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Isn't that new banner fabulous? It was made by my very dear friend Carole .. so thank you, Carole!

Weekend Comes .. Weekend Goes


Yom Kippur began on Friday at 6:55 p.m. My fast lasted til 4:30 on Saturday .. not bad.

But instead of atoning I went for a mani/pedi. As a good friend said there's no reason not to look good while you're atoning.

Have you ever had wraps? Or a glue manicure?

I have and let me tell you this enslaves you on top of costing a lot of time and some $$. A week or so ago I decided to stop .. go cold turkey ... let the glue - seriously, they use this powder and sprinkle it on your nails and then add Crazy Glue YES Crazy Glue and it makes this coating on your nails and they become bionic .. but you gotta go get 'em administered to weekly.

I have no intention of discontinuing my infamous beautification Saturdays but I am saying No to glue.

Where was I?

Oh ... finished being pampered and I thought maybe Lissette could take me a little early .. she couldnt so its really her fault.

It looked overcast when I went to kill 20 minutes in Westside .. sharp cheddar, 'homemade' tuna salad, red grapes, chips and what perported to be papadam .. they arent .. I walk out of Westside to see its pouring .. and I have on patent leather SigersonMorrison 'flipflops' and I am carrying my beloved red Carla Mancini bag! I decide its easier to go home and get an umbrella than to go to Curl Up & Dye and hope it stops raining before my hair is done.

By the time I got home I was soaked and cold and not happy .. I dried off .. cleaned up and headed back out .. umbrella'd and Havaiana flipflops ready to wade the crosswalks.

It was still drizzling when Lissette sent me back out with my hair kickin' .. by the time I got home again my hair was draggin' .. have I mentioned I am hair obsessed? Out came the CURLING Iron ..

Dont you wish when you used a hair dryer or curling iron or one of those Chi flat irons that you had a third or fourth arm? Or a pro to do it for you .. Exactly!

A friend of mine emailed this link to her niece and nephew's website

FLASHCARDS for travelers! Check it out.


Its FALL .. of course only technically since its still humid and very un-fall like .. I am going to the GreenFlea today with an actual purpose in mind .. last weekend this very clever vendor was back .. they do decoupage on coasters, tray tables, tissue box covers among other things AND tiles. I LOVE tiles. For a while I collected them, someday I'll tell you about my tile and kitsch-y coffee mug collections .. I ordered a 4 inch square tile with the map of NJ - specifically the Cape May area.

Why Cape May? Because that's where I am going next weekend and I wanted to give my hostess something clever.

I think this is a clever, inexpensive ($6.00!) and personal way of saying thanks or congrats or whatever .. On The Fringe doesnt have a website - yet - but you can contact Wendy Howard at .. she's a honey.

I also got to spend a few minutes with my friend and jewelry designer Vera Battemarco and drool over her new designs ..

Here are a couple of other interesting booths at the flea

And of course there were all the restaurants on Amsterdam on a sunny delightfully temperate Sunday .. Sarabeth's always has a wait .. look at these people standing around waiting to go in and sit and eat .. while on the opposite side of the street one restaurant after the other has outdoor seating.

What The Flock Is Going On?

I seem to be confused with a spammer .. I wasnt permitted to view my own blog so that puts me right there with all the rest of the world who isnt viewing it either.

See Google, I know all the back doors there are ..heh! I am here.

This past weekend was so nice, so fall like .. the Columbus Avenue Fall Festival was a lot of fun.

First I met Cheryl at The Neptune Room

.. its just got the best fish on the UWS .. really .. however it has become baby friendly; something I am not .. okay, I do like children/babies but not in restaurants .. really people .. all those strollers that clog the sidewalks are annoying enough but to bring them into a restaurant and park them alongside other diner's tables is really a bit much. And when your adorable infant begins to WAIL .. dont ignore them, do you really think the rest of us can tune them out as you do? We cant. I dont understand why a thinking adult would want to have to deal with a child/infant when out dining with other adults. End of rant.

After lunch we did a little boutique'ing .. CPW on Amsterdam and BOC on Columbus. Lots of lovely new FALL clothes.

And then we wandered down Columbus to Prohibition .. such a cool bar/ music .. tho I am embarrassed to say I have no idea who these people are I did love listening to them .. standing in the sunshine ..

