sunday in the park

A few Saturdays ago
I wandered
lower Manhattan.
There are many little parks along the river
nestled in among the buildings
I spied this little sandbox playground

shooting the moon

Yesterday TSAnnie threw down the gauntlet "A WOLF MOON! If you have a clear sky and good camera, get outside tonight and capture the Wolf Moon! Photos please!"

I love a challenge.  I said to ToonMan we need to get a photo of the Wolf Moon.  So he goes to Google to see when it is going to happen exactly .. and as if by magic Lee Goldberg the crack meteorologist on WABC here in NYC remarks on the moon, that tonite, right now, its at its brightest.

So we look at one another .. ToonMan says I will go up to the roof and see if we can see it

I reply - but you'll have to come back down to let me know .. maybe take my iPhone and call me?

Then I think by the time I show him how to use it the moon, if visible, will be gone .. but great minds think alike and he says call the landline now.  Brilliant.  I do.  He takes the iPhone and goes to the elevator.

I start to bundle up in case he can see the moon ...

Third Floor .. Donna's bedroom .. Fifth Floor .. Carl's apartment .. ToonMan is giving me alerts as the elevator slowly climbs to the 6th floor.

I am walking up the stairs, he reports, opening the door  .. Oh wow ... get your butt up here NOW!  he says and so I finish dressing, grab the new camera and ring for the elevator.

I get to the roof and he's pointing .. you missed the best shot but if we wait a few minutes those clouds over there will move to the moon and you will have a fabulous shot.

The moon is magnificent, bright and BIG .. I decide while I am waiting on the clouds to fire off a few shots.  But as soon as I focus on the moon I realize my 18-105mm lens ain't gonna cut it .. I am looking at a moon through the viewfinder but the LED screen after I snap shows me a little tiny circle of light in the midst of an inky dark sky.

ToonMan offers suggestions like lean against something to steady yourself  and change the setting ...  except its pitch fucking black out and there are no lights ... wait, the iPhone has a 'flashlight' app .. I turn it on .. I fumble, my fingers are ice cold, I try to figure out what setting to use, I should have brought up the manual!

The clouds move into place, the moon and clouds are exquisite .. I snap a few more and say I am freezing, this lens isn't strong enough, lets go inside.  So we do.

Here are my 3 best shots ...

click on the photos to get the 'full' effect .. 

waiting impatiently

Snapped this sweetie on Chambers Street near the River

second generation

When I was in high school, I had a classmate and friend named Margie.  She was funny, smart and talented.  We lost touch after high school, I lived in the Bronx, she lived in Manhattan; back then that was a big difference .. the Bronx was considered GUD ..Geographically UnDesirable ..

Fast forward to the not long ago,  we re-connected via Facebook.  I learned Margie had married a handsome Ad man, moved to New Joisey and had two lovely daughters.  One of whom is blogging ... she doesnt blog every day but when she does her posts are fun, her photos (and prose) are very enjoyable.

So .. go on check her out.. go visit MissMoll at Wandering and Pondering, you wont be disappointed.

sign posts

50th Street west of Sixth Avenue
 aka Avenue of the Americas


After spending 4+ hours yesterday migrating data from one iMac to another the hard way, due to NOT having the proper FireWires, ToonMan remembered he needed something else from the old iMac which is scheduled to be flattened (an IT term for restoring to factory settings) when I get enough energy to do it OR in one weeks time whichever comes first.

I decided that rather than repeat the machinations of the previous migration, I would go get a Belkin 6'/1.6m 9-Pin to 6-Pin FireWire 800/400. 

Apple has a store within walking distance so off I went. A very nice young woman welcomed me and asked how she could help. She had no idea the can of vent she was opening. I told her the horror story of the migration and how I could not believe that Apple did not make the need of this 'fast' connector known. Its not in the lovely welcome to your new iMac video nor is it mentioned anywhere in the purchase process.
She listened politely, then she told me that the info about the firewire was in the specifications section on the web page. I said well when you've owned an Apple for 20+ yrs. you don't check the specs. She nodded, adding, 'and its on the box'
I said ah well our's came in a cardboard shipping box cradled in plastic wrap and styrofoam.  Oh, she said, you bought it online.  Yes.
How old is the older iMac? she asked, because, she 'thought' it might have had both a 'fast' and a 'normal' firewire slot.   It doesn't.
Then we went to find the damn cord and guess what? 

