last sunrise of 2015

for the sake
full disclosure
 is the last
 i will post in 2015

i actually took it at the beginning of december

have a safe new year's eve
see you here in

water tower

 i went
 wanting to return
 the new camera 
 loving it
 sort of
it could happen

 getting used
 a camera 

my iphone

its a nice camera
has lots of
bells and whistles
i will probably

 its cool to have them

its got wifi
getting it 
without a lot of fuss

weekend end

it was a long weekend
 the weather was weird
 temperatures climbed 
broke records 
made it hard
 to get into the spirit 
of the season 
of the holiday 

i left the office wednesday after lunch
did some errands on the way home
over the weekend
 we watched several movies 
we went to our friends annual christmas day dinner 
i beautified

it was a long weekend
 but a good one 

we did not buy each other gifts 
we stopped doing that a few years ago 

my sister 
who we usually see christmas day morning
was not feeling well 
she had awful laryngitis
came by on sunday

 she got toonman a ton of gift cards for netflix and iTunes
 she got me a terrific lightweight olympus with interchangeable lenses 

we got her

 an iPad air and a catball for her cats 
(sorry its such a small photo but thats what she sent)

then my friend missy stopped by
we commiserated about camera manuals
i usually do not read manuals
my feeling is
if i can't figure it out
if i cant intuit it
i shouldn't be using it

olympus is testing me and that theory
the battery is finally charged
only took an hour

 i am going to go see what i can intuit 
the manual which came with it 
refers to pages not in the manual
there's a better one online
til i print it out at the office
 i am going to wing it!

fur-ever homes

this is daisy mae
she's not a youngster
she was due to be put down 
she was old 
 no one wanted her

she now lives at my vet's practice 
she's loved cared for doted on 
by his entire staff

this is cheddar jack
 he too lives at the vet's office
 another animal saved

 wont you please
 foster or adopt animals
 being sentenced to death
no one wanted them?

thanks for all you've done

I am reposting this article for
Best Friends Animal Society
an organization
my sister and i support and want to help

Once again, it's that time of year to gather loved ones close, make new memories, and celebrate the people and pets who matter most.
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Best Friends - Save Them All(R)

Watch the season's sweetest video
Watch the season's sweetest video

Once again, it's that time of year to gather loved ones close, make new memories, and celebrate the people and pets who matter most. At Best Friends, it's no different. We're so lucky to count you as part of our family, and we're so grateful for all you've done to make the holidays — and every day — warm and bright for so many animals.

On behalf of everyone at Best Friends, please enjoy this special holiday video.
Watch now!

Thank you again for everything you've done for the animals in 2015. We wish you and yours the happiest of holidays.

Gregory Castle, CEO
Best Friends Animal Society

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wrapped in fog

it was 
especially dark 
wednesday morning
fog settled
 gently wrapping the buildings 
dimming their lights

i got nothing

another straight out of the iphone photo
not edited

took this one morning
mid october 
my walk up to broadway 
to the subway

i look up a lot

its usually worth it

as for this weekend
aside from totally
hair appointment

we watched
a couple of movies:
the martian 
(as good as the book)
the big short
a strange topic
(the collapse of the world economy due to some f'ing greedy banks) 
for a comedy
quite good

i did nothing worth blogging about


queenie and rebecca

queenie is a havanese
she is adorable

her friend rebecca

she of the very chic leopard sweater
 did not want her picture taken

i was cool with it

gee whiz

i have not ever dined
gee whiz
 i pass it every morning
greenwich between chambers and warren

 i love
they decorate
 every holiday

i love the icicles
i love the dolls in the window
i love this place
i hope the food is good

three for sure, maybe more

lots of water towers
i believe i took it walking across houston street
(that street sign reads laguardia place)

wacky weekend weather

what a weekend! 
it was more like late march
mid december

 i left the office early 

 we watched two movies this weekend
 me & earl & the dying girl 
so charming
 so terrific 

we also watched
 it was a hoot 

i recommend them both

we're debating another movie
right now 
as i am blogging 
he's watching football

 back to the recappage
i had errands to do 
 after my hair appointment

 it was a good day 
 capture the hood
 holiday mode

the sky was so weird very sic-fi

 people were tree shopping this guy was drilling a hole for a tree stand

restaurants are keeping their sidewalk tables open

looking up 
while waiting to cross columbus 
i noticed 
the j.m. horton ice cream company 
 for the first time 
now of course 
i need to google to learn more

the corner of 79th at broadway 
 a busy place 
a festive place
grocery shoppers
 tree sellers and buyers 

i am thinking another movie would be fun
a good way to end the weekend

and you?
how was your weekend

a day like this

back in early october
 i spent the day 
 my friends melissa and stella 

we enjoyed 
much like 
the weather this weekend
 more like spring than the end of fall 

it was nice enough 
to walk through the park
 head down to the river 
perfect light for doggy portraits
say treats, stella

evening stroll

on my way uptown 
in an uber
 a story for another time 
stopped in traffic 
this vignette
my eye 

corner of west street 
formerly the westside highway 
at 41 street

morning run

its been

 the early
 pre-dawn hours 
 the tree sellers
 the only people
 i see 
on my way
 the subway 

that woman 
got me
 change the idea
the focus
 i had 
for a photo

 i like this one better

pink skies

another no edit 
a morning
 several weeks ago
 on my way
the subway 
early morning
 pink light

not much

it was a fun weekend 
not overly busy
 not dull
not much happened

 we went to the vet on saturday
 annie had her first check up since we adopted her
 she's in excellent health

 thank you
in the evening
 we watched a movie
 bridge of spies
 i liked it

 i spent sunday beautifying
 worked with a friend on a project she's doing
 i took photos and helped create a presentation

 sunday evening
the first night 

all in all a nice two days

thanks in advance

I am reposting this article for
Best Friends Animal Society
an organization
my sister and i support and want to help

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Best Friends
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Best Friends Animal Society
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