monday monologue

I mean to get these up earlier but that would mean I would need to get up earlier and that would set off a domino effect ... trust me, I dont want the cats singing outside the bedroom door any earlier than they already do.  Neither of them would make the cut on American (or any other) Idol show.

The whine, no, the topic du jour (bet you didnt know I spoke French?) is snow.  Not the snow coming, no, the snow still here and how it made my stress levels rise, not that I really thought that was possible.

Let's take the way back machine to last Thursday.

I dont know where you were last Thursday but I was here in my office, (see those tracks in the snow in the photo?  They're from a snow plow; I walked up that hill at 7 a.m. in the plow tracks because no one had shoveled the sidewalk yet) until it was time to meet Toonman at a doctor appointment.  The same doctor we saw on Monday at St Luke's on the first floor (why is it the first floor but you need the elevator to get there?).

On Monday the waiting room was a sea of humans with barely an empty seat to set in.

On Thursday when I arrived I expected even more people waiting because I had spoken to the doctor's assistant earlier in the hope she might find a later appointment but no, she said they were triple booked.  Triple booked. I cant even begin to understand that concept ... even airlines only double book.

Anyway ... the waiting room was empty.  EMPTY.

As in no one was there except a receptionist.

After a phone call or three I learned that if its Thursday, the doctor is in his office on Second Avenue not Tenth.   I am not going to drag out this story, trust me I could.  But I feel for you .. so ...

We got a cab (I am also not going to tell you how I asked  Toonman to wait under the awning while I went out into Tenth Avenue to hail a cab and he came after me to tell me I needed to be on the north corner vs the south corner if I was going to get a cab .. well trust me the corner didnt matter ... ) and headed to the eastside.  I told the driver where we were going and he decided the best way to get to the eastside (we were on 59th Street and had he headed straight across we'd have been on the eastside in minutes) was to head uptown to 79th Street because 'midtown is a mess'... wellllllllllllll ... the doctor's office is on Second Avenue between 44th and 45th Streets so Toonman told the driver to cross at 65th St.

And then the cab crept for almost 20 minutes through the transverse.

I took out my camera and snapped a few photos to keep from reaching through to throttle the driver.

We finally did get to the doctor's office ... and I did promise a short version so I'll cut to the end.

Toonman is having surgery on Wednesday which is a good thing .. I'll keep you posted.

And I didnt forget the Giveaway winner announcement ...

I conducted the picking of the winner by calling Toonman just now and asking him to pick a number between 1-33.

He picked 17.

 #17 was Ashley.   Congratulations Ashley .. I'll be emailing you the instructions for claiming your prize!

And thanks to all the new followers .. stick with me, lots more monologues and photos and giveaways coming!

sunday stuff

the arctic chill
 of winter 
set in it 
was fun
 to spend the day
 out and about with friends.  
(it is so a word) 
being out 
taking it 


I've been meaning to share this 

foodie friday #24

A few months ago YELP had an offer I couldnt refuse.
$40 for $80 worth of food at Hatsuhana.
Hatsuhana is in my humble opinion the best sushi restaurant in New York City
The Best.
The sushi restaurant where I ate sushi for the first time
I was going to go with an expression that after consideration 
I decided was simply inappropriate as this post contains mention
of a friend of mine, Kate, who can be bawdy but is always a lady.

Kate, her son Matt and her friend Margie
joined me for sushi one very cold day in December
We ate such wonderful food
for dessert
I had green tea ice cream topped with red bean sauce

all my snows

I couldnt save this until Monday ..
overnight it snowed, 
you may 
This was Broadway at about 7:20ish AM
on my way to the subway 

and this 
Riverside Drive
 Riverside Park
vanilla icing
couldnt resist 
snap shots to share 

my sky/thursday in the hood

The golden light 
in the 
 is the 
New York City

Created by Dot, perfected by Tom, now hosted by Klaus and the Skywatch Team, of Wren, Sylvia, Fishing Guy and Sandy at the Sky Command Center!

wordy wednesday giveaway!!!