It wasn't on the 'wall' so she goes into the back and comes out with a friend .. they both tell me how sorry they are its sold out ...  how if  only I had been there an hour earlier.
The friend then backs away as I say: Okay, now go into the back and bring me one your techs use, I will leave you my wallet and my iPhone and I will be back in 2 hrs.  She said all the wires are connected to projects.  I say I am not a happy woman.  She says I understand ... but Best Buy carries them ... and they have a store 3 blocks away!
Off I go.  Best Buy is staffed with morons.  No one offers to help you. I finally find someone.  'Firewires?' I ask.  He points to a wall.  I go over and look, he follows asking what connector do I need?  I tell him.   He insists my old iMac has both high and normal speed slots.  After I dissuade him, he tells me the firewire I need is sold out.  I turn and leave. I do not even say thank you.  Which by the way,  I do even when I am being sarcastic.  I am not a nice person and these people brought out the absolute worst in me... and part of me enjoyed it.  The other part is exhausted.

And in the end ... well, see for yourself.

edited to add: Dianne sent ToonMan that t-shirt!  Thanks, Di!

an email from my sister

I see this cat every day when I pass the cat vet on 76th street.

She has been in their window, I think, for well over a month
I want to see her find a home
because she seems so sad
like she has given up.

If you could post this on your blog
ask your network
to post it on their blogs and sites
then maybe she will find a
forever home.

She is located at
Manhattan Cat Specialists
230 W. 76 Street, New York, NY

I took the picture of the photo/description that is in their window with my iPhone
so let's see if we can use the network to find her a home
like they returned the lost dog to her owner in the cute iPhone commercial.


sunday in the park

This griffin is above the entrance
welcoming visitors to
Central Park

sign posts

Chesapeake Bay Woman sent me that seasoning
  I added it to the traditional New Year's Day breakfast
ToonMan whips up for us.
It was yum.
In 20 days she and some of the other VA BlogFest Blisters will be here!

sunday in the park

This old tree is in Riverside Park just as you enter at 79th Street
I took this after it snowed just before Christmas.

waiting, impatiently

Which way did they go, boys, which way did they go?
These 3 doxies were at the Green Market a few weeks ago.

sign posts

This wonderful proposal was photographed for me by Mojo and he even sent me the 'backstory':
"Yeah, that was a real WTF moment, that was taken December last 30th when I was on my way to Topsail Island.  I was on US 17 just about to make the turn onto the secondary highway to North Topsail Beach and I was past it before it really registered what it said.
So I turned around and drove back because I knew I'd forget if I waited until I was on my way back on the 1st.  I saw another similar one somewhere on the way home but it wasn't a proposal, just an 'I Love You Betty Sue' or something.  Apparently this is a common practice in the Topsail Beach area.  I couldn't help but think about all those proposals that you see on the Jumbotron at the hockey games and how I always think 'Damn, I hope he's sure what the answer would be.'"

my sky

This interesting crane vane
is atop a kiosk on West 83 Street
just west of Broadway
(I added a little of's Vibrance and Gritty effects)

For more skies, visit hosts/hostesses Sandy Carlson, Louise, Sylvia, Klaus, Wren, & Fishing Guy at the Sky Command Center!

thursday in the hood

Sweet Treats truck
was parked on West 50th between 6th & 7th a week ago

sunday in the park

Let's hop into the way back machine to February, 2005

It was cold in Central Park standing atop Belvedere Castle
looking out over the lake and taking in the amazing
created by Christo and his muse/wife, the late, Jean-Claude
enabled by Mayor Michael Bloomberg
these fabulous orange 'flags' brightened a dreary winter park
and brought New Yorkers and tourists alike to view
and interact with one another
It really was a magical time.

my sky

Looking up while walking along Madison Avenue in the East 70s

For more skies, visit hosts/hostesses Sandy Carlson, Louise, Sylvia, Klaus, Wren, & Fishing Guy at the Sky Command Center!

thursday in the hood

You may recall my love of the artist Banksy.
Well, I was walking up Madison Avenue
the Saturday before Christmas
and this window caught my eye ...
reached for the camera

sunday in the park

These swings are on the playground of the Jerome Reservoir Park
in the northern corner of the Bronx.
I took this photo in February 2009