wifi or not to wifi

is there anywhere
 as starkly cold
 as a subway station
 in the early morning

 i think not

 people come to wait
 spend the few minute wait
 eye glued
 to their mobile phones
 no matter
you are a crackberry
iphone user
 checking email
oogling instagram
 playing a game
 while waiting

 the other morning
 as i walked down the stairs
 into the subway
 a new sign
 caught my eye
 it proclaimed
 this station
 has wifi

 to reaffirm this
 there are signs
 taped to the pillars

 indeed there is
 boingo is providing wifi service on the 79th street subway platform 
if you are unfamiliar with boingo
 i can tell you
 it costs $7something a month
 you can find a boingo hot spot

i signed up for a free month's trial of boingo a year or so ago
 to use while travelling
 i quickly discovered
 that even if i was in a boingo hot spot
 chances are
 it didnt work
before the month was up
 i decided not to go for a contract

 i now have an iphone 5 with 4g lte connectivity 
i dont need to have wifi
 in order to get online
 to check email or instagram
 or even pop onto the web
 for some on the spot fact find
 on the street
 in a cab

 my subway commute
 takes me a quick 10 minutes
 that includes
 the wait time on the platform 

i cant imagine 
why anyone waiting for a subway train would need wifi 
even the worst case scenario of waiting 12 minutes
 - just this morning 
as i hopped into the subway car
 i looked at the 'clock'
 which advises how long til the next train arrives
 and saw it was 12 minutes - 
i cant imagine 
needing to connect 
via wifi 
especially boingo's not so reliable hot spot connectivity

 answer me this

  if you worked in nyc, rode the subway would you need to access wifi while you waited? 
what would you be doing?

standing on the corner

watching as world goes by 
look up 
see that tower/tank?
 taken that way to remember where i was

no harry or jack stories
i realized that recently
 this blog
 has featured
 more cat posts
it has
 its inception
i suspect 
if gus and/or rose were still alive
 they'd feel slighted

you know
 i upgraded from an iPhone 4 to iPhone 5
i did the upgrade myself
 where i read
 it would take 2-3 hours to get the new phone activated
 it actually took a lot more than that
 a lot more
 at one point 
the old nor the new phone

well when the new bill arrived last night
 i was floored
i love the 47 cents 

i call at&t 
ask for an explanation

well, day-rill 
 the definitely not english as a first language 'agent' 
i will explain it to you
how are you today?

oh silly woman
 i think
 why did you ask me a leading question?

i tell her
 i am not happy
 i doubt
 you can resolve this 
 i am willing to give you a chance

she thanked me 
launching into a sing-song recitation of my plan
 i cut her off
 i dont want you to explain my plan to me
 i want you to explain the $36 'one time charge for upgrading'

she hesitates 
she learns quickly i think

i jump into her silence

 i am not paying that $36
 i say
 this is unacceptable

 she quickly chimes
 in its a fee for activating your new phone

 i say
 no one activated my phone
 i did it all online 
it took 17 hours
i am not paying this 

yes, day-rill we will deduct that from the bill

i continue
 these other 'surcharges and other fees'' they are related to the $36 fee?

yes, day-rill they are

i am not paying them either

there is silence so i press on

my monthly bill is $65
i will be sending you $65
there will be no interest 
no penalty 
 be sure to indicate that
i will be back

there's more silence

i ask her name again
she replies
adding how else may i be of service?

i tell her
 remove those fees,
 make the note about no penalty
 have a good day

waiting for inspiration

so the terrible storms
 didnt reach new york city
 i feel for those 
who did get hit
 i am not sorry it missed us

 the drizzle of saturday
 my glasses 
 wiper blades

 our harry is a very sensitive boy
 a scavenger 
with a fragile tummy 
we went 
 litter box cowpies
 what looked like chocolate syrup
 smelled like rotting sewage
 i do not exaggerate
 only a little

