a few things ...

Thank you to Joyce of Flour Power for these yummy cookies
& this HOT peach salsa

*Anita's back! Don't remember her? Go meet her; she's back with some really great photos, so click here for her new blog.

*As many of you know, David McMahon (the blogger Den Mom extraordinaire!) has decided to leave blogland to work on his novels ... and now someone has offered to keep his Sunday Roasts going .. head over to Maggie May's to read all about it. Click here

And last but not least ...

I need to thank whoever sent me the subscription to New York Magazine.

It began arriving a few weeks ago
I didn't order it, ToonMan didn't order it, the kits didn't order it ...
so I am wondering
did one of you?

wordless wednesday

sunday in the park

in the lily pond that is part of the
Burnett Statue
depicting Dickon & Mary
from the book
"The Secret Garden"
Central Park Conservatory Gardens

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(Upon further review - it IS a verb, but CAN be used as a noun)

REVEL: a verb, a noun and/or a great eatery
#10 Little West 12th Street

I have had two wonderful lunches here

sunday in the park

As you enter the Central Park Conservatory Gardens at Fifth Avenue & 105th St
an Italian-style garden opens immediately before you.

It is bordered to the north and south by alleés of crabapple trees.

On the west side is a wrought-iron wisteria pergola
that sits atop a series of tiered yew and spiraea hedges.

This is a shot of the top of the pergola
(fancy word for a garden feature
forming a shaded walk
or passageway of pillars
that support cross beams
a sturdy open lattice,
upon which
woody vines are grown)

Reminds me of a Maxfield Parrish painting

L'shanah tovah

To all my friends,
Jews & Gentiles alike ..
L'shanah tovah
wishing you all of life's rich blessings this Rosh Hashana

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I did not take this photo.
Its on a wall in London.

It was stenciled there
by a renegade artist known as Banksy.
I have taken shots of some of his other works seen here and here

If you want to see more of Banksy's art .. go here Banksy Outdoors

my sky

Some of the usual suspects here ..
First Baptist church, corner of 79th Street/Broadway
a sensational,
if I do say so myself,
late March morning sky

for more skies, visit hosts/hostesses Sandy Carlson, Louise, IMac, Klaus, Wren, Ivar & Fishing Guy at Sky Command Center!

thursday in the hood - windows

Okay technically its a balcony.
And no, its not in Italy.
Its on West End Avenue
between 85th & 86th Streets

monochrome monday

Another 35mm print scanned.
Taken at 77th Street & Broadway
maybe 15 yrs ago or more
All along upper Broadway
there are malls like this with benches
& now there are also lovely plantings

For more monochromes, visit host Aileni's Monochrome site

sunday in the park

Let's go to the park!
Come on ..

With Summer Stock Sunday wrapping up this weekend,
welcome to a new Sunday feature
Sunday in the Park

.. drumroll please ..

I want to thank
you who leave signed comments,
you lurkers
you who I have gotten to meet in person
you I am looking forward to meeting
Thank you ALL
for making blogging so enjoyable,
for becoming my friends
Today is
Out & About in NYC on the M104's
Second Blogversary

summer stock sunday

For more of this photo project hosted by Robin, click here

Spotted this 3 mast
schooner/sailboat (whichever) asail
on the Hudson a few
Fridays back, I believe those
are tourists on a cruise ... I
could be wrong, but
I am usually not.
Ask Husband.

And I thought
what better shot to post,
this last Sunday of Summer Stock Sundays,
than a sailboat

waiting, impatiently

Feeling the fall chill

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Several weeks ago a storm
with extremely strong winds
blew through NYC
felling over 300 trees in Central Park alone
(many other parks lost trees too)This how the clean up is being handled.

my sky

An old 35mm shot, scanned and then lightly posterized.
That's the Long Island Sound

for more skies, visit hosts/hostesses Sandy Carlson, Louise, IMac, Klaus, Wren, Ivar & Fishing Guy at Sky Command Center!

thursday in the hood supplement

Part of Central Park's Conservatory Gardens
is the
English Garden (click to read more)
where you can find sparrows splashing in the
Burnett Fountain
depicting Dickon and Mary
from the book
"The Secret Garden"