Have you ever been to the little enclosed park on Amsterdam? I used to see people in there gardening but not so much lately .. and its such a pretty place

Sunshine Sunday

What a pretty morning .. sun is shining through the leaves of the strange old tree that lives right outside our front window .. dId I mention we live in a small but cozy ground floor apartment in a brownstone.. a few steps from Riverside Park. I'm married and we have two cats .. Gus and Rosie ..that's Rosie on the new comforter .. she's too smart for the room .. she always knows when I am about to snap her photo and closes her eyes or turns her head .. seriously .. every time.

As always I digress .. finding my voice here will be interesting .. bear with me.

I did go back out yesterday and I walked down to BB&B .. intending to take pix along the way to share .. I got as far as 72 St and reached into my bag only to discover I didnt have my camera .. I am sure exclaiming FUCK ME loudly startled the little old lady walking near me .. you'll have to wait on pix of the vet's office and other equally fascinating aspects of my adventures.

I spent a little time in the Green Market that inhabits the small cement triangle where Columbus Avenue merges with Broadway and pushes Amsterdam into Ninth .. the amazing produce would have made for tasty photos .. but I did get to BB&B.

I got that new top sheet .. of course it was a comedy getting it on the bed .. a simple shake and lay turned into a debate over which side was up and which end was top  .. all because I had ache in my right shoulder/scapula from the combo of sleeping weird and carrying the stuff I got at BB&B all the way from 64 St ..

What else did I get?

A picture frame that is fabulous .. its 2 lucite 'blocks' connected by MAGNETS (2 little round magnets .. 1 top, 1 bottom) you pull them apart and put the photo in and let the magnets 'attract' .. its supposed to be for a 2x3 but I trimmed down a 4x6 and it looks great ..  it was $7.99 and its made by Colours.

I love BB&B, I could wander for hours .. listening to Sting on my iPod Shuffle I managed to find other 'bargains' .. wash cloths on sale for .99 cents (I got 3 .. red, purple and navy blue) .. a new coffee mug (okay, it wasn't on sale but it was so funky)

This truly retro shower cap .. I know, I know ... who wears a shower cap? .. I DO !.. and it was $3.99 .. Conair (which I always thought was ConAir .. duh)

Not a bad haul for a Fashionista intending only to get a flat sheet, eh .. and today I'll spend time with my friend Cheryl and have brunch and wander the shops along Columbus as well as the Columbus Avenue Fall Festival .. so come on back and see what happens ..

Saturday aka Beautification Day

Its 64 and foggy, overcast .. okay .. its DARK .. it rained last nite and things look so clean .. I can hear the birds in the park and the dog walkers .. its cozy here at my desk .. pretty lamp lighting my keyboard .. cats alternatively begging .. snuggling .. Saturday is my day to beautify. Its a weekly ritual. Mani/Pedi at Susie's then a short walk downstairs to Curl Up and Dye Salon for a wash/blow out .. and then a wander .. along Broadway to see what's new in the shops .. to pick up munchies at Westside .. cheese, bread, fruit ..

The sun is out .. its a little warmer now .. I've been beautified and now I am thinking of going out again and looking for some new sheets .. got a new comforter ...

and heading back to Westside to get those munchies .. I had to come back and have lunch so I don't buy out the store shopping hungry

Here's a photo of my Saturday morning beautification destination ..

and my friend Cheryl about to get her hair cut

Friday ... at last

Fall is creeping in .. here in the city the trees dont really turn the beautiful colors they do upstate or in New England .. we dont get these colors here

There's going to be a street fair this Sunday; as the city makes its way into its version of fall the number of street fairs increases. This weekend its The Columbus Avenue Festival .. there will be lots of vendors - tho if you walk a few blocks you'll see repeats .. still its fun and I am looking forward to it.

Another fun Sunday (I am getting way ahead of myself but its this time of year so much nicer for being out and about) 'event' is the weekly GreenFlea in the school yard Columbus/77th St .. they have the most exquisite looking (and tasting) veggies

Dont those colors and shapes fascinate?

I'll capture some other examples for you this weekend ..

Welcome to On The M104

Welcome to On The M104

I've wanted to blog for a long time and here I am. Join me, get a cup of coffee and sit back and enjoy the ride .. it wont ever be bumpy!

Here are a few of my favorite views of the 'hood .. come back and visit again .. as I get the hang of this On The M104 will be a fun place to visit.