penultimate fridaycation

periodontal surgery 
yesterday (thursday)
i am making no plans for

like annie 

and the boys

i plan on chilling

the dome garden

the corner of 84 street at amsterdam avenue
is home to the community garden
picutred here

one of 600 city oases here in nyc
supported by 
neighborhood groups
the green thumb division 
 the parks department

they really are little gems

this one called the dome garden
(named for the dome project)
 defied death back in 1994
when it was to be razed 
in order
 to build 35 public housing units
it continues to thrive 
to bring 
visual and spiritual joy 
to the area

weekend reflection

i took that last weekend

this weekend
other than
 dinner out with a friend for her birthday
 i was a sloth

we did watch
batman vs superman
a terrible movie
i loved it

i love
 cheesy action movies
cant wait to see
suicide squad

fridaycation 12

bucolic scene
 was shot 
 a very busy central park south:

handsom cabs aka horse and carriage rides
bike hawkers
pedicab hawkers
tour bus hawkers
all trying to lure the tourists 

behind the wall there lies the greenery of central park
the oasis in the middle of manhattan
1.31 miles give or take

a perfect place to spend a fridaycation
'cept i am not
i have errands to do
a birthday dinner for a friend

dont worry it ends well

monday morning
all the kits ate their breakfasts
annie of course finished last
jack camped out at the water bowl
harry on the scratching pad

when i got home
toonman told me 
had spent the whole day on the pad 
hadnt wanted treats 

now thats 
very unusual

he had no interest in dinner
no interest in anything

i debated
 should we wait til friday when i could take him
should toonman take him on tuesday

could take him either in the morning or late afternoon 
so tuesday morning with dr mohr it was

around 9:45
 dr mohr called my office
she explained
 harry had
a very
 allergic reaction
lesions in his ears, above his eye, on his nose, between his toes

oh my gawd

whats causing it?
turns out

he has a very sensitive tummy
 he's been eating only science diet d/d for a year 
we were 'gifted' with some very good high end cat food
he didnt actually have any
 he does clean jack's and annie's bowls
i had been putting some of the gravy from their food on his
i didnt want him to feel left out

dr mohr said
 licking the bowls was enough to do it

how guilty do i feel


now all of them will be on harry's food

i see you

the satellite dishes on that building look an awful lot like eyes to me

art on the street

sculptor isa genzhen's oversized orchids
greet visitors
central park

i was once gifted with live orchids
much like these
they bloomed
they died