summer stock sunday

Welcome to a new feature here, another excuse to show you my neighborhood:
Summer Stock Sunday
hosted by Robin (Around the Island)
this summer photo project will feature photos that say 'summer'
if you want to participate
just see what other photo-bloggers think says summer
click here
everyone is welcome!

This says summer to me.
The (West) 79th Street Boat Basin's Marina.
There was a time when a whole community of houseboat dwellers
anchored there in the Hudson River.
Now its mostly small pleasure boats like these.


  1. Yay! You're very first Daryl, that has to be good karma or something.

    Great shot of the boat basin - boats and marinas always say summertime to me too (and always get my escapist "I'm going to run away and boat around the world" fantasies kicking into overdrive).

    Thanks for helping me kick off Summer Stock Sunday in such a great way!

  2. It feels like summer just looking at this, Daryl. This is a fun theme. Might have to give it a go.

  3. This is beautiful, Daryl. The lighting is just perfect! Did you catch the rays of the setting sun?

    What happened to all the houseboats?

    Oh, I know. They sailed off to Florida.

  4. Beautiful. I'm a coastal dweller, so moored boats are a welcome sight no matter what the season.

  5. It's a summer... in the city...
    Remember the song?

  6. I love going boating. Very calming to be on the water!

  7. Yep, they get the live-aboard wierdos out to make room for "citizens" to feel safe......But I passed inspection and will remain in this harbor for another two years (G*D willing).....oh, Aloha Daryl ;-)

  8. Yes, truly the image of a perfect summer day! :-)

    Looking at this picture, I can't wait to go out to the marina at the Old Danube and go sailing again.

    Wishing you a pleasant Sunday! :-)

  9. Great shot! Fine suggestion of coming holidays.

  10. Great picture. I love seeing the boats on the water in the city. It's so cool and refreshing.

  11. What a great shot. I love being near the water (though in my part of Texas it's just lakes). Oh, you make me pine to get out to the shore!

  12. that's a great shot
    I love the Boat Basin, haven't been there in awhile - used to walk over after work and watch the boating types ;)

  13. Sure looks like Summer In The City to me.

  14. Sometimes we forget we are an island (Manhattan and Long Island) and that marinas and boat basins are everywhere! Love this Daryl! :)

  15. Don't you wonder where all those boats are going this summer? Long Island, Rye, Fire Island, Hamptons, Jersey shore?

  16. That is so summer!! (I always wanted to live on a houseboat) I crave large bodies of water living in the desert.

  17. That's definitely a summer shot Daryl. :)

  18. That IS a vision of summer, Daryl. I know I would enjoy walking along there.

  19. Yes, summer is definitely time for boating. Especially sailing. What am I saying? It doesn't matter as long as you're on the water with the wind in your hair....

  20. I love the photo of the boats. Just beautiful! Looking forward to more of your wonderful pictures!!

  21. Oh, what I wouldn't give for a leisurely Sunday on one of those boats! I love being on the water-it is so calming! Really beautiful shot!

  22. Boats should be a part of the industry standard definition of summer. I'd truly love to be able to live on one... Fact is, if I bought one of these "small" boats, I'd probably have to live on it... 'cause there's no way I could make a mortgage payment on top of the boat payment.

    Beautiful shot!

  23. I love hanging out at our marina, it definitely reminds me of summer! The looks, the smells, the sounds all of it is summer! Beautiful photo!

    I might participate in this, sounds like fun!

  24. I like the photo - but would love to see the houseboats still there...


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