downtown local

i love the subway
 i love 
taking photos
 down there
of the train
 the station

 this is one of my favorites
Best Friends Animal Society
Meet Hopscotch! 
Get to know you? No need. Hopscotch is already sure you’re her buddy.
Like her name implies, she’s full of fun – and takes you back to a time when making friends was easy and uncomplicated. It’s impossible not to feel the love.
Because she adores humans, and because she’s so confident and curious, Hopscotch makes herself comfortable in new situations almost immediately. When she’s not exploring her surroundings or following around her favorite folks, she’s thrilled to relax by your side as you brush her lustrous coat, appreciative of every stroke.
Hopscotch is healthy, well-adjusted and very eager to settle in to life in her new digs. At about ten years old, she’s grown into one of those wise souls, grateful for companionship and care; she’ll thrive in a calm, stable home where handling is gentle and predictable. This cutie doesn’t care for surprises and can be a bit bossy with other cats, so she’s hoping to assume the role of sole feline in her new family.
Because she’s a slightly older cat, Hopscotch’s friends atMt. Olive TNR Project, a No More Homeless Pets Network partner in Budd Lake, are working extra hard to find her a loving home as soon as possible. If you think you might be the one for Hopscotch, please email Michelle or call 973-804-6273.
Even if you can’t adopt right now, you can still help spread the word by posting Hopscotch’s flyer anywhere pet-loving people might see it. Thank you for all that you do for pets in need — and for caring about Hopscotch.
Together, we can Save Them All®.

Save Them All
To help the animals:
If you would like to know more about Best Friends Animal Society, please go to

a tale of two ziggys

two friends
who dont know one another
new babies
 adopted from rescue groups
 are called

 i am not sure

the ugliest corner


72nd street
riverside drive

 on sunday 
toonman and i
 through the park
 eleanor's statue

 we sat for a few minutes 
in the sun
 toonman's legs 
occasionally ache
 he's not been walking in a while
 while we were sitting
 he pointed out
 two water towers
 in the distance

  see for yourself 

another winner

another totally wonderful sunny day
 snow coming
 tonite into tomorrow

 i met my friend blondie for lunch
 we walked uptown to candle cafe west 
a place
 my friend judy 
has been trying
 to get 
to go to

after today's lunch
 i am wondering
 i never agreed to go

  its an organic cuisine restaurant
 the caters to vegans/vegetarians 
i had
 yummy nuevos rancheros
 made with/of
spicy tempeh-potato hash, corn tortilla, guacamole, tofu sour cream, tomatillo salsa
 it was so good
 i wished
 it was a bigger portion

 since it wasn't
 i had a piece of carrot cake
 oh my

 coffee was good too

 they deliver
 i will be going back 

didn't take any food photos 
 i was too busy eating!

 after lunch
 we walked 
down broadway 
 to do a little window shopping
 we are both handbag and shoe sluts 
we looked
didn't buy

 i did get myself
 a sweet inexpensive necklace
 at a new shop, francesca's on broadway/86 street 

i love sparkle
 i love faux gems

i plan on wearing it with t-shirts
 as well as 
sweaters or dresses 
i love mixing it up

since it was so nice 
toonman and i took a short walk
down to 72nd street
through the park
 there weren't a lot of photo ops
 the angle of the sun
 made for lots of shadows 
i did get this one shot
 eleanor roosevelt's statue 
i was trying to get a shot of the squirrel at her feet
 the shadows are too strong 

see for yourself

what a fabulous day

 it was saturday
 the temps were in the 40s
 the snow was melting 
people were out on the street
 enjoying the sunshine

 i tried to get toonman
 to take a walk in the park 
with me
 he was otherwise committed 

 off i went
 big camera in hand 

lots of snow
 still covering
 more puddle




 it felt good to be out

two cute pups

i saw
 these two 
last weekend 
they were
 outside a restaurant
 as you can see 
they were very anxiously
the return of their

sweet dreams

i am usually in bed
 by 10 pm
its a good thing
 who comes to bed many hours later 
is a restless sleeper 

he has very active dreams
 by active
 i mean 
he talks
very loudly
 very clearly 
other times 
 he's speaking a foreign language
 i for sure dont understand

 oh yeah
 i am awake
his dreams
 his punches
his racing legs 
loud laughter

i wake
 he is clearly speaking
in argument

 i have noticed 
his dreams
around 2 am 
 lasting up to an hour

i know this
 i am
for all of it 

 i try
 not to be
hit or kicked

 i recently woke him
 when he sat up
 'choking' a pillow 
he had
 no idea
 what he was doing

 after i woke him
 right back to sleep

 not so much

 i have told him of his exploits
 he is always skeptical 
 i told him i would video tape him

 i took my phone to bed the other night
to his loud laughter
 i got the video app ready
 of course 
 i was prepared
 he did nothing
worth taping
 i would have

 i guess
 he's a lot like the cats

 are doing something
 i want to record
as soon as
i grab the phone
 they stop

 trust me
 i will get evidence
 sooner or later 
i will continue to be prepared!

