weekend recappage

dentist appointment
 about an hour out of my fridaycation
 not bad at all 

 i wandered
park avenue
 alice aycock's paper chase sculptures
  this one
 is called

walked across 53 street 
to the river
sutton place park 

turns out 
sutton place park
is a series
little parks
 at the end of each street
 from 53rd to 59th
 in between 
there are all sorts of buildings
private gardens and/or little private streets
 sutton place
 chi chi

i peeked 
 a leaf covered fence
 snap this photo
 a private street

 you love
step out
city house/apartment 

 a tree sheltered pathway
a little garden
a little table and chairs
 look out on the river

 as you sipped 
your morning tea/coffee
your evening glass of wine/cocktail? 

i would

in another life perhaps

was errand day
laze around the apartment day

in preparation for monday back to work
i can't believe june is over

what did you do?

petit chiot pelucheux français

 i spotted
 little fluffy french pup
(petit chiot pelucheux français)
 a boulangerie
 in paris 
couldnt resist getting its photo 


its friday
 its fridaycation
 dentist visit friday

 second visit 
 the root canal

 i am hoping
 its the final one
 i dont have to do again
 that its bad

 its not pleasant
 its not unpleasant
 its a waste 
 a friday morning
 better spent
 being lazy
 sleeping in
getting ready
 go do something

 i will be
 weather permitting 
 park avenue
the paper chase sculptures
 they are gone 

 a wander 
 sutton place park
 the queensboro aka 59th street aka ed koch bridge 
the esplanade 
the shot
 woody allen made famous in his film 

we'll see

apropos of nothing
there's this

thanks in advance

I am
 this article
 Best Friends, 
an organization
 I support and want to help 
Save Them All®.”

Best Friends Animal Society
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a new perspective

i spent a lot of time
 wednesday morning
 for my fitbit 
i was behind schedule

 when i got the subway 
the express was there
 i hurried
down the steps
 the car closest to me

 it let me out 
several cars 
further down 
the 42nd street times square station platform

 i am one of the first 
up the stairs 
 i was at the back of the herd 

it allowed me
 a chance 
to snap a shot 
 a new perspective

oh yeah 
the fitbit
i searched everywhere
before leaving for the office

toonman did as well

it really was odd
i always put it in the same place

when i got home
i sat on the bed thinking 
moved my hand
 under the cover
the top sheet
the cotton comforter

i had 
 moved the sheet 
the cover
 the pillows

toonman did as well 
 making the bed

we decided 
the cats took
hid it there
the bed was made


well then
 you come up with a reason
 it was 
not there
then it was

weekend blather

it was a lovely weekend 
as reported
 going into it
 i had no appointments of a medical nature
 yea me 
 i met a woman
 who i know through instagram
 its fun to meet people
 who share interests

 she was on her lunch hour
we walked into central park at fifth avenue 
wandered up
 the mall
 headed to bethesda fountain 
 taking photos
we wandered

 the mall is a busy area
 on a lovely day 
there are


the bubble man


 is errand day
 i could do errands on friday
 since i am home 
i want my fridaycations
 to be
 all about me

 how does that differ from the rest of week
 i guess
 it doesn't 
lets not dwell on that

there was construction at calhoun
 a private school on west end avenue

there was construction
 on broadway
 the hood is getting a new restaurant
 called brgr
 the menu looks good 
they even have veggie and turkey burgers 
yea me

we also went to riverside park 
as did half of the upper westside
the other half were in central park

aside from
 the art 
the runners
the bikers

of course
 it was beautification day
 be lazy day 
 back to work day

we went for a walk

in riverside park

when we see art

toonman uses a flip

 he gets close ups

he gets long shots

he get reactions from his subjects


 that's his name

 he belongs
danny kean
 aka piano man danny kean

that's mo on top of the piano

that's danny on the keyboard

you can read about
his predecessor boner aka bo
and danny's
raggin' piano boogie

 i stumbled onto them 
back in mid May
 i went to the instagram get together
 greenpoint brooklyn


no dentist appointment
 almost no cold left
 its not going to rain
 i might be meeting a friend to go photo hunting
 a real fridaycation to me 

feels like

summer is here
calendar says its still spring

 toonman put the air conditioners in

 that should tell you a lot
 he really tries to put
 that off 
as long as possible

 got unbearable hot last night
floor fan came out
 so we didn't suffocate

 our friends 
who own the building
 have an air unit
 its one of those box things
sit on the ground for central air 
its literally
 our bedroom window

 last night 
it started up
 turned on
it was so loud 
so intense
 our bed vibrated
 it woke us

now with our windows closed
 we won't notice it as much 
 i think 
the unit is loose
 vibrations are due to that
 it seems 


