our walk
 last weekend
we were about to cross riverside drive
 i saw this young girl 
 an adorable puppy

 may i take a photo?

she said

 she stood next to me
the puppy would look at us 

  i asked
 if she'd hold her
i could get them both 

she was happy to pose

 i asked the dog's name
 of course 
i now am not sure
 if i recall it correctly
 i think 
it was 

i thought it was friday

it was only thursday 

its been an exhausting week
 mundane and irritating
 the issues 
that have been dealt with this week
 made me so tired
 i was sure

 i am so glad
 today is
 i am so glad
 my bosses are out of the office today
 i am so glad
 boss #1 is away until a week from tuesday 
i am so glad
 all his files
 all his papers
 all his crap 

 i am
 so glad
 so glad 
 the weekend is here

 i am going to relax

wordy thursday

this is the photo
 i sat for 

shot it
 under the canopy
in the style of
a themed series of photos
i post
 on instagram

 i am sure i told you about it
sharing some of the photos
 that's the shot

i have been reading
 in fact 
just finished
 a series of 3 books
 i hope there will be more
 by alison gaylin
 about a female private investigator
 who has a memory condition 
 she never forgets

they are a very good read 

 no decent television 
 later this month
 we have been watching
 the past 3 seasons 
very good
 very clever
 showtime airs

 we're almost done with it 
new season will begin in january 
seems a long way off 
tho time passes quickly
 these days

 my office move is now, as of today, 42 days away   

some of you
 may remember
 the post about the last move
 the boxes 
my wonderful but obsessively controlling boss

 this time
 he hired movers
 to pack his office
 of course
 since then 
he's decided
 he will pack and move his papers 

i was to get him
 fifty (50) small boxes 
that will hold papers
 ten (10) larger 'longer' boxes
 lots of packing tape 
black markers


 he asked me to
 'put together two of the larger boxes'
 i did
 he filled them
 i taped them shut
 he labeled them 

 he had them sent to his home 
he's going to do this
 the boxes 
so they're done right
he'll have them delivered
 to the new offices
 unpack them 
 so its done 


water tank project

the water tank/tower project is really truly underway


those are not my photos

i did not climb a ladder to get up there

 that i know where they are
you know
 i will be taking my own 

from the ground
thank you

lorenzo petrantoni above 393 broadway in soho

sigrid capon above 530 west 25 street

the zigzag on the left is by odili donald odits over 282 11 avenue
the swimmer is by laurie simmons over 525 west 28 street 

tessa treater above 110 fulton street

if its monday, its blather

friday morning 
i decided
 empty the litterbox

 my back decided
 it wasn't happy
 it decided
 to show me
 how unhappy it was

 the lower vertebrae

 in the 
my back/spine
 just enough
 to make me 
 hold my breath
 it wasn't going
make me 

i straightened up 
 seems to be an aberration
 so i thought
til i got to the office
sat down

 standing back up 
 extremely unpleasant
 drugs were needed
 drugs were taken
spasms eased

 lucky for me
 my monthly massage
 for saturday

on the downside
the weather was skitzo
 i was supposed
 sit for a friend
 who is shooting a series of portraits
we were going to meet another friend
 some photo op hunting 
on the lower east side (les)

 the massage really helped
 i am sure
 the 3 meloxocam
 i took friday
 not all at once
 over the course of the day/evening
some relaxant residue 

the weather and traffic 

 a new york roadrunner race
 fifth avenue

 photo shoot rescheduled 
photo hunting postponed 

my back spasms persisted
but not enough to slow me down

as beautiful a day
 as you would want in mid september
   it was chilly

sun shining
 cloudless skies
it warmed up

there was mani/pedi'ing
followed by
the portrait sitting
 when my friend sends them i will share 
 toonman and i took a walk in the park 

we were not alone!

3 dog morning

on my morning walk to the subway
 i pass
 shops opening
 cleaning crews finishing up the night shift 
streets being hosed down
 women on their way to yoga and/or morning work outs 
delivery trucks unloading
 the occasional off their meds weirdos
 people waiting for cabs or buses
 business people exiting the beacon hotel
 the dogs 
who wait 

 this particular morning
 there was 3
 on watching the door 
their people 

and now for something completely different

 the seriousness of yesterday 
 something fun


 it reminded me
those little minions 
animated movie 
despicable me

in memory

From the 104th Floor
by Leda Rodis (age 14 in 2001)

When the plane hit the building
rocked first
to the right
to the left,
and outside all the skyscrapers
of New York
seemed to tremble.

The alarms screamed louder
than we did, and I knew
it was time to get away. It's funny
what you notice:
a pen rolling across the floor
my screen saver flicker and go off
a picture of you
and me
at Coney Island.

So much to leave behind. And yet so little.

Running down the hall I remembered
my mother
taking me to the top
of the Empire
State Building when I was just
a little girl,
telling me that a plane
had crashed there a long
time ago. So I thought that maybe
what happened. Just
an accident. And accidents
happen everyday.

Under the blown-out exit sign
a crowd
is screaming,
on the door.
I know:


You have to believe that I tried. I'm not the one
to give up.
Back at my desk, I rescue
the rolling pen,
at the blank screen, and
my picture
of you.
I look out
at the blue morning.
I expect
to see God there.
But what I really see is
another plane.
And I know what it means.
But I don't know why...

I always thought that life was full of choices.
It always has been.
What to wear
Where to eat
Who to love
(and you know who I chose).

Now my choices have been taken away from me.
The men in the planes have narrowed my choices
Death by fire, or death by fall.

I see the smoke
filling the room
It's hard to breathe

I look towards the open window.
would falling feel like?

I remember the roller coaster at Coney Island.

The wind tugging at my hair
How good it felt to scream.
The feeling in my stomach.

And how all the way down

I was with you.

When I originally posted this many asked who Leda Rodis was ...

ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2001, 14-year-old Leda Rodis was in her high school library in Vermont, researching a freshman English assignment, when the announcement came over the loudspeaker: airplanes had been flown into both towers of the World Trade Center in New York. Like people everywhere that day, Leda watched the unreal images on television as the mammoth structures burned, then collapsed, killing thousands. The image that stuck with Leda most was that of two very brave people jumping from the towers, holding hands. Rather than die in the fire the terrorists had created, they chose to jump. And they chose to do it together.

More than any other event in history, images from 9/11 are forever seared onto humanity’s collective consciousness. Every person has tried in some way to come to terms with that day. Leda decided to write a poem. “From the 104th Floor” flowed through her as if a voice had come up out of the rubble. Though it memorializes the events and feelings of that day, “From the 104th Floor” is in the end a love poem. An inspiration. Love is bigger than terror.

Leda’s mother shared the poem with a friend in Brooklyn, Serguei Bassine, a young filmmaker. The poem’s images dug so deeply into him that in the weeks following 9/11 he would stand up and recite it on his subway commute from Brooklyn into Manhattan. Each time he read he saw horror turn to grief and then to hope in the eyes of his rapt listeners. For a long time he wrestled with how to bring the poem’s images to film without violating the integrity of the poem, or the enormity of the experiences of the people who were lost. In the end he made a short film using black-and-white animation as a way of honoring both the writer’s vision and the courage of the people who perished.

Comments have been turned off ... thank you for visiting on this very solemn occasion.

water tower silhouettes


 they were
 i tweaked the photo
 brighten the sky

 i dont remember where they are

 i can't even recall when i took it