phew, turkey crisis averted!

i told you
i ordered
 our thanksgiving dinner 
from zabars
 as i did last year

 as i did last year
 i likely ordered
 too much food 
it will get eaten
 there'll be leftovers for days
 after all
 its just me toonman and my sister aka sil

what did i order 
turkey breast
 pot roast aka brisket
 rosemary roasted potatoes
 sweet mashed yams
 string beans almondine
 creamed spinach
traditional cornbread stuffing
turkey gravy

 of course 

 what was delivered
 what was delivered
 15 pound smoked whole turkey
 whole turkey
 15 pounds

 i called zabars 
they were so busy
 the nice woman
 on the phone
 told me
 she couldn't get a manager to pick up the phone 

you're just down the street
 could you bring it in
 see the manager 
have him swap it out for you

 could i
 i could
 i did

 they are the nicest people
 no one told me
 it was my mistake

 it sort of was 
the smoked whole turkey
 the line
the turkey breast
 on the order form
 my '1' filled the both slots 
they went with the whole turkey


 i swapped it for a 6-7 lbs of turkey breast 
got the difference refunded in cash 

is cash okay
 he asked 

 i said
crisis averted

 we'll still have leftovers for days
 who cares 

there will be wine

oh yeah 
 cranberry compote and kale salad from bird bath bakery
 sil's bringing the pies 

happy thanksgiving!!!!!!!

what a difference a week makes ...

last weekend
 the most exciting
 it was 

 this weekend
 total slothville 

aside from
 some errands
 a lot of reading

 very much to write about 

lets see
 what i can expand upon

 i am at the stage of needing a hair cut
 my hair hasn't been this long
 in well
 i can't remember

 its longer
it was
the short cut
that looked good 
 it grew out

i am hesitant to go back to that stylist
 i know he's really good

 i love the woman who blow dries my hair
 i like the cut she gave a friend
 my hair and the friend's hair 
at all alike

 i am not sure
 i want to take that chance

 such a dilemma

 i didnt need to buy much
 for the coming week 
as its a short week
 i ordered a ton of food from zabars
 (i really dislike auto correct it insists i mean zebras)


 i dont cook

i order pre-cooked food
 turkey and the fixings
 hotted or heated

 how you think of it
 its like
 dressing vs stuffing 
hotted vs heated 
whatever or whichever

 i am reading an excellent book 
book one of a trilogy 
 lev grossman
 the magicians

 i would tell you more about it 
 i am only 103 pages into the first book

  i did look
for a blurb the share
 what i found was a sort of recap
 the trilogy

the one 
who loves spoilers 
who always said
 knowing what happens isn't a spoiler cause you still have to see how it happens
she went looking
 of course 
i didnt stop reading quickly enough 

i could blame you
 i won't 


here's a photo of my street
 last weekend

i tried
 in the same spot
 the same tree 

didnt work out so well

 you get the idea

  winter is coming!


i am not sure
i had a lot of trouble trying to
balance the color
fix the exposure
 this photo
in one editing program
 all i could see 
after importing it 
 a black rectangle
in another 
 i tried 
cue the twilight zone theme

in the end
 i gave up
 didnt even sign it 
this little darling
 was the house pup
 at a small restaurant/pub
the name of which i cannot recall
 we visited 

EDITED because my friend/travel partner extraordinaire Mary sent me this link to Da Spiegel  .. click here to see more of this wonderful little restaurant in Amsterdam

say ahhhhhhhh

bottom line
my tonsils 
 have absorbed
 as they are supposed to
 debris from food
 from bacteria
 they seem
 have been overloaded
 they're so small
 so small
 i never had them removed 
still dont need to 
 i do need to gargle
salt water/peroxide mix
get the little white blisters
go away
 keep from recurring

have been
 the source 
 my sore throat
 my often squeaky sounding voice

now i have my very own ent doc 
 i like a lot
 he not only reviewed my history 
before meeting me
 he listened
 even laughed
 at a funny i made

 he'd told me 
an antibiotic
 he was going to give me
 a 'script for 
should i need it 
a pain
the butt 
to take
 you have to take it 4 times a day

 i said
 no problem
 if it helps
unless its a proctologist
you're seeing
 its not
 a pain in the butt

 ha ha ha


5:15 wake up

6:45 leave for the office

8 blocks to 72nd street

57 steps from the platform to the street at park place

3.5 blocks from park place to the office


43 floors up

7,517 steps a day on average

water towers everywhere

took the big camera to work
 i only schlepped the kit lens

 i was 
 the staten island ferry
 snapping the shot

 i didnt notice
 the water towers
 i was straightening the photo in pic monkey

 i tend to lean to the right
 all my photos need to be scooched to the left 

i am not sure this one is straight 
 i did try

weekend recappage

its monday

i am writing this on 

you're reading it

as is the way
the internets
 i post
 its there
 you show up

 works for me

 lets see

 it was
 all in all
 a good weekend 

weather was much colder
 than its been 
up til now

 i think
 we were spoiled
 by the way the warmth lingered

 its gone now

monday comes with rain
 temps in the 50s
 to lull us
a false sense
 its gonna get cold
 then colder still 

i hope this winter 
is not like last 

that was just horrible


it was a cold
nice weekend 

there was some major lifting
 on broadway
 i was waiting
the crosstown bus

overcast on sunday
even these bright ginkgo leaves couldn't alleviate the gray skies

 i got a lot done
 i even left work at 3ish on friday
 always a treat to get home early on friday

 the cats decided 
i needed to wake at 4 on saturday morning

 i dont know how toonman
 hear them or feel them
 they race in out of the bedroom 
leaping on off the bed
 as jack is wont to do 
running behind our heads across the back of the bed

 they are truly animals
 our apartment is like a zoo

i had a wonderful much needed massage on saturday
i will not name him masseuse
 told me he was definitely earning his money 
kneading my aching back

 i almost nodded off during my facial
 if you've ever had a facial
 you know 
thats sort of insane 
 how it can hurt 
to have your pores cleaned

 shannon who does my facials
 is not gentle 
she's thorough

 i love how my skin looks
 we did a deep peel this month
 i was told my face might be pink 
it wasnt 
i guess i have tough skin
 i am a tough woman
 yeah right

 on my way home
 i spotted this skirt
 i love it
 i love the way it flows
 its light
 its a midi length
 its so pretty
 i am planning on wearing it with boots and a black sweater 

we watched 
a lot of catch up tv on saturday evening
 i love love love aaron sorkin
 i am so sad
 this season
 is the last of newsroom
 the 'boston' episode
 well written acted 
 spot on 

a much needed manicure
 this move 
the subsequent
 unpacking moving things around
 has done damage to my nails and my fingers

 i was a mess
 susan at polished
 made it all better

 i met my sister for brunch
 maison kayser 
of course 
we were talking
 of course
 i forgot to take photos
the amazing eggs we had
 by the time
 i realized
 i hadn't snapped a photo 
they were devoured
 all gone

 its a tiny dining area
the food is so good 
i brought home leftover baguette for toonman
after i stopped at zabars
ordered our thanksgiving fixings
 which come all cooked
to hot up and serve
 as you may recall
freaks me out 
math is required 
 get it all hot at the same time 
toonman will be my anchor
he will remind me it will all be okay

thats about it

how was your weekend?