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Eight Books I Have Read Recently
Straight Man (I didn’t finish it …)
13th Tale
Under Currents
Tales of the City
More Tales of the City
The Time Traveler’s Wife
Shell Game (part of the Mallory series by Carol O' Connell)
Storm Front (first installment of the Dresden Files)

Eight Movies I Have Seen Eight Times
Escape from New York
Yankee Doodle (George M Cohan movie w/James Cagney)
I Married a Witch
Towering Inferno
Gone With the Wind
Heaven Can Wait Here Comes Mr. Jordan
Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Eight Things I Have a Passion For
The Cats
Standards (music/lyrics)
Pizza (with fresh mushrooms and tomato)

Eight things I say a lot
I will kill you/them
Go To Sleep
I. do. not. care.
This is making me crazy
What’s up

Eight Things I Would Like to do Before I Die
Go to Hawaii
Get the apartment painted
Take a trip, anywhere, with Husband
Sell the Florida condo
See my sister married
Have my own business
Get rid of the hives/find out what causes them
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This Baby Croc seems to be either in jail or in some sort of croc zoo ... I sure hope whoever lost it comes back and finds it .

photographed & posted by daryl

I am a lot sad this morning.

My Sister's cat Minnie passed last night. She had a long and mostly happy life tho like many seniors she wasnt all that healthy the last few years.

I helped pick her out from the other less impressive cats for adoption at North Shore Animal Shelter over 15 years ago.

She filled my Sister's life with a lot of fun and companionship; she will be missed by Sister as well as Ally, Sister's other cat.

Rest in peace, Sweet Minnie.

Thanks to Troy & Martha of Ramblings Around Texas I now know what the heck this critter is called. Its a Widow Skimmer!

I was in Chicago last summer wandering the wonders that are Millennium Park when I saw this flutter by and light on these flowers. I took two shots of it and then spent days trying to find out what it was.

In the process of searching, Googling and just showing it to friends who are critter knowledgeable I came across this site called What's That Bug?

I posted this photo there but it seems at the time the site was overwhelmed with inquiries and I never did get a reply ... which is not to say its not an interesting site ... give it a look sometime.

Anyway the Widow Skimmer is my addition to this week's Camera Critters, created and hosted by Misty Dawn & Mr Linky. so if you want to see more interesting critters check it out.

Segue ahead ...

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Edited to add: If you want to check out more wonderful photos the prolific and creative Dot has begun a new MEME (I finally learned this is pronounced like the end part of THEME .. apparently its a 'net slang for that very word .. ) called The World in Black & White

photographed & posted by daryl

apres beautification™

Well, I had a really nice afternoon. Subwayed down to the West Village where Violet & Family are staying in her childhood apartment 17 floors up with a fabulous view from which we watched it pour after a yummy lunch of left over Thai food that her husband Joe nuked while Harlan napped.

Violet and I caught up on soap opera stuff, yes, we are proud almost life long All My Children fans, and shoes. We are both shoe addicted and like pretty much the same styles. We're both tall and have less than dainty feet ...

After Harlan woke we had a photo session. He is adorable, almost 3 and on the go constantly.

When we were sure it wasnt going to rain again Violet and I headed out to Union Square Farmers Market but got side tracked by a lingerie store, another shared vice, so that by the time we got to Union Sq it looked as if it was going to rain again ... I decided NOT to go to Trader Joe's ... so we hugged and hugged and hugged some more before I hopped the subway home. When I got out of the subway up here ... it was, you guessed it POURING.. lucky for me Violet lent me an umbrella .. just in case.

Yes, aims, I took Carolyn's suggestion and trademarked beautification™ ... I do believe I coined that as a .. verb? .. so if you use it, you must note the ™ .

ScrappySue, I promise to go to Trader Joe's with you. I think I need someone to go with so I dont keep putting it off ... they are supposed to be a super food market with lots of fresh and interesting foods.

Beautification™ Saturday

Its going to be a HOT day here in New York City .. hot hot hot ... and after beautification™ I am off to visit a friend who is visiting for a month or so from Austin, TX.

Violet Crumble is her blogging name and she used to live with the husband and kidlette in Brooklyn before they packed up and moved ... I am really looking forward to seeing them all and spending time ... and they are staying with her Dad who has an apartment near Union Square .... and the Trader Joe's that opened about 18 months ago ... which I have been wanting to go see/shop ever since.

