if its wednesday, its ...

prince spaghetti day
 it was
 when i was a kid
that my mom
 prince spaghetti 
any day for that matter 

back in the day
there was a catchy commercial 
for prince spaghetti
 here's a link

here on my blog 
if its wednesday
 its usually
 water tower 
water tank 

 this week
 no exception 

i snapped this on the way home last night
 i detoured from my regular route 
stopped at the pet food store 
 meandered up along west end
 i looked up 
there above collegiate's church 
was a water tower
 i know 
i have photographed before 
not for a long time 
not from this particular perspective 


  1. Love so much about this one: the blue, blue sky; the lines; the white, shining tower! Nicely done.

  2. Nice tower! And beautiful church. I have a thing about churches. Love to poke my nose in and have a look into every old one I see. No idea what that's about. Also have a thing about spaghetti. Somehow, R and I have evolved a ritual of Thursday night being spaghetti night. No other night of the week has any other ritualistic meal...except Sunday night roast of some sort, but that Thursday spaghetti is very comforting knowing that he is having his spaghetti supper on the same day.

  3. Not the skyline I immediately envisage for New York, but that's what I love about the daily blogs still, expected the unexpected, not the norm. Gorgeous cityscape


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