip to chicago back in june 2004
we took the architectural tour on the river

 i visited my friend mags
 several more times over the years
is one of my very favorite photos


i leave
this morning
 an insanely early hour
flying jetblue
 using miles
still not sure
 i opted to pick a flight so early
 but i did
 it left me
lots more miles
 to spend
 on future trips
 so its worth it

i wont have access to a computer
 i get back next sunday


helsinki meets nyc

i met
 a woman
 a photographer

 i was drawn to her photos
 endless snow

 her chronicle of
 walking to work
 in the dark
 did i mention
 there was a lot of snow

 the snow melted
 i could not understand
 how it melted without flooding
 she says
 its due to the hundreds of lakes

 her spring and summer photos 
her garden
 all the veggies
 all the flowers
 so lovely

 when i heard she was coming to nyc
 i said
 we must get together
 she agreed

 we met at polished beauty bar
 for mani/pedis
 lots of chat
 by brunch 
at a new-iwsh restaurant
nice brunch menu
 a french country theme
 i cannnot remember the name
 its on amsterdam at 83rd


 i googled
 its called
good food
 good chat
 it was a really lovely time
 i look forward to her visiting again in the spring

windy city

i headed over to the eastside 
late saturday morning
my yearly mammogram

 i am always afraid 
i am going to be late 
i leave a lot of time
for travel

you never know
 there's going to be
 a traffic snafu 
a parade 
a protest march
 a simple street closing
 for a festival/fair

there were none of the above
 i was 30 minutes early
 with a stop 
at eli zabars on third avenue
 to get
 a sandwich
 a bottle of water 
 i also stopped at starbucks on third and 83
a grande
 non fat
 pumpkin latte
 hold the whipped creme
 adding whipped creme
 the non fat 

 i was still 30 minutes early

 there was no one waiting
 as soon as i filled out the release form
 i was in 
 my breasts
 painfully squished
 there's a sign in the dressing room
 that says
 the tighter we squish
 the better we can see 
if there's a potential problem

 squish away
 i say

 next up
a sonogram
 my breasts 
are dense like my bones
 the technician pressed that paddle thingie so hard
 it hurt 
i peeked 
i always peek
 my dense breasts 
look like
 a very rough ocean
 like the perfect storm 

when i was done
 i walked uptown
 to a shop i like
 did a little shopping

 i walked down to 79th
 to catch the crosstown
 back to my side of the city
got off at
 walked down
 got my hair 
washed/blown dry

back up to 80th and broadway
for some errands 

 it was very windy 
you tell by the clouds
 the title
 is more significant
 i fly to
visit a dear friend
 i havent seen in a while

 i am so looking forward to a fun girls week
 i promise
 to take lots of photos
 i wont be posting 
 i am gone
 not even over 
through my eyes
 i will remind you
 before i go
 just like a do for toonman
i had a trip planned 
til i said 
he didnt have to come up with a toon for a whole week!

meet and greet

on the street
 on broadway
  a few saturdays ago
 it was a veritable
 catch up
 for those pooches
as you can see
 were with a dog walker
how can i tell
 they're clustered together
that little black white dust mop
 to say
 a bit of a traffic jam
 i had to snap them

a cat tale

​ Jack is a slow eater

takes a bite

 looks around

Harry gobbles

 before Jack is done 

Harry is done
looking to nose into Jack's bowl

must stay with them
 while they eat

 (tho they eat the same food every day)
 Jack has wanted less wet

he can have more dry

Jack decided
he did not want any wet

 give Harry more wet
 give Jack more dry

 til this morning

 this morning 
Jack ate his small amount of wet
Harry decided
his wet food

 Harry ate dry

 i stood there
scratched my head
  said out loud
 they are cats, they are cats, they are cats ...  


i get up
 butt crack of dawn


 every morning
 i drag myself out of bed
 to feed two cats
 whose cries
 start almost 2 hours earlier

 you'd think
 they hadnt eaten 
in days 
8 hours before

 was taken 
yesterday morning
 i came out of the subway
i trudged up

i decided
 it was pointless
 to use the escalator
 its running
it will surely break down

 it took me months
 to develop
 the stamina
 to climb that 
i can't do it again

that photo
 the one over 
 through my eyes
 the ios 7 procamera app
 no filter
 no editing
 no topaz labs effects

the only upside
 the dark mornings

oh spring please hurry
(edited because really i know how to spell hurry gah)

thats just not nice

i dont mind rain
 i like fog
 i dont like vapid drizzle
 it isnt worth opening the umbrella
 i dont like the way it spots my glasses
 makes me wish
 they had little wipers to switch on
 my hair gets big
 thats ok
 its flat thats not good

 my friend blondie
 was supposed to meet me

 she texted
 her throat was sore
 she wasnt up to it

 i was sad
 by having a leg massage
 along with my mani pedi

 while i was enjoying my beautification™
 blondie texted
 she had to go out get some meds
 she needed to eat lunch
 if i wasnt afraid
 catching her germs
 would i meet her anyway

 i replied
 i was fearless

 where to go
it was spitting
 neither of us
 wanted to go far

 on broadway at 76 street
 neither of us have been to their other location down on hudson
 we wondered
 did it serve communist eggs? 

its a chinese restaurant
 a dim sum 

 long farm tables
 some little booths

 we opted for a booth

 its an interesting menu
 after some explanation by a hyper waitress
 we both
 to order
 rice noodles with vegetables

 one bowl arrived
 we quizzed
 the not our waitress young woman
 who brought it
 were we to share this 
 was another bowl on its way

she would check

 while we waited
 we both picked
 at the contents of the bowl
 it was tasty

 the not our waitress returned to say
 our waitress
 had written up
 only one serving


how long
 we can get another serving?

 she promised to expedite it
our actual waitress
 showed up to say
 she would get the second order placed

 we continued to talk and pick/share 
when we were done 
blondie gestured for the waitress

 i said
 we dont want the second order
 we're done 
 so sorry for the confusion

 we listened
  then she left

 we looked at one another
 blondie waved the manager over 
explained it to him
 asking for the check
 he apologized

 after he left
 she said to me
 if he is smart he will not charge us at all
 i said
 i dont think he's that smart

yet another person
 brought the check

 as we argued
 how small tip
no tip

 the manager
came back with a bag
 the order was ready
 please take it with our compliments
 we are very sorry for the confusion

 we thanked him
 left the waitress a small tip

had she
 just said
 my bad so sorry
 we would have tipped her the full amount
 she blamed the kitchen for her mistake
 is just not nice 

by the way the food is very good
 even if the service is still being worked on
 i recommend it 
 i think
 i will be going back
 not til they work out the kinks