busy morning

You may have noticed I did a little redecorating, a little spring cleaning.

New clock.

New colors.

New sizing ... thanks to both John and dot for their help...

The last few mornings I have been having a very enjoyable email conversation on the way to the office while riding along on the M104. This morning my iPhone battery was low and I couldnt converse ... I really missed that.

But I did get a chance to think about what I wanted to post.

I thought about how strong my dreams have been lately.

I thought about David's question about decisions.

I thought about how annoying it was my battery was low.

I thought about how the weather report was clearly a lie. They said it wasnt going to rain ... it had just started raining.

I thought about a topic my friend VI suggested.

I did a lot of thinking.

What did I decide?

I decided to redecorate and tell you all about what I thought about ... and that starting Tuesday I am going to share the Toon I have been creating ... I was going to give you a preview but it still needs tweaking.

I will leave you with a photo of the cleaning lady


  1. Great new look!

    Thinking can be dangerous you know.. lol

  2. I second Anita. Thinking is dangerous! Love the new look...

  3. Thanks, I however am not sure I love it .. but I dont do change well so it will take a bit of getting used to .. she says trying to convince herself NOT to revert to the old template....

  4. I find that the thinking never lasts as long as you think it will..ooh look something shiny!

  5. Well if you are doing a change on your blog now and find it hard.... don't try my new abode. I can't freaking figure out a THING!!!!

    I need my niece to help me, but she's gone AWOL.

  6. VI .. email me and I can help you .. I am really good at this stuff; I am just not sure I love the new look.

    aims .. it was one of those lick/stick tats ..

    oh donn .. that is SO me, especially the shiny.. where was I?

  7. Hmmmmm, thinking, thinking, thinking .... Yeah like that new look too.

  8. A low battery at the beginning of the day - it's a warning sign....It's saying, "go home! go home! go back to bed. There's nothing for you here today!"

    Well, that's my excuse anyway.

  9. Thanks, Monique

    As for you, TBNIL, no excuses necessary for moi! :-D

  10. Yeah, some days you just have to let your mind wander as you ponder ...

  11. Nice new look!

    I feel like such a blogger idiot sometimes. Like my friend Pam, I really hate computers. Unfortunately, they've become a necessary evil in most of our lives. I certainly would feel disconnected without one, but by the same token, I feel chained to it some days.

    I guess I need to learn some new HTML tricks. Ugh.

    Peace - D

  12. what exactly does she clean....?

    i LOVE the widening, and the new clockening (i deem that a word). i love change. change junkie, me. unfortunately i'm a time junkie too, and don't seem to have the time to do the changes.

    now i'm going to be a sleep junkie.

  13. GBS .. sometimes the best things happen when you let your mind wander ...

    Momma ... you hate computers? HTML isnt all that ... if I can do it .. anyone can.. with a little help from their friends!

    Holly.. I'll let you in on a secret .. that cleaning lady is me in a Halloween costume from a party a LONG time ago ... sssssssh!

  14. I like the new look.

    Can't wait to see what else you're working on...A Toon, as in cartoon?

  15. I love the new look. I'm all for the stretched out blogs. Skinny is SO 2007.

    ps - I love email conversations with friends on the way to work too. Make sure your battery is charged eh!

  16. Really an interesting post and the blog layout is nice too.

  17. Jennifer .. yup .. a cartoon.. I am not sure everyone will 'get' my humor but its fun making the characters .. sssh .. I am supposed to be working ..

    carolyn .. I was so annoyed .. missed my company a lot! All charged now. And I am beginning to like the new look.

    Mr. Lincoln .. I wish I had pix as good as your's to post now that I've got the room to show off!

  18. I forgot to answer you question. Texas is bigger. We still don't recoginize when they divided up the Louisana Purchase. We still claim the other states as our own territory. ;o

    Love your blog.

    Thanks for visiting,
    and come again,

  19. Troy...

    I am LOL .. I suspected as much .. Husband's daughter (and SIL) love in Dallas and we have friends in Tyler and Ft Worth as well so we're pretty well versed in TX size but I couldnt help tease!

    I am loving your blog as well .. its become my lunchtime read ..


  20. Thanks Mie .. I am really getting into to it...

  21. LMAO! Love the cleaning lady! Love the new look - especially the clock. My eyes are not what they should be and it is great to have clear clocks!

    I think I've seen the toon now since I an catching up...

  22. that's hilarious! um...gosh...you dress well...but i love the makeup the most....!


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