this is 100 11th avenue
at 19th street
designed by french architect jean nouvel
its sits to the left of the gehry building
the ny times once said it was on the corner of grit and glamour

a whole lotta nothing

it felt a lot like spring
 this 3 day weekend

did i take advantage of it?
not really

there was
weekend beautification
fill-in grocery shopping
(thats when you need staples vs restocking your pantry)
apartment cleaning
(i couldnt ignore the fur/hair/tumbleweed any longer)
all that bright sunlight 
made it hard to ignore 
the lack of dusting

i did have
lunch with my sister


for a long time 
i have
 featured dog photos 
on the weekend
changing it up 

that is harry
our middle 'child'
you've met him before

this is a sort of new thing for him
perching on top of the fridge 
watching us while we're in the kitchen
sometimes he sits
sometimes he lays .. lies?
sometimes he just stands there

'cause he's a cat

winter garden wedgie

thats jersey city, nj
over there across the hudson

that odd glowing 'thing'
isnt a space ship
what was once called
the winter garden
it was 
hot house all glass
 palm trees

there are still palm trees
but now its a lot more upscale
huge food court
lots of high end stores


taken through
 the very dirty window
the doctor's office

 the 11th floor
west 113th and amsterdam avenue

february snow

having had many a birthday celebration snowed out
i am a maven on february snow
there's almost always a storm the first week
if by chance there isnt
for sure there's one the second week

the first week of february 2017 did not disappoint
i was happy it didnt snow on my birthday
but it did rain

the storm 
a predicted 10-15 inches
began in the wee hours of thursday

at 5:59AM 
it was that person making fresh tracks
in front of me

by 9:05AM
the view from my office windows was almost all white

the snow 
pretty much 
stopped by 12:43PM
i took that 
my cue to head home

shame on the MTA!
at 1:17PM
the steps
 leading up
the uptown local 
were iced over
dangerously so

i cannot imagine walking down those stairs

 i can pretty much guarantee 
if you're hoping 
fresh snow photo ops
 there's another storm 
just 'round 
the corner