miscellaneous monday

Every holiday season for the last however many years
has provided tourists 
New Yorkers with a place to 
Its was located on Broadway several blocks north of Times Square proper
Forever 21 leased that space 
Charmin moved
42nd Street
 across from my office!
I shot this though my office window 
looking down from the 6th floor
There was a marching band, 
lots of papparazzzzzzi, 
lots of tourists
Kim Kardashian 
who apparently will pimp ... anything.
Read more about it HERE .. 

waiting patiently

This is my friend Igby
(if you click on the pix they embiggen)

He's a real character
and his 'mom' my friend Katherine
totes him around in bad weather in this carrier

here's Igby 
getting into his carrier
(these arent blurred, they're action shots, yeah that's it action shots)

He's quick like a puppy!

Ready to go!

my sky/thursday in the hood

Happy Thanksgiving

was one of the many balloons
 in the 
Macy's Parade 

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miscellaneous monday

Sweet start to the week 
these arent real,
 they're a 
 last winter in a gallery window 
Madison Avenue

sunday stuff

Back to the GreenFlea in the school yard at 77th/Columbus

This week the spice/tea seller ... 

He's 'green', he had no biz cards, 
he said take a photo of my sign its there

here are some of the spices

don't the colors make your mouth water?

and the teas
love the idea 
of adding these to some 
channeling Spike Lee 
with some 
Jungle Fever

Do you cook?
Do you use fresh or pre-packaged spices/herbs?
How about your tea?
Bagged or loose?

weekend whimsy

My friends Mama  and CBW do this so well .. one has the train of thought thing mastered and the other rambles in an involving clever way.  Me?  I derail and often go off on tangents; but I have had some stuff and some kvetching I wanted to air, er, share.


I just finished a really good involving moving well written young adult series ... no vampires or zombies or werewolves although the title might cause you to think otherwise: Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games.

I dont know how to explain it without telling you too much:  Take a nation called Panem, which occupies the landmass that is the present United States, where a parasitical fascist Capitol dominates 12 conquered districts. There was a thirteenth district but it was obliterated during a rebellion. Add a totalitarian government that keeps the subjected populations in line by threatened devastation, starvation, and brutality. Add one 16 year old girl with attitude, mix in the 'Games' a competition fought to the death in book 1 ...  the second two books (Catching Fire and Mockingjay) bring the not simple resolution and closure.

Then there's this boot thing.  I want a pair, need a pair, of boots.  If they are stylish which I admit is top priority they likely dont come in my size or if they do, they hurt.  Sigh.  I have ordered and sent back 4 pair of boots and now I am told boot buying season is ending, that I should have begun shopping in September when I was still wearing sandals.  GAH.

On the other hand I have finally found a mascara I love.  Maybelline Colossal Volum Express - from the clever spelling of this product I am assuming the ad agency copywriters must play Words with Friends which I adore but permits oddly spelled words, words you've never heard of AND proper names like Vera and Jane but not June (hello, its a month!) all this drives ToonMan nutz.

And my dirty little secret ... I am an All My Children addict.  I have tried to stop watching but I cant.  I have watched through the worst of headwriter Megan McTavish's (aka McTrash) inane storylines: Tad a killer? The unaborted/transplanted fetus storyline.   Then the horrific mess Pratt made of Bianca and Reese among other truly uncharacteristic plot 'twists'.  I tried to stop recently when it was clear the current storyline would end in Zach's death which the most recent headwriters have heralded loudly with all the flashbacks and lovely-dovey stuff all topped off by Kendall asking Zach (who hates Ryan almost as much as the fans) to go help rescue Ryan and Greenpee, er, Greenlee (he was framed by Dr ISaveLives Hayward for his 'murder' but Greenbean, er, Greenlee somehow ended up on trial and Hayward isnt even dead). Now thank you so much Kendall will spend the rest of her life (or until next sweeps) blaming herself for his death (which is a lot better,?!, really, than the grief sex she usually ends up having).   GAH.

What's your kvetch?  What's your most recent read or cosmetic (I am shallow) find?

waiting patiently

one of my nephews, 
 waiting patiently 
for my sister's laptop 
to boot up 
he can rename 
(photo credit: my sister, Naomi)

my sky/thursday in the hood

Belvedere Castle 
(click here to learn about it)
in Central Park 
several Octobers ago

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sunday stuff

At the weekky Greenmarket
on Columbus Avenue 
'behind the Museum'
here's an interesting combo:
okra and brussel sprouts 
did you like either of these as a kid?  
do you like them now?

waiting patiently

This photo and the words accompanying it were sent to me by my good friend Mojo who has been on a sort of leave of absence from his blog here ... I hope he's off having lots of fun and finding me more pix .. and a happy birthday to his side kick Tonka.

This very handsome guy's people hitched him up outside the Saxapahaw General Store Cafe while they went in to get a nosh (I presume).  We were eating on the patio when they arrived, and since I had the camera in the truck (owing to the fact that we were heading over to the bridge to get the very fine MWT photo from today) I said "Oh snap!, I gotta get a shot of this for Daryl." So I did.  He was very patient andextremely  well mannered, and apparently doesn't consider anyone a stranger.  

my sky/thursday in the hood.

Sky surrounds Old Glory
as well as the flag
Thank you all for your service.

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wordless wednesday

Spotted Halloween Sunday taped to the lamp post on the corner of 79th/West End Avenue .. to learn more about what this poster is about click here

toonsday - call for Apple

NOTE: All's well, everything is back .. but it was a roller coaster ride of emotions and do not get me started on the Express Lane Help which seriously was running local .. more like a slow boat to Outsourcing

sunday stuff

That's Carolle.  
She makes wonderful, witty
Each is a one of a kind.
She sells them at the Sunday
on Columbus in the schoolyard at 77th St.

waiting patiently

Two handsome brothers, Ollie and Mookie, who are about 6 months old. They were captured from an outdoor situation and are living in a foster care home. They are patiently waiting for a good home.  They are neutered, healthy and have had their shots. They are shy but bonded with each other.  My sister's neighbor Anne and her friend Lucille are sponsoring them.  If you want to help foster or adopt these boys, please let me know .. 

foodie friday #13

at LAND 
(sister restaurant of Recipe)
 at 450 Amsterdam 
you can have a two course lunch 
(that's Thai tea in that huge 'bowl')
for $8

my sky/thursday in the hood

the sky above 
buildings across the street 
are reflected 
in the glass facade of this building
 not far from my own

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