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There's a game goin' round the internets .. I saw it on Anita's blog and then over at Mielikki's blog .. here's what the deal is: find the nearest book. Go to pg. 123. Find the 5th sentence, and post the next three.

Easy enough.

I am reading Love in the Time of Cholera. It was a Christmas gift from a very dear gal pal, because she is so dear I am reading it. Millions of others have read this and loved it .. me, I am having a hard time getting into it .. maybe this will help.

Here goes:

"...monogram "J.U.C." was imprinted on the seal. He slipped it under the door as he passed Fermina's bedroom, and she never understood how it had come there, since it was inconceivable to her that her..."

Well I dont know about you but that didnt help me at all ... and now I am wondering if I was supposed to include the entire sentence or just those words on the 5th through 8th lines .. oy .. oy ...

edited to add .. apparently I am supposed to now 'tag' others to play this .. okay then here goes:

Violette Crumble, you're tagged

CaroleD, you're tagged

dot, you're tagged

oh yeah .. now you have to tag others and go tell them they're tagged.. duh


  1. I'm just doing this on here because I thought it sounded fun!

    "Kevin got out of the driver's seat and came to open the passenger door. He and I gripped each other's hands. Janice was going back to her flat, where Franklin would join her later. He and Wilfred were out at yet another business meeting."

    It's from the Maeve Binchy book, Whitethorn Woods. It's a great character study - I love her stuff.

    Happy reading - whether you continue with what you're on now, or move on to the next!

  2. I'm doing this on here also because I don't do memes on my blog. Hope that doesn't hurt your feelings.
    The only thing I've read in a while is The Daily Bible

    "Even the priest, who approach the Lord, must consecrate themselves, or the Lord will break out against them." Moses said to the Lord, "The people cannot come up Mount Sinai, because you yourself warned us, 'Put limits around the mountain and set it apart as holy.'"

  3. this is a fun one. I also, wasn't sure where to start and stop, so I 'winged' it.

  4. I'm posting here too because I'm too damn lazy to play tag.

    I'm reading Duma Key by Stephen King. I'm taking the instructions to mean the 6th, 7th, and 8th sentence:

    "Somebody better investigate. That's what I think."

    "My daugher and I went exploring one day. It looked like outright jungle south of here."

  5. Sheesh .. what a bunch o'lazy bones .. but I guess that's how it is sometimes .. and no my feelings arent hurt .. sniffle, snuffle.. boooooo hooooooooooooooooooo. sniffle.

  6. Hi, Daryl!

    I've not read that book, but I have heard good things about it, well,..until now! LOL

    That's always so disappointing when you hear all the hype about something being great and then it isn't! I can't read a book unless it touches me somehow, if not, I just get bored and end up not finishing it.

    Have a good one!


  7. Hi Lizzy .. its bugging me that I cant get into it .. everyone raves about it .. the pal who gave it to me has been going on about it for YEARS .. I have a pile waiting to be read but I feel like I MUST finish this .. Usually I am like you, it either strikes a chord or its set aside .. this one is begging to be left unfinished I just dont want to disappoint the giver :)

  8. Thank for stopping by my blog! You guessed it! Dell computer. Ugh. I've actually had it for several years; even dumped an entire glass of water on it when it was a year old. That's another story. That I don't want to remember. I bought it when Dell HAD GOOD customer service. That lasted about a month after my purchase...

    Related to this post, glad you did the meme, I love to see what others are reading. I've heard about it but not read it (your book) I guess I won't go rushing out to buy it!

    I didn't play by the rules because I didn't officially "tag" anyone - just let them decide.

    I'll stop talking now.

  9. "The driver would smile and shake the man's hand before leaping back onto his laden cart, giving the horse a wallop, and staggering off about his business. All this I have seen. More than once. And if you go to Luxor, I'm sure you could see it too."

    But I won't reveal that this is from 'The Angry Island' by AA Gill (because someone might check and discover that this is actually from page 137 which was a much better read than page 123. Ha!)

  10. 'It is good that you ordered the magazine for me, i know i'll enjoy it, it's just ... you know, I was expecting something really... unexpected. I must have seemed very ungrateful, but I'd dropped you all those hints and i'd worked myself up to the point where i was certain you'd got something unbelievable planned; I convinced myself so much that i even started to sense you were being secretive and...'
    'Secretive? How?'
    'Well, that's the point, i can't even say precisely how, I just had the feeling you were up to something, that there was something going on that you weren't telling me about, and that confirmed to me you'd got a big surprise in the offing, i must have been imagining it because i wanted it so much. I got angry because i was disappointed ... but i disappointed myself, really.'

    A Certain Chemistry by Mil Millington.

  11. Wow i am impressed .. lots of interesting books being read .. thanks .. and dont let my inability to get into it stop you from trying it .. my taste is all over the place tho I am not a lover of biography or autobiography .. I want fiction I want escapism .. :)

  12. i totally want to read this book now. i mean i am hopelessly hooked. i'm not sure whether it was the cholera or the fact that a character is named fermina. i mean how common. really. might as well just named her amy.

    no, it was the cholera.

    actually i now think i did mine wrong. oh well.

  13. I am sending it to you .. you shall have the pressure, pleasure of reading it through and through .. then I can go back to Elizabeth George's mysteries, suspense novels


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