Why haven't I gone before, you ask?

Because in NYC when something new... something HOT opens you cannot get near it til it cools down. Restaurants .. supermarkets ... insanely crowded.

I was warned to bring a book to read on the check-out line ... I will. And I can always listen to my ever present iPod Shuffle.

So ... I am off to beautify™ and leave you with this photo taken a few years ago at another salon I went to before Curl Up & Dye opened ... seriously .. would you not want to go to a salon called Curl Up & Dye?

photographed & posted by daryl
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October sky over Belvedere Castle in Central Park

photographed and posted by daryl

more venice - part 2

As promised .. Part 2 of what looks to be a 3 parter ...

This was taken at the rehearsal dinner. Son's parents are the couple in the front

After I read the letter she left for me I was furious. I went up to my room and re-read it several times, each time I got angrier and angrier.

What did it say?

Basically that I was rude and my remarks to HER husband were unbelievable and if I felt this way about THEM why did I come to HER wedding. And the best part was that she signed it with her full – now – married name. As if I wouldn’t have known who it was from had she just signed her first name.

I mentally composed several really nasty replies but in the end I decided that since I was an adult, I would act like one and ignore the childish, nasty letter.

After I got home from Venice I shared all the gory details with Husband - he was furious and wanted to write a reply. I said it’s not worth it and will only serve to make things worse I would just as soon forget the whole thing.

I also decided that I was not going to tell D what happened … no matter what Bridezilla did or said I was not going to let it get to me. AND Husband designated our apartment as a Bridezilla-free zone … her name, her antics were not to be mentioned.

And I kept my promise until ….

Several weeks before Christmas D and I go out to lunch and then start shopping for gifts. We have done this for most of the 35+ years we’ve been friends.

That particular late November afternoon we had our lunch and headed to Barney’s on Madison Avenue. I kept sensing something was bothering D. Finally in the Men’s Department she turned to me and said: did you get a thank you note from the kids?

Thank you note? No, I said, I didn’t.

Well, she said, it seems the first note was returned undeliverable and so a second had been mailed.

I said I didn’t get any note. And I wondered why it was undeliverable.

D said the post office returned it as addressee unknown.

I said that is SO odd since we’ve lived there forever (what I didn’t say: Bridezilla lived in the same building with Son for almost a year before they moved to L.A.).

And then she said: did something happen in Venice after B and I left?

I looked at her and considered my options. I could lie or I could tell her the truth.

She said: Bridezilla mentioned something about a remark you made.

I was furious

I couldn’t believe the little bitch had actually said something to D.

So I decided I had to tell her what happened .. the truth, not some fantasy Bridezilla would have told. I said I was never going to tell you about this because it was all so childish but she also wrote me a nasty letter.

D was not surprised. We agreed that from this point on she wouldn’t tell me about the nasty stuff Bridezilla did and I would not feel the need to hate the girl.

Ah life, it always has a way of messing with the best intentions.

lived, photographed and posted by daryl
Yes, its Wednesday ... and today is all about W ... no, not him! the letter W... and if you would like to see more photographic Ws head over to Mrs Nesbitt's Place.. and check out Mr Linky ...

Waffle Iron in San Antonio, TX

A close up of the Waffle shape

And the finished Waffle

.. in the shape of the State of Texas

where not only are the eyes upon you, but some yummy syrup as well ...

photographed, eaten & now posted by daryl

Dinner at Five

I am working on the Eight MEME that Mental P Mama tagged me for ... with .. whatever, I AM working on it. I had no idea I watched so few movies 8 times ...who'da thunk it.

AND I am writing the next installment of The Bridezilla Chronicles.

Meantime, did I tell you that "we" (Husband and my Sister) and cousin M took The Aunt to dinner this past Saturday? Thought I might have.

As you know I cannot tell a short story ... so sit back, grab a snack and listen up.

A few weeks ago The Aunt called me at the office.

Are you busy? she asked

No, I lied

Why aren't you busy, don't they give you enough to do?

Okay, I lied I am busy

Are you available for dinner in June?

When exactly are we talking about?, I ask

She hems and haws and I know what the reason is.

Is M coming to town?