moving right along

 my cold seems finally to be abating
 i had been taking muscinex
 tuesday i went without

 less coughing
 less nose blowing
 all good things
 toonman didn't catch it 
oh yeah 

what else

 lets see

 i am about to kiss time warner goodbye
the move

 its an nth of the cost 
for the same stations 
they actually install for free 
there's no charge for the hardware

 a friend referred us
 so both 
 $10 a month credit for a year


thank goddess
 the subway cars are air conditioned 
the platforms are not


i hope 
 the fathers
 a lovely father's day
 i miss mine every day
 yesterday was no different

 i took the weekend off 
i beautified
 i brunched
the blog muse was missing

cold cough snot linger
 add to that
 the first installment of a 'complicated' root canal
 was friday

 i am not liking 
these intrusions
 to my fridaycations
i take fridays off 
it seems wrong
 to use
 any other
 'work' time
medical stuff 

no pain
 no discomfort
 i was told
to eat 
 sticky or hard
 on the side
 the root canal is underway

 i am eating on the other side

  it was a beautiful weekend
 got father's day cards 
his daughters 
his cats

they also forgot mother's day
they're not making a statement 
maybe they are

i got to my endodontist appointment
 on friday
 very early 

one never knows 
how long
 it will be
 til a bus comes along 
i gave myself over an hour
 it took maybe 20 min door to door 

 it gave me a chance 
to look at
park avenue paper chase
 an installation of sculptures
 alice aycock
 here's a link 
if you're a new yorker
 at them 
in person

 they're fabulous

this one
 cyclone twist 

thanks in advance

I am
 this article
 Best Friends, 
an organization
 I support and want to help 
Save Them All®.”

Best Friends Animal Society
Amazing Mike the Biker
Wants to Ride With You
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What a great bike companion! What a dear, happy guy, fetching in the river! All Mike needs is a little time to get to know you, and he lights up with love. Sadly, a local meth lab arrest will send many new dogs to the Dessin shelter soon, so space there is at a premium. Mike has waited long enough to find his own loving home. Can you help him make that connection? Please share his Petfinder profileand show your friends Mike's winning video.

You can reach Kathy via email atkadams3232@gmail.com or on her phone at(570) 689-4847; or contact the Dessin shelter atDessin@ptd.net or (570) 253-4037 to meet Mike. Truly, this sweet survivor is ready to follow his heart-shaped nose to full-time happiness.

Together, we can Save Them All®.

Save Them All
To help the animals:
If you would like to know more about Best Friends Animal Society, please go to bestfriends.org.


 this cutie
 on one of my recent walks with toonman

 this might have been the day 
we did
 a quick
 up and back
 along the promenade
 the people's garden
 rain falls 

we made it 
all the way home

i have no idea
this pup's name is
 a panda

just a cold

that's what he said
 its just a cold

 i waited almost an hour
 let me tell you
 how annoying
 it is
 to get to an appointment a little early
 sit in the waiting room
 for at least 15 minutes past the appointment time
 sit in the exam room
 for almost a half hour
the doctor comes in 
without even a sorry

 add to that
 the 'nurse'
 who weighed me fully clothed
 reads the scale
 take off 2 pounds for clothing

 what about my shoes? 

 asks me:

 are you unsteady on your feet 

do you feel lightheaded

 have you fallen in the past year

 so i lied about that
 since it seemed
 i fell not once but 3 times this winter
 surely have her
 sending me to assisted living
one of those obama death panels 

am i able to do for myself

do what
i wanted to ask

it was a wonder my blood pressure was normal

begone damn cold

i have
had it 

its been over week
 this miserable cold
 isn't just lingering
 it feels as if its getting worse

 my nose hurts
 inside and out

 i cough
 i sound horrible

i get 
no comfort 
from the fact
 this icky mess
 i am not alone

 3 of my co-workers have it

 our office
 a doctor's waiting room
 all the coughing
 nose blowing
 throat clearing


i decided
 i couldn't stand it one more day
 so i called my doctor
 i know
 i promised
 i would call on monday
 i am not one to run to the doctor for a cold

 i dont think
 just a cold
 i am thinking 
a sinus infection
 for which
 there's meds
 a cold
 for which
 there's nothing you can do
drink liquids and rest

 i am seeing my doctor
 (thursday morning)

 here's a shot
 my phone took
 on its own 
 i went to the dentist 
last friday

sunday in the city

i am feeling a little better
 tho i am still congested
 cough/blow nose repeat

i did beautify
 my hair 
being in a sick bed sweaty yuck
 it feels good to look good