 after two days of this
 he and i went to the vet 
friday late afternoon

 he's a big boy
 11.75 lbs 
he is not easy to carry
he does gymnastics in the carrier
 he behaved nicely for dr mohr 
she asked for a sample 
of his poop
 to see
 what is causing
 his stinky poop distress 
he was nice enough to accommodate
 shortly after we got home 
saturday morning in the misty drizzle 
i walked the poop to the vet

sunday beautification at polished 
zoya's pixie dust in vespa on the fingernails
 toes are zoya neely

a visit to zabars for munchies
home to toonman and the cats
 i sat down at the computer
 trying to think of something to post about
i am still waiting for inspiration to hit
here's a photo i call
under the canopy

virgin no more


 can you imagine living with a video editor?
 trust me
 you can't

 i have long stayed far away from video
 my love is still photography
i shoot something that moves
 it blurs
 that's my experience 
moving pictures
 until now

i lie

 twice in the past
 i used the video camera on my iphone 4 
but i never shared it


i did share one
 a very brief pathetic selfie 'singing' 

those who know me
 know why
 is in quotes

 it was part of a video
 put together to give a sick friend a smile
so technically it doesn't count


 one morning
 harry was playing with a toy
 he especially likes to chew
 on the floor
 beside the scratching post
 now normally
 i would be all
 ooh aren't you adorable
go back to whatever
that morning
 i decided to make a video of his antics
 when i was done
 i wanted to share it

 let me tell you how hard it is to export a video from an iphone
 there are three options 
 too big
 did i want to send a clip
 no i did not

 too long
 wanna select a smaller clip
 no i do not 

just right
 so i do

 who is a video editor in real life
 got involved

 i googled
 get this video off this fucking phone and into imovie please so my husband can help 

guess what?
 a tutorial
even instruction reading phobic me 
could follow
 it worked
 easy peasy
 does not like my computer OS interface
 he opted to stay in the land of OS 10.6 
while i am in 10.8 
we plugged my iphone into his imac
 added some music 
a little editing 
here it is
my debut video

some would say
 i pulled
 a tom sawyer or is it a huck finn?

help these cats .. share their story .. please

A Home for Levi and Silvie

This pair is so bonded, one probably won’t survive without the other – literally. Silvie was in a world of hurt and depression when the Animal Protection League of New Jersey took her in. So much so, she had to be fed with a syringe and an I.V. to stay alive. But then Levi came into her world. This super shy girl who hesitates at human touch finally found a feline friend.
Almost immediately, Silvie perked up. Levi seemed just as smitten with his new, little shadow. The two curl up around each other like a yin yang symbol, sometimes even lying on top of each other just to have enough room for the two of them inside their cozy bed! When roaming free around their foster home, Silvie stays close to Levi’s side.
Unfortunately, Levi’s love for cozying up to people (after he gets used to them) hasn’t rubbed off on Silvie. While Levi will greet you at the door and purr for belly rubs, Silvie is much more of a cat’s cat. She has the personality of a gentle barn cat, but because she’s so dependent on Levi – he did, after all, save her life – the two really hope to find a family understanding enough to adopt their little family together. They’re currently living in the basement of their foster home in Budd Lake, New Jersey, but would love a home where they had a little more room.
Both cats are three years old, spayed/neutered and perfectly healthy.
If you would like to make Levi’s and Silvie’s dream come true, please contact Michelle Lerner, at (973) 584-5890 or email her atmtolivetnr@gmail.com.

comments are turned off
no comments necessary
just help

for a link
 that you can c/p and share

please share
we can help
 these sweet cats
forever home

eastside hunk

isnt he handsome?
what a face
so intense
so intent
outside a restaurant 
madison avenue
on my way 
for my massage
i had to stop and snap a few pix
he was not interested 
when i told him 
i was a blogger!

life is tough

this photo
really has nothing to do
with the title of this post
the early morning sky caught my eye
the light was so soft
the image needed balance
i played
it feels better


i ordered
a pair
Narciso Rodriquez for Kohl's leggings 
so cool looking
charcoal grey with a black tuxedo stripe 

 (image stolen from Kohls.com)

they arrived
 i felt like the winner on biggest loser 
they were gigantic
 two of me would have fit in them

 what size did i order?