Yes, she says

Okay, I promise I will go to dinner with you so you dont have to spend time alone with him.

I should explain that M is a nice person. He is caring and thoughtful but his idea of conversation is a constant barrage of questions and The Aunt, like my father who was her older brother, has little to no patience for things like that.

She laughs and says thank you. As soon as I know when he is coming I will call you.

I say I promise to make myself available.

SO .. when she called a week later to tell me dinner was going to be Sunday June 22 I said no problem. She then told me she wanted lobster and so she was going to make reservations at a seafood place she likes on City Island.

I said fine.

Until I thought about it.

To get to City Island I would need to either rent a car or take public transportation that was complicated, time consuming and required sticking to a schedule/timetable.

So I spoke to my Sister and Husband asking them what they thought about taking The Aunt and M to dinner here in the 'hood. They thought it was brilliant.

I called The Aunt.

How about we go to dinner in the city, I begin

I dont like to travel, she says cutting me off

You wont have to. We will get a car service to take you into Manhattan and then pick you up and take you home

The car service I use wont know how to get into Manhattan and I dont think they will want to come pick me up.

Of course they will.

After a lot of back/forth like that she agreed ... especially after I told her about Calle Ocho a latin fusion restaurant I love. She had been to Cuba as a girl and still loved to tell stories about it.

The week before the scheduled dinner she called to tell me M was mistaken about his travel dates so could we move dinner to Saturday night? Sure, I said, and I quickly called and changed the reservation AND I emailed my Sister to tell her.

As Saturday approached I realized I had not heard back from my Sister so I emailed again and asked if she got the earlier email and was she coming. She replied yes.

On Saturday morning around 11 I called The Aunt to give her the address of the restaurant.

Oh, she said when she answered the phone, you're finally up.

I replied: I am not only up I am getting a manicure.

Oh you are .. and why didnt you call me earlier?

I didnt want to wake you.

I was up at 6:30.

Okay .. you win .. here's the address .. I had to repeat it 3 times before she got it right ..

What time is the reservation?

5 p.m.

I hope I can make it

I didnt answer because it was like taking to my late father ... I counted to 1o ... If you get stuck in traffic or if you are early call me on my cellphone to let me know.

I'll think about it, she said

At 4:45 Husband and I walked over to the restaurant. At 5:05 I called my Sister who is never ever late ... her phone rang at least 4 times and I was sure she on her way when she answered.

I said: Why are you still home?

Where should I be?

Here... we're having dinner at 5 pm

No, that's tomorrow night.

NO ..its tonight .. did I not ask you if you got the email?

I did get it.

Did you READ it?

Umm .. I guess I missed the part about the date changing .. I can be there in .. well I dont know how long it will take ...

Just get here....

At 5:20 my cellphone rings



Its M. We're at the address you gave us but we dont see the restaurant.

I say: Are you on Columbus between 81-82 Streets?

We're at the address you gave us but we dont see the restaurant ..he repeats

I say: M .. LISTEN to me ... Are you on Columbus between 81-82 Streets?

Oh, he says, I see you.

With that Husband walks toward a car that is now backing up ... he opens the door to help The Aunt out and gently walks her to the curb ... M is dashing around from the other side of the car to help too .. we hug .. he asks about my Sister and I say she's on her way.

As we're sitting down M realizes he left his camera in the car and dashes off to call the car service. The Aunt turns to me and says: He'd forget his head if it wasnt attached AND you need to find him something bland to eat he says he cant eat 'this sort of food'.

I am surprised. I emailed him asking if he had any food issues and he said he didnt eat sushi or sashimi. Since they dont serve that here I didnt think there would be a problem.

She says he told her he cant eat Cuban food.

I am confused ... the restaurant doesnt serve Cuban food ....because I am a mean girl when M gets back to the table I reiterate what I said in the email reminding him of his response.

He says SHE told him it was Cuban food. Well its not, I say, and you can always have a nice bland piece of chicken. He declines saying he will find something.

With this we all look at the menu and decide on drinks .. The Aunt says she wants 'that drink with Cranberry Juice' .. so we order her a Sea Breeze. We order appetizers which both Husband and M pass on, however when they arrive M eats them anyway.

My Sister arrives in time for the appies and we all order entrees .. dinner is delightful and its not til we're almost all through that the place gets crowded and NOISEY.

