what's in your bag?

Its the last day in May and I have faithfully posted a blog a day!

Cheers subside

Thank you. It was actually my pleasure.

I - notice the segue - was commenting to (or is it on) a blog that David recommended and I got interested as I often do and read more.

One of the posts was called What's In Your Bag? I think this is sort of sexist because I dont think all that many men carry bags... okay, gym bags, duffle bags, camera bags .. point taken .. so maybe its not sexist.

Anyway ... the blogger is ScrappySue and I have stolen her idea ... tho if truth be told, and I do want to tell the truth, I believe she was tagged to do this ... nevertheless I am taking this idea and running with it.

Here's the bag I have been toting this week ...

Its a sexy red leather by Carla Mancini (BritGalSarah would love it) with both arm straps and shoulder straps, I dont use the actual shoulder straps because the others are tall enough to accommodate my shoulder. There are lots of pockets: outside pocket where I keep the iPhone, inside zippered pocket as well as an inside cellphone or PDA pocket.

Inside is my wallet, a make-up bag, a packet of Kleenex, my iPod Shuffle that I keep in that clever little zippered mesh bag (that way the ear bud cords dont get twisted like fuscilli), a very adorable change purse shaped like a frog (I call him the magic frog because there's always the right change inside), a pouch with Chantecaille "Real Skin" translucent make up w/sunscreen! , a lipstick in a little lipstick case that has a little mirror (it was my mother's), a small mesh zippercase with spare camera batteries and of course my iPhone .. and the camera.

And my keys, I forgot them .. and the pen and the Werther's Original hard candies...

Interesting - perhaps only to me, but nevertheless - I took pictures of all these things with my camera and then realized I had no photo of the actual camera .. so I used my iPhone and the photo was better ... no glare .. so I re-took all the pictures with the iPhone and now that I have enlarged them they look grainy. Told you it was going to be interesting only to me.

photographed & posted by daryl
there are many more photos to see, visit old wom tigley

South Beach, Miami, Florida ... imagine sitting on those white sands, looking out on the blue Atlantic ... feel the breeze ... sip an ice cold adult beverage ... isnt that the way to spend Friday?

photograph & post by daryl

almost famous

Telling you’all about how I met Husband brought back many memories.

As the assistant to the head of the music department at a major talent agency I got to meet a lot of famous and semi famous people, but most of my day to day contact was with the concert/venue bookers.

People like Jules Belkin in Cincinnati who whenever he called would give me the weather report and warn me ‘its headed your way’.

Ron Delsner, here in NYC, was above talking to a mere assistant but his assistant, Jon, and I got to be friends and I got to hang out backstage at a lot of concerts.

The summer of ’73 was one of the most fun times I ever had with or without illegal substances.

Delsner promoted the Wollman Rink Concert Series in Central Park that summer with perfomers running the gamut from well known to unknown.

Billy Crystal was doing stand up w/Rob Reiner and opening for rockers like Todd Rundgren.

Backstage was actually a double wide trailer where everyone from agents to hangers on hung out.

A few years ago I was leafing through a magazine supplement when this photograph caught my eye.

It was part of an article Cameron Crowe wrote around the time Almost Famous was released. The photo is of Bebe Buell former model and former girlfriend of Todd Rundgren and the inspiration for Cameron Crowe’s Penny Lane character.

As I looked at Bebe my eye was drawn to the background where this girl was sitting.

I thought to myself: I had that same tee shirt!

Looking closely I realized it wasn’t just like my tee shirt.

It was my tee shirt.

It was me!

Talk about coming face to face with your past...

There are lots of other adventures. I dated Jackson Browne’s road manager and traveled with him on the band bus along the Eastern seaboard when they were promoting For Everyman. Linda Ronstadt was the opening act.

Oh those were wild and crazy times. Jackson’s manager also managed an all girls group called Fanny .. does anyone remember them? I traveled with him to Atlanta when they performed there … ah the memories …

posted by daryl

edited because someone pointed out I had my chronology backassward.. sorry

s is for snowy santa

more abc wednesday S's over at mrsnesbitt'splace!

