iconic view and a water tower

walking across the brooklyn bridge 
you get to a point
 you look over to your left
 to see
 (down under the manhattan bridge overpass)

 through the buildings
 you can see 
the manhattan bridge

 far less famous
 in many ways
 more attractive

 many take
its considered

 if you look to the right 
you can see
 a water tower
also iconic
(big wink)

 ta da!


excuse me
 not having the energy
 a real post
 i walked 7 miles today, sunday, i am exhausted

 not sure
 if my 
feet or legs
 are more achy

  i walked across the brooklyn bridge
 it was a great walk
 a lovely day
 the sunshine
 fresh air
 have wiped me out

 i leave you
 this image
 the cats sleeping on toonman's desk

It’s one of those days for takin' a walk outside

we took
 a long walk 
 riverside park

 neither of us 'cared'
 which direction 
which path
 so we just started walking 
we got to the point
 just past the community gardens

we either
 turn to head back
 walk the next leg uptown 

we opted
 to go
 a whole new direction

 we headed
 a sloping path past a hillside of daffs

through the underpass 

along the river

down to 72nd street

 the basketball courts

it was the kind of day
everyone was out


he was waiting
 on thursday morning

 when i knelt down
 to take his photo
 i said hi there
his tail started wagging 

what a cutie

 his person was inside getting coffee
 i guess

 i know
animals inside restaurants or any store that sells food
 thats the law here in nyc 
so i get to see a lot of pups waiting outside 
if not for that
 i wouldn't have a saturday feature

tech #4

 there have been
 4 techs
 come by
the original installation
 back in early march

 as i have said
 every one


the latest tech came on wednesday
 he said
 the signal is strong
 its not the dvr box
 its not the remote
 (one call to t-w got me a person who was insistent the problem was the remote ... it wasn't) 

he decided
 the connection thingies
 those metal male/female
at the ends 
the cables/wires
 were old
 lets replace them

didnt fix the problem

 next up
 will be someone
 a new
 the roof top
 where the 'feed' comes into the building
 our apartment

 since toonman is always home
 no specific appointment has been made 

when the tech who does that task is in the 'hood 
he'll call and come by


 we watch a picture that does all sorts

 watching jeopardy
 the heads and bodies of the contestants
 remained solid
 their middles
 went off 
to the left or was it to the right

 no matter

  i want to go on record here
 as i have to toonman
 the problem 
 the new hr dvr box which had no picture-in-picture capability
one that had

 i believe
 the hd dvrs with p-in-p
 are not the newest
 not compatible
 with the high def signal

 you know 
that rule
 that saying
  'once you have eliminated the impossible,
 whatever remains,
 no matter how improbable, 
must be the truth'

 just sayin'

i believe 
we are at that point

 we can call it 
'daryl's law'

egg hunt!

 is sponsoring
 the big egg hunt nyc
 there are over 260 egg sculptures
 across nyc's 5 boroughs
 i 'collected' 12 on the upper west side
 this past week
 one was the magnolia bakery
 another was in the american folk art museum
 the other 10 were in the time-warner center
 in fact
 there are 2 more there
i didn't get photos of 
 gotta go back i guess 

here's a link the website

from the top left: The Egg of Light, Glitch in Reality, Mama, Papa and Eggless, Nest Egg, Brooklyn Symphony EGGestra, I am the Eggman, Middlebook Egg, Fradki Egg, Origami Egg, The Unbreakable Happiness, Furstenberg Egg, and A  New Worldview

artsy fartsy wednesday

this week you get the photo before the whine

i hit this image
 a little snapseed
 it was a wonderful app
 from nikon
 google bought it 

if you use anything google has acquired
 you know what i mean

 google and time-warner 
 cannabalize itself
 do the world a favor
 the problem with our television reception 
for which we pay monthly a ridiculous amount of money

we have met
 3 really nice techs 
who all seem to know their jobs
 each time
 they are
its fixed

 i think the issue 
 the picture in picture capable dvr box


when we got the new hd dvr box
 it did not include

the subsequent hd dvr boxes
that option
 filled out screen with pixilation

 tech #4
 will be coming over
 to see
 if he can fix things

 i am not holding my breath

 when i told you
 i was interviewed/photographed

  its now on instagram
you can click
 if you'd like to see it

that is all

sunday stuff

i know
 you're reading this on monday
 i wrote it on sunday
 was meant to be
 of the moment
  it doesn't seem to work that way

 i got my mani/pedi
 essie's lollipop 
 like a good choice
 a sunshine filled day
 the wind was less harsh
 if you walked in the sun
 if felt good
 the shade felt

 i got my hair done
 its a lot fuller this week
 it needs a shaping
 i need to get that done 

toonman and i took a walk in the park we left the apartment around 3 not a good time for the big camera too many shadows i took along the iPhone it took some interesting photos on its one this one made me laugh i think i was brushing the hair out of my eyes

i took some photos of this adorable dog not a single one of the several i know i took showed up on the camera roll but i did get a lot of random shots i did not intentionally take

 this one 
i did 

oh and time-warner?
its on-going