When the check comes The Aunt takes out two credit cards and says to the waiter .. which one would you like?

I try to catch his eye to stop him from taking either of them .. I wave my AMEX card at him but he doesnt see ... Husband is off at the mens room. M is calling the car service to request a pick up and my Sister is looking at me like I am crazy.

In the end, after much back and forth, The Aunt pays the check and I am permitted to pay the tip.

We walk them out to the waiting car .. hugs and kisses all around .. and off they go ...

Did I mention The Aunt will be 90 on June 30th?

And yes, everyone tells Husband he looks just like George Carlin, may he rest in peace.

oh .. and now you can see where my silver hair gene comes from ... we think M dyes his hair!

told in excruciating detail & posted by daryl

toonsday - husbandisms - a continuation

click here for a rimshot

created & posted by daryl
if you would like to see other "odd" shots .. go to the source .. Katney's Kaboodle

This cat believes it owns the Grand Place of Brussels. There is usually a farmers market set up in the early morning and I suspect he or she was waiting for them and some special treats for being the official greeter. I went to Brussels in 1998 to attend a workshop in preparation for the advent of Y2K ......

photographed & posted by daryl
to see more photographs of Camera Critters saunter on over to see Misty Dawn who started all the fun

In keeping with the Venetian mood of the last few posts - and a wonderful documentary on Venice on WNET Channel 13 here in NYC that I saw part of yesterday I offer you two Venetian cats!

Siamese: Che cosa è nuovo? (what's new?)

Spot: Non molto. (not a lot)

Siamese: Desiderate fare una passeggiata (Wanna go for a walk?)

Spot: No. Sto aspettando qualcuno lo ho lasciato dentro (No, I am waiting for someone to let me in)

posted, translated & photographed by daryl
Ah .. I am back from my weekly beautification™. 

This week included getting hairs cut. I have the best hair cutter in the city and she really knows me and what suits me. I personally wanted to go shorter but she insisted this was short enough .. 

Husband who thinks any hair cut is too much asked "Did you donate what she cut off to one of those charities?" ... HA HA .. I really didn't have LONG hair ... but it was a little longer than it is now ..

And I am glad you enjoyed meeting our late cat Sans .. she was pretty funny and this photo was just one of many where she made faces for the camera.

Tonight we, Husband, my Sister and I, are taking The Aunt to dinner along with a cousin (not her son, but her nephew) who flew in the Colorado to see her. She turns 90 on June 30 but Cousin couldn't be here then and The Aunt's son and DIL are on their way to Minnesota for some sort of pilot certification something so its going to be a small non-party since The Aunt refuses to allow us to fete her .. in fact she is insistent she will be paying for dinner ... we'll see.

When The Aunt was about 10 year old she went to Cuba with her parents. My grandfather had a sister living there at the time and they visited her. The Aunt still tells stories about the trip and how she went to night clubs with them .. she saw Xavier Cugat perform ... anyway we're taking her to a restaurant called Calle Ocho which has a 'Latin Fusion' menu. She is going to love it and I am hoping for more stories about that trip to Cuba.

So now I am going to go spend some time with Husband and catch up with you all tomorrow .. or should I say manana!
If you would like to see more skies go to Wigger's World where OldWomTigger is hosting

the skies were foggy and drizzly the morning I took this in Boston Commons

photo and post by daryl

more venice

Venice. Ah. City of romance.

Our 25th wedding anniversary was approaching and I wanted more than anything to go away somewhere with Husband. We talked about it for months. Okay, I talked about it for months, he listened. And you know how he listens.

So as July was approaching I stepped up the discussion and pressed him on where he wanted to go. I wanted to go to Hawaii. He, it turns out, didn’t want to go anywhere.

His rationale was, not necessarily in this order: Gus, our cat was on meds and he didn’t trust anyone to dose him; he hates to travel; he really doesn’t like the beach… I think there were more reasons but I countered with: San Francisco! He seemed to think this was a good idea before turning around and saying: I don’t want to be a tourist.

Now this is a hard one to argue if you are talking about travel outside your own apartment.

He suggested that we stay home and I take off a few days; that we could do things around town.

Like a tourist? I asked

He said well …

Then he said how about we stay somewhere, a hotel, for the evening of the actual anniversary. He said he could give Gus his meds at night and then we’d go out to dinner and to the hotel and have a cozy evening.