there's something dreamy about this photo

subway for dummies

a blog friend
 what is the difference between the local and the express

  i thought
 what a good bog post the answer would make

 here it is
 subway for dummies

she's not a dummy

 i am just 
 the wording 
of those computer books
 you know
 word for dummies

 the local and the express trains
 the same route
 beginning to end 

the difference
 the express trains
less stops

they stop
 junction stations 
the passengers/riders
 switch to the local
 to get to the stop
 they need
in between express stops

if you live near a local stop
 you might
 take the local 
to an express stop
 your destination faster

 on the line
 i take
 to the office
 i live within 3 blocks of a local stop and 8 blocks away from an express 
i can
 take the local
 one stop
 get the express


let me clarify

 i get on the local
79 St

 i want to
 need to 
get to 
42nd St

 if i stay on the local
 it will make stops
 72 street
66 street
 59 street
50 street
arriving at
 42nd street

 it takes approximately 4-5 minutes from 79th to 42nd

 i change 
 the express at 72 street

 (or walk to 72 street to get it)

its just
one stop
42 street

 it takes 2-3 min 
(not counting
 any waiting time 
of course 
if the new signs

a long wait 
you dont bother to switch
 there'd be nothing to gain)

there are express/local trains on all the subway lines

 the subway 




 relatively speaking
 $1.50 for seniors and school kids

any questions?

in the hood - amsterdam avenue

this stretch
 amsterdam avenue
 a combination
 residential and commercial

 tecumseh playground
 on the corner of 77 street

 the fdny car
 is parked there
theres a fire station
 just around the corner 
on 76 street

 the red awning 
 in warm weather months
 chirping chickens
 their claim to fame
 in the hood
a few years back
 some of their delivery guys 
won big in the lottery
 i havent eaten there
i hear the chicken is tasty

 oh yeah
water tower
 water tanks
those apartment buildings
 75 street

a long weekend

my office is closed
presidents day weekend 

right on the heels
valentine's day 

 no gift 
no token of love
is necessary

 many people
 go away
leave town
 for the weekend 

i bet
 a lot of those people
 didn't get away
 didn't get away on time
 this year
 all the snow making
 a mockery of airline schedules

 a dear friend 
works for one of the airlines
 she is a very unique woman
do things throw her
 this year 
has been hell
all the bad weather
 many flight cancellations rebookings angry flyers

 i hope
 if you had plans
 to get away
you weren't 
too baldy
snow sleet ice 

those of us who stayed home
 made it 
 few inches of white

 it fell 
 no longer white snow

it brought

 you can look forward
 the end of the week 
having temps
 that actually
 make it out of the 30s

 not to be a downer
that means 
it might rain

at this point 
in the year
 i would

wouldn't you?

35 days til spring

 it snowed again
 i had a massage appointment on the eastside
 it was brisk
in the mid 30s
 when i bussed cross town
at 9 AM
 when i left the spa
at 11AM
 it was snowing
 big lovely wet flakes 
the sort that don't stick 
to your gloves or scarf
 the sort 
you can catch with your tongue

 i bussed back cross town
 walked up to 
hale and hearty
some of their wonderful 10 veggie soup
 stopped into 
toonman's turkey meatballs

 walked out of zabars
after maybe 
20 min
to see
 those lovely big wet flakes
 those little flakes
 that seem 
more like a snow shower
 than snow fall
 i didn't even feel like i needed to pull up the hood of my jacket 
they were so light

we watched
 the wolf of wall street
almost 3 hrs
  i looked out the window
 to see
 at least
 an inch of new snow
it was still falling

 spring is a mere 35 days away

the eastside
 a lot cleaner 
 the west

 see for yourself

 madison avenue at 75 street

 madison avenue at 79th street

 east 79th street

broadway at 82nd street


 i try to
 prefer to
 bend down
 i am
eye level
 my 4 legged posers
 i met kasper's  person
 while i was inside irving coffee
 he, his person, 
to see if  
 was ok 

