sign posts

Technically, this is not a sign.
Its a photo of a BIG inflatable Santa
(on a hang tag I made for a something I gifted last year)
November thru December it welcomes Christmas tree shoppers
in my 'hood

it seemed apropos since today is Christmas Day

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!


  1. Don't you love the belt buckle?

    Hope Santa did not bypass your house when he saw all those candles on your Menorah. I'm sure he didn't because Santa is just the spirit of love for us all.

  2. Santa is sportin' a big old rapper belt buckle!!
    Love it

  3. Thanks D. I'm sure the blow up Santa was a crowd gatherer but everyone around here has about overdone the big blow up things in their yards. I'm thinking about driving around with a BIG straight pin! HA

    PS the buckle cracked me up too!

  4. Thinking of you, my friend! George loves his stocking gifts, too. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

  5. I love it.

    Great idea, making gift tags from photos. I'm telling you, people around here would buy those things like crazy. We could make up some sea scenes and put them for sale in Sibleys/Visitor Center.

    Have a great day. Be prepared for some text/pix messages tomorrow.

  6. It's a sign, it's just more a sign of the season than the usual kind of sign.

    Hope the day is kind to you Daryl.

  7. He certainly looks jolly.

    Chinese food and a movie today? I heard there was a Mel Brooks double feature at the 92nd Street Y LOL.

  8. Another fascinating composition, Daryl--Happy Holidays!

  9. Guess who forgot the worchestershire sauce for the BLoody Marys????

  10. Thanks Daryl! Santa was good to all of us this year. We didn't get a white Christmas but for this area, being cold was almost as good as snow, lol. I mean, we are all still alive and well. That's all that really counts.

  11. Merry Christmas to you and your family. All the best life has to offer in 2010. Like Blogfest! :)

  12. The creativeness just keeps on shinning through!
    Merry of Merriest!


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