So I tend to pamper myself with mani/pedis weekly and massages monthly ... frankly it makes me feel good.  Having a small apartment, its important to me that it too looks and feels good.   Toonman works out of our apartment and finding the right place to shop for furnniture that fits our lifestyle hasnt been easy until now.  Several other bloggers I know have blogged about and offered giveaways from the chain of CSN Stores.  They have over 200 online stores where you can find everything from modern office furniture that will work both in a real office or a home office, classic accessories, cookware .. even lighting.  

I didnt win any of the giveaways but I did do some online browsing and I think there are some pillows I must have ... have you visited CSN online?  

Well here's a good reason to do just that.  The nice people at CSN have offered to let me giveaway a one-time-use $50 gift certificate (does not include shipping but can be put towards any purchase from any of their stores)!

How do you win?   Its easy.  

Leave me a comment saying why you'd like to win.

I know a lot of you 'followers' stop by but dont leave a comment .. please leave a comment between today and this coming Monday and you'll be entered for the $50 gift certificate.
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Please do not comment on CSN's Facebook page as it violates their Facebook policies.  And one other thing: CSN can only ship to the US and Canada so, sadly, only bloggers who live in the US and Canada are eligible to enter.

So to recap:

Giveaway entries submitted between today (Wed. Jan 26) and Sunday evening Jan 30... winner announced Monday, Jan 31.

Current Followers: submit a comment (with email address) telling me that you want to win the giveaway

Commenters:  leave a comment expressing your desire to win (with email address) AND if you click to become a Follower you get a double shot at the prize, so be sure to say that in the comment.

monday monologue

So its Monday morning  I am getting ready to go to the office when Toonman hollers

 'there's no new post!'.

I actually didnt hear him due to the cats insisting on MOOOORE, the TV blaring (if its not LOUD how can I hear it in the bathroom?) so I walk into (no yelling WHAT? for me, my mother discouraged that with 'I am not shouting if you cant hear me, come here') the living room (for those who know us, you know its a long walk .. I kid, its not) and say WHAT?  He repeats 'there's no new post'. I reply I am going to write it when I get into the office in case there's any new inspiration.  I was hoping there would be, because I am really without any.

Lucky me there's the temperature .. I cant say it, I cant write.  Its freezing or below.

What is it where you are?

And there's the Jets loss along with Da Bears .. sorry ChiTowners, I am not too upset at Da Bears loss.  In truth, and I am all about truth, I dont really care that the Jets lost.  Had they won the overwhelming color in the stadium would have that truly fugly green both teams wear.  Green is not a good color except maybe if you are Irish and its St Patty's Day in Chicago.

Did I mention its cold?  And the Jets lost? Ok.  Just checking.

I stopped, as many of you know, riding the M104 to the office in the mornings.  

You dont need to ask why, I'll tell you.  
Its because the Transit Authority had to cut back service on all its lines.  

First the buses ran on a sort of schedule that was truly at the mercy of traffic and weather conditions but then they lengthened the wait time between buses.  In the heat of summer it was annoying but I knew once winter's chill hit it would be impossible to stand out there and wait wait wait ... not knowing how long it would be til a bus arrived.   

Being an Aquarius (oh dont get me off on a tangent over these new horoscope designations, its just a new way to make an old pick up line even older sounding) I usually dont pay attention to time but I have Capricorn rising so there's this left vs right brain stuff and it seems Capricorn always asserts itself, remind me to one day tell you about the body painting party I attended in my misspent youth.  

I decided in mid-Summer to take the subway.  

Its 5 stops or 2 depending on if you stay on the local or switch to the express.  Its a 10 minute trip vs the 25 minutes I spent on the bus (once it actually arrives), seemed like a no brainer.  And it is.  You go down into the subway, look up and check the new electronic signboards that tell you how long you will be waiting on the either frigid or sweltering platform (depending on the temps above) for the next subway train .. last week - I swear - I got off the train at Times Square and it was raining ... raining down through the grid in the sidewalk that lets air, and, it seems, icy sleety rain in as well.

Makes me wonder if the MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) hadnt bought those fancy electronic signboards maybe there would be more buses .. hey, its a thought.