we got to talking

 when i said 
i would like to take his photo
 it was 
 crouch down
 kasper can be very excitable
i might get knocked over 

i didnt think that would happen
 i agreed 

 its not the best shot 

i do love his floppy ear
 it reminds

this is riley
i stole this shot from her blog

see for yourself

i am writing this on wednesday evening 
 it hasn't started snowing
 it is 

 i came home
 a little while ago
 after having dinner
 my friend liisa from helsinki
 she's in town for two weeks
 she said
 its been colder here
 than at home

 i remember how mild it was here last winter 
how i would see her photos on instagram 
 snow drifts
 so amazingly high
 i couldn't fathom
 what would happen
 when they melted
 she reassured me
 they drain off into the many lakes

 this winter
 they've not had a lot of snow
they have had a lot of rain
which made the ground soggy 
 it froze 
leaving us both wondering
 how many
 the plants
 would survive

 we had dinner
 good conversation
 i am so full

 i walked to 72nd street again this morning
 i got on the correct train

 i like walking
 i get to take photos
 as i go 
it was a frigid 14 degrees
 this morning
 i am bundled up 
 all that gets cold
 is the finger
 i use
 'click' the 'shutter'

 i noticed
 the stores
 that were open
 before 7

 i think
 its interesting
 to see
 the neighborhood
 for the day

 i am not sure
 if i would enjoy
 the walk
 in the dark 
 now that the sun is rising earlier 
its sort of pleasant



my friend f in lala land 
sent me
 a fitbit
 for my birthday 

you dont know what a fitbit is?

 its a little thingie
 that keeps track
how much 
you walk
 number of steps
 number of stairs

 aside from the stairs
 in/out of the subway
 i dont do stairs

 we live in a ground floor apartment
 i take the elevator up to the office
its on the 6th floor 
our new offices 
will be on the 46 floor
 i wont be walking up those

 i do a lot of walking in the office
 from my desk to the conference room
the pantry 

on nice days 
i walk home from the 72nd street subway stop
  its been pretty cold
i havent been doing that

 the idea of the fitbit as a gift was sweet 
 i think
 she thinks
 i walk
 a lot more than i do 
after all
 she lives in la 
where no one walks
 except to their car 

 she friended me
 on the fitbit social network 
i decided to give it a try 
in fact
 in the 18 degree cold 
the morning 
i decided
 to walk 
to 72nd street

 it wasnt windy 
so it wasnt a bad walk
 i made it in 8 minutes 
l short stops
 snap these photos 

when got into the station 
i heard
 the train approaching
 i hurried down the stairs

 into the subway car 

 my surprise 
 i realized
 it was the local

i laughed to myself
 the express
 the local

at least
 i didnt get on the uptown train! 

 you see
 the water tower
 in this

its there
the tall 'green' building
 the light brown one under construction

none of these photos are signed

Harrison needs a forever home

Harrison is ready for the good life!
Harrison is a ball of joy wrapped up in a pretty red coat and a big cuddly head. He’s the kind of dog anyone would be lucky to call “best friend”. When he came to Sammy’s Hope, a No More Homeless Pets Network partner in Edison, New Jersey, his caregivers could tell right away that Harrison adores people.  From his profuse kiss-giving right down to the turbo-wiggle of his tail, Harrison’s innate joy and sweetness seem to shine right out of his body. A big love-bug, he was born to give affection — and receive it.
Harrison, now six-years-old, has been waiting patiently to find his forever home. Every day that passes and he thinks about his soon-to-be-family, his tail perpetually wags. He would love to charm his way into your heart, and with his affectionate personality and adorable face, there is no doubt he would. Watch his video and see for yourself! 
If you or someone you know can offer Harrison a good home, please contact Sammy’s Hope by phone at 732-993-8009 or by email at They would be thrilled to introduce you to Harrison and find him a forever home.
You can also help Harrison find a family by forwarding this email to your pet-loving family and friends.
Thank you for anything you can do to help Harrison find his new home. Together, we can Save Them All®.
Harrison riding in the car
Save Them All
To help the animals:
If you would like to know more about Best Friends Animal Society, please go to bestfr

toonsday - always be prepared - rerun

 isn't feeling like being humorous
 he's got a bad cold
 i went looking through the toon archives
 this one seemed perfect