cutie pie

i have
 no idea
 what this dog's name is
 he is a he

 clearly adorable
 he/she was
 being carried
 on his person's shoulder
a street fair on broadway
 memorial day weekend

 i have to say
 i was happy to see him up there
because it was easier to get a shot of that face
 street fairs are always so crowded
 people walking 
not looking down
 busy looking 
at one another
 at the kiosks
 the vendors

 dogs and small kids in stroller
have a very good view
 not to mention
getting stepped on 

the dogs
the kids in strollers

 i walked to and from the dentist
 i have a potential root canal issue
 its not an emergency
needs further looking at 

 i got a new endontist recco from my most excellent periodontist

the woman endontist i had used in the past 
for the many root canals 
 nice person
 i disliked her
 have to admit 
she was good at her job

 when my dear doctor v told me i needed another root canal
 i told him
 what i thought of my previous experiences 
he was not happy
 he recommended
 his and his family's endontist 
promised me i would like him 

i trust doctor v

 my walks
 to and from his offices 
are on central park south 
across from the park
filled with photo ops

 i will share here and over at through my eyes
 there aren't a lot 
i had fun snapping as i walked
 it was a beautiful day on friday 

 i am having brunch with my friend missy
 at the top of the standard
 the hotel that straddles the highline 
its got some sensational views 
 i will be taking the big camera

 quite the place
 the confirmation email read
 'cocktail attire'
 required for brunch 

la dee dah

cat talk

i was having an email exchange
 about our cats
 how they react to trips to the vet

 it got me thinking
 how our jack reacts to his inhaler treatments
 they're 2x a day
 til the higher dose version
 which is on order

he knows 
he is getting dose in the morning
 usually around the time he gets fed
as he leery as he is
 of coming too close
 getting picked up
 he can't stay out of the kitchen
 he lives for food

his evening dose time varies
we try to catch him unawares

 whats funny
 to us
after he gets dosed
 he steers clear of us
 for hours

when he does permit us to come near
 he acts
 he's going to get another treatment
by the way
 takes as long
counting from 1 to 10

 he's also very protective of harry

harry who uses his voice very expressively

 where is everyone
 a lot

 we are always in plain view

 when he does this act
 jack reacts 
he wants to protect harry

 trust me
believe me
were jack 
 trouble or pain
 wouldn't lift a paw
 he's oblivious to jack's needs

 in fact 
 jack is being dosed
 harry is very interested in the inhaler
 its as if he's thinking 
what's he got that i don't


he loves to lie on that mat
it was a gift from my friend blogger country girl kate
 who bought it for him 
 the other hilary over at crazy as a loom

 even tho i am writing this on thursday
my fridaycations

 this first one
 will not 
be spent 
doing wonderful things
 even sleeping in 

i am going to the dentist 
preventative appointment
 every thing that happens to me
 ends up being big and expensive 

before this weird thing i noticed
 turns into more than it is now
 i am getting it checked 

i would much rather pay now
learn its nothing
 ignore it 
 well, you know … 

a potpourri of blather

i never go out to lunch
 i usually
 head down to the cafeteria
 grab something
 bring it back
 eat at my desk
 the last two days 
i had visitors 

a blog friend who lives in australia
 we met a few years ago
 when she was living here in nyc
 with her daughter son-in-law and their new baby
 well now there's a newer baby 
he and his mother
 (my friend's daughter)
 were here for a conference 
she and i had lunch
 so nice to catch up

 another blog friend in town for a conference
 managed to find time to meet me for lunch
we hadn't seen one another since last year 
when she was here for the same event 
another wonderful catch up 

been reading a lot again
 i finished
 anna quindlen's still life with crumbs
it was
 so good
 i will admit it was a little predicable 
but still really good

 i also read something
 i don't usually read
 non fiction 
an auto biography
 larry mcmurtry called hollywood
 it covers his time in tinseltown
 involvement with the production
  last picture show and lonesome dove
as well as
 some other books to movies and made for tv mini series
 he wrote or produced 

there's nothing to watch on tv
 all the shows 
we watched over the fall/winter
 have ended for the season

 mad men was the last to wrap
 there's only one or maybe two more
 game of thrones

 we do still have the second season
house of cards
 we're watching that slowly
its so good
 we at least i
 want it to last a bit longer 

last night 
we watched a movie

 a remake of a good 1960s caper film
with michael caine and shirley maclaine 
the new version shares only the characters names
 it written by the coen brothers
  don't get excited 
not even
 colin firth and alan rickman 
could save this

