no really
 its been a busy week

 weather wise 
we sort of lucked out
 no snow
 its been bitterly cold
 nasty winds 

the sort 
 makes your head ache
it made mine ache

i have
a long rant
 barnes & noble

i get it all sorted out



  1. Love me some Jack! He is so cute!! And comfy too! Interested to read about your Barnes and Noble rant. I still miss Borders!! The closest B&N to me is about a half an hour so I don't go there very often. I have resorted to purchasing off Amazon. I do miss perusing the bookstore with my cup of coffee though!! Happy Weekend!!

  2. We could all learn something about chilling from Jack. You can tell us about B&N later.

  3. Sweet little one. We've still got the nasty wind but finally, FINALLY, the temps are going up, sort of.

  4. I want to hear about B&N! If it's anything like the Chapters/Indigo in Van then there's plenty to rant about. Jack is so cute. Morgan likes to turn herself into impossible shapes too, but I was juts thinking, it too Theo almost three years since he came to live with us before he trusted us enough to stretch out in front of the fire or on a bed. He was always in the hovercat mode, you know, hunched down over his paws. Poor pol feral pub cat.

  5. Oh kitty belly. I just want to kiss it. Does he accept that? :)

  6. I always enjoy Jack...xo
    p.s. sorry about what happened with b/n...grrrrrrr


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