toonsday - it ain't football ...


  1. No it ain't. But still, I've watched a bit here and there.

  2. I just cannot get into soccer, but I have to say that I was happy for the U.S. players.

    Have a great day, Toonman!!

  3. I don't like soccer, but it's more football than football, since in the American game, the only time the ball comes in contact with a foot is a kickoff.

  4. Futbol! I am a latecomer to being called a fan but have to say I enjoy watching it way more than futbol americano aka football. Constant action, not much downtime, and, let's be honest. Some fairly nice looking athletes that can be seen because there are no helmets, padding, etc. (Not to say there shouldn't be, because the injuries can be horrible.) Viva USA!


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