🎶rain rain rain🎶

with props to aretha

 its been raining
 pretty steadily
 friday afternoon

 i suppose
 i should not complain
 its not snow
 its the end 

 i do not consider 
 to be 
going out like a lamb

happy as i am
 its not snow

i do remember
very vividly
 one late april day
years ago
 a girl scout 
our troop 
went to the united nations for a tour
 it was late april
 as i said

 we wore our uniforms
 little cotton ankle socks
 penny loafers 
those shoes
 straps across the instep
 of oxfords lace ups

 little light weight

 when we came out of the united nations

 we were 
 under dressed
 such weather

 it was
long walk
 the subway

 i really do remember
 how cold it was

 ever since
 i have been

 its a skitzo season

 i am doubtful
 proven wrong

 i wore my yellow hooded slicker
 went to polished
 then fairway
 then home

here's the scoop

what a surprise 
the weather people

 go forth
 they cried
 make the most of your day 
 if you plan on being out all day
 take along your umbrella
 the rains
 the down pour
 late in the day

 not so much

 i am still auditioning new stylists to blow dry my tresses

 this weekend
 it was a salon that fit the parameters:
 to be within walking distance 
not more than 4-5 blocks  from home
 to be within the price range 
i had been paying
 to be open on sundays

 two do 
is on west 82 
between broadway and amsterdam
 they are not open sundays
it sounded from their website 
as if i would like them
i opined
 if they were truly wonderful
 i would adjust
 a saturday morning appointment
sunday afternoon

 i had a 10 am with chi
 (pronounced chee not chai) 
saturday morning

 i wore my yellow hooded slicker
 even tho
 it wasn't going to rain til later in the day

 i like that two do
 is close by
 i liked chi
 he's a nice guy

 the salon is well kept 
they have a big kuerig coffee machine

 they put out cut up bagels & biscotti 
water or tea
 a color coded smock to wear

 i got green 
another client got burgundy
 she was getting her hair colored
 i was getting a blow dry

 i guess
 for all the amenities they offer
 the extra $5 
i paid
what i usually pay
 is ok
much as i like them
 i really prefer sunday

 i guess
 he/they didn't knock my socks off enough
 to make me switch

 oh yeah
 it was raining
when i left a mere 40 minutes after i got there

  last sunday
 i auditioned
 the jeffrey stein chain's 86th and broadway salon 

when i booked
 i asked
 who will be doing my hair

the booker replied

 eons ago 
i knew a ludmilla
 at the jean louis david salon on broadway at 74th

 how small a world it is

 it was
 the same ludmilla 

she recognized me
 you havent changed she said except you've cut your hair

 i didn't recognize her

 in 2002ish
 she was a wild child
 cropped bleached blonde hair 
high high heels
 short short skirts

 she's a married mother
a reddish blonde french twist
 low heels
she's still got the same smile 
 adept use of brush and blow dryer

 she works sunday
 the price is the same
 as i used to pay at the last succession of salons 

 ludmilla is the winner
 i will be seeing her on sunday afternoons 

i knew you'd want to know

 of nothing
 here's a shot 
the lovely old lighthouse 
sandy hook

a rant ... a dog

 my rant
 i will try to be as terse as i can

 i will start at the beginning
 a statement:
 when i have ever purchased something that was back ordered
when i have pre ordered something
 my credit card
 i do not get charged
it ships

for my birthday
 my sister gave me a gift card for barnes and noble
 i am a voracious reader
 i am constantly ordering e-books
 to read
 my nook app on my iPad
it was a wonderful gift

 i didnt know
how much i spend a month
 til now

 i spend
 about $50 on books
 not every month
on average

 i also
 the ability
pre order books by authors i really like 

a pre order 
is made
 many many months in advance 
 thats ok 
 its something to look forward to

 on thursday
 i got my american express bill for march
 i learned the hard way to look at the charges
 make sure 
they are legit
so when i noticed i had 4 charges for bn.com
 i thought that was odd
 when you order from bn.com 
they tell you
 the cost 
will come
 from any credit or gift card
charged to the credit card you put on file

 since i couldnt imagine
 the money on the gift card
one month
  i checked the balance online

 the card 
 a zero balance

 i looked that the purchases
 i made since getting the card 

by my calculations
 i had not even spent half the amount
 i called

  bn.com outsources their help desk
 this annoys me
 a whole other rant 

i spoke to 'mark' who apologized very nicely
 was unable to explain
 why my card showed a zero balance 
 why my amex was showing charges for e-books

 i asked for a supervisor 

she explained 
 i pre order books
books i wont be getting for months to come 
 that amount 
 the gift certificate
 in essence
 they are getting paid twice
with the $$ my sister paid for for gift card 
 a second time
 when they hold back $$
 i cant 
all the while
 keeping my amex
 as collateral

