helsinki meets nyc

i met
 a woman
 a photographer

 i was drawn to her photos
 endless snow

 her chronicle of
 walking to work
 in the dark
 did i mention
 there was a lot of snow

 the snow melted
 i could not understand
 how it melted without flooding
 she says
 its due to the hundreds of lakes

 her spring and summer photos 
her garden
 all the veggies
 all the flowers
 so lovely

 when i heard she was coming to nyc
 i said
 we must get together
 she agreed

 we met at polished beauty bar
 for mani/pedis
 lots of chat
 by brunch 
at a new-iwsh restaurant
nice brunch menu
 a french country theme
 i cannnot remember the name
 its on amsterdam at 83rd


 i googled
 its called
good food
 good chat
 it was a really lovely time
 i look forward to her visiting again in the spring


  1. Excellent! I love meeting my internet friends in real life! As a matter of fact, we had a picnic with a fellow blogger and her family yesterday! You two look so happy! Of course, who wouldn't be after beautification!

  2. I was just about to ask where she was from, and then I saw the title. I've been to Helsinki....fall, but it got dark soooo early. Beautiful city. You guys look great!!

  3. So fun!! Love meeting Internet / Instagram friends.

  4. gosh, no one's ever called me a photographer, i'm blushing...

    but we did have fun, so much to talk about! thank you again for the polished experience, what fun sparkling nails i have!

    see you in the spring!

  5. you both look lovely, polished

    I was catching up a bit and have to tell you how much I enjoyed and identified with you 'they are cats' post
    Siren and Isadora make me nuts with their ever changing habits
    they even drink water differently !!

  6. A bit of scarf envy here ;-) Fabulous nails (love the way liisa's match her scarf). Such fun to meet "virtual" friends in real life. Priceless connection.

  7. it....looking forward to meeting in person with online new & re-acquainted friends (such as you) someday too!

  8. those nails and your sweet happy faces :).

  9. Looks like a good time... but you would be sweltering in those
    clothes down here in Sunny Florida.....

  10. Shoots (Hawaii Pidgin) You look polished and Good!

  11. Really like your food related poetry. I especially liked the one about the French Coast kitchen.

  12. every online pal i've had the chance to meet face to face has been a joy. glad the two of you had such a lovely time together.


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