another winner

another totally wonderful sunny day
 snow coming
 tonite into tomorrow

 i met my friend blondie for lunch
 we walked uptown to candle cafe west 
a place
 my friend judy 
has been trying
 to get 
to go to

after today's lunch
 i am wondering
 i never agreed to go

  its an organic cuisine restaurant
 the caters to vegans/vegetarians 
i had
 yummy nuevos rancheros
 made with/of
spicy tempeh-potato hash, corn tortilla, guacamole, tofu sour cream, tomatillo salsa
 it was so good
 i wished
 it was a bigger portion

 since it wasn't
 i had a piece of carrot cake
 oh my

 coffee was good too

 they deliver
 i will be going back 

didn't take any food photos 
 i was too busy eating!

 after lunch
 we walked 
down broadway 
 to do a little window shopping
 we are both handbag and shoe sluts 
we looked
didn't buy

 i did get myself
 a sweet inexpensive necklace
 at a new shop, francesca's on broadway/86 street 

i love sparkle
 i love faux gems

i plan on wearing it with t-shirts
 as well as 
sweaters or dresses 
i love mixing it up

since it was so nice 
toonman and i took a short walk
down to 72nd street
through the park
 there weren't a lot of photo ops
 the angle of the sun
 made for lots of shadows 
i did get this one shot
 eleanor roosevelt's statue 
i was trying to get a shot of the squirrel at her feet
 the shadows are too strong 

see for yourself


  1. Didn't know (or had forgotten) about that statue, and I know what you mean about trying to set up a shot -but the squirrel shows up for an interesting pic

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  2. What a terrific statue of Eleanor! I think your day sounds wonderful...and I do love your sparkly faux gems. Only in a city could a woman get away with wearing's fabulous!

  3. I can relate to the shoe/purse shopping...I share your addiction! I cannot wear any of my beloved heels anymore due to my for safety reasons, I have to look for the cutest flats!! They are hard to find but when I do find them I like to purchase in every color! :) LOVE the necklace!! Jewelry...yet another addiction!! Hey, gotta have 'em! Glad you had a good weekend Daryl...your lunch sounded fabulous! xo

  4. The necklace would totally melt my heart to wear with a white t-shirt this summer. Love the blingy blingy stuff.

  5. That's funny because I saw the top of the statue photo and thought, "why is my girl taking a photo of a statue in the park?" and scrolled down and saw the silly squirrel and in context with the statue it just made me laugh! Love it! Serious Eleanor contemplating the Zen of a silly squirrel. Love your bling-y necklace. I should wear more necklaces but, after a while, I feel like I'm being choked! Wonder what that's all about? Oh well, I can't ever remember to anyway. (such a butterfly brain) Glad you got out with blondie again. I love reading about your friends. :)

  6. Oooh the food sounds delish and I love the necklace! I love shoes and handbags too, don't tell MWM but I admit I have far too many of both (is that possible?)!

  7. Oh I love that necklace! I've become a necklace freak lately -- and that one looks like it'd go with everything! Great find.

    I also walked a little on Sunday, but didn't take many photos. Don't know why.

    And your lunch sounds divine!

  8. Your lunch sounds amazing, and I just love that necklace. Perfect for spring and summer. xo.

  9. Very cool statue. And I love that necklace. What great weather this weekend!

  10. What a terrific statue. You can lighten those shadows in your editing program. Or send me the original and I'll do it for you.


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