This was taken a number of years ago when a friend who lives along the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade route invited me to a brunch. I was on my way with camera in hand when I spied Snoopy and his pal Woodstock floating above my head in a cloudless blue November sky.

how disconnecting that was

The Apple Extreme AirPort Modem thingie forgot who/what it was.

Like Ryan on All My Children, ZippyNet could only remember things more than 3 years ago (okay! I know Ryan's memory is missing FOUR years .. this is merely an example...)


Because it reverted to its factory settings -> pre-my ownership!

How did I know this? By the blinking 'amber' light -> it was yellow

I decided to re-set it and then re-configure it. -> I like 're' words they are very encouraging, very REassuring.

Alas .. my skills at the computer which honestly are legion proved to be more legionnaire so I bit the bullet.

I called Apple Help where after a short wait I got to chat with someone whose name I dont remember now because when he finally answered the phone which by the way was ringing like in someone's home, he said Education Something Division .. to which I said very smartly HUH? I .. I .. I asked for AirPort help.

I can do that too, he said.

So together we reinstalled my AirPort.

And the feeling, the emotion I had knowing I was no longer disconnected was, indeed, a relief!

this morning and last night

Gus who is usually snuggled up against Ray when I am leaving decided this morning he wanted to be an adventurous PITA but he's so not subtle about it.

When I was about to leave he was standing by the door impatiently twitching his tail, shifting his weight like a fighter getting ready to enter the ring; seeing this I stuck my boot encased foot out to block him but he was quicker. He jumped over my foot and was out the door with me right behind him hissing GUS GET BACK HERE before he was able to run up the stairs, but that cat is no one's fool. No, he turned and ran under my feet causing me to twirl around to keep my balance before he headed back into the apartment past Rose who was on her way out

... hey if he can go outside ...

BACK BOTH OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

... close the door and I am out into the cold hoping that spin didnt totally disorient me.

I am a klutz.

I dont do well on 3 inch platforms even without being twirled so it was lucky for me I wasnt too off. I walked slowly which I'd do anyway since the damn cold makes it hard to breathe thinking about how funny last night was.

(oh I am not Holly, but I can segue .. )

We were sinking into the couch watching the evening hour of death and destruction when a commercial interrupted the reportage on the ravages of the political campaigns playing out here. It was a commercial about cookies but not just any cookies, no, cookies made from pre-fab dough, sliced, then baked.

Husband looked at the big screen high definition image of the freshly baked cookies then at me and asked "why dont they make that sort of cookie for microwaves?"

I have no idea but you cant ever admit to Husband you dont know, you make up something. So I quickly, cleverly replied "I dont think you can".

"Can what?" ever logical Husband asked

"Bake cookie dough in the microwave"

"Why not?"

"I .. why dont you Google it? Google Microwaveable Cookies."

"Ummmmmmmm .. " clack of keys (Okay! His new iMac keyboard doesnt clack, but this is a blog .. how would you know he was typing if I didnt use the word 'clack'? I thought so.) "Well, there are PAGES of recipes for making cookies in the microwave. Did you know that?"

I mumble something, then I ask "Did you Google MICROWAVEABLE cookies?"

"Yes. There's pages of recipes. Did you know that?"


"Well there is. But I dont want to BAKE cookies, I want those ones you slice and bake, but microwave. They're missing a whole market there."

And then as luck would have it the commercials ended and the nightly recappage of death, destruction and political campaigning resumed.

old barns

Katney asked to be shown barns .. even this City Slicker's got a few barns in her photo stash ..

The first is in the Warren, CT area

these others were outside Franklin, TN on the way my friend's farm in Primm Springs

odd shot monday

cycle & recycle

If you'd like to know more about or participate in Odd Shot Monday head over to Katney's cause she's the one who started it!


when this, taken early Friday morning just before sunrise

turns into this, taken Saturday morning

you really really really ache for spring ... really

the newspaper saga

Well 5thFloor's guests did not take our papers.

First it turns out 2ndFloor took yesterday's by mistake then forgot to bring them by.

Today papers were delivered in a rolled up state left in the corner of the vestibule on the floor under the buzzers next to the door. Husband saw them and thought, and told me, that 5thFloor left his recycle bundle of papers there instead of in the elevator lobby under the pews.

He did not.

Husband ran into him and asked him and he said nope so they went and looked and they were today's papers .. When Husband suggested this morning that 5thFloor was involved I knew he was totally wrong. 5thFloor is the dearest man. He would be gay but he is so religious he cant admit it. He is a dear man and I like him very much and knew he couldnt be the paper thief.