a friend has them in small
 she's small
 so i thought 
with my long legs
 i would need a large 

i went to the website
 to return the pair i got
to purchase a pair in medium
they're sold out
 in grey/black
red ones

(image stolen from Kohls.com)

 are not me
 not at all 

the sizing is weird 
they come
extra small
 large (which is gigantic)
 extra large
 which i assume
 is meant for conjoined twins
 i mean 
 who is

no way would x-small fit
medium is sold out
i am sure that they're still available in a kohl's store
there is no kohl's here on the island of manhattan
life is tough


 its cold outside

not Australians 
complaining about the heat
is complaining
its cold

 its winter
 its not 
 to be 


water tower east

during the summer
 along madison avenue
 one of the trips
 across town
 for a massage

 in my opinion
 the buildings 
on the east side
 lack character 
just sayin'

a picture is worth a lotta words

i keep them
to a

 friday shopping

saturday massage

 window shopping photo oping

mani/pedi followed by brunch 
with my blister angie's 
gorgeous daughter rachel 
as you can see 
she's recovered
 the illness
 that ruined her 
21st birthday

the weekend
 isnt over yet
to those
 two other
 february babies 
george and abe

i heart the upper eastside

zadig and voltaire's valentine window

i love my visits to the upper eastside
 i love wandering up madison
 in the high 70s low 80s
 there are
 a lot

 that make me
 i was

 the designer shops 
south of the 70s 
 fabulous clothing
 i can easily afford
 i stick to
 rebecca taylor 
zadig and voltaire
 (i thought it was zaftig 
in yiddish
means chubby 
so i did think it odd), 
 j. crew 
 eileen fisher

 just this friday 
after picking up
 time piece
 i wandered up the escalator
 in time warner center 
shop at 
needed eye make up remover indulged in a laura mercer 'caviar' rose gold eye shadow stick 
j. crew
where its spring or maybe cruise time
a siren calling 70% off pulled me
eileen fisher
 where i bought
the sweetest
mini dress
 in a knit with a bit of sparkle
 you know i cannot resist sparkle
 it can be worn
heavy tights
over the knee boots

i going

oh yeah
 i love the upper eastside
my monthly 60 minutes being
deep tissue massaged
at exhale spa
oh no
 you don't
 i don't


that's my friends/neighbors the lewises's dog panda
i think panda is a border collie st bernard mix 
he has the st bernard sort of brooding brow
i was out with my big camera the morning after nemo
why are 'they' naming snow storms?

after a few minutes of visiting
 he wanted to move on
 pulling on his leash to say 
lets go


took an iphone photo of taxi cabs on 42nd street
one rainy morning
the reflections 
of the headlights 
on the slick street
 the way 
the shop lights
 were popping
 in the still 
darkness of a morning
 without sun

 when i got my new iphone
i needed a case
 i went
 to my
 'go to' 
 to get the same case 
i had for the iphone 4 
it was no longer available
 none of the other artist designs 

 i remembered
 the very new york feel of the taxi photo
 it wasn't as wonderful as the memory
 played with it in topaz labs simplify
 the best fix
 in my opinion 
for photos
that weren't
 all that and a bag of chips

 hit it with a bit of buzzsim
 i don't know what 
buzzsim is 

i should google it 
(i did ... google has no idea what it means)

i do know 
i like the effect
 i liked 
what it did 
to the wet street
the lights

 has a very easy peasy way of uploading your photo
 a template
 for making it fit

 i ordered it
 a water tower shot in monochrome
 i would decide
 which one
 to would use 
when they arrived
  it took less time than expected 
tried out 
the water tower cover 
 the taxi 
the taxi
 the water color feel
 love the whole distortion

now i have
 an extra cover
 for an iphone 5
see the thingie on the right sidebar?
the follower counter?

i never expected to have even 5 followers 
445 really is something
i feel optimistic 
when my followers reach 450
a drawing will be held
i will be giving it away
stay tuned!

