toonsday - new braking system

Click on the Toon, it will embiggen


  1. Love the morbid, cynical sense of humor in today's toon!

  2. Better than dragging your feet like Fred Flintstone!

  3. Ha! Toonman has another career calling.

    Around here, they just throw anchors out the window and hope it latches onto something good.

    wv:mistsock. Toyota seems to have made a mistsock in their engineering.

  4. Love it.. love my Toyota too.. but LOVE that..

    WV remylast.... (after crash) Remylast profession of love to Toyota... yea dumb wasn't it??

  5. Their slogan used to be "Moving Forward." It now has been changed to, "Moving Forward whether you want to or not."

  6. Brakes schmakes - so overrated.

    Nurse Nancy is convinced there's syndication and big $$$ in this little comic strip. Gotta agree.

    wv - ideasel. In an ideasel world, Toyota would have no brake problems!

  7. Ahahaha. I'm with Chesapeake. Toonman needs to apply for a job with Toyota. He'd get rich with ideas like that. :)

  8. I get nervous now when there's a Toyota behind me
    I would feel better if I saw an umbrella

  9. Well, now, Toonman seems a bit pissed. Does he drive a Toyota?

    Methinks Toonman ought to do up a series of political stuff and see if he can't get it syndicated. He's good.

    You're good, Toonman!

    Re: the texter. You are way to optimistic about the nature of the youthful beast. Txtng's the way 2 go 4 thees yuth cuz u dont nede 2 no no gramr or spelng.


  10. Funny dude.

    During the Super Bowl, mine pointed out the score:
    NO vs IND
    and said it was Washington DC:
    "No!" vs "Indecisive"


    Aloha, Dar

    Comfort Spiral

  11. 'toonman, as long as one isn't a Toyota dealer, this is very funny!

    (Unless one also owns a Toyota with faulty brakes...)

  12. ROFLMAO! Boy Toyota might take a hit out on Ray if they see this!

  13. I totally got this one! Ray must be doing something wrong!!!

  14. That is too funny. External air bags of a sort. I guess the thing is you always need a passenger so you don't start driving in circles.

    Toyota: Pay Attention!

  15. TM,
    When my new Paris parapluie arrives, may I use it? :)

  16. Hmm. I can think of several words to put in there instead of Toyota and brake, all of which would make just as much sense. Good one.


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