adopt dont shop!

you still have time to adopt a dog
after all
even tho its winding down
october is adopt a dog month

even on a crowded train
service dogs
can be found 
patiently waiting
 to do their job

heights cafe

my sunday visit to brooklyn heights
scored me quite a few photos

heights cafe
 is a nice little place on hicks street
just off montague

my friend melissa and i had been there before
in fact
we sat at the very same outdoor table last time as this

montague street is a shop filled street
busy with locals and tourists
i am not sure which i am

i took that with my lovely new iphone 8+

street art

driving back 
i spotted 
french artist JR's 
'ellis island children'

if you want to read about it

in the still of the night

a few nights ago 
i went up to our roof 
to see
i could see
 the hunter moon

the skies 
 fairly clear
a few 
stray clouds