looking up

its an interesting little grouping
the church turret 
the water tower
that chimney
the 'steps' of that building

all as seen from the bus stop on 79th/broadway

take a break ...

spotted resting on the church steps
a usually very busy corner
for the moment

 if you look hard you'll see it wasnt

joy on broadway

sculpter joy brown's 
fabulous whimsical creations
 will be bringing smiles this spring/summer
Broadway Malls hosting them from 72 St to 168 St

i shared one of her smaller pieces 

hiding ...

see it there?
that building is going up on the corner of 80th and broadway
just what the 'hood needs another tall building

from the cab window


began early
ended late

4+ cab rides
a doctor visit
a vet visit
large glass of wine


was my monthly spa day
it rained
constantly rained


i did
the errands
the laundry


back to real work
looks like a vacation


stella is my friend melissa bff
dont you love her little skeezix curl?\

she's a fierce defender of everyone she feels belongs to her
such a smart girl

what you're too young to know who skeezix is?
gasoline alley cartoon strip 
google it