if its wednesday, its ...

prince spaghetti day
 it was
 when i was a kid
that my mom
 prince spaghetti 
any day for that matter 

back in the day
there was a catchy commercial 
for prince spaghetti
 here's a link

here on my blog 
if its wednesday
 its usually
 water tower 
water tank 

 this week
 no exception 

i snapped this on the way home last night
 i detoured from my regular route 
stopped at the pet food store 
 meandered up along west end
 i looked up 
there above collegiate's church 
was a water tower
 i know 
i have photographed before 
not for a long time 
not from this particular perspective 

weekend blather

this weekend
 it was 
almost spring like 
you didnt mind
 a coat and scarf 

the sun was strong
 the cold wind stronger

 early home 

 massage facial lunch
some shopping
 my oldest dearest friend

beautification and an hour spent with an apple genius

 i am not going to bore you with the details
 the headache 
i got from the whole thing 
is finally fading
 i am optimistic
  the issue is resolved
 if its not 
 i am not ready to even think about it 

lets all look at the pretty shadows
 i spied
 the upper eastside 
my way to the spa  

painted dogs

 toonman insisted
 these were hyenas
 he was wrong
 i told him
 you're wrong they are painted dogs
 he said
 they look like hyenas

 well maybe
they are not

  they are
 painted dogs aka african wild dogs

 these are 2 of a litter of 6 
only a few months old 
they live with their parents
 in a large habitat 
 lots of room
 be seen
the cincinnati zoo 

if you'd like to know more about them here's a link

and then

there was 
the polar bear 
who found something
i think edible
 in the pool
 taking it with him
he walked through the waterfall 
much to my delight 


indulge me 
i love elephants
 i shot these in the order 
i am posting them
 it amuses me 
i hope you enjoy them 
i do

i'm back!

i am back
 the weather was perfect 
my friend mary and i
 packed a lot into 2 and 3/4 days

 we ate a lot of good food
 met up with some terrific people

 old friends seen
 new friends made
 lots of photos taken 

went to lebanon

 a small midwest town about 40 minutes from cincinnati
 had a fun lunch with some lovely ladies

 went to the cincinnati zoo 

 drove aimlessly
some of the interesting neighborhoods of cincinnati
flowering trees

 captured two glorious sunsets

all in all a wonderful time was had
i am glad to be home

not so wordless

i took this one morning 
 i walked to the subway 
the skies were not white 
 they were not blue 

my back is a lot better 
when my lower back goes wonky 
i know what to do

 this mid-back stuff
 is not something 
i have a lot of experience with 
in fact
 the last time this happened
 was so long ago 
i barely recall 
what i did to make it go away 

i am leaving for cincinnati
 very early thursday morning
i'll be back on sunday

next week
i will regale you 
lots of photos 
tales of adventure
the great state of ohio!

weekend antics

 i left the office around 3 friday
 it was a nice day
 a bit windy
 a bit less warm
 a true spring day
 i think april is a fickle month
warmish sunny days
cold windy rainy days
 no thought 
 how mean that feels

my friend liisa
 is visiting from finland
 she and her significant other kimmo
 were at the eataly dinner 

i had gotten liisa a gift
 she always brings me something from finland
this trip was no different
 she brought me some luscious raspberry filled chocolates 
 a darling striped purse from marimekko

 way back in the day
 i was in love with marimekko
 i had several throw pillows covered in their iconic fabrics 
as well as
 a striped set of bed linen

 i got her
 a sparkly necklace 
forgot to bring to dinner
 forgot to bring it home on friday 
 i decided to go get it 
i could give it to her sunday
 when we met for mani/pedis

liisa kimmo and i ended up meeting on saturday
 at the office 
i gave them a tour of the 43rd floor 
then we walked to brookfield place 
formerly known as the winter garden

where there's an exhibition
artist heather nicol
 its a sound and sculptural installation
 six large scale fabric forms
 that swirl gracefully overhead
 while sounds of voices in song
 can be heard 
tho not loudly 
not clearly
not really
 it competes
the din of voices 
taking photos

just one of the six sculptures

see the palm trees
they thrive 
under the dome 
 what will always be
 for me
 the winter garden

kimmo put aside his dislike of iphones
 he has a samsung
 to take this photo
 liisa and me

started off well
 my middle back decided to spasm
not much fun that
after the mani/pedi
really, did you think a spasming back would stop me from beautification?
i let liisa go meet kimmo for a picnic in central park

i went home 
 spending the rest of the day
 lying in bed 
 a heating pad and a book

this better get better fast
 i am off to cincinnati on thursday
for my yearly visit
 with my friends mary and jay
of course 
their sweet cat zozo


earlier this week
 i was on my way to the subway
 headed to the office

i always
every day that is
 take a photo 
to use with my weather report app
 i share it on instagram
 its a thing i do