To see more photos
of this corner of Central Park
click over to my friend CountryGirl Kate's blog
here and here

thursday in the hood

Schnitzel & Things truck
40th Street just west of Sixth
no, I didnt try any
no, I am not going to try any
the very same afternoon
I did meet
Eliane of nyc-daily-photo

She takes charming photos of NYC & other places

In one of those odd karmic farts life has,
her apartment is 2 buildings north of our's
her office is across Seventh Avenue from mine

the best gift

My sister bought this fun mug
for her BIL (Brother-in-Law)'s b'day
at the Animal Rescue site
where everything you buy
translates into food donated to rescue shelters.

This mug gave 14 bowls of food to needy animals.
Thanks, Sis!

its my ToonMan's BIG day

summer stock sunday

For more of this photo project hosted by Robin, click here

Hay bales, rolls, whatever, in a field
Mathews, VA.
I asked TSAnnie to stop the car;
to get this shot.
Being the friend, photographer, she is, as well as being my Blister, she did.

Farmers roll hay at the end of summer as the grasses dry, these were photographed in mid-July.

waiting, impatiently

I took this shot several years ago
The Silo,
a cooking school/specialty shop
in New Milford, CT
the late Skitch Henderson & his wife, Ruth
owned/ran it
they opened this old barn to house/feed feral barn cats
This one was waiting, impatiently for me to go away

ohmygod, she's cooking!

I had the best sandwich at Le Pain Quotidien, chain of faux French bistros, several months ago, it was tofu, curried and it tasted like egg salad.

I swear!

I longed to have it again, so when once again I lunched at a Le Pain Quotidien I scanned the menu to no avail.

Mentioning this to a friend shortly after got me a receipe from 'our' own Epicurious.com

So easy to make even someone who detests cooking can do it.

Actually I have now made it twice.

First time I didnt have any Turmeric but I did have Curry ... trust me one does not replace the other.

Stopping to buy some nice Turmeric at Zabar's along with some organic tofu I headed home to cook and blog it for you!

I could have spent a lot of time captioning each photo I took while I 'cooked' but honestly I had no idea it was so time consuming and disruptive to actually making the fixings for a sandwich.

So you are going to have to look at the collage I made instead.

But I will regale with how I made it.

So to that end, here's the actual recipe.

1(14-oz) package firm tofu -- now I am very fussy about the consistency of tofu I will eat, so I got extra firm

1/2 cup mayonnaise -- I am not a mayonnaise lover but I also detest faux mayo so I used full strength but I didnt measure precisely, I scooped out what I thought would be enough. It was.

1 teasooon fresh lemon juice - - I had ReaLemon in a squeeze thingie, it worked just great

1 teaspoon turmeric -- spring for it, its worth it

1/2 teaspoon dry mustard -- amazingly I still had some from my real cooking days and it hadnt dried up to dust

2 celery ribs, finely chopped

1/4 cup chopped fresh chives --I substituted scallions, tastes great

Salt/Black Pepper to taste

Got all that?


Now let's make it.

First step is to rinse, mash and then drain the tofu, you'll need a strainer, a colander will not work, I know because I didnt have a strainer the first time I made it, I was sure we had one but I bet it got tossed after being ruined cleaning seeds outta herb. So I bought a new one.

Let the mashed tofu drain approx. 15 minutes

While we wait for it to drain you can chop up the celery and scallions (or, if you insist, the chives).

Next whisk (amazingly I had a whisk!) together mayonnaise, lemon juice, turmeric and mustard in a bowl (save clean up time use the bowl you are going to serve out of), then stir in the drained mashed tofu, celery, scallions (or chives), salt and pepper.

Voila! I promise you its delish.

I put it on some fresh Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Bread, added a couple slices of NJ Beefsteak tomato ... I didnt have lettuce but if you want, feel free to garnish your sandwich with lettuce .. a nice red leaf ... and I had some crisp red grapes and an Original Sin Hard Cider to wash it down.


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On the door of a
locked up tight old gas station
Mathews, VA.