last mail of '09

Not a bad way to end the year mail-wise:
New Year cards from good friends,
a sweet note,
Manolo sale!

thursday in the hood/mysky

A little over a week ago as the M104
cruised down Seventh Avenue
I looked out the window

I saw these two men talking, looking up
two pedicabs with odd passengers

So I got off the bus and walked over to see what they were.

The numerials 1 and 0

When I looked up
stepped back
this is what I saw

The number 10
to become part of the
Times Square Ball Drop!

So tonite as the ball slides down the pole
the numbers light up
Remember you saw it here first!

Happy 2010!

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brunch with a blogger

Until recently that handsome bloke called himself (and his blog) Traveling But Not In Love.
Then he met Le FP, fell in love and renamed his blog

Le FP has friends in Montreal
TBNIL and Le FP flew from Paris to Montreal celebrated Christmas
then drove to NYC  
(a story he will no doubt share on his own blog)
TBNIL and I met (ToonMan took the photo) at the apartment
and went to brunch yesterday (Sunday)
whilst Le FP went window shopping on Fifth Avenue.
They are now flying to Las Vegas for New Year's
I begged them to take me along, I swore I could fit into one of their suitcases
Le Sigh.
It was as it always is when I meet a blogger, its as if we've known one another forever.

miscellaneous mondays

a jolly Santa and a friend last week
watching the skaters
Rockefeller Center

sign posts

Technically, this is not a sign.
Its a photo of a BIG inflatable Santa
(on a hang tag I made for a something I gifted last year)
November thru December it welcomes Christmas tree shoppers
in my 'hood

it seemed apropos since today is Christmas Day

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!

my sky

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thursday in the hood

This pretty ornament was
(and may still be) 
hanging on the back of the bathroom door
at the hair salon I used to go to. 
Used to, you ask? 
Curl Up & Dye
alas it is no more
I am now being beautified™ elsewhere.

toonman's best friend

Gus, Gussie, G Man, GusPus, Gustopher, Mr. G

February 18, 1994 - December 21, 2009

miscellaneous mondays

Welcome to a new feature here at Out & About in New York City - Miscellaneous Mondays.
A mishmash of photos I had no idea what to do with once I took them.

Like these crutches.
I saw them leaning against the entrance/exit of the 14th Street Broadway IRT subway.

sunday in the park

This week we're visiting a small park
(at one time they were dubbed 'vest pocket' parks)
that brightens up the Columbus Avenue side of the
Musuem of Natural History & The Rose Center (planetarium)
in its small space there are sitting areas, some statues and a dog run!

my sky

Wintery morning sky .. Broadway at W. 79th Street looking east

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and the winners are

But first let me tell you that I had an email exchange with Blair, the publisher of Baffled by Travel, they who provided the book for me to review and to offer to my commenters.  They are so nice over there at BBT they are sending another THREE copies of New York in Ten Seconds.

WOOT for BBT and Blair.

Ergo, hence
I never used those words before in my life, this is good wine! ;-} 
SIX winners
will be chosen from those folded papers
in my chic new wool cap

  ToonMan has picked 6 names
and they are:

As soon as the additional books arrive I will send them all out,  email me with your mailing addresses!

thursday in the hood

Columbus Circle Fountain
for a pictorial history of this site click here

don't forget to enter to win!

Dont forget to enter the contest!
If you want to win one of the 3 free
wonderful guide books to New York City
click here and leave me a comment telling me why you'd like it
Winner will be announced on Thursday, December 17th

toonsday - happy as a clam

If you cant see all the panels, click and it should open in a new window

monochrome monday

Yet another photo
of those fascinating tables and chairs
that reside in the pedestrian mall
that was once rowdy Times Square

For more monochromes, visit host Aileni's Monochrome site

book review/giveaway

Recently I was contacted by a publishing house, Baffled By Travel, asking me to review a book about New York City.  Not a book of fiction which I read a lot of but a book intended for both visitors to and natives of New York City.

A sort of guide book that claims to share 'the best of New York in just 10 seconds'  ...   a select guide to the best places to stay, eat, shop and explore.

How you may ask can they do this in 10 seconds?

Extremely well.  It has maps, indices, and covers every aspect of visiting NYC from fun & cheap  to the chi-chi .. and everything inbetween and it does this for not just food and accommodations but shopping, sightseeing and more.

I have read and enjoyed both the photos and the information inside this slick volume which sells for $22.95 in US/Canada.

The nice people at Baffled By Travel have given me 3 copies of this terrific book to give to 3 of you.. you can check the book out by clicking here and you can look at the collages I put together because, really, I am not a writer and could never do justice to this book with just words.


If you would like to have one of these, please leave me a comment and tell me why you'd like one and I will have ToonMan do a random drawing on Wednesday and announce the winner on Thursday
Clicking on the collages will embiggen them...

sunday in the park

This week its back to Central Park
on Cherry Hill
read about this by clicking the link
You can take a walk into the park at 72nd Street,
walk toward Strawberry Fields and bear to your right

And if you click on each of the photos, they will embiggen

happy hanukkah

from our home to yours

sign posts

A NYC institution
West 72nd Street/Broadway
is still going strong after 30 years.

Gourmet Magazine,
another institution,
shut its doors this past Oct 5
after 69 years

my sky - Sherwood Island, CT

This tree fascinated me.
I took several photos
as it posed lifting
its branches to the sky.
I liked this one the best.
Sherwood Island, Westport CT.
facing Long Island Sound

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thursday in the hood

This smiling cherub ate his Wheaties. 
He's on the side of a building
northwest corner
West 76 Street & West End Avenue

how I spent the weekend

I went to Connecticut
I met Squazz!
I met Dora and Stella
I ate Lauren's freshly baked from scratch apple sauce cake
I visited Lauren's glorious St. Paul's church (for excellent pix of that visit Kate)
I went to lunch at the Black  Duck
I shopped
I saw Annie's pond
I drank lots and lots and lots of wine
I met Jules (and ConMan)
I had amazingly delicious sushi for dinner
I twittered
I went to brunch & met Lucia (sp?)
I went to Sherwood Island's beach
I had the best times with some bloggers who have become like sistahs!

warm heart makes warm hands

Ann Marie(thewatermanswife) knitted these for me. 
She has a warm heart and a way with wool.
And I now have warm hands!

toonsday - what's your secret?

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