 that morning
 i spotted someone i knew
 sort of 

thats wimsey
 he's a getting on in years hound
  i met last summer in riverside park
 i photographed him then
 if i wasnt so lazy
 i would go find that photo
 share it or link to it 
i am lazy

i am also
a fan
 visual change
any change
that i use

 if i ever consider participating in a beta test again
 shoot me 
at the very least

 all the weeks months of this beta thing
 i think we're near the end of it

 the word beta 
is no longer on the photo icon
 in the icloud

 there was an upgrade
 to the operating system on friday 
the emojis are now sorted differently
 i hate it 

the syncing
 one to plug
iwhatever  into the iMac
change a setting

 i did this
 the fucking iPhone still insists on it being done



i hate things like this
they make me want to scream curse and throw things

 patience is not part of my make up
you knew that


yup new to me this huge store with 3 or 4 restaurants i joined friends for dinner out i may not need to eat again for several days ...

hard cider

a menu geared more toward meat eaters 

really good sour dough bread
served in a paper wrapper 
 evoo to dip it in

 battered mushrooms

mussels in beer broth

 similar looking 
 very different tasting desserts
 panna cotta 
 some amazingly yummy chocolate layer cake

 we all got a spoon 

some of us double dipped

apres le deluge

after the rain
 the downpour
 i walked across 23rd street
 headed for the subway 

of course
 i looked up 

stuff and nonsense

took friday off 
of course
 that made me think
 saturday was sunday

 that sort of kerfuffle 
happens at the end of may
 when my fridaycations begin

this year 
passover and easter happen simultaneously
good friday and the first night of passover
 on the same day/evening

 we dont really celebrate passover 

 i always buy a small box of matzoh 
 i indulge with a log of sweet gefilte fish

 some strong red horseradish
 i like both 
not more than once a year

  speaking of food
 notice the graceful segue
 i came across a website called

they take veggies like 
sweet potato beets zucchini carrots rutabaga turnip 
run them through a pasta maker
 so they become long noodles 
there's no gluten involved

 so far
 i have had the zucchini not bad but not as good as the sweet potato
 i still have the beet to try 
they have a 14 day from purchase freshness guarantee
 by the way
 no one paid me
gave me free samples
 to say nice things about 

found them 
on my own
 bought them
 decided they were yummy enough
 to tell you about
i am sure there are those among you 
who could make these noodles yourself
 not me 

i thought about taking a photo
 last night
 after i finished the easy prep they need 
 i ate the whole mess
 without stopping
 for a photograph 


the apple photo beta program
 i have been participating in
 must be coming close to roll out 
there were two upgrades this past week 
causing me to have duplicate photos 
not a function of the upgrade 
so much
 as it being due
 my impatience
emailing myself photos
 that didnt automatically 
photo app on my iMac 
photos taken on my iphone 
 vice verse 
if i ever do another beta test
 i will remember
 patience is necessary 

 interesting to me 
outcome of the near completion of the beta
is that my weather app
 now adjusts
 the date on the weather 
to match the meta date on the photo

 being me
 i found a way round it
 i know none of this is stuff you care about 
 i won't explain it here 
if you care to know email me

what else 

errands on friday
 after the dermatologist appointment
 which was illuminating
 i learned
we dont just lose fat in our faces
 we also lose bone 

 those no longer full cheeks
 are gone
 because of both
not just one

 that is
 if you ever had a full face 
i didnt
my cheek bones are less prominent 

i walked a lot on friday
 almost a much as i do 
when i am at the office
 thats almost 3 miles a day 
with no effort exerted at all 

i walked even more
 having to do a few more errands 
i didnt do 
it was raining friday

 was dry
oh my good golly
 it was cold
 there was a wind 
that was strong enough
 to make you feel
you could be knocked over 
at some intersections
 west end avenue
 a wind tunnel
 even on slightly windy days
 icy cold to boot

 marked the first day of easter

 sunny wind free with temps
 real spring
 not quite making it all the way

lets hope this week we finally make it to spring for real

little guy in the striped sweater

he's pulling because i was crouching down to get his photo 
his person was unaware

clearly he wanted his photo taken!

friday friday

i took today off 
a few things
 i wanted to do

 i rarely take time off
  i have a ton
 vacation and personal days
 tho no one ever keeps count

i made sure
 everything was neatly compartmentalized
 so my absence wouldn't be much noticed 
 its good friday and the first night of passover 
lots of people will not be in 
those who are in
 will be leaving early

 it was a not very busy week
 there were still things
as they should be

 i was convinced 
there was a full moon
no there wasn't 
 the loonies were out in force 

not even worth talking about

 i am so glad
 the week is done
 even tho its not a pretty day 
i am going to get out and do 

do what

 oh things

i took this photo a week or so ago
 i love the way rain makes
 the street 
so shiny 
i love the way rain make the lights
so shimmery
 dont you?