So that's done.

sky watch friday

I was looking for a recent photo to share but I couldnt find anything that was worth showing off. The mornings are much lighter and brighter now so there are no amazingly glorious colors and I am not getting up earlier to get the worm, er, better shot.

So I dug these out. In 2005 Christo decorated NY's Central Park with his Gates, they were just magnificent .. and I noticed the dates on the photos I took were almost two years to the date which made me decide to use them. So without further ado .. I give you The Gates

This was taken on February 21, 2005 after a snow storm

This was taken on February 23, 2005 as you can see it was a very crisp clear day

on a much lighter note

There's a game goin' round the internets .. I saw it on Anita's blog and then over at Mielikki's blog .. here's what the deal is: find the nearest book. Go to pg. 123. Find the 5th sentence, and post the next three.

Easy enough.

I am reading Love in the Time of Cholera. It was a Christmas gift from a very dear gal pal, because she is so dear I am reading it. Millions of others have read this and loved it .. me, I am having a hard time getting into it .. maybe this will help.

Here goes:

"...monogram "J.U.C." was imprinted on the seal. He slipped it under the door as he passed Fermina's bedroom, and she never understood how it had come there, since it was inconceivable to her that her..."

Well I dont know about you but that didnt help me at all ... and now I am wondering if I was supposed to include the entire sentence or just those words on the 5th through 8th lines .. oy .. oy ...

edited to add .. apparently I am supposed to now 'tag' others to play this .. okay then here goes:

Violette Crumble, you're tagged

CaroleD, you're tagged

dot, you're tagged

oh yeah .. now you have to tag others and go tell them they're tagged.. duh


I was inspired by a lovely post Country Cottage Chic wrote about a stuffed bear she's had since she was a tot.

I never collected stuffed animals. When I was a teen suffering cramps one Saturday Dad went grocery shopping with Mom bringing me back Turtle as a cheer up present. I kept him on the table next to the bed until a candle overflowed covering his plush with hot wax that dried; I couldnt ever get off.

I have only one doll saved from childhood. It was a present a co-worker of Dad's brought as a baby gift for me. I didn't name her Rosie but that's her name. She is very old. She is still very important to me. Once a while back when I was afraid I took her off the shelf and snuggled her to me, crying over how sad it was that I was so scared I needed a doll to comfort me. I do love wallowing in a sad mood.

Rosie has seen me through sad moods, bad moods, destructive moods. She's had the one rag curl she had cut off during a time I was sure I wanted to grow up to be a hair dresser.

She was puked on. Suffered all the childhood illnesses with me. Her body which is also her 'clothing' wore out a long time ago so Mom made patches for the worn spots.

I dont often let myself stroll down this particular lane because the memories are mixed with more recent ones of losing both my parents within months of eachother .. but sometimes you just need to.. maybe this was one of those times.

E is for...

Welcome to ABC Wednesday .. if you want to see more photos or join us go to Mrs. Nesbitt's Place

Okay .. E is for Easel

here's a couple real artists at work .. one at a street fair in NYC another in St Mark's Square, Venice

And E is also for EMBLEM .. this one is for David ..


Odd Shot Monday inspired me to play with my iMac's "wallpaper".

I took a photo of the cute plush heart keyring Husband got me resting on a leopard patterned schamata - rag - and made it my wallpaper.

Next I took a photo of my desk with all its clutter including the computer with the heart/leopard wallpaper and made IT the wallpaper, are you with me? You might need a drink or two to follow this.

Next I took a photo of that made it the wallpaper and took another photo ..

I could have gone on doing this but honestly it was getting too freaky 'cause this photo you're looking at? Its now the wallpaper ..

odd shot monday

If you'd like to participate . head over to: katney's kaboodle

A few Saturdays ago I was out and about .. at the corner of 79th Street/Broadway I looked down ... I am not sure why these bras were in the gutter .. but once again I was glad I had my camera.

a question was asked

David asked:

Who REALLY rules the TV remote control in your house?

Before I begin let me say I adore Husband ...

He thinks he does .. I know for a fact, having done a lot of research which entailed both reading and listening to women bemoan their partner/husband/significant other's lack of skill using remote devices (and often computer keyboards - example: I was sitting here at my desk doing something and I could hear this PING PING PING sound over and over .. finally I said 'Honey, whatever you're doing stop its not working. HE said how do you know what I am doing? I said the computer only PING PING PINGs when you insist on hitting the same WRONG whatever over and over .. There was no reply.).

