I am not sure if you can read what is on the sign .. so here's what it says:

When Frederick Law Olmstead submitted plans for Riverside Park in 1875, it was sponsored by the city with an eye to attracting the middle class to the then underdeveloped west side. The introduction of the elevated railroad this far north in the 1890's added to the appeal, and the results were these handsome row houses in a sort of picturesque medieval style, displaying a compatible rhythm of bowfronts, bays. ooriels, parapets, gables, dormers, chimneys, and stoops. Built and embellished in Roman brick, brownstone, limestone, leaded glass, terra cotta, tile and wrought iron.

And here's a look at part of West 80th Street (I realized when I set out to do this post that I only have photos of our street during/after snow!) that's 'our' building and that's Riverside Tower with the blue awning, a not very chic but affordable hotel ..


I spend my time every morning thinking about things. Sometimes its things I see on the bus or on the way to the bus or through the bus window. Its peaceful at that hour to just sit and think.

Two nights ago I was curled up in bed, Husband always stays up way later than me. He works at home and so he sets his own 'office' hours , that he would also set his waking and sleeping times follow. But I digress which is why I think I forget things so easily, I mean I let myself get distracted .. poufff goes the thought or idea.

Well, there I was in bed letting myself let go of the day, letting my mind have some playtime when it occurred to me that I had an idea for a post. Something that usually happens on the bus. As soon as I segued into the bus thoughts I forgot my post idea. I lay there sort of smiling at how bad I am getting and then I guess I fell asleep.

No amount of trying would bring back the thought, the idea. So finally I gave up.

Of course as I sat here replying to comments on my backhoe photo it hit me.


That is what I was thinking about. It was what I was going to post a topic about, so here goes..

What is the proper internets manner of responding to comments?

Does one do it in their own comment list?

Or does one go to the poster's blog and reply there?

Does one simply say thank you or does one chat away?

Do the commentors return to see if the blogger has replied? Or is one of those sort of 'hey how ya doing' comments said in passing without really hearing the reply?

Inquiring bloggers want to know!

B is for backhoe momma & baby

Welcome to ABC Wednesday. If you'd like to learn more or participate go to mrsnesbitt's place ...

This backhoe and what seems to be its baby are parked on 42nd Street after a day's work on the construction that is the Bank of America Tower.

if only

I didn't have to work. If only I could get up in the morning, get dressed, grab my camera and head out to watch the dawn sky.

I sat in the bus this morning thinking how exquisite the morning sky is, how I would love not to be in motion but standing still, camera in hand watching the morning light change as the sun moves up in the sky. The buildings silhouetted against the slowly changing colors emerge as the contrast between the light and shadows balance.

This morning the shades of pink were mouthwatering. Rather than getting darker as the sun grew stronger, it faded into a color that defies description; a color you won't find it in a Crayola box, that's for sure.

If only.


Friends got married and had this photo taken to use on their Thank You notes, that's Simon the scamp with them.

shaggy dog story

Sunday, weather permitting, means a walk to the local Green Flea.

Its a combination Farmer's Market selling small produce/fruit/baked goods from farms in upstate NY and NJ and a Flea Market (all types of vendors, look back through my blog archive for blogs with photos taken at the Green Flea) held in a school yard at Columbus Avenue between 76-77th Streets.

Among the rules posted is No Dogs which is why this sweater clad shaggy pup waited at the gate impatient for its people to return.


It was a little warmer today so the street vendors were back out selling their wares ... taxi, anyone?

a rosie story

Both kits have toys. Gus more than Rose because she likes pipe cleaners more than catnip, go figure. For a long time we had this toy box but it got puked on one time too many so we tossed it.

Toys were all over the floor, no biggie until Husband decided to use a small cardboard box from something we got during the holidays.

He put all the toys in it and over the last few months been trying to get a
photo of Rosie when she is looking for a toy to play with. But she never stays in the box for long, never takes anything out.

Last nite she was in the box looking around, Husband said grab your camera and get a photo. I got the camera, quickly snapped 2-3 shots before I realized she was
not looking for a toy, she was getting ready to PEE!

Yup, the bathroom door was shut, she didnt bother to let us know she needed to go in. She decided to use the toy box and not, I discovered, for the first time. The box was tossed into the recycle pile, Husband was chastized and Rose was stopped before she peed. When I said in a loud voice NO, she RAN to the bathroom with me right behind her. I opened the door and she flew past me into the litter box to pee where she is supposed to.

I think this is a residual of her UTI when she peed everywhere. I think that while she knows she is supposed to use the litter box, that she's supposed to let us know she needs to get into the bathroom if the door is shut she opted for the toy box because it was so convenient and noone ever told her NO ..

Sky Watch Friday

Red sky at dusk, photographer's delight! This was taken on Riverside Drive on the way to visit my sister who lives on 76th St.

A is for Aztec

The Aztec Theatre in San Antonio, TX .. way off the M104 but fun to share at mrsnesbitt's ABC Wednesday.

Look UP!

There is so much to see

For instance, this is the rooftop cornice (I believe that's what its called) of The Ansonia. It was where The Sunshine Boys' Willy Clark, played by the late Walter Matthau, lived in the 1975 Neil Simon movie.

walking the balloons

I suspect this fellow was taking these to a party. Maybe it was a celebration for the win the Giants had last night. It sure made Husband happy. Condolences to all the Green Bay fans.

what do you see?

dot's owl tree reminded me of this photo I took in CT a few years ago .. it's well off the M104 but I had to share it ..
yes, its "on the m104" but too much time indoors and I needed to redecorate.

standing on the corner...

actually this man is not just standing around watching the world go, he is handing out leaflets promoting an Asian performance group

looking up

The Paramount Theatre Building

The former New York Times Building

The Reuters Building

The new still under construction Bank of America Tower

And last but not least 42nd Street looking East

And its not

After all that, once the iMac got going there was a very LOUD fan noise (no, not rah rah sis boom bah) which prompted Husband to call Apple to ask WTF .. they said bring it back.