This was taken on the corner of Broadway & 79th Street looking North on a very snowy afternoon a few Decembers back.

posted by daryl

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This is not exactly an odd shot but a compilation of odd shots I have taken of flags, American flags.

Today as Americans celebrate Memorial Day I wanted to post it and say thank you to all the men and women in the Armed Forces: those serving now, those who have served, those who have given their lives; and to all the parents, grandparents and children of service men/women.

Thank you.

the great window box plantathon

Boy do I ever need my beautification™ today.

Yesterday when I got home from the office Husband had begun to prepare for the great window box plantathon.

He vacuumed and moved things out of the way so that I could get to the windows and wash them.

First the outside.

Then the inside.

I had to move all the junk, tschachkas, collected bric-a-brac from the window shelves and clean them up too …

Husband unpacked the begonias and helped me mix the old window box dirt with the new … I added fertilizer, Osmacote, which was provided by my green thumb friend Shevawn (who also sent me the begonias).

I should explain since planting a window box does not compare to what some of you ... CrazyCath, Snootyprimadona, Mental P Mama or Tsannie do in their real live sized gardens.

Every spring since forever I planted morning glories from seeds and lovely vines grew tall and most often flowered in October.

The flowers were a fringe benefit.  The vines climbed (urged on by Husband’s helping hand) the lovely wrought iron in front of our windows.  Husband had a system he perfected with string and we almost always managed not to kill more then one vine during the training procedure ... 

This is how it used to be.

Well, over the last few springs not all the seeds I planted sprouted and those that did weren’t very strong nor did they ever flower.

I whined about this incessantly to Shevawn and anyone else foolish enough to listen to me.

She decided to find flowering greenery that would thrive in the next to no sun we get.

Early this week the plants arrived … Dragon Wing Begonias! 

Packed in this clever thing that keeps them from falling out but also stymied Husband who insisted they had to be pushed up the bottom … WAIT … the hold-em in place thingie needs to be removed first!

Anyway ... windows got washed, tschachkas got dusted/washed and plants got planted

AND we had fun doing it … Husband enjoyed being the photographer and I enjoyed getting my hands VERY dirty.

Boy do I need that manicure now!

wishing you all a relaxing memorial day weekend!

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We're on the corner of 55th Street and Madison Avenue at 5:45 pm on a Thursday night looking south.

That's the New York Magazine building/tower it used to be Newsweek's but they moved ..

how i met my man

Back in the days of sex, drugs and rock & roll I was working for a man who was going through a divorce. He moved into Manhattan from NJ and rented an apartment on the Upper Westside. Every time something was to be delivered I had to go wait for it; it got me out of the office so I didn’t mind too much and I loved the boss's ground floor apartment its living room with its two big front/street facing windows and the cozy bedroom looked out on a cement covered 'yard' but you could see trees in the other backyards.

One weekend when my boss was going to be out of town he asked if I wanted to apartment sit.

Sure I did.
I called my friend E. Come on into the city, hang out with me, I said.

Saturday afternoon I ran into this guy in the lobby, he introduced himself, we flirted a bit and he invited me to a party in the building that night but first he said he had to finish helping his friend (and the owner of the brownstone), B, get something done.

While they were working my friend E’s boyfriend S came by. It never ceases to amaze me what a small world it is. It turned out E’s boyfriend knew B!

They got to catching up on old times; B invited E, her boyfriend S and me up to his apartment.

I was sitting on this leather Chesterfield sofa in this huge high ceiled room in this amazing duplex with a fireplace and leaded glass windows that stretched up to the second floor ... it was right out of a movie set.

While everyone else was talking, I sort of tuned out, daydreamed about living in my boss’s apartment and being a couple with the guy I met earlier… it was very surreal.

I remember this like it was yesterday, the feeling was so odd, so strong. Really.