 i look like crap
 i put on lipstick 
it made me feel less crappy

 there was a street fair 
 from 72nd to 86th 
the uptown side of broadway

 there was a cronut stand
 i considered it
 i could share it with toonman
 i was going to stop on the way home 
in the end 
i decided not to indulge 

advantages to being home sick

there are 
some advantages
to being home sick 

getting to sleep as long as you want 
 as long as 
your cough congested head/chest permit 
 high on my list

 i woke
 chirp chirp chirp 
that didn't sound familiar

 i know nothing about birds
 can't tell a sparrow from a house finch
 i do know
 we have
jays and mourning doves
our small cement backyard
 by our 
i mean the brownstone's
 not mine

 there are also pigeons 
they fly around a lot 
roosting on areas 
which have been 
 pigeon proof

those flying germ bags

 have a distinctive caw

 mourning doves
 sound very sad
sort of like a fog horn

chirp chirp chirp
was different

 once i was up i forgot about it 
i saw
 the cats in the bedroom
 low down
 looking up

 there on the neighbor's boathouse 
they built this thing that houses their boat 
i have no idea 
 they got the boat
 through their house
into the yard
 but ... 

 i spy the cats spying
i bend down
 look up 

 on top of the boat house
a bird
 i think is a female cardinal

i decide to get a photo 

of course
 by the time
 i got back 
 the long lens
 she was gone

 i left the camera there
 next time
 i would be prepared

 it took 2 days of waiting
i finally got a photo

 i warn you
 i shot through a screen
 heavy shade
 its not 
beautiful bird shots

in that photo
you can't see her tuft
her coloring

so i googled
got this

its what she looks like

i think she's got a nest nearby
maybe i will get a better shot maybe not

nameless cutie

i met this pup several weeks ago
 at the instagram meet in greenpoint

 i know
 i learned his name 
i have since forgotten it 
my bad

 he is a handsome lad 
i believe he's a hunter
 i know 
he's not a beagle
 i dont remember
 what his breed is

 i am sure 
who reads this will know 

i am feeling somewhat better 

better enough
 to be joining my sister
 for a belated
her birthday was actually wednesday
 birthday brunch
we brunch on the day i feature dogs
 she's the one 
who sends me those
 help needed 

a true animal lover

a terrific sister

google google google

many many years ago
 i had a picasa account
 it linked to the blog 
made editing easy peasy

along came picnik
 i embraced picnik 
stored my photos there
 it too linked easily with my blog 

google swallowed picnik
 changed it
 made it less appealing 
 somewhere along the way 
 told me
 to store photos on picasa i would need to pay or lose them

 panicked i would lose all my photos access
 i agreed
 i am not sure when 
 i learned 
to hate google
 but i did
 i do

 as a search engine its wonderful
i refuse to even try its microsoft competitor 
my hate for microsoft
 is even greater than for google

 i stick with google for my blogs
 only because
 i am too lazy
to learn
to build/maintain 
my own website

a pink banner
 across the top of my gmail

it encouraged me 
to click and update my payment info for my google storage 
i clicked
 it took me to a page
 where i had to agree or decline the new rules
i didn't want
 to continue 
google storage
 i declined

 click here
 it said
 to quit google storage 

click i did
 took me to another page 
where i was told to click
 took me back to the beginning

 i initiated a google call
 you fill out a form
give them your # 
they call you 

 i spoke to 'matt' 
my email address had to be told/read/spelled to him
 four times
 before he 'got' it
he said 
he'd cancel my google storage
a confirmation would be emailed

today (thursday)
i got an email
 from google
 telling me 
they tried to call 
but couldn't reach me
 so please
 tell them what i wanted

 i spoke for 15 minutes to 'mark'
 who i verbally abused 
 i am not a nice person and i was fed up

'mark' was only able to end my google wallet
 i dont use google wallet 
i dont want google wallet

 he apologized
 that was all he could do

 after questioning my clarity of thought
 because why would i want to end this relationship
 i told him
 i was old enough to be his mother
 that his questioning my decision was insulting 
he cut my ties with something i never had
 told me 
i had to hold on 
while he transferred me
 could end
 my google storage

was that not why i called?
 he apologized
he was only able to help with wallet issues
 i agreed
 in a very testy way
 to be put on hold
 while he transferred me
 a storage ender

 another 4 minutes elapsed
 he returned to say 
no need to transfer me
 he had successfully ended my google storage

 he began again to tell me all i would miss out on 
i hung up

 the pink notice
to hang above my gmail 

 if i click 
it takes me to a page 
chiding me 
 attempting to access
 something i am not permitted access to!

oh google
i think i might be hating you more than i do microsoft

this rant brought to you by my being home sick with the world's worst cold