Husband is not by any means stupid or foolish; no, he is just a man, and in my experience most men are remote challenged. He will hit the same button over and over and over insisting that it IS the CORRECT button for the function he wants even tho it now refuses to complete that function.

Reasons for this malfunction according to him are:
- Button moved
- Label on button changed
- It worked last time

Usually I am sitting next to him on the couch, clenching my teeth, trying HARD not to use The Voice (or The Tone) while he continues to insist he can do it.

What is he trying to do? Anything from fast forwarding to playing back recorded programs from the DVR.

- Why isn't it working?
- Because he is hitting the button for Live not List
- Because he is hitting the button for Mute not Fast Forward

Or my new fav .. hitting the enter button/play on a recorded program when the option highlighted is RESUME PLAYBACK

I asked him WHY he chose that option when we'd never played it before. And his answer: I dont know.
And that ladies and gentlemen says it all.

Almost ..

Last night as we watched this week's episode of Lost, he pointed out that hitting the Fast Forward FOUR times was better than three .. because you skip over the commercials and other program adverts faster .. of course he failed to point out that it also stops further into the program we ARE wanting to see ALL of and then has to be BACKED up in order to watch the scene from the BEGINNING ..


Maybe I need one of these:

how we spent sunday without football

First, I must digress.

A few weeks ago we were gifted with some truly wonderful cookies, NOT as wonderful as the cookies handmade this holiday season by Onnie, Kelly and Shevawn, BUT really really really good cookies nonetheless. One of the types was two chocolate 'wafers' with peanut butter between.

Getting there.

Husband said these are easy to make, all you need are those cookies, you know those cookies. Of course I knew those cookies. Did you ever make one of those fridge/ice box layer cakes? They use chocolate wafers layered with whipped creme .. soooooo good. THOSE cookies.

Here we are.

Since that epiphany I have not shopped but I did tell Husband where to look at the 'super' market but he either couldn't follow my directions - just past the cheese, to the left of the bread - or he forgot. In any case today I went to the 'super' market - this is a place that elsewhere in the United States would be a convenience store with a thyroid condition - I went to get bread because as I was leaving for the Flea Husband called out YOU need bread.

Since I was in the bread 'area' I looked for THOSE cookies .. of course they werent there, they were around the corner above the freezer .. dont ask .. I got them.

And here's what we did ..

Assembled the ingredients

Open the cookies

Spread the peanut butter .. just so

Make a 'sandwich'


I think a glass of cold milk would be good right now ..

just as i saw it

award ceremony

I was given this award by motherofthislot of Mother's Pride and I was/I am completely thrilled .. it seems I get to pass it along

after much consideration, I would like to award it to:

CaroleD's The Most Boring Blog on the Internet
Holly's oh how my winter nights fly...
Anita's Prairie Dreams
David's authorblog

Why, you would ask?

Well, I would answer: go and see for yourself ..

I will say this one thing, David deserves far more than this for all the encouraging he does of other's work and for being in my opinion the Den Mother of Bloggers literally everywhere.. the rest of you, keep up the good work .. and pass it on!

sky watch friday - twilight on east 42nd street

I took this shot of the Chrysler Building at dusk last week as I headed to an appointment on the Eastside of Manhattan..

If you want to participate in Sky Watch Friday, head over to Dot's Strolling through Georgia and sign up or just check out the other bloggers!

And if you would all keep good thoughts for all those NIU students and their families affected by yesterday's tragedy; a very good friend is a student counselor at NIU

what's it all about?

Its supposed to be all about love. This day.

It often ends up a tribute to candy and card makers, florists ... and if you can afford it jewelry.

The color red is sort of required.

The giving of hearts both real and man/woman made are also necessary.

Works for me.

D is for

rubber DUCKIES! Took this at a street fair last spring .. can't wait til spring is sprung ..


D is for


shall we laugh?

A friend who considers herself and her life BORING sent me this:

war child

Take a look over there on the right .. no, the right .. yes .. there ... now look down a bit and you'll notice there's a new 'patch' there.. it says:

You're not the only one... join us in our book to raise money for War Child.

Click here:'Bloggers for Charity'.

A couple of enterprising bloggers have started collecting written/blogged bits for what will be a very cool online book.

The full explanation and how-to rules are set out in Queen's English for all to read .. check it out and submit a piece or send cash .. seriously why are you still here? .. GO.. check it out... NOW. Click on the link, silly.

continuing the theme: the crown fountain - chicago

I took these photos of The Crown Fountain in Chicago's Millennium Park in July'05 .. they "spit" water every 12 minutes. The faces are faces of real Chicagoans, here's the whole backstory

just for andrea

Andrea read my challenge to dot to post pix of fountains (even w/o water) and wondered if next we'd be challenged to post urinals and commodes.