I am going to leave you with, I hope a giggle or a smile, last week one night as I was on the #1 headed uptown the subway conducter announced in a very Bob Marley voice over the loud speaker system:

Let the doors go, do not hold the train captive in the station!

(a wall detail in the Spring Street station)

sunday stuff

a harmonica player.
it was a cold day 
I was hoping to snap some interesting
 winter shots
I heard him 
I saw him
What was he playing?
I've no idea
Riffing to a different

foodie friday#23 Happy Birthday MPM!

Happy Birthday to You 
Happy Birthday to You 
Happy Birthday Dear LaLa!
Happy Birthday to You.
From good friends and true,
From old friends and new,
May good luck go with you, 
And happiness too.

my sky/thursday in the hood

sunrise and a water tower!

Created by Dot, perfected by Tom, now hosted by Klaus and the Skywatch Team, of Wren, Sylvia, Fishing Guy and Sandy at the Sky Command Center!

thank you, Hilary!!!

monday monologue

A week or two go I made the pronouncement that things would be changing here and then it was all the same old same old.  At least here in Blogville it was.

In the real world, the alternate universe most of us inhabit between posts and blog visits, things changed.  And not just for me, who you know it always all about.

Toonman was under the weather .. tho I am not at all sure what that means.  It wasnt as if a rain or snow storm or a heat or cold wave was above or over him.  Anyway, he's getting better.  He's home from hospital and while not entirely 'better'; this time I do sort of understand 'better', in his case it means he's almost the person, albeit much thinner, he was back in oh say 2009 ... did you say it?  I bet you didnt.

Okay moving right along.  I havent been blogging all the fabulous photos and clever repartee (I checked the spelling) appearing here daily, they were posted ahead.  I didnt do a lot of blog any visiting, so thank you to those of you who continued to visit and leave comments while I wasnt.  

Thank you to Gunn of who left me a comment telling me he was my newest follower .. now, dear Gunn you need to link your email to your comments so you can interact with commenters and I can more easily reply to you.

I think once I get a handle on this writing stuff Monday will be a monologue ... you can join in, of course you will have to use the comment section because otherwise it wouldnt be a monologue which by the way is one of the oddest looking words I know in English ... I could give you examples in French but seriously who aside from me cares?

Digression is my middle name.  No, Deb, its really not.....

Likely this will become a recappage of the weekend plus an occasional whine .. cheese will be optional.

My weekend was a combination of the same old, same old (something I find is not as boring as I thought) and a little, no I will admit the full scope of it:

I am addicted to Angry Birds. You dont know Angry Birds?  Go to them iPhone App store, what? No iPhone or i Pad?  Be thankful! 

Thanks to my friend MentalPMama for posting about it and getting me hooked.  I can and did sit for hours last night as Toonman watched the Jets beat New England (he records the games and then plays them so he zips right past the ads) and played Level 2-9 about 30 billion times until I finally crushed those fucking blinking pigs.

What else, I dont know .. why dont you leave me some comments, please please link your email to your comment or else I cant reply and interact with you or answer the questions you pose ... 

Speaking of birds: 
This is level 75-2 
wherein the Angry Birds 
its not a pond 
a huge sheet of some sort of plastic 
to protect the newly planted sod.

my sky/thursday in the hood

this very chic water tower 
with its copper top 
sentry gargoyles
sits high 
 a building 
West End Avenue

Created by Dot, perfected by Tom, now hosted by Klaus and the Skywatch Team, of Wren, Sylvia, Fishing Guy and Sandy at the Sky Command Center!

my sky/thursday in the hood

another view of West 77 Street

Created by Dot, perfected by Tom, now hosted by Klaus and the Skywatch Team, of Wren, Sylvia, Fishing Guy and Sandy at the Sky Command Center!


I dont know about you, 
please feel free to share,
I think things occasionally need shaking up.  
I've been sharing my New York in photos and occasional insightful ranting.  
But really this blog is all over the place and at the same time stuck in a rut.  
So I'm going to change things up.  
Toonsday and Waiting Patiently 
are grandmothered into the blog 
so they'll still be where you expect them 
 the point of this post is to say changes, 
I hope you will like,