sunday in the park

We're still in Riverside Park this weekend
Remember this tree ( I snapped this on Jan 22)?
of course
with the snow this past Friday
its back to looking like this (taken on Dec 19)

sign posts

Technically, its not a sign, eh
But in honor of our gentle friends north of the border, eh
I wanted to say, eh:
Thanks for hosting the Olympics, eh
(saw this at Ricky's on W. 72nd St., eh)

my sky

I've looked at clouds from both sides now ....
props to Ms Joni Mitchell

It was looking a tad 'noise-y' so I sprinkled un soupçon of Picnik's canvas effect

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thursday in the hood


Saturday of President's Birthday Weekend
these gentlemen were outside
drumming up business

small talk

I bet you didn't know ToonMan does more than just write the toons.  
He is a toon
Sort of 
Here, I'll show you 
check out this video on YouTube
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wordless wednesday

and the winner is ....

I have been reading Brit Gal in the USA for ... well .. two years ..  I have gotten to know Sarah and the Hubster through her posts and emails; last week was her Second Blogiversary.  She ran a contest, a give-away to celebrate.  She used Random Generator to select a winner and it picked #12 ... which turned out to be me.  Look at what I won!!!!!

It includes pampering smellies from The Body Shop like a Mango and a Coconut Body Butter, Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray and Lotion, White Musk Shower Gel and Scented Body Glistener and a Build Your Own Scent Kit, where you layer perfumes to make a unique scent.

Then you will need to scent the air around you, so there's a Frosted Berry Reed Diffuser and a Spa Dreams fragrance oil.

Once your smelling wonderful it's time to make a cup of my favourite herbal tea, Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice. It is deliciously warming and everyone I make it for ends up buying it themselves, so now it's regularly sold out locally!

Then you need to settle back with a great book and relax with some reading. For this I chose a favourite, 'The Lovely Bones' by Alice Sebold, also in movie theatres now.

And finally what would a gift be without Chocolate! So a bag of my favourite Chocolate Coated Pomegranates, or in case you're being good, Weightwatchers Pecan Crowns. I will also throw in a box of Walkers Shortbread, a Brit fave and melt in your mouth delicious.

Go on over and meet/visit Sarah, you will like her and her transplanted Brit take on Oklahoma ... AND since I have read and own a copy of The Lovely Bones .. I am offering it to one of my reader/commenters .. the only catch is you must live within the continental USA ... Please leave me a message saying you want the book and make sure your name is linked to your email so I can notify you when you win!

toonsday - quandry

Click on the Toon, it will embiggen and open in a new window for easier viewing!

my sky

February is a snowy month here
This was mid-day yesterday (2/10/10)
Its here instead of friends whose
trip got canceled
Amtrak = wimp

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thursday in the hood

Walking up out of the subway
Looking up at the snow laden branches
I looked down Broadway
I looked up Broadway
This guy is shoveling snow off the sidewalk
Making slush filled crosswalks
all but impassable

click on the photos, they will embiggen

thank you!

thank you, 
Judi & Papa, 
all the rest of you!

P.S. George, Rose will be home tomorrow & she will thank you herself for her get well card!

Extra! Extra! Fashionista Celebrates Birthday!

Click and hold to start the party!
Who's the host with the most from coast to coast? Well, normally that'd be the Fashionista Herself, Daryl. But since she's the guest of honor today, I suppose that makes me the host. With the most. ;) Yeah, it's my Auntie Daryl's birthday today and if you click and hold on the picture, you can come to the party too! Hope to see ya there!

sunday in the park

Monument in Battery Park, lower Manhattan
I am embarrassed to admit I am not sure which war

waiting, impatiently

Does this look dark? 
Well, it is. 
I took this a few months ago and I wasnt sure if I liked it or not. 
I decided to play with it a bit.
Turned it into a monochrome.
Added a touch of's Holga-ish effect to length the shadows.
I am still not sure I love it but .. here it is.

my sky

Trinity Church
(as seen through its wrought iron fence)
lower Manhattan
read about it here

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thursday in the hood

Trinity Church Graveyard
lower Manhattan
read about it here