We did.

Genius Bar Steve heard the noise, did a few things before telling us that it needed to stay to be looked at by a repair person. Since its a re-do he thinks it will be a faster fix/return.

Me? I was so not trusting that before we went back to Apple, I re-set up Husband's email on my laptop.


I know everyone has been on pins and needles waiting to learn the status of Husband's iMac. Rest easy. It's home. Of course those special people at Apple never called to say Come on down .. but sharing a laptop made me happy to check daily to see if the online notification was working. This morning it said Job Complete. I said lets go get it. And we did. Subways still screwy but we only had to get there since we took a cab home.

Oh and I noticed another Otterness sculpture on the 14th St. subway station elevator housing ..

Even little kids are enjoying the store and the computer

Waiting for the return of the iMac

There it is

Testing the ejection of the DVD

Home again!

Ahhh.. back where it belongs!

The Case of the Missing Sweater

This past Saturday I took two pair of pants and a sweater to the dry cleaners.

On Tuesday they were delivered but I didnt have a chance to do more than put the plastic bagged now clean clothes in the closet.

Wednesday evening I removed them from the plastic bag, hung up the pants and went to put the sweater in the cedar chest. As soon as I opened the bag and touched the sweater I knew it wasn't mine. It was some sort of yucky wool, a turtleneck, with discoloration under the arms (the chick who owns it needs to buy a deodorant that doesnt leave white stains) AND its a SIZE SMALL.

As I looked at the sweater I realized I could not remember which of my sweaters I took to be cleaned, so I went through the cedar chest looking at each and every sweater. All my 'good' sweaters were in there, so I sat down to think, to try to
remember which sweater I took in. I couldnt.

I really had no idea what I was missing. Scary. I thought in all likelihood it was black, long sleeved AND a size LARGE but none of my black sweaters were unaccounted for.

The next morning I was sitting here trying to remember what I wore last week, seriously, I cant even remember what I wore YESTERDAY.

I remember thinking I hope whoever's sweater I got, got mine because that would make it easy since a SMALL person would know she got the wrong sweater so she'd return it to the cleaners. Then I fretted whoever had it would like it and not return it, which upset me a lot; on the other hand, if I dont know what I lost how can I be upset?

I re-played last week's weather, what I did/where I went when suddenly I remembered which sweater it was! EUREKA!

One day last week I'd worn a pair of brown corduroy pants (which I also took in to be cleaned because I fed them). When I wear those pants I usually wear one or another of my 'brown' tops; on that day I remembered I wore the 'plaid' top. A lightweight cashmere sweater in shades of brown, orange, tan, rust that seem to form a plaid pattern.

Now I am panicking because this is a nice sweater, I call the dry cleaner to tell him NOT to look for a black sweater, to look for a plaid sweater. English not being his first language cuased some confusion. Finally he says its not lost, he will find it but if he doesnt, he will pay for it. I just know whoever got this will not return it. AND I dont have a receipt for it any more because its a few years old.

So imagine my surprise, my pleasure upon arriving home to discover ..

Case solved.

Off the M104/On the Broadway IRT

And down to Prince Street where on the subway station platform I learned that these wall tiles are made with stainless steel and marble. The figures are cut with a laser from the steel and there are pieces of marble incorporated into the designs...

Husband's iMac swallowed a DVD

and refused to spit it out. I tried all the fixes I knew, Apple's Help Line tried all the fixes they knew so when all our fixes failed Husband made an appointment with the Genius Bar at Apple.

We've got 3 Apple stores in Manhattan. Husband decided the newest one on 14th St/9th Avenue was a 'straight run' from our apartment on the UWS. I decided to tag along.

The Broadway IRT subway line we use is doing maintenance so locals ran on express tracks, expresses ran on local .. don't ask .. we got there early so we wouldn't be late.

Apple is now where the Belgian-themed restaurant MRKT was on the corner; how cool is it that they created a small triangular park with WiFi right outside the store? Very.

The inside of the store is all glass, chrome and natural light which plays off the old stone masonry of the actual building.

We had a very short wait even tho we were early, the Genius I will call E came over to where we were sitting to say he was available if we wanted to get started now. We did.

After Husband explained the problem I asked if E was planning on using a butter knife to get the DVD free. He laughed saying he might.

E looked the iMac over, did a few of the already tried fixes which still didnt work and then said he was going to get a stick. This tickled me no end.

I have to tell you how nice and thorough E was he kept thinking this one last poke with the little 'stick' was going to do the trick but it didn't.

He tried the lay it on the side trick.


He tried the hold the various key combos during the boot up process. Nope.

He tried everything short of slamming it upside its side.

Finally he told Husband it had to stay and be operated on. While the operation would take but 10 minutes he was obligated to tell us that it would take from 3 to 5 business days. After signing the release forms we left the iMac with E and headed home.

Almost the minute we got home Husband began the 'I dont have my computer' whine ... so I set up his email on my laptop .. attached his mouse .. and showed him what NOT to touch.

Its going to be a long 3-5 days ..