city daily theme day - august - take away store

 of course
 city daily photo monthly theme

the theme is
'take away store'

 i am not sure what that means

 we've no stores here selling take away
 ha ha

 in over 23,000 photos
 i have 
the inside of a store
 any kind
 selling anything

 i did come up
 this a peek
 a tiny hole in the wall flower shop
called appropriately enough

 you can
 buy and take away 
 lovely bouquets

you'd like 
to see 
how others
 met this challenge

just a picture

took this
 washington square park
 or maybe it was
 union square

it caught my eye

thanks in advance

I am
 this article
 Best Friends, 
an organization
 I support and want to help 
Save Them All®.”
Best Friends Animal Society
Jamie the Puppy Seeks Puppyhood!
Meet Jamie, the glorious brindle pup who can't run and play with the other dogs at his New Jersey shelter because he has ringworm. A true sweetheart, Jamie came in with a bad case of ringworm that requires medicine and crate isolation while the condition heals. It is not much fun being a three or four-month-old joyous puppy kept inside a kennel all the time!

Liberty Humane Society in New Jersey just knows there is a foster home or adoptive home who can give Jamie a better puppyhood. Ringworm can spread like wildfire in an animal shelter. But in a home, the treatment is much easier to accomplish. It takes four to six weeks. If you have a no-pet home, or a home where Jamie could have his own space for the time he's getting medicine, please come and meet this sociable little man.

Our Best Friends No More Homeless Pets Network partner would love to hear from you, pronto! Call Kim Saunders at (201) 547-4147 x 1004 or email her at Everyone at Liberty adores Jamie and wants to see him bust out of his crate into full-blown happy puppyhood.

Could you give this doll a shot at freedom? Don't hesitate to call Liberty!

Together, we can Save Them All


Save Them All
To help the animals:
If you would like to know more about Best Friends Animal Society, please go to

downtown water tower

took that shot on houston looking up 
two weekends ago

 not only
 water tower wednesday

toonman and my 36 wedding anniversary 
(he married me when i was but a small child)

that july 30th
was a very muggy
 very hot summer sunday

we wed in a rabbi's study
under a chuppah
in attendance
 my parents 
my sister
 our two best friends
 the rabbi's wife
 (and their son)

 she, the rabbi's wife, 
was asked to be a witness
on her way to play tennis

the rabbi
 was afraid
our best friends
 lived in the same building
 had the same address
 as we did
they might not be valid witnesses 

it was odd
 to have her
 in her tennis whites standing there 
 more odd
 was their little boy 
who sat in a chair 
swinging his legs 

after the ceremony
 which was very brief
 not as impersonal 
a courthouse/city hall ceremony

 we walked to my parent's home for a small reception
followed by lots of eating and drinking
but no honeymoon

you know
 you still owe me a honeymoon!


woke up
 it was sunday
 it was saturday

 lazing around
 noticing the time

 cut it close
almost late for my hair appointment
 two trips to zabars 
 i forgot the yogurt
 a stop by the bank
 refilled my wallet 
brought a sweater
 i found
 the closet floor 
the dry cleaners

i came home 
 like that boat
 settled in 

on my couch
 first in the highlander series
 i thought
 why not

 turns out 
its entertaining 

girl and her dog

toonman and i
 a long walk
 up to we dont know what street
 above the tennis courts
 past the soccer field
there's another promenade 

it seemed to stretch on forever

 we decided
 to see where it led

 we walked back down along the river
 its called cherry walk 

when we got almost home
 i reached for my fitbit
 how far
 we'd walked
 only to remember
 it was charging on my desk
 oh well 

i did see a sign
 at one point 
that said
 79th street exit 1/2 mile

 any city kid knows
 20 streets/blocks make a mile
 at that point 
we'd be home 
10 blocks
 i dont do math
  i am not even going to guess
how far we walked

 i know
 we were strolling along for over an hour
 thats really what counts

  i took some fun
 to me
 shots of dogs in the dog run

 i was going to use one today 
 this was more reflective of my mood


i still
 got anything
 interesting to share
its fridaycation time 
i am hoping 
with this nice non humid weather
 i will get out
 have an adventure
i can blog about

 maybe its a symptom
 summer doldrums 
boring times

for now

 this is best i can do

creeping vine 
 lower westside building!