 it was pretty bad
 the animated opening
 should have been the tip off

 rent the original if you want some entertainment 

okay thats it blather over

water tower over freeman's

last wednesday
a day of museum visits
 my friends mary and missy joined by missy's boyfriend chad (not todd) 
went to dinner 
at freeman's
a fabulous little gem of a restaurant on the lower eastside

 its not

 its down
rivington street

you could walk right past it
 in fact
 if you knew it 
was down the alley
 you might still not venture down it 
 waaaay down
 at the end

as we walked down the alley
 mary pointed up
she said

 it was getting late
i pulled out the iPhone and snapped

 i also took this

if you look closely
 you can see
 mary reflected in the window 
 her own photo
 the front of 

 this is a true example
dont judge a book
 (or restaurant)
 by its cover
 you want to miss out 
really fine 
food and drink

its located at the end of freeman's alley
between the bowery and chrystie
off rivington

remembering .. a repeat post

my late uncle
Pvt. Nathan Singer,
Company "C" 102nd Med.Eng.Bm. Third Platoon
his brother my dad, their sister and their mother
(all now deceased, may they rest in peace)
Valentine Avenue, Bronx

remembering him
 all those who served
all those who serve

rained in

 a crappy weather day
 when it wasn't raining
 it was threatening to rain

 i had my monthly self indulgent treat
 a massage
 this month
 i changed it up

 i opted
 the acu detox massage
 after which i wanted to nap

 i didn't
 i walked home
 very relaxed

 the weather the rest of the afternoon

the sun
 did come out
long enough to consider going to the park

 we considered too long 
it was gone

these adorable little pansies stopped me in my tracks
they were too pretty not to photograph
they decorate 
the front
 the greek orthodox archdiocese on east 79 street


she's got
 her own
 instagram page 

she's a rescued morkie
you can see other pix

 i met her
 at the greenpoint instagram meet 
pretty cute 
isn't she

lunchtime entertainment

i found the people
more interesting 
 the art 

the crowds

as is the entertainment
this young man
 the crowd
 with a incredible performance
 why do fools fall in love


 i played hookey
 took a day off 
in the middle of the week

 the occasion
 the excuse
my friend mary came to town
 it was her birthday

 last year 
we were in paris
 we had tea at the royal monceau raffles hotel
a sunset  - rain free - visit to the top of the arc de triomphe 
 dinner at a small thai restaurant in the marais

 how could we top that
 we started

a bus crosstown to the metropolitan museum of art
 there's an exhibit of
 charles james gowns
 works of art 
you must go
not only are they amazing to see
 there's a high tech aspect
 i can't explain
 other than to say
 a video camera scans the gowns
 on a screen
 there is a sort of read out that looks like an architect's drawing
 showing how the dress is constructed
 i dont do it justice
 its fascinating

mr james was also witty and wise 

we went 
the roof garden
 which was not too shabby
 the skies were overcast 
 i had only my iPhone to shoot with

downstairs to the temple of dendur

 after a cup of coffee and a nibble
 we headed downtown
 9-11 memorial museum 
opened that very day
 to the public
 i will only tell you
 its an incredible moving experience 

my friend missy joined us
off to dinner we went
over to the bowery
 to a place that is hard to find
 its literally down an alley
 its called

 fabulous food and drink 

mary said
 it was a perfect day 
that's all anyone can ask for

greenpoint water tower

i took this
greenpoint in brooklyn
 this past saturday

 its very old and unusual
 as new york city water towers go

 on it
 someone has painted 
save the palistine 

i have no idea what that means


what a social butterfly

last weekend
 i was mostly a sloth 
this weekend
 it was non stop

 first thing saturday morning
 i was riding the bus crosstown to my massage
 it turns out
 the appointment
this coming saturday

 i decided
 to make use of the nice morning
 walked back across town
through the park
 stopping along the way
 to take pictures
 i had the big camera 

 this musician
 was playing lovely violin music
 the Greywacke Arch in Central Park

that's the side
 the metropolitan museum of art's temple of dendur

it was such a lovely day 

my friend missy
 wanted me to join her 
 some intagramers
 greenpoint brooklyn's
wnyc transmitter park
an afternoon of photo hunting

 i wasn't going to go
 i was going to go
 back and forth
 i went 

 she said she'd be driving
 i said ok

 i know i am such a princess

one thing that fascinates me
 about these 'meets'
how everyone takes the same photos

people pose so others can take their photo

i dont get that

i really dont

 i want 
the same shot 
you took 

 i took shots away from where everyone else was

the sky says hi

 i took shots of people taking shots 

 of course
 i got the obligatory city silhouette

i met my god daughter for coffee and a mani/pedi

its such fun to catch up with her

after beautification™

i met my friend blondie
we went to a new place for brunch/lunch
amsterdam called tessa
quite good 

it was a busy weekend that zoomed by

what did you do?