And you’d get up to go home to give him the morning meds? I asked

Oh, he said, morning meds

I said I don’t want to go anywhere. I have changed my mind and honestly I realize now that I should never have put such emphasis on an anniversary … it was silly .. after all it’s just another day.

And then I proceeded not to talk to him for about 3 weeks.


Okay. So that’s the back-story sort of. How did this get me to Venice you ask … well here’s how.

My very best friend D’s Son met this young woman in Los Angeles and about 2 weeks later she moved into his apartment here in New York. She seemed to be a really nice kid.

Everyone except Husband liked her immediately. He disliked her on sight.

After she’d been here for a few months they got engaged. And almost immediately she changed from this nice kid into Bridezilla. Seriously. My friend D went into business with her, to help her get established here on the East Coast and within weeks Bridezilla was being outright rude to D. For some reason D’s Son seemed unable to see just who this woman he planned on marrying really was. All of D’s friends sided with her. It was clear to us this Bridezilla was out to be the Alpha Bitch of all time.

Shortly after D, our friend F and I threw a bridal shower for Bridezilla at La Cirque, no less, she, Bridezilla, announced that she wanted to get married in Venice. Italy.

She wanted a BIG wedding… a satin ball gown from Reem Acra … a large bridal party….

Her parents, who she was on the outs with, were courted to pay for it. D’s Son agreed it was a wonderful idea. And then to make sure things went her way, she decided they needed to move back to Los Angeles where she could keep him all to herself and away from his friends and his family .. any of whom might convince him this was nuts.

D and her husband offered to throw them a huge reception here if they married in New York or even Los Angeles and then they could go to Venice on a honeymoon.

She refused. In fact she got downright nasty about it.

After they moved things seemed to calm down, we all realized that if he was happy that was all that mattered and it was just a wedding. All D’s friends agreed to attend.

I told Husband that I was going to Venice, to the wedding. He was sort of relieved since now I was getting my trip and he could stay home with his cat.

D and I shopped for dresses. I found the most amazing ink blue evening gown at Calvin Klein and she had a dress made by Robert Danes.

There were a lot of flare ups … bitchy nasty snide attacks on D by Bridezilla so that by the time we got to Venice I out and out hated the woman.

Oh .. and this wedding, this all important wedding in Venice that was the be all, end all of her life? Well, it turned out it was just a way to torture us all. Because they got married in Las Vegas 3 months before the Venice wedding! Apparently Bridezilla was afraid Son was getting cold feet so they went to Vegas for Memorial Day weekend and she suggested a quickie wedding!! AND she made Son promise not to say anything. Unfortunately the truth, as always, slipped out and it served to really cause major problems. D had been denied the joy of seeing her only son, her only child married. The “ceremony” in Venice was meaningless on many levels but we were all committed to attend. So we would.

Bridezilla handed down edicts. NO black was to be worn to either the rehearsal dinner party or the wedding/reception. Why? Because black is the color of mourning and these were celebrations of life AND apparently according to Bridezilla, Italians find the color black funereal and she didn’t want to offend the family of her former roommate who lived in Venice and were going to attend.

The men in the wedding party were told, not asked, told to wear brown suits.

She had flowers ‘forced’ to bloom for the early October date.

She organized a trip to Murano so those attending could see the glassware she wanted and buy them for her.

She “let” D and her husband pay for the rehearsal dinner at a small wine bar which was closed to the public for the evening … the 40 people attending enjoyed Perseco, sushi and amazingly flakey bread under the stars in the palazzo of the wine bar.

The Italians wore black.

To both the rehearsal dinner AND the wedding .. I always suspected they thought the brown edict was bull and were ignoring it OR they knew it was NOT a celebration of life ... or maybe I was just projecting ......

On the afternoon of the wedding we were ferried by motor boat to the small Anglican church where we watched Bridezilla and Son exchange vows. And then we motored back to the hotel garden for a reception which included all the guests being sprayed with mosquito repellent. There was a dinner with many courses but I have no idea how the food tasted because my throat began to feel scratchy during the wedding ceremony. By the end of the last course I was in my room in bed with a fever.

