the best gift

My sister bought this fun mug
for her BIL (Brother-in-Law)'s b'day
at the Animal Rescue site
where everything you buy
translates into food donated to rescue shelters.

This mug gave 14 bowls of food to needy animals.
Thanks, Sis!


  1. Happy Birthed Day Ray!!
    I'd sing, but then they would call the police, and we all know how I hate to make a scene. ;)

  2. That's an adorable mug but not as adorable as Ray's birthday mug (previous post).

    14 bowls!

  3. What a great idea. I like gifts which work that way.

  4. Wish I'd had that mug when my cat was alive! That's exactly the way it was in our house too. What a lovely way to raise money for a worthy cause! Happy Birthday!

  5. I think this mug is hilarious! And for such a good cause, too.

    My cat wishes we'd open cans. There are only cans here on Christmas.

  6. I love that mug....I want one too!! The daughter would feed our cat tuna out of far as she's concerned, in our house, the cat rules!! (Except when the dog's around....)

    I love gifts that give back. I hope Ray had a wonderful day, and that you had as wonderful day making it special for him!!
    Bella x

  7. LOVE those mugs!
    What fun and so true to boot!

  8. Cute! I may have to head over and purchase one myself.

  9. How neat is that? I'm going to have to check to see if our Humane Society has a similar operation!

    Hope that Ray is recovered from his birthday bash!

    How many cats dost thou have anyway?

  10. Happy Birth Ray, Day!!!!!!!!
    Hauoli La Hanau.
    Dary (and hence our corner of the web) would be lost without you!

    Aloha, Boychik

    Cloudia's Comfort Spiral

  11. this is great, very thoughtful , and funny too.

  12. What a fantastic idea.
    And all for a great cause.
    The mugs are too pretty to use for
    sludge ( coffee )...

  13. Thanks for providing a link...what a cool present that gives twice. I dropped off some more cage quilts to our spca since Norfolk got an influx of rescued puppies from a puppy mill. We do all that we can to help with the animals there.

    Happy Birthday again to Ray.

  14. Love the mug and the idea that the proceeds go to feed the hungry animals of our neglectful nation.

  15. I love it...but my mug would read...

    I'm just here to give the treats!

  16. cool gift!
    I shop there all the time, they have great stuff

  17. How very cool! Love the artwork on the mug too. How fitting is that?

  18. Love it. And feeding hungry animals is all the better.


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