 this truly ticked me off 
so much so
 i told the supervisor
that i would be telling anyone who wanted to get me a gift certificate 
 to get it via bn.com
 i would be
 once the books i pre ordered arrived
 no longer be shopping at bn.com 

i would be taking my business to amazon
 i hung up

 bn.com just paid up a ton of money via a class action suit for over charging for e-books
 i myself
 will be receiving $85 
 i was going to put into my account there 
i am going to opt
 send me a check option

 i am over these people in a really big way

 end rant

here's charlie
he's a sweet puppy


no really
 its been a busy week

 weather wise 
we sort of lucked out
 no snow
 its been bitterly cold
 nasty winds 

the sort 
 makes your head ache
it made mine ache

i have
a long rant
 barnes & noble

i get it all sorted out


how do you sleep?

how do you sleep?

  i sleep
 on the right side of the bed
toss turn from one side to the other
 sometimes wake on my back
 tho thats unusual 

i used to sleep on my stomach
 my then chiro
 told me that wasnt healthy

 i trained myself to sleep on my side
 the toss turn

 i wake at the absurd hour of 5:30ish am
 9:30ish pm
 i am ready
 crawl under the cover 
cuddle up with my pillow

 it takes me 12 minutes to fall asleep

 how do i know

 i tried out the fitbit sleep setting

at least to me

little band that holds the fitbit
goes on your wrist
 depress a button
start sleep mode
 you're in bed 

in the morning
depress the button 
 to end it

i learned
 i woke 13 times during the 7 hours i slept

the longest time
12:38 to 12:46 
i suspect thats when i went to the loo 

 the fitbit doesnt tell you
how long 
 how often

 i also woke around 4:30 
thats no surprise
 i wake almost every morning between 4-4:30
 look at the clock 
go back to sleep for another hour or so

while i slept i burned 15.5 calories 
tossed/turned the equivalent of 94 steps

 how do you sleep
 do you wake multiple times
 do you toss turn
 are you able to sleep straight through til morning 
waking fully rested 
come on spill

yes! its wednesday

 going to a party
 having a party
 bringing balloons
 sunshine filled
 a week or two ago

 as i write this
 i am listening
 the weather report 

 you read this
 we're having
 snow storm 

my first instameet

my friend missy and i 
 down the shore
 to meet up with other instagram fanatics
for my 

we got there
 fashionably late
 it was a lot past fashionable
 no one minded

 we wandered the sandy hook park on our own
 taking pix
 i will share the photos i took over at through my eyes
 we headed to the lighthouse
 where we found the IG instameet group
we wandered down to the beach

it was fun to put faces and real names to people 
 up til now
 just screen names 
posting some really fine photos

 it was interesting
 to find out
 how right or wrong 
my perceptions of them were

 in one instance
 a woman
 i was 
was in her 20s 
turned out to 
my age

 in another instance
 someone i thought was older ended up being a lot younger
as nice as i expected them to be

 missy owns a dog walking business
 she brought along a 'client' 
whose people
 often leave him with her for the weekend

 charlie brown
 one of the sweetest little dogs
 i have ever met
 i am not always a fan of small dogs 


 very often
 they are
 high strung


 he loves people
 missy would disappear
 she was being adventurous
 climbing down
 get closer to the waves
 he would be very concerned

 when we went to find restrooms
 i left him with her in the car
i got back
to see him
 looking out the window
 i was touched he missed me

we debated
 waiting for sunset 
an internal dialog
 missy decided
 we'd head home
 we got to the city
 in time
 to see
 the sky and the river
 the same amazing color 



i spent saturday
 she's referred to in my apartment 

we drove down the shore
 they say in this part of the northeast

 we took photos down along the beach
how amazing
 it was
 we were there
at the beach 
in march
at the beach

 got some really good photos
 i will share
 along with
 witty prose 

 for now
 i am merely
 a tease

 by sharing
 this shot 


we were out walking
 weekend before last
 i think

 there were still
 small patches of snow 
on the ground

 i spotted
 this puppy 
 stop and get a quick photo

 in fact
 i took only this one 
 for me
 it wasn't blurred

nothing interesting happened

i am
 sun rose
 were overcast

i didn't take any photos on the way to the subway 

it was
 a walk

 i saved this shot
the pink sunrise series

 even this guy
 on the fork lift loader doobie
 in the 
pink light

 just to me

everythings rosy

i left the apartment at 6:50 AM
 as always

 walked toward broadway

 i looked over at the eastern skies
 i stopped in my tracks
 pulled out the phone
 began taking photos
my eye could see
 would read

 i stopped a few more times 
i walked down to 72 street 

every cross street 
incredible view

a rosy pink hue

 see for yourself

the light
the glass facade
with a 
rosy glow

i had
 zoom in

thank you in advance

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