By Monday evening I was feeling better and in the lobby of the hotel with some friends when Bridezilla and Son came in … there was some joking and teasing and I said something in jest which Son took pretend offense to and then Bridezilla asked what I said .. Son repeated it and she flipped out … I said I was kidding but she launched into me and I let her blow thinking once she had her say she’d shut up and get over it .. it was a joke.

Well I was wrong. Not only did she not get over it, she wrote me a letter and left it with the desk clerk. Nasty. I put it away thinking I would have little to do with her from this point on .. wrong … but that’s another story for another day …

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Visitors disembarking from a gondola in Venice, Italy

photograph & post by daryl

picture this

Don't forget to check out Picture This .... the no comment photo blog created by dot

Beginning today through the end of June its all about things that open and close ... like this:

carved door, taken in chicago last summer

photograph & post by daryl

there are more Odd Shots over at Katney's Kaboodle .. check it out!

Occasionally its interesting what you see when you look down, rather than up

this shrub is growing out of a grated opening which I believe vents this building's laundry room

photographed & posted by daryl

father's day part 2

Dad grew up during the Depression.

He dropped out of college to go to work after his older sister moved to Washington, DC to work for a senator.   He helped support his parents and younger sister giving up his dream to be a lawyer to work at the job his older brother left behind when he joined the Army.

He met my mom at the wedding of mutual friends; a few years later he married her.

When I was a little girl I was my father's princess and he was Daddy ... and I wanted his yellow hair and blue eyes ... as I grew older I was still his princess and he was still Daddy but he was also someone who I could sit and talk to for hours.

We'd talk about the things I was learning in school or photography. When I got a little older he let me use his Rollieflex camera for my photography class. He never criticized, he offered suggestions and showed me other points of view and not just about photography.

This photo was taken right before my parents moved to Florida. I missed them very much after they moved even though I was by then a married lady with a home of my own.
Husband and dad became friends which made me very happy.
After they moved to Florida my parents would come back to NY to visit for the month of June every year because beginning on June 4 there were family milestones to celebrate every weekend ... including their wedding anniversary and Mom's birthday.

As they got older and their health declined they stopped coming up to NY ... it was too hard for them to get around easily and so my sister and I would visit them every few months. And every few years to celebrate Dad's birthday in October Husband would join us.

We were all together one June to celebrate their anniversary, Father's Day and Mom's birthday with them in Florida when Dad had a small stroke and Mom fell and broke her shoulder .. it was a major turning point in all our lives.

Things seemed to improve for a while and then as things do when people are getting older they got worse. I stopped working and spent a lot of time with them. My sister handled the finances. I handled the day to day.

When Dad passed, two days after his 91st birthday, it was in many ways a relief. He had always been a strong independent person, a take charge guy until his failing health left him in a wheel chair frustrated and often depressed.

I read his eulogy at his funeral and said many of the things I said here today ... especially that I miss him and always will.

father's day part 1

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Its Father's Day so these critters are helping their 'father' aka Big Cat aka Husband celebrate

photograph & post by daryl

look what i got!

Back from beautification ™ and Husband said: you got a package from Diane Cook


Diane Cook is fellow blogger Rosa & Josies who, in addition to being a neat person, an interesting blogger, someone who takes good photos (check her out during Odd Shot Mondays), is also an incredible jewelry designer/maker. Yes.

And how lucky am I that I own some of her most recent pieces?! .. here, look...

If you want to see them up close, she used pieces of a Mexican Girls calendar, check out Diane's blog here.

I know she has some more wonderful designs for sale, there's a link on her site to her Esty Shop.

Had to share. Had to.

posted by daryl

flag day

Old Glory proudly waves over Grant's Tomb in Riverside Park

posted by daryl
For more photos from the sky watchers, do visit Tom and Mr Linky at Wigger's World

Hop onboard the Circle Line and tour the island of Manhattan under blue skies!

Photographed & posted by daryl

just between friends

Its pretty much the same oats as always, guys, if you want some ...

do we want some?
do we look like scavengers?

yeah, you do.
photographed & posted by daryl

Sharing with 

u is for

if yoU woUld like to see more UnUsUal examples of the letter U... yoU shoUld go to Mrs Nesbitt's Place

Umbrella loses its life during snowstorm on the corner of W. 79th Street & Broadway

photograph & post by daryl