HALLOWEEN .. Trick Or Treat?

I love candy corn. I love those mini chocolate bars. I love seeing kids dressed up in homemade costumes .. who wasn't a gypsy or a pirate or a ghost as a kid?

Its a special day for my dear friend Sheila .. Happy Birthday, NurseT!!!!!!

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins!!!

Another case of everywhere you look .. of course this is the season .. Halloween is literally around the corner ..

The Further Adventures of Conversations Overheard

C: Your outfit matches the cafeteria today. You have a warped glass bead necklace.
D: Does the cafeteria have goose bumps?
C: Yes, the titanium has little bumps all over it. And a blue sweater.

D: I was looking for grapes but there aren’t any.
C: and D: simultaneously “No Grapes?”
Salad woman: No grapes.
C: Must not be grape season.

D: What are you getting?
C: I’m kind of leaning towards Asian station.
D: I went through but I didn’t find anything. I got some of those. The cold food is too cold. They need to make it room temperature.
C: I know but you know they come around with those little thermometers and stick it in to make sure it’s cold.
D: Ok the hot stuff but not the cold stuff.
C: The guy with the white smock comes around and tests it. Are you gonna have mushroom bisque?
D: I don’t know. It’s so fattening. It’s bisque. It has milk.
C: Last time I ate this I got the worst case of indigestion.
D: Really?
C: Yeah.
D: Then why are you having it again?
C: I don’t know.
D: It actually was very good the last time.

D: Oh there she is… that's the woman… that wears the man shoes.
C: Oh yeah yeah yeah.
D: Did you notice if she’s wearing them again today? We may have to look.
C: Should we pass by?
D: Should we look?
C: Yes let’s just walk around to the other side. Pretend like we’re getting food.
D: No let’s go this way.
C: Ok.
D: We’re going the wrong way.
C: I know but I want to walk behind her so she doesn’t get suspicious.
D: Nope. She’s not wearing them today.

"Garden in Transit" or Flower Power

Once again its a case of seeing something and seeing it everywhere.

This weekend its taxi cabs decorated with flower decals. I'm sure you've seen them .. they are everywhere ..

I did a little research and found the following website: Portraits of Hope.

The vast public art project, known as “Garden in Transit,” originated with two brothers, Ed and Bernie Massey, who founded Portraits of Hope in 1995. The project was intended to provide creative therapy for seriously ill and disabled children, but has expanded to include children and adults participating through schools, after-school programs, hospitals and nonprofit groups. Portraits of Hope has decorated blimps, buildings, tugboats, airplanes and even Nascar racers; the taxicabs are the group’s latest effort.

The cab owners and drivers do not have to pay for the flower patterns, and participation is voluntary. The organizers hope to get a majority of the city’s 13,000 yellow cabs to participate. About 27,600 panels have been painted, enough for each cab to have two.

It seems to me not only is this a doing 'good' thing .. its making the streets prettier .. all those flowers make me smile.

And .. I want to wish Violette Crumble!!! a very happy Texas sized birthday

Its A Rainy Day

My husband who has 'my' cold is in bed asleep. He was watching football then he just got up and went to bed .. I think its the cold meds, he is very sensitive to meds ..

I've read the Book Review, sent copies of online reviews to a friend; read the Travel Section it was all about islands in the sun which strangely no longer interest me. If you've seen one beach you've seen 'em all .. better photo ops inland, in my opinion .. maybe its sour grapes.

I am about to read the main news section and the local section .. usually I avoid them both because frankly I have enough reality in my life with the internets and the News/Weather/Sports at 6 am/pm. I don't actually watch the Sports part. At that point I have gone to wash my face or make coffee. I really don't care about Sports. Weather I care about. The Weather report. I watch, I see it but I don't absorb it; I have been known to say, after they go to commercial, What did he say?

In the morning, they have weather every 7 minutes. Every 7 minutes. I believe they recognize my problem exists.

