toonsday - 2010 ...

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  1. now why would you think I wouldn't get this one???? :)

  2. Bwahaha! Stupid Mayans. This one's going to be as big a bust as the other. There will always be an impending apocalypse looming over the horizon.

  3. I like how he depicted you with a halo and a beautiful glow about you! Living each day as if it were my last...take care!

  4. hee hee
    The halo fits you well, Daryl. Just your size! ;-)

  5. Um...should I get started on that bomb shelter?;)

    We had a HUGE New Year's Eve party at our place to ring in 2000. The neighbors down the street? They invited family over so they would all be together when the world ended. True story.

  6. 2012, huh? Well, if it happens, it happens.

    Meantime - Keep on keeping on.

    He thinks you're an angel !

  7. Now I want to know more about your landfall???

  8. I'm just glad we made it through 1984! And of course Nostradamus has us expiring about every other day.
    We'll do ourselves in someday - just hope it's later than sooner.

  9. BHE - those folks must have been so surprised when life went on just as before!
    We had a big party for 2000 and at midnight - spurred on by his dad - my son and friends threw all the breakers in the house. Talk about DEAD. SILENCE.

  10. If you mean Obama's defeat then you're absolutely right, Daryl! :(

  11. Boy I remember all the hysteria over Y2K. Heck I couldn't believe we made is to 1984 much less that the sun will rise on 2012.

  12. I'm not worried about any Mayan calendar nonsense; I'm worried that more Repubs are gonna get elected!

    A halo? That's pretty neat! I wonder what Toonman wants?

    A halo?

    You really are quite beautiful!

  13. you know, I am proud of your accomplishments which I sense are major, Daryl.

    Aloha, Sistah Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  14. Just what is the plural of "apocalypse" anyway?

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  16. Hehehehehe... Hey, I love cheating death, don't you?


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