be mine

happy valentine's day 

do you buy a special card for your valentine?
do you buy a gift?
do you prefer 
 heart shaped jewelry?
do you go out to dinner?
do you stay home and snuggle?

fess up!
nosy me wants to know!

i'll go first
i make Toonman a card
in the past i have gotten him chocolate
he loves hershey kisses
we don't go out
he doesn't bake me a cake
that's only for my birthday
this evening 
the plan is
pizza and a bottle of wine
snuggling on the couch
3 episodes of 'the following'

photos and blather

 this weekend brought the first real snow of winter 
blew into town
 bringing with it jim sullivan and HIS WIFE
 more about that in a sec 

when i left the office friday at 2ish
 it had just begun to snow

we spent the night
 cozy on the couch
the cats
 catch up tv
 shows recorded earlier in the week

 was fun
 i dont know what that critic from the ny times
 has stuck up his butt 
over this show
 if you've not watched it
 wondered if you should
watch it
watch it
 ignore that ass

 after my amex angst
 i went out a wandering
 the 'hood

riverside park sledders

looked up
 to see 
 swoop onto that branch
 of course 
i didnt have my big lens 

 i walked up to broadway 
lots of snow shoveling

on sunday
 jim sullivan
 who is known to many
 as the blogger suldog 
i have long looked forward to meeting
 in person

he is a handsome irishman

ignore all that distracting crap in the background

mugging for the camera
men in caps

 back when david mcmahon was blogging
 he cited suldog's post
 as a post of the day
 i read it 
left a comment 
 are you single?, i have a sister!
he said 
he was married
 he didnt have a brother

 we've been friends ever since 

he told me they were coming to nyc
we made plans to break bread

 we took
 suldog and HIS WIFE
 ditch plains
 we had breakfast for lunch
adult beverages
 lots of funny stories
 we felt
we'd known


toonman, me, the surfing video, suldog, and suldog's WIFE
booth it at ditch plains


i want
 of this year
 my birthday

 shall i list the reasons why?

watch running 15 minutes slow, had it repaired 
in under a week
running 15 minutes slow

fractured a tooth's root
 a very expensive
 i am still reeling over how much it cost 
how uncomfortable it was while it healed

a friend died

 two strange charges against my american express card
of all places
 wal-mart dot com

 dont get me wrong
 i am not a 1 percenter 
 i have
 in my life 
 at wal-mart 
neither in person or on-line

 two charges
 totaling over $500
 made on christmas day and new year's day
 were definitely not mine

i disputed the charges

lazing around 
did i want to get dressed
 have another cup of coffee
opted to
check home email
two messages from american express
 i logged into my account
 via the internet 

 log into a link 
 if it is from a company
 you trust 

i accessed the messages
the dispute(s) were resolved 

i went ballistic

 amex was 
going to refund my money
 they had proof of purchase(s)

 i looked at the supplied proof 
my anger escalated several notches
two hdtvs

 janet hill of jamaica queens or philippe plummer of fairport ny
now i know where you live
 how to reach you
stupid people 
 so does amex's fraud department 
 were contacted immediately

 they refunded my money
 issued me a new card

amex will now pursue and prosecute 
whoever used my card

 i really 
 to call
 these people
i have their phone numbers
they were
 the ship portion of the receipt
wal-mart provided as proof of purchase
tell them
 they are going to jail


gonna pull up
big girl pants
let it go!

saying hello

i am sure 
my friend
 the poetess
 a clever
 piece of prose

was all i had

followed by the big evening

thank you all
 birthday wishes

 to all my Facebook friends
 thank you for all lovely comments

we went out to dinner
there were flowers 

my step daughters 
Lisa & Lori

a card
my darling husband
(his gift didnt get here in time)

dinner at a cozy trattoria
on Amsterdam Avenue
La Vela

a delightful Malbec 
 candle light

warm crusty peasant bread

delicious pappardelle with fungi and tomato

all gone
a bowl of spaghetti with bolognese sauce

then home
for dessert

 home made
a mix
 chocolate cake 
 chocolate icing
with a heart and a candle



the rest of the evening