i am still here

if you know me
 you know
 i have had sinus issues 

more recently 
i had several dental surgeries
they all failed 

sinus issues

a ct scan showed there was a rogue polyp in my sinus
 that has been interfering with the dental stuff
damn that polyp

on tuesday the polyp was removed
be gone damn polyp

severe headaches ensued
but thankfully
they've receded


hopeful that once this mess is all healed
 the dental fixes will work
i will have a big smile to share

thats me
taken by my friend amy

the area surrounding the construction on WTC#2
has been decorated jazzed up 
its looking a lot like bushwick 
really fun photo ops

lots to see 
go check it out

getting around

saturday was spa day 
spa day means busing across the park

this saturday 
the transverses 
i have no idea why

but and yet still
 no crosstown bus

work around:
down to columbus circle 
around to central park south
across cps to madison
up madison to 76
ta da

keep on keeping on

are you part of google+?
i am not

i have managed to successfully remain apart 
if you use blogger for your blog
 you probably got an alert
 you may or may not
have read

i didnt
 til today
i learned
left on my blog
no longer

as my friend denise posted on her blog:
now whats google done!?

because of her post
i read the writing on the 'wall'
if you dont join google+
you wont be able
 your comment leavers

add that
 the demise
networked blogs

 things are changing in the blogsphere
 not in a good way

 to those who have left comments this week
i am supposed to be working
i dont have time to hop back/forth to read comments/leave a reply
it takes me a week to be able to reply to comments via email

gotta figure this all out
in the mean time