we met
 at city vet
 about 3 weeks ago

 we were there with jack
 to get a lesson
 how to use the aerokat inhaler
(edited because autocorrect insisted it was aerobat it is AEROKAT)

 it was a busy time
 we waited
 45 minutes for a 5 minute instruction
 while we waited
 we got to see
 lots of dogs come and go
all of them 
the least stressed out
 she also had an upset tummy

 i won't bother to tell you how we knew 

 to hate
 his inhaler treatment
 he hasn't had an asthma attack 
since they started

feline asthma aka chronic bronchitis
 is actually caused by allergies

 allergy to what
 no one knows

 we have tried various ways
get jack
 to partake of his daily
 (currently twice daily)
 for the rest of his life treatment 

 one way 
 chasing him til he ends up in the bedroom
 where there's no where to go

catching him literally asleep or just waking

 we tried to fool/lure him by offering him treats
 he only bought into that once

 toonman scooped him up right before giving him dinner
 i tried it the following morning
 it worked
it was clear he was on to us

 the next morning
i was in the bathroom
 he came in
 as he always does
 scooped him up 
ta da

 its going to be an interesting adventure 
 creative administration of meds
 a challenge
 we are hoping 
comes to a happy end
jack giving up/in and being 
as dr mohr called him
 a cool dude


my friend janice
who blogs
 took this photo

when i saw it 
i thought it looked like a painting

 i edited it 
 it really looks like a painting

look up look down

the walk to the subway at 72 street is filled with photo ops
the light in the morning is gorgeous
i looked up 

then i looked down

thank you
The Smitten Image

water tower wednesday

 the iPhoto log
 this was taken in september 2012
 i have no idea where it is 
 if i posted this in the past 

remind me
 to tell you
 about the new espresso machine at the office
oh okay
 i'll tell you now

we've had nespresso machines for a long time
 they are quite good
 i am not sure how the topic of a real espresso machine arose 
when i was asked to investigate them
 i discovered 
there were basically two kinds
automated or not 

the price differences were huge 

i reported this along with my recommendation
 we not buy one 

 i was over ruled

 a machine was purchased

 its basically manual
 which means
 you do everything
 from grind the beans to steam them
 if you want milk 
there's an additional steamer part

it arrived on monday
a co-worker spent hours 
assembling it 
after telling me
 it would be easy to set up 


she also made lots of signs
 the men in the office
 would be able
 to make themselves espresso

the one instruction
 that needed to be written
 the clean up after yourself instruction 

was at the very bottom of the list
 she posted

i spent most of tuesday
over how long it took to set up 
how many times she had to call for further instructions

it felt good

i am also going to be saying
i told you so
 it breaks down


it was a busy weekend

 i got to sleep in again
 yay me
 then some errands
followed by
 a visit to the vet
 jack's lungs are improving 
but not 100% yet
 the lovely dr mohr feels they could be 100%

 he still hates his inhaler treatment
 not even kitty crack 
will get him to cooperate
without some chasing

 of course
 he was a
 'cool dude' 
for dr m
 her words

 for us 
not so much

 we managed to get 
to the vet
 between downpours

was even more lovely
 another sleep in
 some beautification™
 followed by brunch
 outdoors at citrus on amsterdam
 my darling larry and his partner clint
 visiting from the big d 

i got a hair cut but this past thursday
 the blow dry of it on sunday
 some odd lengths
 that blended in far better
 when tim did the blow dry after the cut 
 you know
 the good thing about hair

 it grows 

this is called
 a flipgram 
a puddlegram

mother's day confessions

mother's day
a special day
 shouldn't we show love to our mothers every day

 it feels 
a bit like
 what toonman calls a card company holiday 

my mother passed away in 2001
 only a few months after my dad

 she was very much a woman whose life revolved around her family 
they lived in florida
 after their health began declining 
they stopped coming north twice a year 
we started going south at least once a year
 in fact 
we had purchased tickets to fly down there on march 9 2001
 we ended up flying down on march 2 

she passed on march 6
 in hospice
 my sister and i were holding her hands
 telling her
 it was okay to go 

i was not an easy child
 hard to believe
 i know

 i started walking when i was not even a year old
 i didn't want any one to hold my hand

 i always wanted to be out doing things 
i am sure
 wished i wouldn't

i spent a lot of time lying to her
 she spent a lot of time being nosy
we loved each other

 she had so much patience
 i had none

 she wasn't a martyr
 at times
 her selflessness drove me mad 
of course
 it didn't stop me
asking her
 to sew on
 missing or loose buttons
 turn a hem
 once she asked me
 what i was going to do
 since i hadn't ever learned to sew 
(i can sew i just dont do it well)
 what would i do
 when she was gone 