And then there were these conversations

D: I was expecting for them to use leftover tuna for something but clearly they haven’t.
C: Yesterday you were absolutely right about that soup that they made out of all the leftovers.
D: I told you.
C: So nauseating.
D: Stay with the program man.
C: Look they have let’s get fat food today. Macaroni and cheese. Potatoes. Meat Loaf. Buttered Peas. Chicken.
D: I had this conversation with somebody the other day. I said “who is it comforting if it’s full of fat?”
C: It’s gonna comfort the doctors. Their retirement plan. Did you get your free cookie?
D: Oh I’ll get one.
C: I just want one piece of fish.
D: So then take it.
C: No I mean that fish over there. I don’t think they’ll give it to me.
D: I’ll give it to you.
C: They’re going to make it separate.
D: No no no.
C: It’s $6.25 for two pieces of fish and chips but I just want the fish.
D: Come on let’s go get fish.

D: Thank you and one piece for him.
C: Oh yeah. Thank you so much.
Illegal alien: Enjoy.
C: This is D’s totally customized lunch. She breaks all the rules. She gets exactly what she wants. They should have charged $4 for one piece of fish.
D: When they weigh it it’ll cost $4.
C: No way!
D: Of course it will.
C: It’s super light. It’s only gonna cost like a buck.

C: Did you put the pictures up on the website?
D: No I didn’t have a chance to. I was way too busy doing nothing.

Cashier: I saw a woman once who had $900 on her card.
D: Get out!
C: She had $900 on her card? Was she like the Big Cheese's assistant?
D: Must be a mistake.
Cashier: No it wasn’t a mistake! I said can you deposit this money in my checking account?
D: That’s bizarre!
C: Why would you put $900 on your card?
Cashier: She did it for the rest of the year.
D: I would say she could treat us all.

D: I can’t believe people who get fries and rice. Don’t you think that’s a little over done?

Cookie Person: Cookies. You want one?
D: Thank you!
Cookie Person: Do you want a brochure?
D: Oh sure. Have a brochure. There’s no calories.
C: Thank you.

D: I’m loading my card.
C: Maybe she went upstairs and accidentally added an extra 0 when she was putting money on her card. $900? You’re going to stand here and punch $20s in one at a time?
D: The whole thing is stupid anyway why would you put that amount of money on your card when you could have it collecting interest somewhere else?

D: I’m really against leggings. Really I am. Seriously against them.
C: Did you ever go on that Fugly site? They hate leggings too.
D: I know. It’s one of my favorite sites.

C: Oh you know what. I auditioned to be a commenter on Gawker.com and I made it! And then I got kicked off!
D: Why?
C: Because they found me too full of bile.
D: I don’t understand that kind of logic at all.
C: Actually you know they found me a little too strong. Being a commenter on those blogs is like being at a cocktail party and I just came in and said blah this sucks you suck and they were like ‘bye!’
D: Now something about that is wrong and I keep wanting….

SO? What's for lunch?

Back to the Cafeteria ... only one person asked if I knew photos were not permitted to which I replied yes, I did, but I am not taking pictures of the cafeteria per se .. I am taking pictures of the food. Ah.

Lots of salad options ..


And things to add

to the various lettuces

If you aren't in a salad mood, and really why have salad when you can have stir fry (a good option if you aren't into food with foreign country themes) ...

Or you can always have fruit ..



this was Apple Week

... for me this was great news, until they ran out of Honey Crisps...

And what did I end up with? Well, William who runs the grill station on good days

made me this ...a portobello burger with mozzerella cheese on a wheat bun, warmed on the grill and served with a small order of waffle fries ..

Have You Ever Noticed ...

that once you see "something" you then see others of those somethings everywhere?

That was the case this Sunday as I walked over to the Flea Market. For me, this fine summer-like Sunday, it was bicycles. Everywhere.

It started with this very, sort of sad looking tricycle. Seemingly abandoned alongside the trash can that resides on the corner of WEA/80th Street.

I hoped that it wasn't abandoned but just waiting for its owner to return.

Meanwhile as I wandered across to Columbus Avenue I saw bikes everywhere .. everywhere .. at 77th Street propped up against the wall outside the pizza place

Waiting patiently for Hunan Cottage deliverymen to hop on and race off to make sure you get your order while its still steaming from the wok ..

Outside the comedy club ..do they deliver laughs?

