elmo does 42nd street

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I am not sure why he was there or what he was up to but there he was standing at the crossroads of the world .. 42nd Street & Times Square

shallow saturday

To know me is to know I am (a) shallow and (b) spend Saturday mornings beautifying which goes to being shallow.

To know me is to know I am not in the least ashamed of the depths of my shallowness or how I often seem to brag about it.

There is no end to the number of nail salons on the Upper Westside. Chains and standalones.

But a few months ago the level of service ramped up when Polished Beauty Bar opened on 78th St just west of Broadway. Its small in a cozy way, welcoming and warm. There's even a big flat screen TV on the wall where classic movies (this week it was An Affair to Remember) play without sound but subtitled for those who wish to watch but not be disturbed.

There's no end to the colors of polish to chose from

Micki (making faces trying to avoid being photographed) who owns the salon works with a number of talented manicurists (my personal favorite is Tina who refused to let me take her photo!)

Its a family affair at Polished. Micki's sister Susan does facials and eye lash extensions. And that is my latest shallow vain indulgence

She has this box o'tricks

From which she selects the right length and color of lash to apply.

I must vainly explain I am wearing ZERO make up for this ..
but here's how it turned out

While Susan was working on me, Gia, Micki's BFF took the photos .. here she is at her computer reading this blog .. well not this post .. but you knew that. Thanks Gia for the great photos...thanks Susan for the sexy lashes .. thanks Tina for making my nails look so nice and thanks Micki for being such a honey and for having such a wonderful place to spend my shallow Saturday's.


It seems last nite as I was awarding awards I overlooked one .. and I must rectify that immediately.

Nicole my deepest apologies for leaving you off the Girl Power award list. In my defense it was late and I did have you on my list... blame it on my advanced age .. blame it on the bossa nova .. but please do come and get it .. you more than deserve it .. really ..

and the rest of you .. go read her blogs!

a bird in the reeds

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Its said 'a bird in the tree is worth two in the hand' so how much is a bird in the reeds worth? This bird was relaxing on some reeds in a beach town called Stone Harbor, NJ last September ..

awards will be given

As you can see from the post below, this day did not start off very well at all ... however through the good offices of two amazing women it turned from Whine to Wine for me .. and I want to thank them.

CrazyCath who is anything but bestowed this award upon me

it came with the condition that I pass it on to 10 other Excellent bloggers and they are:

- Anita at Prairie Dreams who has since the tornado struck her hometown of Greenburg, KS worked to help rebuild not only through her blog but through her day to day actions in the community

- Carole at The Most Boring Blog on the Internet which it is SO not .. someone who is using her blogging to let go of the past and make more of the future

- VBF new young wild and crazy Aussie gal whose love of animals and life shows in her amazing and nutzy writing

-San whose art is just mouthwatering and whose writing is filled with colors of love. I dont know her very well but I have to look forward to reading her blogs and feasting on her art

- Lilli whose travels are detailed along with the most wonderful and fascinating photos

- Hilary whose writing involves and entertains me so much

- Diane whose words and stories involve your mind/heart much the same way her jewelry designs capture your eye

- Leslie whose calm and caring shine through her posts and make you wish lived closer

- Sandy someone whose writing makes you feel as if you've known her forever and cant wait to sit and spend time with her over a lovely cup of tea

AND then I got this

it was made for me by The Fixer, one of the daughters of a The Mother of This Lot. This fabulous original award came with no instruction to pass it on but I want to .. and I want to pass it on to a few women who I have come to know through their strong, independent blogs and funny caring comments:

Jennifer H
and last but never least
Lisa my 'daughter' who started her blog to encourage and support a cousin who is very ill

Please take the time to visit these amazing women and bloggers .. you wont be disappointed.

Thank you Cath, Thank you Jackie ..not just for these awards but for your friendship......

warning! whining ahead

AND lots of it.

I am really tired. I am sure its a combo of the miserable time change + this lingering crud which causes me to have sinus issues, headaches AND nose bleeds. The cough however is diminished and no longer a source of amusement to me seriously it was becoming an interesting aspect of my personality. I would laugh and then cough. I could say to people "don't make me laugh or I might cough up a lung."

Hang on here comes a segue

My MacBookPro was having what I thought were issues related to the plug that goes from the computer to the electrical outlet.

Apple replaced it.

Issues continued.

This past weekend I used it without the electricity for approximately 5 minutes before it shut itself down and wouldnt start up without being plugged in.

I thought "perhaps its because I am not using the thingie which allows air to circulate under its bottom" (yes I think in quotations)so I placed it on its air circulating thingie and unplugged it.

I timed it.

It shut down in 4 minutes.

I find that unacceptable which led me to Apple's online discussion groups.

There is nothing like an unhappy Apple user/owner.

They vent, they whine, they share problems and fixes.

I discovered there is a battery 'fix' available which I downloaded/installed.

I let Merde, I call my laptop, (oh excuse me, my portable computer an Apple tech told me that it is NOT a laptop during one of the times I called to whine about its battery issues) Merde, trust me this is a whole other whine, run its self checks and re-start.

Then I unplugged it and within SIX (6) minutes it shut down.

A 30% improvment but frankly I was not pleased.

Back I went to the user groups where I learned that if your battery cycle count is under 300 Apple will replace it.

Mine said 13. Thirteen.

I was never good at math but I do believe 13 is less than 300.

I called Apple. They promised to send me a new battery within "three to five days". Later that night I heard my email ding and there was a message from DHL promising me my Apple shipment by April 8. I was not thrilled but it was one of those Bot messages and believe me whining to them does you very little good. Sure you feel a bit better, after all you WHINED but since no one replies it ends there. Totally unsatisfying.