very cavalierly
 i replied
 without hesitation
 go to a tailor 

after dad died 
we hired two lovely women to take care of her 
val was with her weekdays/nights 
priscilla was her weekend caregiver 
after mom passed
 val told me 
every morning at 10
 when the phone would ring
 mom say
 here comes the lecture

 i didn't know if i should be hurt or laugh
 i thought 
my daily calls
 my way of encouraging her
 to get up
 get out 
try to walk a bit 

she used them
 to tell me
 about all the things that were wrong with her 
why she couldn't do what i asked

 i am one of those people
any point of view
 other than my own

it was hard not to lecture
 i never thought of it as a lecture

 now as i write this
 oh so many years later
 i see it was
 it was done
 out of love
 (and frustration)

i didn't cry that day in hospice when she stopped breathing
 i didn't cry at her funeral

 months later
 in a moment
i felt this incredible sadness wash over me
 i cried

 i miss her more than i thought i would

 my independence
 is due to her not in spite of her 

what a surprise

i looked high and low for a photo of us together
she didn't like having photos taken
i liked being behind the camera
i knew there was one of us all together
it took me hours to find this
a not so great photo
 that i scanned eons ago
but there we are
mom me and my sister


dug deep
 the iPhoto dog files 
 this puppy
took this shot 
back in '11
in riverside park 

puddle me this

hard to believe its may those april showers are lingering but for a photo nut like me that can be a good thing see for yourself

oh yeah
opened on broadway

those shoppers were there at
6:55 am
they didn't officially open til 8
they're blurry
i was trying to make tracks
the rain drops
on the way to the subway

a whole lot of blather

every time 
i think about something
 for instance
 a missing green leather shoulder bag 
 the receipt for my 35mm lens
 i am at the office or on the subway

 of course 
i forget
about it
 being unable to act on it

 this past weekend 
being pretty much a sloth
 having gone out 
 to do what needed to be done
 i first searched through 4 years of receipts
 i never 
 anything away
 to find the receipt for my 35mm lens 


 the extended warranty had expired
 i will be calling B&H
 to find out
 how much it will cost 
to get the lens cleaned/polished 
if indeed
 the annoying spot 
i keep seeing on my photos
 the lens
not on the camera's mirror 

 in the process 
i also went through a lot of other papers
 still hoping
 that the stock certificates
 i don't have
magically appear 

i decided
the paperwork
 relating to toonman's hospitalizations in 2010/2011
 could be tossed 
 the medical paperwork 
 to our late cats 
gus and rosie 

that was saturday

 i organized the top shelf in my closet
 the aforementioned green shoulder bag
 it was not there

 i think
 i gave it to someone as a gift 
tho for the life of me
 i can't recall who 
i hope they're enjoying it

i also unearthed
weight watcher's original diet
i am going to start it
hope to lose that annoying 10 lbs
that's crept up and wont go way

that is all

thanks in advance

I am reposting this article for Best Friends, an organization I support and want to help Save Them All®.”

Currently the animals in this post are being fostered if you can give them a forever home please contact the person whose name/phone # is listed within each write up.

Courtesy Listing

Yanni's stray cat

A stray female cat, about a year old, thin build, perhaps of the 'American Shorthair' breed (?) with green eyes, and light brown/white coat. She is friendly, comfortable in the company of people and charmingly inquisitive. She is a well behaved cat that is looking for attention and affection. For more information about this delightful cat call Yanni at 347 837 9775.


Adorable puppy

Adorable, sweet, 9 week old black Golden Retriever/Lab mix puppy for adoption!!
Bred to be a seeing-eye dog, sadly born blind.  Being fostered until 5/10/14, then out of options.
Breeder wants to euthanize - Help us find a home!
 Call Riverside Animal Hospital - 212-865-2224.

Courtesy Listing

Suzi the Shih tzu

This is Susy, she is 4yo, shih tzu rescued from a neglectful owner. She was not walked, she had foot infections, her nails had never been cut. She pees and poops on pads/newspapers. Her owner was a 17 yo girl who loved her but whose mother refused to let the dog go out and over fed her. She weighs 20lbs and vet says she should be at 13lbs.  I already have her walking out on to street and peeing in dirt.
I took her to vet, she is up to date on vaccines etc, blood work done, spayed.
At first she growled and nipped at me, but within 2-3 days she has bonded with me. She has a feisty personality, she loves to play with toys, she gets along great with my big lab and my cats. She is fearful of people but is coming around really fast. She will be a great companion for someone.  The photo of her is on my couch after about 4 days. Huge improvement from first day.
For more info call Alex at 718-623-0883.

Thank you in advance.