I know not everyone is a cat lover but you have to admit this is adorable. Rosie likes to sit on the commode in the mornings as I 'do' my washing, brushing, make-up'ing

does your family read your blog?

That's the question du jour. Posed by the wonderful 'den mother' David McMahon this weekend.

I know our daughter Lisa reads it from her home in Dallas because she occasionally posts comments .. and once a correction. I had misstated the family home of her husband as South Carolina when they are from North Carolina .. or is it the other way 'round? My bad.

My sister doesn't know I blog. Why? I am not sure.
Okay, its not that I am not sure, I am just trying to find a way to avoid the real reason. But since you insist, I think it goes back to those days when we shared a room and I wanted her to stay on her side. Its sort of like that with my blog; stay on your own side.

Husband has read posts occasionally, I know this because he made a clever comment about being referred to as Husband (I bet he never saw the photo I posted of him sleeping.. heh heh).

That's all the family I have. I know several friends read, one or two even bookmarked it.

Do you blog? If so, does your family read it? Inquiring minds and David want to know!

she dared me!

dot over at Strolling Through Georgia 'challenged' her readers and other bloggers to "..go get a picture of a water tower...Go Everyone!!" Well in NYC a challenge is a dare!

While NYC has water holding containers atop many a high rise apartment building we dont have a lot of water towers spotting the urban-scape. BUT! I did take a photo of a water tower while in the Cape May, NJ area a mere 3 hrs off the M104 route this past September ..

And now I CHALLENGE you ... show me an interesting fountain ..

This one is in Bryant Park at 42nd St/Sixth Avenue ..

still sweet sixteen

The other day I celebrated a significant, our daughter used that word when she called to extend her wishes, birthday.

I hadn't been looking forward to it although I love birthdays, I love having an excuse to make it all about me .. big wink here because its always all about me .. I have many friends who have jumped this hurdle and lived not only to tell about it but to enjoy it .. they encouraged me to stop being such a silly and get over the number.

They, of course, were right.

While I didn't embrace it wholeheartedly, I did get into it and wore something brand new on the 'day' (a tradition only a fashionista like myself would have).

I scheduled a facial for after work so I would come home looking radiant of course this year my day coincided with Husband's weekly poker night so when I did get home he was all hugs/kisses here's a cake and see you later.

I am not complaining!

He made that cake himself, from a mix; iced it himself all nice and neat which made me wonder if he did what I would have done: cleaned the excess off the plate with a finger, licking the finger clean afterward .. I'll stop now before it becomes TMI.

Clearly I am over the horror of getting older although honestly I was never bothered by the thought of being older. I just could not wrap my mind around the number.

In my mind I am still Sweet Sixteen. Aren't we all?

look, up in the sky watch friday

No, its not Superman but that is the old Paramount Theatre building with the clock tower which has always reminded me of The Daily Planet .. and this sky so involved me it needed two shots ..

a whole lot of things

First, a very good friend lives, or should I say lived in Primm Springs, TN, but her home was one of those hit by the tornado earlier this week.

Thankfully, she and her family (and their dogs, cats) were all okay. The roof, the kitchen, the barn, the truck .. not so much. Amazingly her car, only 2 years old, was untouched, she called me while sitting in it charging her cell phone.

Her husband has been staying on the property 'standing guard' in case looters can make it through the debris on the roads. She went to stay with a friend and her sons are staying with other friends near their school which much to their disappointment was untouched as well.

Then there's my other friend who is amazing; she is undergoing chemo for a recurrence of cancer. A stronger woman you won't meet. She will kick this bout to the curb as she did the one before it because she plans on dancing at her daughter's wedding .. a sweet girl who is just 11.

AND I am getting sick. This makes me very unhappy. I don't like being sick. I don't like it at all. Everyone in this office has been wheezing all week. Two were out a day each, one with temp of 101, the other with a bad stomach. I have studiously avoided being near either of them but they were BREATHING so I guess there wasn't much chance of not catching their exhaled germs.

On the bright side another friend just became a grandmother for the second time...her new grandson, Tyler, weighed in at 7 lbs. 11 oz., and 21 inches long at 2:45 ayem this morning, shares my birthday.

He's a lot better present than this scratchy throat I seem to have gotten from my co-workers. Thanks guys!

toasting the Year of the Pig!

super tuesday

Get out and vote .. I don't care what your party affiliation is .. get out and vote ..