Imagine my surprise and pleasure yesterday afternoon when Husband called to say DHL just delivered the battery. I was chewing my lunch so I could only manage a garbled "fantastic!" (yes quote marks AND exclamation points).

I got home, installed my new battery; it charged slowly not in the 2 seconds it took the old one which clearly lied about charging and being charged did - so that, I would think, is a good thing. DHL not only delivered it overnight but picked it up - I am not exaggerating - within 10 minutes of my arranging at 6:15 p.m. to have it picked up "before 9 p.m.". Another good thing.

So I really shouldnt complain but when has that stopped me? Never.

Remember back many paragraphs ago I mentioned the cycle count should be over 300?

Well, the new just installed, fully charged battery shows the cycle count is One .. ONE .. 1!

I dont know why but I am going to find out but that wont happen until tonight.

In the meanwhile I am going to whine about the PC I am using here at the office where I should be working not blogging or whining. The PC here is a DELL. If you know me you know I detest Dell.

This morning once again (yes, this has happened other mornings but I spared you the whining) I had some error message about LandDesk Management Software Monitor encountering a problem. The error message explanation made my eyes cross so I called our crack (yes I think some of them are on crack as well as some of them being quite terrible without chemical help) IT Help Desk people and explained it is not sending or receiving email.

Have you shut down and re-started?

Yes, THREE times.

Well then I wont ask you to do that again.

Sigh. (I sighed, not the tech).

Ah, then I will open a ticket.

Groan. (yes, me again)

AND (clearly he heard the groan or he read in my history that I am a mean girl, really I am positive they put it in and there maybe a reference to my being rabid as well .. ) I will have someone come to your desk as quickly as humanly possible.

Thank you. (I can be polite)

(edited to add: this conversation happened at 7:45 a.m. and it is now 9 a.m. I think the coming to my desk person is taking the long route)

Then.. oh come on did you think I was done whining? Clearly you havent met Husband.

Then I went to my Gmail account where I found an email sent without indication of who the recipients were to protect them from spammers. A nice thing. The email went on to say that someone whined about a change in a MEME and that got the ball rolling and literally hundreds of people began whining. It made the MEME host very upset.

Since, as pointed just above I can be polite, I apologized in TWO emails. AND I also apologized UPFRONT in the actual original MEME whine. .. which IMO was more than appropriate .. my feelings about this are now: get over it.

And on that mean girl note this whine is over.

As you were.

j is for jester

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As you can see from my last two posts I have been to New Orleans. When I was there the spring before Hurricane Katrina destroyed the city there was at the Mississippi River end of Canal Street this fellow, this beckoning Jester, waving to all who visited ..


My Sunday flea market friend I met through another friend. That friend I met when she was working for the same man I was although she worked in LA and I worked in NY.

Other friends, a gaggle of them to be exact, I met on the internets.


I met them online but after a while we met in person.

Of course people I knew who I hadn’t met on the internets were sure the internets people were killers or psychotics. Well a few of them are crazy but a good, a wonderful crazy.

There are within this gaggle of gals different splinter groups who meet based on geographic location.

Once about 4 years ago everyone met in NY. It was the most fun. Not the most fun ever but the most fun up until that point.

Since then a core group of travelers has formed, there are 3 of us who go every spring, the others vary depending work or family commitments.

We pick a city and we met there in April usually for a long weekend.

We leave husbands, children, and significant others at home. And what happens with girlfriends stays with girlfriends.

We went to New Orleans in '05, Nashville in '06, San Antonio in '07.

There are also two splinter groups, one group meets in Chicago every July and the other has met in Cape May, NJ two Septembers in a row.

There are still a few who haven’t met face-to-face but we know we will eventually.

I am getting ready to meet them again, this time in San Francisco and I can't wait!

odd shot monday

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Hey! There's a fish in my shrub!

This was taken in NEW ORLEANS in April 2005 it was part of their efforts to raise money for charity the way NYC, Chicago and other cities across the US used the Cow Parade. Artists painted them and corporations or wealthy art patrons bought them/displayed them.

* edited to add: here's a link to New Orleans' Festival of Fins

happy easter

The temperature this morning in New York City is a sunny chilly 30 degrees, yet the people who live in my neighborhood decided we need a little spring.

So from the sidewalks and doorsteps of my city to you .. Happy Easter!

totally shallow

I admit it.

I am totally shallow.

I even use the term fashionista as a proper noun.

I love Sephora, I love Smashbox, I love shopbop, I love Barney's, Bergdorf's, I love handbags and I love SHOES.

For me, the first sign of spring is not a robin on the wing or a daffodil poking its head up through the mulch of winter.


Its a pair of sandals.

I needed cheering up after packing those CONSISTENT boxes so I went shopping on the internets.

I went to Zappos.

If you've never been to Zappos you are missing out on the most amazing shoe experience ever. Seriously. Free shipping BOTH way should you decide within 365 days you don't like those shoes or they don't wear well. Just make sure you keep the original shipping box!

I found the perfect sandal.

For some of you of a certain age you'll recognize it by its name: Kork Ease. For others of you less that age I am sure your older sister or hip mother wore them.

I bought this pair and today I am making sure my tootsie's sparkle!

follow ups

I did go back to the firehouse last Sunday; either the little gargoyle was re-claimed by the child who lost him or he just decided to move on. If you missed the original post click here..

the new digs

since holly asked if I was in my new digs I thought I would show her and you how things are coming ...

this is going to be my office...and I think I may keep that interesting yellow scaffold its so cheery

this is the hallway to the conference room...

and this is the conference room...

The official move date is April 3 ..

Stop laughing!!

i is for indian corn

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In the fall these are hung on doors and windows as decorations of the season. I grew up calling them Indian Corn .. are they called that where you're from?