twinkle, sparkle, glow!

 i promised 
the holiday decorations 
around town

i guess
 i need to say
 around town
 down near the office

the entryway to 1WTC is covered in white christmas tree 'decals'

the side streets off west broadway and greenwich street have stars hanging from the lampposts

the lobby of 7WTC has blue lights, trees covered in tiny bulbs and menorahs


walking/shopping distance 
my apartment

the trees along the sidewalk on west 65 street sparkle

time warner center has hung its tradition shining stars which glow in changing colors

the windows of apthorp pharmacy are decorated with fun blocks and little figurines

dog walker

had to
 dig down
 my photo library
all the way
 an unseasonably warm
december 2015
for this photo

they're back!

every year
immedately after
the christmas tree sellers
set up on corners 
throughout the city

this year 
our corner got a brand new santa

reflections of the season - welcome to december

once thanksgiving is digested
nyc begins to put on its holiday

tree sellers set up shop

windows get decorated

awnings get shiny ornaments 

even the streets get a new 'carpet'

i took photos over the last week
that fit
those captions

i changed my mind
about this post

this is my favorite

i'll share the others another time

morning light

i usually 
for my morning shot 
under the canopy 
pulling the focus much closer
the other morning
the sky
the light
further off 
were too hard to resist
so pink 
so gold

looking .....

it was a long weekend
 lots of 
cyber shopping

and you?

crossing madison avenue

a few weekends ago 
i walked up madison avenue 
after a dentist appointment

it was one of those 
only in new york moments 
 the streets are almost deserted

 i am not sure
 if these people 
were together or simply paired 
they were in my viewfinder at the same time

there they are 
both of them 
walking the dog 
walking the baby 

a slice of life image

oh yeah
that snowflake?
part of the neighborhoods holiday decor