Alongside the diner I always refer to as the Broadway Diner (that isn't its name)

I loved this little pink bike waiting outside the Flea Market

In a neighborhood so filled with bikes, clearly these people must be very busy

And I had to laugh at this gentleman ...

This one seemed to just want to get where he was going

There was even this one .. I wonder, did its owner hop the M104?

Snarking at Lunch

I work for a company that has a fabulous cafeteria .. but no one calls it that. No. Its the Caf ... and the Caf has many options at lunch time tho sometimes I feel as if I am back home as kid standing in front of the fridge looking in, letting all the cold air out, and seeing nothing .. nothing I want to eat.

This happens some weeks more often than others.

When I am alone I just walk 'round and 'round looking at the various options and hoping that next time I pass there will be something different .. something I want to eat.

Today I met my friend Carter for lunch. Before he arrived I had already walked 'round at least 4 times and amazingly each time the options were the same.

Finally Carter arrived with his recycled lunch container and he stood with me looking across the apple/pear/endive/bleu cheese salad toward the buttered noodles, chicken kiev and what looked like Alpo.

He nudged me and suggested that we take photos of the food and record our snark and use it in my blog. I agreed we should do this and said I'd bring my camera next time (note: I always have my camera with me, for some reason this morning I forgot to put it in my bag... ) and Carter told me we aren't permitted to take pix in the Caf .. yeah, well ...

Uptown, Downtown, All Around The Town

A few posts back I made reference to the 'cast of characters' that populate my life and therefore this blog. This past weekend three of them came to visit. There's Lynn from Texas, Kelly from Chicago and Maureen from Massachusetts... good friends all.

This was the second time Lynn & Kelly visited NYC and we talked a lot before they arrived about what they'd like to see and where they'd like to eat .. eating is very important to us ...Maureen, is a more frequent visitor, living closer to the Big Apple and because she has a very hectic business travel schedule she could only spend Friday/Saturday with us so we set the tempo to her beat.

On Friday we went to Central Park . starting at Strawberry Fields

we walked north and east to Belvedere Castle and its magnificent views .. Shakespeare's Garden was a rest stop on the way .. that's a steep climb up to the Castle.

Have you ever noticed the wonderful Griffin above the doorway to the Castle?

Then we continued east to Fifth Avenue through an underpass where the acoustics are just perfect for blowing a horn

and where just before exiting the park there is a playground with a fun statue of 3 bears ...

From Central Park we walked up Fifth Avenue passing MoMA and the street vendors selling t-shirts...

Our destination was The Museum of the City of New York
.. and on the way.. oh around 98th Street we saw a film crew and stopped to gawk .. Lynn and I turned to one another and simultaneously cried DIRTY SEXY MONEY! Yup .. that's what was filming.. its such a fun show ..and it was even more fun to realize we knew what was happening

I think it was the highlight of the day.

Onward we trekked .. the Museum Mile is a nice walk .. once inside we spent quite a lot of time seeing old NY and the other interesting exhibits and of course the gift shop ..

We were sort of tired and hopped a taxi back to the Westside stopping at Senor Swanky on Columbus for afternoon refreshment of the adult nature..excellent margs!

For dinner we went to Lotus on Columbus which used to be part of the Baluchi chain of Indian restaurants. Its small and cozy and the food is devine..

On Saturday we cabbed down to Pier 78 and took the NY Historical Society's Boat Tour .. and it was just a wonderful experience .. these pix speak for themselves...

After the boat returned to the pier Maureen had to head home and after much hugging she left and we took a shuttle bus down to 14th St and began to wander .. we visited
The Little Pie Company and then headed over to The Spice Market for a rest and a drink .. then we walked down to the Village .. across Bleecker... this gargoyle cried out to be photographed

And these wonderful singers got us snapping our fingers to oldies

And the t-shirts downtown are a lot more .. expressive ..

We walked south to SoHo and then hopped an uptown train back home ..

As we walked down Broadway we saw a crowd in front of Zabar's .. no, they weren't giving away free lox ...

For dinner we went to Calle Ocho .. food, drink and excellent music.

On Sunday we took a quick trip to the Flea Market and then brunch at Vnyl .. and on the way back to get their bags and head to the airport we passed this . a true NY pumpkin, and a fun way to end this blog ..