photos and blather

 this weekend brought the first real snow of winter 
blew into town
 bringing with it jim sullivan and HIS WIFE
 more about that in a sec 

when i left the office friday at 2ish
 it had just begun to snow

we spent the night
 cozy on the couch
the cats
 catch up tv
 shows recorded earlier in the week

 was fun
 i dont know what that critic from the ny times
 has stuck up his butt 
over this show
 if you've not watched it
 wondered if you should
watch it
watch it
 ignore that ass

 after my amex angst
 i went out a wandering
 the 'hood

riverside park sledders

looked up
 to see 
 swoop onto that branch
 of course 
i didnt have my big lens 

 i walked up to broadway 
lots of snow shoveling

on sunday
 jim sullivan
 who is known to many
 as the blogger suldog 
i have long looked forward to meeting
 in person

he is a handsome irishman

ignore all that distracting crap in the background

mugging for the camera
men in caps

 back when david mcmahon was blogging
 he cited suldog's post
 as a post of the day
 i read it 
left a comment 
 are you single?, i have a sister!
he said 
he was married
 he didnt have a brother

 we've been friends ever since 

he told me they were coming to nyc
we made plans to break bread

 we took
 suldog and HIS WIFE
 ditch plains
 we had breakfast for lunch
adult beverages
 lots of funny stories
 we felt
we'd known


toonman, me, the surfing video, suldog, and suldog's WIFE
booth it at ditch plains


  1. First things first-Happy belated birthday! and what a great gift to get to meet up with a friend from cyberland! How great was THAT???
    Hope your birthday month just keeps picking up steam and is GREAT!

  2. I'm so enjoying all of these snowy pictures from the other side of the world! (we're in the middle of a heat wave!)

  3. How fabulous that you got to meet a fellow blogger. I hope we will be able to do the same when we come to NYC, hopefully next year, for my 65th birthday. x

  4. And the beauty of the snow and the company of friends makes the birthday month just keep getting better!

  5. I have snow envy...sounds like a great weekend.

  6. You always fill your days and evenings with exciting stuff:)
    We had a big hawk in the tree (just outside the kitchen window) who preened and cleaned himself for a good 15 minutes - pretty cool to watch. Needless to say, there were no other birds or squirrels around for quite a while

    So nice that you got to meet your friend and the wife!

  7. That first photo looks like an updated Bruegel painting. That Suldog does get around!

  8. I love seeing a little more of your life "out and about" in your 'hood. Snow in New York, how pretty!

  9. WHOA...Toonman had a VERY SOCIAL WEEK...hope that he has the energy for our next visit!

  10. It's the best thing in the world when people you meet for the first time live up to expectations don't you think!

  11. Ah, the famous Suldog, in person at last. What fun you had!

  12. things are looking up! & I love the photo of the two bloggers.

  13. What a nice looking guy (oh, couple!). Bet you had big fun.

  14. Daryl, glad you had a great weekend, despite the inclement weather!

  15. I am so jealous that you got to meet each other! But actually surprised it hasn't happened sooner. Looks like a great time!

  16. What a fun weekend you had in spite of the snow!

  17. TOTALLY agree with you about SMASH! A great adult escape - for lovers of musical theatre and/or aging veterans of high schoo productions! :)

  18. That's so great you get to meet so many fellow bloggers in person! Lucky you!

  19. i thoroughly adore jim and HIS WIFE. they are wonderful people and i am so glad you all got to enjoy each other. i just have one question......why didn't you all proceed just a little west?! hehehehe.

  20. I love your snowy shots. Strikes me that you are a trophy wife, Dar.

    Aloha to YOU
    from Honolulu,
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° >

  21. Aha, Suldog...and David McMahon..I remember them...from a while ago now.
    Will have to pop in and read his blog again one day.

    Good to catch up here Daryl. Bad luck about the credit card fraud.
    Have just received a cheque from my former Internet provider...well, the people they merged with and made a mess of subsequent billing. I opted out of future business.They wanted my bank details to pay me what they owed. I refused. Wouldn't leave the building until I received a letter saying they would pay me such and such. Got a cheque today,, they must have opened an account just to pay me! They said they didn't do cheques or cash! Huh. So glad I didn't give them my bank details at the start. whew!

  22. What a wonderful visit we had with Daryl & Toonman! Very welcoming and funny people, and it is as Daryl said, as though we'd known each other for years. I'll be writing up my own report of the meeting (and the rest of our NYC trip) today or tomorrow (we just got back last night.)

  23. First part of our trip report is posted!

    (You guys make a cameo in this one, but you'll be featured performers in the next.)

  24. Oh very cool that you spent time with Suldog and HIS WIFE! :)


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