weekend end

it was a long weekend
 the weather was weird
 temperatures climbed 
broke records 
made it hard
 to get into the spirit 
of the season 
of the holiday 

i left the office wednesday after lunch
did some errands on the way home
over the weekend
 we watched several movies 
we went to our friends annual christmas day dinner 
i beautified

it was a long weekend
 but a good one 

we did not buy each other gifts 
we stopped doing that a few years ago 

my sister 
who we usually see christmas day morning
was not feeling well 
she had awful laryngitis
came by on sunday

 she got toonman a ton of gift cards for netflix and iTunes
 she got me a terrific lightweight olympus with interchangeable lenses 

we got her

 an iPad air and a catball for her cats 
(sorry its such a small photo but thats what she sent)

then my friend missy stopped by
we commiserated about camera manuals
i usually do not read manuals
my feeling is
if i can't figure it out
if i cant intuit it
i shouldn't be using it

olympus is testing me and that theory
the battery is finally charged
only took an hour

 i am going to go see what i can intuit 
the manual which came with it 
refers to pages not in the manual
there's a better one online
til i print it out at the office
 i am going to wing it!


  1. Glad you had a nice weekend Daryl! This weather has been something else! Freezing rain tonight. Wishing you all the best this holiday season!

  2. Ah, a girl after my own heart! I very rarely read manuals, (maybe never). Go forth and figure out is my moto. :D You should see the weather here! Unseasonably warm and daffodils blooming everywhere. This must be what it's like in Australia for heaven's sake.

  3. A delightful photo with those wispy branches, and that blue sky, and those beautiful buildings! Sounds like a pretty nice weekend, and the gift of a camera was super nice. Now you'll have to decide whether to use your phone or the Olympus... :)

  4. The weather was too warm here before Christmas and it has been raining ever since the day after Christmas, except this morning. We are having sleet this morning and it is supposed to change to snow. Bummer.

  5. I can relate to the laryngitis... I've had a sore throat for a week now that has had me sounding like Andy Garcia in Dead Again.

  6. My camera had all of the manual on the internet and I am still learning its features. Mine too is an olympus but must be a lower grade than yours. No lens changing for me. It sounds like you had a great Christmas in NY.

  7. A new camera, what a great gift. Having a smaller camera has made a big difference for me, but there are still things I miss about using my Nikon. Ah well, I still have the aches and pains to remind me why I switched. Good Luck with the manual and figuring it out. My Sony is not intuitive at all...I hope your camera is better.


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