Later that evening I went to the party with the guy I met. Infact, we hit it off so well I spent the weekend with him!

Back at work on Monday I knew I had to make that daydream a reality, I just knew he was the man I would marry ... in fact I chased him until he caught me.

After a year of ‘dating’ I moved into his apartment.
Three years later we married, our 30th wedding anniversary is July 30th…
Oh , the former boss’s apartment? … its where we live now… really.
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Remember Buster Brown and his dog Tige? This particular Buster was in the local Flea Market one recent Sunday ...

Tag .. I'm it.

Momma tagged me .. 

The Rules:

1. Link to the person that tagged you (that's me) <-- I c/p this and I am confused, what a surprise!, I linked to her blog up there ... see the link?  Good.

Moving right along

2. Post the rules on your blog  <-- that would be my blog and I am ... 

3.  Write six (6) random things about you in your blog post  <-- random?  How can they be random if you have to sit and think about what to post .. huh?  Eh?

4.  Tag six (6) people in your post  <-- well, okay .. but don't get pissed at me for this ... 

5.  Let each person know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog <-- done !

6.  Let the tagger know your post is up <-- and done!!


Six random things about me ... if you've been reading my blog I doubt any of the following will be news .. 

  1. I am a mean girl ... really
  2. I love MY cats .. the rest not so much, this does not make me anti-cat ... (is this one or two random things?  Okay, I will count it as 1)
  3. I always wanted to learn to play piano but my mother said I would never practice .. she was likely right
  4. I love to take photographs, I used to paint but gave it up because I shoot so much better than I paint
  5. I have recently begun to make Toons.  They aren't wonderful but they are fun
  6. I do not color my hair.  Okay, listen .. you wouldn't believe how many women actually ask me if I color my hair.  Recently being a mean girl when asked I said 'yes, I use Miss Clairol #86'
I am now tagging the following unsuspecting souls:

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This is Majika.  She lives on a farm in Franklin, TN (which is actually in Williamson County, thanks to Mental P. Mama for questioning this and getting me to Google it) and belongs .. owns .. my friend Marilynn and her 3 boyz ... I took this when I visited them a few springs ago.

happy birthday, carole!

I was in such a hurry this morning that I posted this and ran ... beautification(tm) was calling.

It is actually my dear friend Carole's birthday ... she is now as old young as I am! By the way, she, not me, 'designed' the dark haired character which represents her ..

busy morning

You may have noticed I did a little redecorating, a little spring cleaning.

New clock.

New colors.

New sizing ... thanks to both John and dot for their help...

The last few mornings I have been having a very enjoyable email conversation on the way to the office while riding along on the M104. This morning my iPhone battery was low and I couldnt converse ... I really missed that.

But I did get a chance to think about what I wanted to post.

I thought about how strong my dreams have been lately.

I thought about David's question about decisions.

I thought about how annoying it was my battery was low.

I thought about how the weather report was clearly a lie. They said it wasnt going to rain ... it had just started raining.

I thought about a topic my friend VI suggested.

I did a lot of thinking.

What did I decide?

I decided to redecorate and tell you all about what I thought about ... and that starting Tuesday I am going to share the Toon I have been creating ... I was going to give you a preview but it still needs tweaking.

I will leave you with a photo of the cleaning lady

q is for ...

Its ABC Wednesday! Brought to bloggers everywhere by MrsNesbitt's Place so head on over and check out the clever bloggers or sign up to participate

Today ABC Wednesday is all about the letter Q ...

Remember never put anything larger than your elbow inside your ear! These Q-tips have many other uses ... here's a link to their history

edited to say: As usual I misspoke: its nothing SMALLER than an elbow .. and having once punctured my ear drum with a Q tip this is not bad advice

blog fodder lacking

I am at a loss for blog fodder.

Last night Husband was very careful not to give me any ammunition for another toon. Tho he did say he thought it was funny and that it looked like me ...

So in lieu of a clever post or toon .. I share with you a funny Rosie photo