summer stock sunday

Welcome to a new feature here, another excuse to show you my neighborhood:
Summer Stock Sunday
hosted by Robin (Around the Island)
this summer photo project will feature photos that say 'summer'
if you want to participate
just see what other photo-bloggers think says summer
click here
everyone is welcome!

This says summer to me.
The (West) 79th Street Boat Basin's Marina.
There was a time when a whole community of houseboat dwellers
anchored there in the Hudson River.
Now its mostly small pleasure boats like these.

waiting, impatiently

This is Haley.
She belongs to Jacob & Lois Anne
of the photoblogs Ocala Daily Photo and The Villages Daily Photo
( as well as 2 other,I think)
I asked Jacob who is the mouthpiece of the couple,
Lois Anne is the photographer,
to tell me what to say about Haley and here's what he said:
Well, she never barks, but she thinks a lot...
In this case she's probably wondering where that damn squirrel went
which she fully intended to chase up a tree.
Or she could be considering the building thunderclouds.
She does not like thunder and lightning.
More than likely she's replaying her evening meal in her head
as this is the best part of her day.

If you like this photo of Haley, please go tell Lois Anne after all she took the photo

Postcard Friendship Friday

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this is our vet's reminder postcard - time to get the yearly check up

introducing Sam & Dave, er, Sam & Nate

Samuel Chase and Nathan Reese
The boys were born yesterday at 5:03 and 5:04 pm (in Spokane, WA)
and were 6 lbs 10 oz and 7 lbs 5 oz respectively.

Everyone is doing well and looking forward to going home at the end of the week.
They are the great grandsons of The Aunt who passed in February

and the baby brothers of big sister Alex

wordless wednesday

Boy, am I glad Kate wasn't here today

It was another beautiful day here in the 'hood.
The sun was shining, adding a vibrance to the day.

There was the annual street festival along Broadway
from 72nd to 86th Streets.
There was a lot to buy and eat.
In addition to these lovely 'pashmina' shawls ...

There was a lot to see.

the Counterfit Designer Perfume busts!!

I stopped to snap these very gritty vignettes

As we walked on and passed another perfume vendor,
I remarked 'he doesn't know he's about to be busted'

my friend Wendy disagreed, 'no', she said
'I think someone just turned that one vendor in.'

When I walked back uptown I passed this ..
the vendor whose arrest I foresaw.

Good thing Kate wasn't here,
her co-workers would learn of this and say:
see! there's a felon on every street!

squirrel with apple

Can't a girl have a nosh without drawing a crowd?

how i spent saturday

At 10 a.m. yesterday morning I was beginning to get dressed, sipping coffee when my cellphone rang

Kate! Where are you?

Parked by a fire hydrant, near West End Avenue?

Stay there, I will put on clothes and be there in a minute

I did and that was how yesterday started.

CountryGirl Kate braved possible axe murder by peoplewhoblogbutmightbenotwhotheysay and drove to New Yawk to spend a day with ME! plus the added incentive of meeting Lauren and Ann!

We took a walk through Riverside Park to the 79th Street Boat Basin

Four women bloggers, four cameras

All that walking, talking, photographing made us hungry and thirsty so we headed to the sushi I promised Kate and the cooked food I promised Lauren. We met my non-blogger foodie friend Wendy at Momoya on Amsterdam where we sat outside in the sunshine and had some wonderful food, drink and conversation
I added a little grit to this shot taken by Wendy, who you can see reflected in the window.

After lunch we headed off on a mission to find a window box to hold the dirt that Ann and Lauren brought me from Connecticut.
thank you both SO much for that
The old window box had been tossed last summer
I am convinced it was cursed with bad juju
everything I planted in it, died.

And as you can see, we did find one,
at a very chic florist where I had the choice of
$95 metal or $28 dollar plastic version,

I bet you thought I'd go for the metal one.

Alas the Cinderellas had to head home but before they did we gathered for a blog shot shot

Husband took this one in front of our building.

waiting, impatiently

This pup was photographed
by Mojo of Why?, What Have You Heard?
at the ''Chinese'' place
at the corner of Tate Street and Walker Avenue
Greensboro, NORTH Carolina
Here's how it went down in Mojo's own words:
It was after a recital (in which his son performed) and we were going for dinner.
We went to Jimmy Johns about half a block south of the corner where the pooch was.
(If that matters.)
I tried the patience of my (hungry) companions
enough stopping to get the shot,
no way was I going to convince them to wait
for the human to come out
so I could get a name and such for the dog.

Edited to add: MY BAD .. its not South Caroline, its NORTH

Postcard Friendship Friday

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After a lovely few days in Florida
(about 5 years ago this June)
with my friend Marilynn and her boyz,
they headed north and sent me this postcard ...

it reads:
Well, we made it to St Augustine & have walked me to death. Long drive home on Saturday but it was (will be) all worth it. Thanks for the place, the fun, the bracelet and the love! We love you & miss ya xxx M & boyz

my sky

In mid April
I went downtown to Chelsea
and had a lovely lunch w/Elizabeth Wix of About New York
at a charming indoor/outdoor bistro ...
this was taken looking up at an beautiful Spring sky
from our corner table

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thursday in the hood/the doors

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On the side of 88 Perry Street,
the old building at the corner of Bleecker in Greenwich Village,
there's an beautiful blue-and-white mosaic in the shape of the door.
In the center, it says "AÑO 1868."
The story goes that, when the building was renovated in 1972,
the owners commissioned Senior Rodrigues,
an artist from Seville,
to created a mural for a recessed part of the wall.
Since then, it's become a kind of a local landmark.

thursday in the hood

Not just a place to rent a bike
or a row boat
spend an afternoon biking 'round the lake or
rowing on the lake
and if you get hungry
there's also a restaurant

toonsday husbandisms

Ah, Husband has caught up on his blog reading ... and wants us to know it
it seems the gas connections/fixes are done
we now await ConEd to send someone to inspect and approve ...

waiting, impatiently

this sweet pup was waiting, impatiently
for his person who was brunching at the cafe adjacent
to where he was sitting

This is Ben.
He was the friend of friends who live in L.A.
He passed last night and will be sorely missed.

Postcard Friendship Friday

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Not long ago I saw a promotion for Tide logo vintage t-shirts,
the purchase price of the tee was going to support disaster victims.
I got the t-shirt for a friend's daughter
it arrived with this postcard tucked in the box.
Check out their website for more info on how you can help.

my sky

a reflective early Fall sky on a small pond in Warren, CT

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thursday in the hood/the doors

Graffiti or Urban Street Art on a door
on the south side of West 79th Street
between Columbus & Amsterdam

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